Colouring With Markers - The Fundamentals | Bärbel Dressler | Skillshare

Colouring With Markers - The Fundamentals

Bärbel Dressler, Pattern designer & history nerd

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15 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Welcome & Class Overview

    • 3. About Markers

    • 4. The Color System

    • 5. How to choose and buy markers

    • 6. Choosing paper 1

    • 7. Choosing paper 2

    • 8. Basic strokes & coloring techniques

    • 9. Exercise 1 - The seaview

    • 10. Exercise 2 - The misty mountain

    • 11. Gradient color with one marker

    • 12. Gradient color by blending three markers

    • 13. Correcting mistakes

    • 14. Coloring an illustration & student project

    • 15. End note

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About This Class



Alcohol based markers are used by professionals through a range of principles and areas like fashion design & beauty, comic and manga, book & magazine, architecture, technical and commercial illustrations.

And coloring with markers is such a fun way to give life to your illustrations and in many ways easier to learn than other medias.

As with any new craft it's always good to have some knowledge about the fundamental techniques and principals. In that way the learning curve isn't so steep and the fun can begin right away. But when I started to use markers I had to go to so many different places to get the basics and learn how to use them which was both time consuming and confusing and I remember wishing there had been just one place, one course to take to get started.

In this class I have done just that, gathered all the information and basics about markers I wish I'd had back then and now I want to share this with you and help you get started too.


  • The different types of markers there is on the market and examples of some popular brands.

  • The color system - how the markers are categorized in groups, saturation and shades and how to use the color system when choosing markers and colors.

  • The color codes of a couple of the biggest brands. You will find links to color charts with all available colors from Copic and ProMarker in the links below.

  • How to choose your first set of colors and begin you own marker collection and my recommendations of what colors to get. 

  • What papers to use and how to test them - we'll test a bunch of different papers to see the effects the markers have with them.

  • The basic strokes and techniques for coloring

  • Layering

  • Creating shades by layering with one marker.

  • Creating shades by blending three markers within a natural blending group.

  • How to correct mistakes

Throughout the class you'll get some fun exercises to practice what you've picked up.

And at the end of the class you will have taken a big step towards becoming a marker artist too and be able to add another skill to your artistic toolbox!

In the project section you will find both a list of my recommended starting kits and blank color charts from Copic and ProMarker to download and print and where you can start filling in the colors that you get.

See you inside the class!


Links to color charts (with colors):

Copic color chart

ProMarker color chart