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Character development for Drama/Romance

teacher avatar 279 Digital Media, Not another Media Company

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Why taking this class

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. The 0 date

    • 4. The Movie & Dinner

    • 5. Back to the appartment

    • 6. Meeting the friends

    • 7. Meeting the family

    • 8. Late night talk

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

A story certainly needs a plot. We have to feel the characters will do something interesting and it will be a tale worth telling. But part of the reason a story is interesting is who it’s happening to. Everyone’s unique, and a well-drawn character will help create a unique plot.

When we feel a character is real, the plot events matter more.

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1. Why taking this class: Have you ever been stuck? Whatever Writing a story, no knowing what your car tow do or worse, feeling like you had a really shallow knowledge off your character, your main character. Because I've definitely bean there and it's not good. Hey, everybody, My name is Valentina and I my vigil our students and my focus pretty stumble is gonna be storytelling character development in pre production. So I'm really, really excited because I was I'm really, really excited. Teoh bring you with me in this journey off character development because I found myself really stuck before really know knowing how to shape the story. And I realize that I'm talking about someone else's story. I'm no really letting them tell me the story instead. So we came up with this strategies mechanism and I thought, Well, maybe as it helped me a lot, it would help others. And so I'm putting this girls out there for everybody like me that's had struggled before into telling someone else's story. So what did this? What is this course gonna be about when we are starting to get to know a character would do a development and it's like dating someone right? Ugo. You start knowing a little bit about them where they are. How did he look like a little bit about their story, their background. But if you want to tell their story, you need to know them like your best friend or your lover or whoever you want. But you need to bring the Carter into a lunch state and ask them everything about their lives. So in discourse, I'm gonna show you how to do that. And it's funny because I really different way off doing it, but I guarantee you're gonna love it. I I've been doing it for all my stories, and it's just so fun because it's like having, I don't know, a friend or someone that you really, really enjoy hanging out with. And you ask them questions, and instead of you telling a story, you let them tell you their story. 2. Introduction: for this class project, you're gonna invite a lunch state your own. Carter and I have a question. There would some examples, but be free off asking your character whatever comes to your mind that will help you understand them. Just gonna put a series of questions that helped me understand my characters. But just feel up would whatever question you think will be useful. And I'm going to give a bonus tip because I saw this quote in a movie. I listen to this quote in a movie and it got so stuck in my head and it said You like someone because when you love someone despite and I thought it was amazing And then I put it in practice and my characters and what I realize is that I like my characters so so much that I couldn't see their flaws. You need to make them human. You need to make them real. So you need to love your Carter's. You need to go from the crush state where your characters just like Oh my God, this is perfect. The perfect story that perfect everything perfect is not riel you to make it in perfect any to realize which are the flaws and why do you love the character? Because if you love that Carter, you mooning the readers or the watchers. If you're doing a screen writing, love that character as well, really excited about this, and I hope you see you in my first class. 3. The 0 date: Hey, guys, welcome back. This is the zero date. I don't know if you ever heard about zero date, but it's actually something that everybody should put in practice with whoever they're going on a date with or i d. Zero date is the day before the launch of the Deaner, that hanging out you have a day that is half on hour, where you get to meet the person, meet your character and no, just the main information about them. So here you're going to write down their name, their age, how they look like, what do you do for a living? And that's pretty much all you're going to write about. So pretend you're going in a bar and you tell them, OK, let's go for a drink. I have half a Knauer, whatever, and you just ask them whatever it will be in a dating profile, right? So first, ah, stage of this process, write down your characters Dating profile 4. The Movie & Dinner: who, who who was getting interesting because it comes to dinner and cinema date. All right, when you're gonna go out with someone, what they're gonna choose, um, either for going out dinner. What time? Everything has a lot to do. We were their personality. So right now you're gonna pretend you're talking to your character and it's gonna be like, OK, what a movie would they like to watch? What restaurant would you like to go and what kind of food would they eat if they go in the first stayed with someone? This is really interesting because those little details give you so much about someone else's character and personality. That is very interesting. I really like to push this state a little forward, and it may sound so silly, but this is so fun that your grant ist enjoy the process a lot more. I would think Which kind of movie are we going to go and watch and which would be my characters comments on that movie? What would they think about the movie about the plot? Because, like details that you will just know if you go out with someone then, as I said, you decide what the character is gonna go and eat. And where is gonna go unheeded? Is your car to meditate? Vegetarian or vegan? Does he or she like meat? A lot today, like ethnic foods. Whatever you come up with, just lead them. Pick our restaurant. Now, what would they pick to eat? What did they like? What flavors today are day drawn to. And last but not least, questions. This is the fun part. You've been to the cinema. You've seen the movie. You know what they think? You know what they like to eat. You know what? The restaurant, you know, their food preferences. Now it's time to get the fun and asked the first state kind of questions. The questions could be a 1,000,000 options. I'm just gonna put a few in the sector off cinema and, um, dinner date in the pdf, and you can see some off the recommendations on that. Pdf 5. Back to the appartment: all right. He was getting spicy. This is the first time in here's or hers apartment date. So you've been out for a couple of times or not. You decide what kind of characters you want to ride, But let's pretend you've been out a couple of times. And now you know a little more about this car, too, right? The first time they're going to go to he's our hearse apartment, and here I want to fuck. I want you to focus in what kind of environment they live in. A neighborhood. Do they have ruminants? Don't do that. Don't they have roommates? How is the decoration off he's or hers apartment. What do they have? Do they? Are they really tidy rt messy? Do they get nervous if they have a guest in their apartment, Do or are they really comfortable in hosting people? Everything you can think off? And then I went to depreciate a little Ford and think, What kind of date would they have in that apartment? We can think, and someone that is really open and confident and wanted to know a lot about their lives or is someone that is really reserved and doesn't like to talk a lot about who they are yet. Um are Would they have sex, for example, if they bring someone to their apartment for the first time, would they not, Um, whatever you can think off again. I'll put five questions in the PD have for this kind of date. But I just wanted to, like, let it flow and let it be what would happen if you and your character will go out and go end up going to their two keys or hurt apartment, So just let yourself feel it. Imagine lay down in your bed and just imagine that date because you need to enjoy it. It's like dating someone. You're gonna be in love with them right now. You're gonna see every little good thing that you're gonna find, So enjoy this honeymoon stage. 