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Build the Ultimate Marketing Sales Funnel

teacher avatar Phil Ebiner, Video | Photo | Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. 5 Reasons I Love ConvertKit

    • 3. Why Email? Why Build a List?

    • 4. What is a Sales Funnel?

    • 5. Phil's Sales Funnel that Works

    • 6. Create Better Lead Magnets

    • 7. The Perfect Opt-In Formula

    • 8. Write Better Emails

    • 9. Keep Emails Simple

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About This Class

Are you trying to build an online business?

If you are, the best way to make money is by creating a sales funnel that takes a website visitor through a series of steps and turns them into a customer. While you may have heard of sales funnels, opt-in forms, and lead magnets before, you might not understand how to put it all together.

A few years ago, I didn't have a website. I didn't have an email list. I didn't know how to make money online. But that didn't stop me. I learned through many months of trial and error how to grow an email list and make consistent sales using a variety of tools. Today, I use ConvertKit because I believe it is the best way to create easy sales funnels and convert website visitors to customers.

This course walks you through creating the ultimate sales funnel using ConvertKit.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Phil Ebiner

Video | Photo | Design


Can I help you learn a new skill?

Since 2012 have been teaching people like you everything I know. I create courses that teach you how to creatively share your story through photography, video, design, and marketing.

I pride myself on creating high quality courses from real world experience.


I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, nerding out on personal finance, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife, twin boys and a baby girl, and dog Ashby.

In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and Tele... See full profile

