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Ivy Mix, Bartender, Leyenda

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Working with Tasting Notes

    • 3. Prepping Your Cocktail

    • 4. Mixing Your Cocktail

    • 5. Mastering Presentation

    • 6. The Finishing Touch

    • 7. Wrapping Up

    • 8. Hungry for More?

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About This Class

The best cocktails start with the best inspiration. Join Ivy Mix, bartender and co-owner of Brooklyn cocktail bar Leyenda, for this 30-minute class on making a signature cocktail inspired by her love for the flavors of Spain and Mexico. In step-by-step lessons, Ivy shares:

  • how she translates inspiration into a drink's essential flavors
  • tips for matching different flavor profiles (ex: fruity vs. nutty)
  • her process for creating her own signature Palo Negro

Along the way, Ivy shares insider tips including how to work with ice, find the perfect glass, and elegantly present your drink.

Whether you already appreciate great cocktails or are curious to experiment with your own, you'll leave with tricks and inspiration for getting creative — all so you can design your own drink and enjoy!