Capture the Fall - Isolate Leaves from their background in Adobe Photoshop | Sebastiaan Destellirer | Skillshare

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Capture the Fall - Isolate Leaves from their background in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. 00 - Intro - Isolate Leaves in Adobe Photoshop

    • 2. 01 - Searching For Images

    • 3. 02 - Start Making the Selection from the Photo

    • 4. 03 - Select and Mask Function

    • 5. 04 - Rotate and Crop the Image

    • 6. 05 - Adjusting the Resolution

    • 7. 06 - Optimize Pixel Width Save as PNG

    • 8. 07 - A Quick Example of What you can make with this Leaves - Next Class

    • 9. 08 - Wrap up - Capture the Fall

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you a quick way to Isolate Leaves from their background in Adobe Photoshop.
You can use these files in your Creative Digital Collage / Scrapbook projects.

  • Where you can find beautiful images of leaves.
  • What to look for to make a consistent collection of leaves.
  • How to easily Isolate the leaf from the background in Adobe Photoshop.
  • How to save the file with transparency.
  • Tips that will make using these images easy and consistent.

Both the original image as well as the final Isolated image are included in the project section.

So Enroll now and Start Building your collection of Isolated Leaves

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Meet Your Teacher

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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher


I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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1. 00 - Intro - Isolate Leaves in Adobe Photoshop: welcome in this class, I will show you where you can find beautiful images off leaves. What to look for in the image is to make a consistent collection off leave how to easily isolate, to leave from the background info to show how to save them with transparency and most important tips that will make using these images later on very easy in consistence. So a role in this close and I see you in the next parts. 2. 01 - Searching For Images: welcome the image we're using in this clauses download us from pics of a this image we are going to isolate from the background in fellowship so we could sound around toe border shift leaf and we removed the background and we don't say for this transparent image showing only belief and not the backgrounds in which images like this you can make a nice composition with different colors off leave just to show you a few other goods trump off off leaf you could take. I use the term full leaf and you can see here a few good examples there shot from above. Show there for good perspective and you can easily isolate him from the backgrounds. And when you have multiple images like this, it is easy to make a competition. It's different leaf, so we head over to folks, show up to work on the imagery, chose 3. 02 - Start Making the Selection from the Photo: okay. I opened to image in Fort Ship so that we can begin to make it isolated from the backgrounds. Two starts. I used quick selection tool. And I just make her fairy rough first selection. And what we will do now is refined all the little details. But now we're way already of the big part in place and to refine the little details I take the pull a gun tool. Republican lesser tool. You know, what I really like about the publican Lusso is that it is not like the normal law, so that you have to keep your mouths pressed. You can just use different. Now she clicks to make a very rough shape. So we made a rough selection with a quick selection tool. No, it's a publican. Lush. Oh, I refined the edges. So when I used all key, I can subtract parts from the selection And with the shift key fresh, fresh once well holding the shift key and that will add to the current selection and then released the shift key because when you have hold the shift key pressed, it will constrain toe 45 degree angle. And in this way you can easily includes or extra cards off the selection. And then I go around the border off the wall leaf. And I includes these points here. You can see, despite its missing in here, you can see it's apart from the other leaf. So it's old and substrate. That's from the selection in here. I take off also little parts. And now, because I am showing this, um, it's not Ah. And now because I'm showing you this it's the bits floor, the normal, that with this way of working, you can make your selection very secret and created a very nice okay. And so in because you're following the well border off the leaf. You see, if there are really strange part selected okay, you probably don't have to add Oh, you can see we did the creek rounds around, too. Well, leave to spot for ah, problem area Shinto at our ship. Strict. Um and we have now Ah, good basic selection off our relief 4. 03 - Select and Mask Function: The next step is that we're going to use this election to mask out the background so that we only have toe leave itself. And what I do first with these kinds off leave is to move the selection a little bit in worth so that you, um, don't have problems with producers off the background showing true, shall I go to select modify contract and I just take two pictures off and you she it shifted a little bit. Insides. I'll show me and show on dish. Make sure that you don't have these ground tens in your image, and then on the next step is selected mask. In previous versions or Photoshopped it waas refined execution. It was reflect or filter, but because we happen a selection tool active, it shows now already in the menu. So select a mosque. You can choose difference types off backgrounds. For this kind of things, I like to share it on black. Then you can also change the capacity. But