6. Meeting the friends: right. So welcome to the fourth class. I hope you're enjoying this process a lot because I definitely enjoy it with my characters along its side, dating someone and it's always fun. But now things are getting a little more serious, and you're gonna meet their friends so she or he is gonna invite you. You're going to go for drinks to a bar, Uh, a bunch of his friends or her friends, and you're gonna meet the group. They say that you are a lot like the people you hang out, or you are the average off the five people you hang out with. So he's or her friends are gonna be really important, because are gonna be the one that shapes that Carter. Also the character could agree or not agree with the with friends. Could be a little bit trying to fit in. Or maybe it's really confident. And maybe he doesn't agree with a lot of things, but still can be friends. I want you to visualize and pretend you're there. How are they acting with their friends? How interacting with you. How are the acting in this environment? What do they think about the things that friends talk about everything you can think off again. I put a five questions that you can ask yourself. Teoh kind of be the specter off this scene because it's a lot off knowing the character and not in a 1 to 1, but more in a social environment. So just the GAM let it flow. Imagine even what you would wear, what he would wear everything and also what he would drink. Or she would drink what you would drink. Just imagine the whole dating your head again if you want to lay down. If you want to daydream about it, I recommended to do it. 7. Meeting the family: this stage. We know a lot about them. We've bean zero dates, so we know how they look like what they do for a living. We know the specific date details about someone. We also know movie preference as dear preferences. How would they act in his apartment in their own environment? Comfort zone? How would they act with his social circle? But now it's time to meet he's or hers family. Sorry if I say he him or his or just confuse it. Whatever the character Dender is, just let it be. Um, right now you're probably a little nervous because you're going to meet his family or her family. So this is gonna be more off aid, often important step in their relationship. Ah, family says a lot about someone else, and not only because it's who the people they grabbed with but also because they could have a good relationship are bad relationship that could have a dysfunctional family. They could have a really overprotective family. There are a load of prospects in families that shape someone's, Ah, cartoon personally. So here I just want you to visualize both of you going to his or hers family And also I wanted to think about the way, like driving into someone else's house and family. How do they behave? Are there in a row Saar nervous? Are they confident everything you can think off about those minutes before entered in the house? And then I want you to think about the whole family for this lane. I would love you to. Maybe, I don't know, pretend it's a dinner or lunch. Are they formal or super tail? Um, but also, after the dinner or lawns, I wanted to think about you and the Carter, him or her. She or hey, um, going on house door. Gonna go in house stewardesses that plays that maybe they grew up in or is the parent's house or the mom's house? Or that that's how's everything. I want you to mud in pictures about his or her childhood. I wanted too much in everything, and he made him, um, you of being ah, having a house tour and also going through his or her type hood. So the character will tell you now how the family was, how his childhood waas or her childhood was an old the hills that come up after you meet someone for a long time or you being going out with them for a long time. Um, this is really crucial because it has a lot to do with the background off the Carter so enjoyed, uh, pretend you're the year and again just lead the character talk. 8. Late night talk: I really hope you enjoy this class so far because we getting to the last a date for you and your character, and I really hope you enjoy it because I enjoy it alone even to be talking about this because I think it's so fun. But right now we are in those that's just like peak moments where your character are just having a drink. Let's pretend you having a beer or bottle off wine, whatever you can think off. Maybe they don't drink. Maybe are just having a dinner, whatever. But I want to imagine, and I laid nine type of conversation. Where does filters fade? And you have this conversations about yourself there Really, really intimate? And here I wanted to have a conversation with your character about his or her future. How do they see their future today? RT. The type of character that plan everything ahead are the type of character that could anxious about the future. Do they know what they want? They know what they dream off. Our do they want to travel, are focusing their career. I wanted to have a really late night conversation with them, and this is the last thing to wrap it up. Once you're done with death, you're gonna have an understanding off your character that goes beyond every other mechanism I found to kind of get to know my character. And also, you're gonna have a really big affection for them. Every time I do this with a character and you concede in my face, I get So, um what do you say it, huh? Involved? I get really involved in my characters. I get really vote this story. I want them to tell me more and just comes really, like much easier. It's like I'm really love with them being him or her story. Why were I just love them so much? And I want to tell their story in the best way because they deserve it. I'd like for now, um as we know them in their character and their personality. And their friends are there from Lee. We can also know the flaws because when you see someone, nothing is perfect but going to see maybe, like when did it get nervous when they get anxious when they get uncomfortable? Are there some things that you don't like about them? But you still love them Anyway, those are crucial to make your character feel human to their reader or this Specter spectator 9. Conclusion: nice. I really, really hope injuring scores. And if you want more classes about storytelling, cardio development and pre production in a really unconventional way, I just suggest subscribing to my tunnel because I'm gonna be uploading a lot more like this , and I really hope to see you in my next cloth.