Chinese Painting Landscape Class: Bến Bèo Harbour | Ashley Yang | Skillshare

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Chinese Painting Landscape Class: Bến Bèo Harbour

teacher avatar Ashley Yang, Chinese Art Around the World

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. How to paint a boat Sketch

    • 2. How to paint a boat Part 2

    • 3. How to paint a boat Part 3

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About This Class

Learn how to paint this seaside landscape with Ashley Liu from YangTravelArt. This class covers a detailed explanation of how to paint boats, mountains and the ocean in a Vietnamese island setting. 

You'll need the following materials:

A Combination Brush
A script Liner Brush
Chinese painting ink

Follow me on IG and FB: @YangTravelArt

When you’ve finished this video, check out my chinese classes on Chinese channal :

Music Credit
a-little-fantasy by Keys of Moon
Happy and Joyful Children by Michael Shapman 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ashley Yang

Chinese Art Around the World



Ashley Yang is a Chinese artist from Shandong Province, educated in Beijing. She has worked in art education for seven years and studied Chinese art for fifteen years. She graduated from Capital Normal University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Education and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Painting. As a student she spent time between her studies working as a private tutor and art teacher for various organizations around Beijing including the Confucius Institute and Middlebury College’s Interactive Languages Program.



When she got involved with the study abroad program CET she made many foreign friends and discovered her true passion: teaching Chinese art to the rest of the world. A... See full profile

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1. How to paint a boat Sketch: Bumbo Hopper, Cabot Island were no. It's a popular part post for fishermen and the terrorists to go to different islands. That's where I saw the boat, a landscape that we were opened into this car's. Prepare to brushes, payments, a plate and a container to wash. The precious lesson that first, how you're used are pencil to sketch it out. Just make sure every state has the right proportions way don't have to worry about the details yet. Accurate outlined is always need. 2. How to paint a boat Part 2: no taper Osprey Lana brush into backing this brush it. Think so. Make sure to deep the whole burst into ink and touch the paper way will use this brush a lot for this class. First after line off the Boat Way should try. Depends a boat different layers way. Wade a guy here sitting on the front off the boat. It's just our Cheney out today's fancy, so it has tool. False. Do you remember the Rapps joke? We're used. It depends a texture Off the boat. Wake up in the second floor roof, trying not to get confused with all the layers. Repents up big objects first. And don't worry about Pentti. Every detail that I do, you are spending eight, and there you are, some artist. So you campaigned any scene you want. Pekarik Example. I chose to pent last windows. That's a real boat. You can pick any number you like. I pencil windows black because the ship used sweeps jobs. This making sure to leave some white space. I don't know about you, but I love the texture off this boat. Used whips jokes depend it depending different directions. The Penza windows on the second floor way now comes CEO. The arm it off. One law must on our letter. Couldn't money shots jokes for the stairs. So interesting, Uh, has since the arching lies use the tip of the brush depend this beautiful lines on the other. Some shadow for my favorite part, the must depend on it a while. Where should they use the tape Off the brush? Depend up worse. Make yours joke quick to cat A powerful line. It is not easy to do so. You may need to practice first. Ah, separate piece off paper as a top off must penned off like then the Ark allies for the sale . You feel it's too much ink on the brush. Just the top eight off the paper. Pay attention to the space between our Klann's. Make it interesting and the stairs here way . No, it's a boat. It's down hearted. The yours come out to show how big this about ace we are either Some small boats run it. Local people use this later pose as a transportation between big posts and the show and hates flagship some chairs, just a fierce jokes and that you've thought about giving it a little shadow and a paddle. Thanks. Boats have stuffed together. So what is behind? As a one? I will pent one with a tent. Our faults. A tent. Local people sometimes sell stuff on the boat way. People sometimes sales staff on support, and often they talk from each Asserts Boats plans a shadow off the boat motor brush back and forth to Spencer's jokes. Way sharpness. Jogs for must squares for the top of 10. Tread upend. I'll come football customers Fair way. It's not boat Comey. So Onley half off the boat shows up. Missile one. It's a fishing boat, so Incan vote. It's fishing way . The mountains are interesting here. It's not out off the ocean one by one. So we painted the apple I's waits, jackets, jokes and then use other leaks, Jokes and arouse jokes depends the texture off the rocks way 3. How to paint a boat Part 3: Now let's gives up some color. Deep sorrow combination process in tow. Draw a depends s sales. Since the paper amusing is on sale, it can't up several water well, so use another brush too deep into the water and they're puts up through to the side. Then you can get a slight color change. - I like to hold a two brushes together to paint a faster give it a trial. The first layer has some white space at a some yellow onto this space is this way. It's a sale. Changes color between brought on the actually want toe at a later bait off shadow way should a makes problem on the blank ink. So weeks a brush Things about looks life. It's made us what. - Also as oppose to gives a painting of warm and happy feigning with pretty, you know, while some boat tense way can't changes a color to the same week, for example, yellow bro and a stockbroker. Then let's make some white on the ultra Marine to get our light blue. Kim's the one toe. This color highlight is our friend off some windows. A little bit depends up people's closing later part with our shiny, candid, you starker papo to Penta. Later boats. This problem is made off blue white, and they are later bait off right way e like two pence a mountain Purple bank allowance aside, off the rock users wraps jobs to leave white space here I used to precious to pend it, making it a way way we should ah, wait for it to be trying where we are waiting at a later paid off. Dark blue and the purple depend the shadows in the ocean. Way, - way second layer of some mountain blew. Leave some white space way, way Now Penza Certainly year off the mountain. Let's blue highlights amounted. Very nice way. It's not hard to pensar color off the boat if we pencil lines well, now we need to use green to paint the ocean, sometimes at a later paid off, right into three. To get our talker, Guerry write, mystery can become a dark color that's better than Black way. For OSHA first awaits attacker it should be and use a lighter right depends a flag and also gives up painting. Shana Carter. Next time you go to our ocean, your competitors are local boats I really enjoyed the painting. This and that. I hope you did too, if you didn't on standers. Jokes on mentioned in this crust. Check out the basics. Jokes class. Link it in the description below. Okay, See you next. Suppress.