what's this? I can sport irregularities, quite goods, and I think it's already quite good, but we can give it a little bit off smoothing. I don't use um Feder because I want the heart border off the least. I don't want to show off nuff. I don't use any Feder. And what I will do is outputs a new layer with a layer mosque. No, these black barks are just hidden from this layer and this ish hour. Isolate that leaf if you want, you can do ah, check again to see a few missed Barts. But I think if I should the different mature scores before I do anything else I safe This images appears to be found. So I always have this selection in this mosque to fall back. Save pass and I choose photo shop and it will keep the layers active. I call this isolated. I think there are different terms for its. You could shake transparency but isolated from the backgrounds. Make sure that layers is active. What a match. The image will be flattened and it will be on a white background. But we want to see this trance parents backgrounds. Okay, Safe 5. 04 - Rotate and Crop the Image: gate and exports. We're gonna make sure changes. So before I do that, I say fico p so that this original is preserved Safe s call this, uh Look, my first up is just lead the background in this documentary. Don't need it anymore. And the same with the layer mosque. So I select it and then I right click the lead to layer Now apply layer mask. If I were deleted, it's gone. So I selected. Apply later, Marsh And now you can see it's throw everything away That was black and I just have an image off the leaf. First thing I want to do now is to rotate my leaf so that's a distended up straight. I will do that for all the loose. I will create my shelf and then they are consistent and usually toe work rates I used to crop and inside the crop tool you can also rotate. So if you offer offer, do she handles, it will go to the corruptible. But if you have for a little bit further, you can see the rotates handles so are just rotated. So that's it's extending up straight and corrupts again by cropping all the excess Bartsch . You make the file smaller and also working with its later on issues here because you don't have a very big, empty space. There's a little bit around it, so this is good. Now it's rotated in cropped and you can shave it again. But because I know I'm working in and duplicates, I do all the steps now and Schaffert that Jens. 6. 05 - Adjusting the Resolution: the next step to make all the leaves consistence is to check the resolution and the same with that. I want all my images stand up straight. I owned also the resolution to be the shame, because there's will make working with, um, later on easy. This resolution ish. It's 72 but order she could have 300 pixel strange. Or don't spare inch in a simple way to check. It's Open your info, Penhall, and you can see I have here already the 72 bond square inch, but it's not one by defaults, but if you go to the menu, then all options, document dimensions, you can turn it on. Here. You have a quick reference off the size, and you don't have to watch its image eyes here. Um, I chose to have my image fish. It's three hundreds points range or adult sparing so image size. I turn off the sample so I don't make the image smaller or larger. I only changed pixel strange and size actual size will appear smaller. That's actual Bixel stayed the same and you can see it is now here too young. But this seems maybe difficult that it will safe you some trouble later on. If you kill to shin consistent way 7. 06 - Optimize Pixel Width Save as PNG: the next step to make them consistence to work. It is to give them all the same picture Elif initial make working with him later on. Also easier menu. Then imports melt beliefs. They are all the same size for my life. I choose to lifts eight under picks off intelligence picks off, and this live is quite large. So I give this 1000 picks off, go to image size, and now we have to make sure that re sample is on. I go to pick self, and you can see the image is now 27 megabytes. Spence now is a lot smaller if you need Teoh image Really big who shootings make it smaller . But for a complication that I gonna make with a lot off leaf, This is enough, and it will save your computer some resource. If whatever, I should have to open a lot off big imagination. Now it's has only some small images. So dashing pixels safe. Yes, and now we choose base. A PNG initial supports the transparent backgrounds, so for my organization, I it's Xiaotian to it in the leaf is ready. I guess you can do with a lot off water leaves a swell and you build up a nice collection 8. 07 - A Quick Example of What you can make with this Leaves - Next Class: that's an example. I show now what you can do. It's the file she creates, and I will call tradition more detail. In the next cloth, I created a small image. 90 2010 80 Chef into two Bixel Strange. OK, I've got here a selection off already isolated images and I direct him and open them. Supply, fly, fly, fly, one decline. Apply Well, yes, You can see your all important at the same size in that This because we makes them all the same pixel with And this is a huge time. Safer because if you hadn't resize them, some off them would be like this and order would be smaller. And now they're all the same. And, yeah, you can now quite easily make goulash out off your leaves. And that's what I will call for in an ash clash, which, from workflow tips that will make it's easy to create beautiful things. Thank you 9. 08 - Wrap up - Capture the Fall: Thank you for taking this class. I hope you like this. If you do, please leave for re few. Yes, that's also help other students discovered ish class If you created on isolated Leaf Lease posted Isha Project so that other students can see it and I sharing the next class. Thank you.