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1. Course Overview: Hey, what's up? This is Philip inner with this building sales funnels many course and this many course I'm going to show you how to build the ultimate sales funnel using convert kit. That's the email marketing service that I am currently using. I switched over. I've used mail chimp in the past. I've dabbled a little bit with a Weber. I was using Male Poet, which is a WordPress plug in for a while, But I converted over to convert Kit, and I am not looking back. My sales have gone through the roof since I converted, and it just makes it so much easier to create these sales funnels that are key to having a successful passive income. So what are we going to be covering in this course? First, we're gonna look out why email marketing is good. Slash better than other forms of advertising and other ways that you could be spending your time like social media or YouTube or all these other things that are really great and crucial toe building an audience. But when it comes down to selling your product, email marketing is the winner, and I'll talk a little bit more about why that is in the next lesson, we're gonna look at our sales funnels that are working right now, so I'll dive right into my very own cells funnel, walk you through the entire process from the customer's perspective so that you can see what I am doing and why it works. They're gonna look at how to get more subscribers with better lead magnets. I'll talk about how I doubled my opt in rates in less than 24 hours, and I'll just give you some great tips on creating great lead magnets. Opt informs where to put those optimum forms on your website that convert well and much more about just how do you get more subscribers. And then, once you have those subscribers, what do you do with them? You have email sequences, and I'll talk about how to create a very strong email sequence. Convert Kit makes it super easy to do that, and we're gonna, of course, talk a bit about other things throughout. This course is well, I'm sure, but these air the key topics that I want to get across in this little course and of course , if you aren't using convert kit That's okay. This is a sales funnel course. So you could be using whatever email service provider you want. It's really about the funnel itself and how you construct a funnel that works well for you . Thanks so much for watching. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. 5 Reasons I Love ConvertKit: have one in this video, I'm giving you five reasons why I think Convert Kit is the best email service provider for online entrepreneurs building online businesses. The first reason is it's easy to use interface. I've tried using mail chimp. I've used a plug in called Male Poet that is a WordPress plug in, and both of those are really cool. They do a lot of things. They do everything you would want In an email service provider. You can get people's email addresses. You can send mass emails. You can set up auto responders sequences. It always just a little clunky. The analytics wasn't great. It just wasn't intuitive. As soon as I signed up for convert kit, everything is laid out nicely. There's easy to follow tabs at the top of the page, and you can quickly get to wherever you want to go. For complete beginners who don't know much about email marketing, it's a great solution because it's just so easy. My second favorite thing about convert kit is the easy to use and create auto responder sequences. They used to call them courses, but now they call them sequences, and as soon as you create a new one. It pre populates it with a structure that they found works for promoting and selling products. That includes educational messages on top of your promotional emails and just the fact that it lays it out ready for you to go start typing copy and paste Your emails in there is just so easy, and there's lots of different ways to customize it. You can move literally. Dragon drop emails around, depending on what order you want it to be. And you can duplicate sequences and just change up little things here and there if you have multiple opt informs and multiple types of groups that you want to categorize, and it's just easy to use another thing that is way better than male chimp and I think a Weber is that it on. Lee charges you once per subscriber if you're trying to create multiple lists on your website with different opt in forms, different segments. If you're using a thing like mail chimp and I think a Weber, you actually have to pay multiple times per subscriber. So if they subscribe to multiple lists, even though is one person you, they count as to subscribers with Convert kit. It's based off of the email address, and so they could be a part of different lists of yours, and you only get charged once. And so, even though convert kids prices might be a little bit more than some other email service providers because of this feature first, it's nice to just have everyone in one account one convert kit account, but segmented. But also you're going to save money because you're not paying if people sign it. For multiple lists of yours and segmenting and tagging, your list is easier than ever. You can make automation so that if someone subscribes to a particular list, if they click a particular link if they come from a specific place, if they do it specific thing, they get tagged as a certain type of person. Not only can you tag certain people, but you can segment them in groups, for example, I have lots of options for my online courses related to photography, and so I have people who come in as long exposure. Photographer is travel photographer, is general photographers, and they all get tagged with those very specific tags of this person, came in from this long exposure class. But on top of that overall, in a bigger umbrella, I have the the photographer segment. So Aiken then choose exactly what I want to who I want to send my emails to Aiken. Send emails just the long exposure photographers just to the travel photographers or to all the photographers, depending on what I'm e mailing about on top of segmentation, the automation rules make it so easy to use. Say, I have an email list that I'm trying to sell a product to, and it has multiple educational messages, and it has multiple pitches throughout the sequence. If someone purchases that product, I don't want them getting those later emails, pitching them the same product or service. And so Convert Kit makes it super easy to unsubscribe that user from that list as soon as they've made that purchase. And so it's a great way to make sure people are happy getting your emails. They're not getting bombarded with offers if they've already made purchases, and it just makes it so easy. You basically have to list what triggers what. When someone clicks on this link, it triggers them getting tagged. If someone subscribes to this form. They get triggered and they get part of an email sequence. If they in that email sequence, they get added to another email sequence. If they click on a link from an email and purchase a product, they get unsubscribed from that sequence. All of