Burn Your Burnout: Strategies to Fight Stress and Burnout in Your Life and Work | Yosef Koffler | Skillshare

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Burn Your Burnout: Strategies to Fight Stress and Burnout in Your Life and Work

teacher avatar Yosef Koffler, Psychologist, psychology of success

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Let's Get Started

    • 3. How to Fight Your Burnout: Part 1

    • 4. How to Fight Your Burnout: Part 2

    • 5. Creating Your Personal Anti-Burnout Plan!

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

Who among us has never felt burnt-out?! Who hasn't felt at least once so drained, exhausted, wearied and overworked that they just wanted to throw it all out of window and give up? Ironically we can feel burnt-out even when we are dealing with something we actually really like. Yes, sometimes even a good thing can be too much. 

If this is what you feel now, or if you felt in the past, and you want to know what to do about it, this is the class for you.

You will learn evidence based methods to fight your burn-out. All of the steps mentioned in this class are designed to be simple, yet very effective. 

As a psychologist, I have worked with high achieving, and highly successful, individuals and help them to fight their burn-out. Now I'm here to teach you to do the same. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yosef Koffler

Psychologist, psychology of success


I'm a psychologist and I'm fascinated by human behaviour. My passion is using my knowledge and training to help and inspire people to achieve their full potential  

