Cleaning Your Silver the Eco-Friendly Way! | Joanne Tinley | Skillshare

Cleaning Your Silver the Eco-Friendly Way!

Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction - cleaning silver your silver the eco-friendly way!

    • 2. Cleaning the silver

    • 3. Conclusion


About This Class

Most methods of cleaning silver either use harsh chemicals or a lot of elbow grease - or both! In this video class I'll show you how easy it is to clean silver using just baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda in the UK), aluminium foil and hot water.


This method can be used to clean sterling silver jewellery and household items, but do make sure not to use it on silver jewelry that contains beads, whether glass, pearls or gemstones, or includes enamelled areas as the hot water could cause them to crack. Also, silver that has been given a dark patina (surface treatment) as part of the design shouldn't be cleaned in this way unless you want to remove the colouration!

Baking soda is environmentally friendly, cheap, and has a wide variety of uses. It can be used in place of harsher chemical cleaners, can help to reduce nasty odours and even give your feet the spa treatment! A quick search on the internet will give you more ideas.







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Joanne Tinley

Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

I have been making my own jewellery for as long as I can remember and left my first career as a school teacher to set up business as a jewellery designer and tutor nearly 10 years ago. I am self-taught and like many people I started with wire and beads. Learning how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making! There is something so magical about watching solder flow through a seam, joining two pieces of metal together smoothly.

I work from my studio on the south...

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