it sounds a little confusing, but once you're in convert kit super easy to use. The last thing I love is that Convert Kit works with the tools that you need. Teachable is a site that I host my online courses on on video school online dot com, so hosted with teacher bull dot com. But they're on video school in line. I was trying to think of a way to easily send emails and email sequences to users who subscribe or in rule in my courses. I want to send a welcome message. I want to give them MAWR information mawr, high quality educational content, and I also want to promote my other courses to them. Now, since convert kit and teachable are totally integrated, I can automatically send convert kit sequences to teachable students who enroll in my courses. If someone enrolls in one of my free courses, I automatically enroll them in this sequence that gives them educational content on top of promotional content, trying to get them into the premium class. So these are all things that I like. It works with a ton of other applications as well. Teachable is the one that I use, but you can check out convert kit sight to see all the different tools and applications they work with. So these air My five reasons why I think Convert Kit really is the best email service provider and email marketing application for online entrepreneurs. It was built four people like us by people like us, and it works. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching. 3. Why Email? Why Build a List?: Why should you build a list before we even start talking about how to use converted how to build a sales funnel? It's important to understand why you should even start having a list. A list of people subscribed to your website to your your email list that you can reach out to via email. You've probably heard the saying it's all about the list before this is referring to. What's really the most important is how many people are on your list and really not only how many, but what's the quality of the people on your list. Are they raving fans, or are they just people who subscribe to your list because you were raffling off an iPad? I've seen people do this before, and they get thousands of people subscribing to their lists because they're raffling often iPad or some sort of thing that's not related to their website. Those air, not high quality subscribers, and you don't want those people you want people who will rave about you. You want people who love you on your list, who will buy your product and service. Let's talk about why a list is so important. First, you need people to sell to. You need an audience and a list is someone that has already said to you, Hey, I'm interested in your niche. I'm interested in your content. I trust you have subscribed to your list. What else do you got? And that's really important. It's not just random people on social media. Is not someone randomly kicked clicking your YouTube video? It's people who already know you entrust you and they like your content. You should also build a list because it stays with you wherever you go. I have lists of people all over the place. I have my YouTube subscribers. I have my Facebook followers. I have my Twitter followers. I have people who have bought my Amazon Kindle books. I have hundreds of thousands of people on my online courses on you to me on skills shirt on other platforms. But I don't have control of all those lists. You, to me doesn't allow me to get the email addresses of my students to promote or to educate to with my own email service provider, and that's OK. That's OK. I don't blame them. They want to control their own list. But at the same time if you don't have your own list. If you are just dependent on these other sites, you are gambling that these sites are gonna be there forever. What if you to me disappears? What if YouTube goes away? What if Facebook goes away? The likelihood of all those is very, very low. But that being said, what if those went away? At least if you started an email list, you could start over. You could start from scratch or on your own side. If you have a website, you have an email list, but your website gets hacked and you have to start from scratch. At the very least, you could have an email list of subscribers who you can point to a new website in case that ever happened. So it stays with you wherever you go, and lastly, your list is your highest converting place compared to social media content, marketing and advertisements. So all these things are great. Don't get me wrong. I think they're all a part of the puzzle of creating a successful business in the modern day. But social media, you are posting posed to random people who have liked your page Of course, they have some interest in you, but you might not even get that post in front of them because you have to pay just a have your post in front of their eyeballs, and it's only in front of their eyeballs for a second or two before they scroll up. And then the next day it's completely gone out of their mind. Doing advertisements on social media works to get people onto your list and doing post to get people onto your website. But not really to make sales. I have had success doing content, marketing, doing social media post that do make sales, but not as good as ah through my list. Content Marketing's great to riding blawg articles creating videos that you put on YouTube . These air great things to do to build your audience, to get people onto your list, but not as good. Great to sell products or services and seem with ads. It's great to get people to your website onto a list, but not to actually just sell a product to because you're just sending it out into the Internet into the world of digital web and you never know where it's gonna be with your list. It's your own. It's people that already know you and its people that trust you and want to get your emails . And so why emails? Because again, we're talking about all these different types of list. Email Marketing is personal. You are having a direct connection with this person. It's not just a random Facebook post is not a video that they have to go on YouTube to watch. It's directly into their inbox, something that they checked first thing in the morning. They go on their phone, check their email throughout the day that checking their emails while they get notifications when they get emails. It's personal directly to them. Email marketing is also targeted. You are targeting a specific group of people who have already seen your content already have subscribed to your list. They love you. They want you more of you. They want your content, and you can also segment that audience in different ways. With convert kit, it's easy to be able to target people who are interested in very specific subjects based off of how you tag them, how you automate them through different forms, different sequences you can target very specific interests through email marketing, especially with convert kit email marketing at its best, is purposeful. You have to educate, you have to inspire, and you do a little bit of selling. But really you're educating. You're giving high quality information, and this is why email, marketing and building your list is so important. So hopefully by now you know why you should build a list and why email is my preferred and what I think the best formalist is. Let's move on and learn more about our funnels. 