Calligraphy for Beginners 1 – The Foundational Styles of Calligraphy | Jackson Alves | Skillshare

Calligraphy for Beginners 1 – The Foundational Styles of Calligraphy

Jackson Alves, Letterer, calligrapher and teacher, from Brazil

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13 Lessons (1h 41m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Class 1 – Making your handmade calligraphy pen

    • 3. Class 2 – Preparing Your Surface

    • 4. Class 3 – Using Your Pen for the First Time

    • 5. Class 4 – Warming up exercises

    • 6. Class 05 – Basic Strokes

    • 7. Class 06 – Writing Lowercase

    • 8. Class 07 – Writing Uppercase

    • 9. Class 08 – Writing Numbers

    • 10. Class 09 – Writing Words

    • 11. Class 10 – Basic Swashes

    • 12. Class 11 – Using pencils to make calligraphy

    • 13. See you soon

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About This Class

Calligraphy for beginners is a class for anyone who wants to start studying calligraphy. In this workshop, Jackson Alves teaches the fundamental techniques of calligraphy to help you create beautiful letters for use in personal projects, graphic design, advertising, etc.

You will learn an alphabet based on a humanist script from the 15th century and the Foundational Hand created by Edward Johnston in the early 20th century.

You won’t need expensive pens to take this class because Jack will also teach you how to make your own handmade calligraphy pen which you can use during this class. You’ll also learn to do calligraphy with an everyday pencil.

In the final project, you’ll scribe your favorite word or a quote using the foundational style.


Caligrafia para iniciantes é um curso para qualquer pessoa que queira começar a estudar caligrafia. Nesta oficina, Jackson Alves ensina técnicas fundamentais de caligrafia para ajuda-lo a criar letras bonitas para usar em projetos pessoais, design gráfico, publicidade etc.

Você irá estudar um alfabeto baseado na escrita humanista do século 15 e no Alfabeto Fundamental criado por Edward Johnston no começo do século 20.

Você não vai precisar de canetas caras para fazer este curso porque Jack também vai ensinar como fazer sua própria caneta caligráfica a qual você pode usar durante as aulas. Você também aprenderá como fazer caligrafia com um lápis convencional.

No final do curso, você escreverá uma palavra ou frase de sua preferência no estilo do alfabeto fundamental.

Este curso tem áudio em Inglês mas legendas em Português.





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Jackson Alves

Letterer, calligrapher and teacher, from Brazil

Jackson Alves is a letterer, calligrapher and teacher based in Brazil. After graduating in 2003 with a degree in Graphic Design, Jackson has accumulated over 15 years of experience, working locally and internationally. In the last five years, Jackson has made his mark in the typography world, collaborating with clients from Brazil, the USA, the UK, France, Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. Jackson’s background in calligraphy has shaped his lettering style, with fluid and graceful curv...

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