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Chinese for Beginners--All you need to know about Chinese

teacher avatar Chinese P., Languages with Polly

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Greetings

    • 3. Lesson 2: How are you?

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About This Class

Chinese lessons for beginners who want to learn and understand the basic of Chinese language

This class will start with building listening and speaking skills

Followed by reading and writing step-by-step

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Chinese P.

Languages with Polly


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1. Course Introduction: Hey guys, Welcome to my shuttle. Is Chinese with Polly? When I miss Polly, I'm have Thai and Chinese. Why do you have to learn Chinese with me? Well, I graduated from a top university in China and now I'm doing my second musters in the top university in Europe. So I guess I'm fine with both English and Chinese. And most importantly, Afghan certificates for issues Case six and diess level off issues KK since I was 18. If you don't know what is it? Just K Well, just case stands for Hannu shaping culture wishes Chinese proficiency Test s cake. It is the speaking test. Now let's take a look. What you gonna learn from discourse? You might wonder whether Discourse was said you're not well. This course doesn't require any background. No, listen, Chinese. So it means we start from zero. But if it goes some background, no less. You're so welcome to join cause to you might be able to learn something new for me, more or less. And this course is made for beginners. And I have to be very clear about this. During the whole course, you learned of a caps and some daily life grammar. Statehood used to start a basic conversation with the Chinese, and this course will cover out of all gifts. For is just K one and some extra words that might be useful for you in the future. Now the most important thing. ISS. What would it get from discourse? After finishing the whole course, you be able to understand and respond to the basic conversation in Chinese. At the beginning, you learn how to greet people and asked how to doing. Followed by Pianin was just one of the most important elements in Chinese language. After that, you learn how to introduce yourself to others. How do you use pronouns? Some essential words for daily life, including how gas and answer questions. Like what? Where, when? Why, who? How and many more, even how to ask for directions. Apart from debt, you learn how to use words like love, want, think or which. But in off the course, you be able to have some simple conversation with the locals. And also you know how to pin works and does it for today. If you're interested, placed on, hesitate to join me and thanks for watching my video. I ever see you there on my course. Haven't I say bye 2. Lesson 1: Greetings: lesson one. Learn how to greet in Chinese There are quite several ways to agree someone in Chinese. First, you can start with Ni Hall, Ni Hao Ni Hall. Wish means Hello, The word knee means you and then the word hall means good. So it's like you're good, you're good. Then this Hello, you might wonder, is me and how? And they're both third tone. Why you pronounce the whole word as knee hall, not knee hole. Well, there is a road to remember there. When the third tone comes together, the first syllable should be pronounced. Asked the second tone. So it's Ni Hall. Me? How the second way to say hello is didn't Hall? I mean how I mean how, which is more firmer and more polite. Anyhow, you have said in how to your T shirt professors someone so did, and you are people you're meeting for the first time to show some more respect. The word I mean name also means you, but in a very formal and polite since. But it doesn't mean that a word Ni hao Ihsan polite it just more casual and more general. There are also some other ways, agreed people based on the time of the day. Remember the word hall from earlier? It means good. So in the morning was say sell Xiang Hall So Shung Hall So some hall for a good morning The word south Shung, Zoe's son means morning in the afternoon was say show how she uh Well, how show you how means good afternoon The word shallow means afternoon. Do you notice something yet? Us right show and then how the word Oh, and how are both the third tone? So remember to rule when the third tone comes together the first syllable would be pronounced as a second tone. So it's and then haul. So the whole word is Xiao Wu. How that's right. And into the evening you could say one Shung hall, one Shung hall where Sung Hall means good evening and word why Shung Waas sung means evening now The last word for today side she in Sye Jin sites in means see you again or see you get letter or by the word se Sigh means again And then Jen CNN means to see or to meet . So thanks for washing my video And that's it for now. Bye 3. Lesson 2: How are you?: listen to How are you? One hope one whole. Well, hope means greetings. After a previous lesson, you have already learned how to greet people in Chinese. How about asking some further questions? Like, how are you? You can say Ni Homa Ni Homa Ni Homa. Which means how are you or literally are you good? Remember the rule Knee and hall are both of their tone. Show us Ni hall me home, huh? And the word ma it just something to add at the end of the sentence to make that sentence. The question the other way to ask is I mean Homa, if you already start using mean to the person you're talking to so your question would be nine Homa, Nen, Homa Nein, Homa, which also means how are you but in a very, very polite and formal way. If so much asking you Ni Homa or Nine Homa how to reply to debt. Well, there are several ways to reply to those questions. If you're feeling good, you can say Walton Hall. Wharton. How Wharton? How wish me is. I'm very good. What war means I And then home, hon means very remember to rule Hung and hall or both. Third tone. So is Hon Hall Hall. If you also notice war and home Barroso both of their sound. So is one hall. Also correct. One hall or Walton Hall? Just two separated third tone so you can say both one hall or Walton Hall. Both ways are correct. If you're feeling not that good. Not that bad. You can say a bump on E pan pan he bun bun means so. So if you're not that good, you can say Wutai Hall, Moutai Hall, Wutai Hall. It means not so good. The word bouquet Borte means no. So the word boom boo means no or not. And the word tie Thai means to, since you already know the word good, How to say Too good? That's correct. Tie hole tied hall. If you might wonder the word bull and then tight, why is Borte well again? There is rude to remember. Here you were a bull, followed by any other syllable. With the fourth sound. The word bull will be pronounced as bull, so it's would tie boo tie. Well, that's it for today. Thanks for washing my videos and then besides them for now and see you again on my next lesson. Stay June by