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1. Introduction : Hey, my name is Jessica, another psychologist. I walk a lot tie chipping individuals in the city of London, and I want to show with you six and techniques that helped him. I will use cutting edge research findings and evidence based techniques to help you find your this class pains for anyone. Where's the plan, but find it hard to carry out. If you're planning your wedding well, you study for anything if you're planning your business or you already have a business but finally challenging tuning, and you will have all the necessary clicks to fight techniques that will help you to get back in the game. And at the end of this class, you will to recognize burn out in stress and, well, it effects you in your car. In addition, you will have to fight it. And how do it stay tuned for in extractors 2. Let's Get Started: Hey, what? Come back before we move on. That's not doing mine, that it's not a bit. In fact, stress can help us to do and to feel more force. It's when we feel overstress or stretch, but it's better. Burn out is a situation off mental physically and emotionally exhaustion usually caused by gate over engagement with emotionally drained situation over. In other words, with for far too long, seven takes too much out of us. I want to remind you that it's completely normal phenomena. Even when we do something that highly passionate about in other worlds, sometimes a good thing can be too much. And just to be more accurate, stress usually correct life with heightened emotions over engagement, feeling of exhaustion and, in a really bad situation, some kind of an exactly sold it Why burn out will be exactly the opposite. Different feeling of hopelessness, filling off helplessness and, in really extreme situations, depression. It's how, but again we can resolve Thank you 3. How to Fight Your Burnout: Part 1: Hey, one, come back. Okay, so now that will add what stress? And oh, next time what to do about it? In the next few minutes, I will spend some time discussing how we didn't. If I was dressed is coming from how to prioritize anything. But first, start with how how are you going to fight? Stress? Usually, stress over will appear in life in areas where we feel lack of control. Where the job expectations that we're doing too high when there might be some kind of a poisonous dynamic, you know, walk place when our activity might be to monotones or two Celtic Oh, any. As we feel like off support, please refer to table one. Make a list all the areas free stress in your life. Stop the video If you need to give it a good thing, it's essential to understand What's this source of our stress? The second thing I would discuss. Now it's for your pre euro type. Another world. Just say no. I know that some of you say, Did you notice? While the others might say it's easier said than done, but whatever your position about it, you need to remember all you have any day is 24 hours, and most of them we cannot work. And six essential to Toyota dies. Well, what to do? Yes, you might offend some people, so promise them that you will get back to them after you finish what you have on your plate . Now, last thing I want to talk about the segment is about turning in your body. If someone said ones, your body is the only thing that you ever so let out to use it. Well, you remember the last time that you did this all nighter in order to achieve your goal? Yes. Sometimes we have stressing deadlines, and sometimes we have to do that. But we cannot do that for long. Sometimes we have to schedule breaks very much like in a long run. You have to schedule breaks, and we know that you know, to run, so it might feel well to stop whenever you're in a very stressful situation. But trust me doing that would promise you back to result. In the end 4. How to Fight Your Burnout: Part 2: Hey, welcome back. So after Willard, how to identify what stresses come from, you know, life, the importance of prioritizing and the importance of saying no. I want to spend the next few moments to discuss funeral steps we can take, you know, to fight the first thing and following form of points, learn to organize to schedule. Well, you know how to do that. I offer you to follow the next initials BT or plan troubleshooting in mourning. What is your time frame? What to do? Went to it. I went to sleep and went to rest. Put it all in one good schedule will help you to go ahead better and look troubleshooting Justin. Then things will go wrong. It is an essential part of a good scheduling. Things will go wrong that moments. You already need to know what you're living out and what you focusing morning doing. Take a few minutes every day to reflect upon your day and think how in relation to the big picture? Are you getting closer to where you want to be? The next point don't discuss is about limiting the time with the people and actions that take us away from our game. We are all surrounded by people, things, relationships, tests that take us away from our name. So it's essential to do the distinction between what? Help us to move ahead and what doesn't. Yes, Sometimes we cannot avoid these people in these things completely, so just make sure that we know what they are and how we limit our time as much as we came with them, The last thing I want to discuss in this segment Isabella providers value your in other words, find the value at your sometimes doing something for far too. So we take it for granted. I promised you work probably death positive change for someone in delights. Find it and stick to it when things get Oh, stay tuned. Putting spark. When we discussed a few more steps we can take against the 5. Creating Your Personal Anti-Burnout Plan!: Hey, welcome back. I would like to discuss a few more points that would help us to fight the mistress. Reward yourself world in yourself conserved as it powerful, positively in forces. It can help you going ahead and achieve your goals. Just imagine what would have happened if you wouldn't get payment for your walk. Payment is, in fact, a positive force that helps you to accomplish your and, I think make rewards consisting. Just like to imagine what would have happened if you couldn't predict. When you get payment for you will make it frequent again. Just imagine what would have happened if you wouldn't know if you get payment. Whoa! You have to know that payment will come at the end of so make it frequent and made consists . It can be something small. Could be going out for bringing fresh bread. Affliction could go and see and watch the sunset Make it frequent. Make it consistent and make sure that you were with your effort and not your results. Next thing I want to discuss is finding help. If you find me to how to do it on your own, find someone who can help you do it. Yes, I know. We all want to do it on our own, you know? Wait, my thanks. It's better to do it with someone they're not doing. Last thing I wanna discuss is my Foot's Mindfulness was found to be one of the best means to fight, stress or burn. But like any other skip, it needs a constant practice and practice. So take a few moments every day, five minutes. It's good stuff. Relax and breathe in. Focus on your breathing if you find that your mind is wonders someplace cells. So, general, put it back and focus on brilliant by doing so. You actually practicing holding your faux calls for a long time. When you gente pull back your attention, you actually practicing how to regrow your resources without toxic criticism. Don't try to criticize itself just for who's on your brilliant last thing I want to say about. Just remember, burnout doesn't happen over night, and it won't go away overnight. Constant implementation off positive changes into your daily routine will help you to achieve the best results. So go ahead and do it. So now, after well, I want to do about burnout and stress. Let's build a very own distress and develop. Take a look. A table to this is my suggestion. Like anything in this class feel free to reshape. We use the first table in order to find What are the areas that challenge us life? Let's use this table, you know, to understand. What is it? It is not selling us, right? Take a careful look at this table and think what to do. What are the changes that we need to implement? What was the big winner this morning? Many just we all the night. Is it just about taking constant breaks off rewards? You know it all now. Support it into practice. Take a few moments. Stop this video and Philip Table. 6. Conclusion: Let's wrap it all up. Why did you do today? Will end to identify stress and burnout and to see how they affect us and how they can help us at the end. We learn what to do about it. Well, that walking right is all about planning ahead, troubleshooting and morning. Doing your promise. We'll have to stay flexible. And we learned that it's about dressed as much about well, whatever we need to find value given if it's the 100th time, we're doing it without to use to central table. It helps us identify what district in seconds they help us to get to find what we can do about it. It will make it victory morning and think about it. No, I think it did. It's mine and get back to work.