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Cleaning Your Silver the Eco-Friendly Way!

teacher avatar Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction - cleaning silver your silver the eco-friendly way!

    • 2. Cleaning the silver

    • 3. Conclusion

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About This Class

Most methods of cleaning silver either use harsh chemicals or a lot of elbow grease - or both! In this video class I'll show you how easy it is to clean silver using just baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda in the UK), aluminium foil and hot water.


This method can be used to clean sterling silver jewellery and household items, but do make sure not to use it on silver jewelry that contains beads, whether glass, pearls or gemstones, or includes enamelled areas as the hot water could cause them to crack. Also, silver that has been given a dark patina (surface treatment) as part of the design shouldn't be cleaned in this way unless you want to remove the colouration!

Baking soda is environmentally friendly, cheap, and has a wide variety of uses. It can be used in place of harsher chemical cleaners, can help to reduce nasty odours and even give your feet the spa treatment! A quick search on the internet will give you more ideas.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joanne Tinley

Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer


I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, and have been passing these wonderful (and addctive!) skills on through my classes for nearly 20 years. I am self-taught and like many people I started with wire and beads. Learning how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making! There is something so magical about watching solder flow through a seam, joining two pieces of metal together smoothly.

My studio is in Southampton, on the South Coast of the UK. I design and make jewellery for galleries across the UK, teach regular and popular jewellery design workshops, and also offer private tuition. My jewellery design projects have been published in both UK and US magazines and books.

Visit my Etsy shop, Jewellers Bench Shop, for jewellery ma... See full profile

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1. Introduction - cleaning silver your silver the eco-friendly way!: My name is John. Tonight I'm a jewelry design that shooter from the south Coast. Okay, usually my videos teach you how to make your own lovely jewelry. But today I thought I would teach you on eco friendly way of keeping that jewelry clean. I use only silver to make most of my jewelry. That's an alloy that consists of 92.5% silver on 7.5 cent copper, which is why you quite often see 95 miles stamped on to silver items on. So would you agree? The cop presented to the alloy to make it stronger, So it's best like he should pick up Knocks and scratches will get bent out of shape. But the copper reacts with moisture and oxygen in the air to form a tarnish or an authorization. And its tactile issue should show you how to remove. Today, you can use cream cloths to polish up your silver. Andi, I've shown noting use a couple of my jury making videos on their great to use very easy to use. You just need a bit of elbow grease, but they're not so good. Use under could change what we really care for those. You can also buy chemical silver dips that is later just you dip your silver into betweens off the tarnish on duty eats the quick quints under quick around with a cloth to finish stuff. I don't particularly like using them, so I find they leave the coating on silver on, not exciting, environmentally friendly, to use the essence I'm going to use to being silver in this video. His eco friendly it's uses bicarbonate of soda or, if it's sold in the U. S. Baking center, which is a naturally occurring substance on it could be used for a great variety of cleaning jobs. You researcher it on the Internet, not just cleaning jewelry, but they're using bicarb, soda or baking soda to clean your silver jewelry is very quick and easy. There are some types of jewelry that you mustn't clean using this method. Please don't Jesus method to clean silver jewelry that contains last speeds because they might crack hot water that we're going to use. I likewise, please. So use dismissed, particularly silver joy that contains gemstones. Lastly, please don't use this method to clean silver. There's have been given a darker appearance of darker patina sometimes refer to his oxen ization. Does that say treatment that's purposely being used on the silver is part of the design, and in that case you don't want to clean it up. What, let's get started with secrets is. 2. Cleaning the silver: I'm usually pretty good at keeping my silver jewelry nice and shiny, but I've managed to find some Bangles here that definitely need a bit of a clean. You can see where the tarnishes built up, especially in the texture on a the three here as well. And if I show you one of the dirty Bangles side by side with one that's still nice and shiny, you should be able to see the difference. So hopefully by the time I finished this bangle we're looking nice and shining. Is this one This is all you need. I've got plastic bowl here, but I've lined with some aluminium foil. You don't see very much just enough to line the bottom of the foil. But you do need a bowl that is deep enough to cover all of silver that she wanted to clean and big enough for it to be able to spread out nicely and not be piled high with typical day on top of each other. You also need some bicarb soda or if it sold in the States baking soda. Andi, the last ingredient you're going to need is some hot water. So I'm going to both the castle, and I will be right back. Right then a boy. The cattle. So we're ready to go. I've put the bangle sochaux to earlier. Inside the pass it tough on top. Christie on the menu foil on going to Sprinkle ice. Generous helping If I cut in soda for the big number over the top. This works by the hot water, activating bicarb of soda or the baking soda on. Then that causes the tarnish the corporatisation to leave the silver Andi bind onto the aluminium foil, which is why the Ironman and Foil is there. Leave it for much, too. He's just the plastic Tom's that I use from I'm taking my workouts, the pickling solution that cleans him up after soldering You see me, you size another pretty face. You might still be up here, the bubbling nothing by countless soldier working tonight for good measure. I think they're about done it, Really. Issa's quick is out. So to go, sir, I have a clean, cold water here. If I was placed, its was sink than I just go around for the hot water down there, a bit of a dry, but you can see already remember how dirty that bangle waas when it went in? I know it's nice and shiny with realist. I forgot to put in the bigger If you want to sigh you, will you sit safe? That will clean up that enough but longer every at first. Bit more. My company's soda. It's a bit more hot water. We'll leave that one to get clean. This rectangular bangle, the only ones have shown you this I didn't make is still but a little bit of tarnish on. It was really quite dirty. So I'm just going to give that one a very quick rub with a polishing class. Just get the last little bit off If I could find Poroshenko. Yeah, wake up. And that's got the last bit of tarnish off there. Now that's as good as new. Let's check the one that I put in a few months ago. Yeah, even that one. Even that oneness now nice and clean and shiny 3. Conclusion: well, that really is also to it. My carpets, soda, hot water, aluminium foil in a plastic top. Andi, it's quick ascents. You might need to give some of jewelry if it's really heavily tarnished. A quick rob with a passion cloth. But I can't actually tell now which of these Bangles are the ones that I cleaned up or which ones of the clean ones I showed you the staff to the video. Do you remember not to use this on silver jewelry that contains gemstones? Glass beads, Pearls already has an artificial exercise patina on there for purposes of design. Andi, do look up what other uses you used bicarbonate, soda or baking soda, for it is a great way of cleaning up lots of different things. Thank you for watching.