4. What is a Sales Funnel?: what is a sales funnel? First, we have to understand the process of how a sales funnel works before we actually create them, and some of you might. I think this is a little bit too basic. But I'm creating this class so that anyone from beginner to advance knows the entire process of creating as sales funnel using email marketing. And so we want to define what a sales funnel is before we get started. So here's a nice little funnel of hat I have created that basically goes from the customers Awareness to action. So first, you have a customer that is aware of your product. Outside of this funnel, you have customers who aren't aware of your product, your website, whatever it is you are selling, and they're outside the funnel. Once they get in this funnel, they're aware of your product or service. So maybe there have been to your website or they've heard of your website. They've seen your YouTube channel. They have seen your Facebook page after that a little bit further down. You have interests. Awareness becomes interest, your customers arm or interested in your topics. They come back to your website, maybe they check out your products or services on your website, try to find a little bit more information about them, and then they have to make a decision. When they're making that decision, they take action and they purchase or they don't purchase. This is sort of a kind of general look at a sales funnel. Let's look at how it actually looks in terms of on your website. A sales funnel is really a path that leads a stranger to become a customer. The main components of a sales funnel are an opt in form with a lead magnet will talk more about lead magnets in the future, but basically it's a free giveaway, a freebie that you give to people in exchange for opting into your email list. Opting in means them giving you their email address being a part of your email list. Once they get on that email lists, you put them in an email sequence, which gives quality information and a sales pitch to them. And then at the end of the sequence, you have the sale of a product or service, and that's not necessarily the end, because you have follow up and potentially you can get them on other email sequences and other funnels for other products or services. So that's the basic funnel that we're going to be creating. You have your website that has a lead magnet with an opt in form. The customer signs up for that. They get on an email sequence, and through that email sequence, you make sales of your product or service. I hope this helps clarify what a sales funnel is for you. Let's move on to looking at my own sales funnel. 5. Phil's Sales Funnel that Works: to better understand how a sales funnel works in the real world. Using convert kit, let's walk through my entire sales funnel to see how it works. Okay, welcome to video school online dot com. This is my website, my main hub, where I promote and sell my online courses. And I provide lots of other free articles, tutorials, all sorts of things. I have a number of ways to get people on two different lists through Convert Kit, my main one being this opt inform on the home page where you get free access to 30 of my online courses for a month, plus my freelance kickstart guide. You can see down below that I have other basically other boxes that promote other things of mine. But my main option is this one at the top. And maybe you will be checking out video school online dot com. And it looks a little different this than this. I'm always optimizing this. I'm always updating this so that it converts the best that it can, so this is the main one. So you would basically type in your name, you would click, get instant access, and then you would get an email Before we see my email, let's look at my other Opt informs. So if you go to my get started page, you'll see that on the right hand side, I have my main opt in box in. The sidebars was fairly big stands out, and this appears on any page with the sidebar. So all blogged articles. And that's why I think it's important toe have one in the sidebar, because people are going to come to your website via YouTube or Google searches where they find your articles. And so you wanna have it on your sidebar and not just on your home page, because people might not ever end up on your home page. Then, also for new visitors, I have this get started page, which is a good thing to have, because it's really great place to promote whatever you want for new visitors, and I have my opt in right here. If you go to my free page, you'll see all of my free courses, books and guides these free courses. These are all of my free many courses that people can sign up for and using convert kit whenever someone signs up for any of these courses, they get added to an email sequence that then tries to promote the full course that they will then want to get, because it's the premium version of this basic course. So say, Let's go over to this long exposure photography course, which is hosted with teachable dot com. They can enroll in this for free, and then as soon as they do that, they get added to an email sequence. They get added to my list. They get tagged as someone who wants to do photography so I can email them any photography related emails in the future and all sorts of things like that. So those air my free courses, which is a great lead magnet. I not only have my main one, which is also on this page, my freelance kickstart book, but I have my other free courses, and I promote these all across YouTube Facebook everywhere else as well. So getting a lot of traffic to these free courses increases my opt ins and then gets more people on my email sequences, and they are then promoted to after some educational announcements, of course, and I've been getting a lot of conversions from them. So here are my email sequences that I've just started so you can see that the numbers air fairly low. But the conversions are very high for these courses. Just because I started this just relatively recently, I have been getting some great numbers. You can see the open rates 47% 40% click rates, 14% 8% 12% these air really high conversion and click rates compared to typical email marketing. And that's because people get on these sequences when their brand new customers to my courses. They're interested in those courses, and so they're going to be interested in all the emails that I give to them. You can see that some of these sequences air longer. 11 emails for this. How to teach online courses Sequence seven emails for this connect typography crash course . So this is a good one to check out. So in the first message in this sequence, it's actually not a welcome message because they've already enrolled in the class and they get an automatic welcome message from teacher bull dot com when they sign up. So I actually just send this sort of follow up welcome message the day after just saying, Hey, have you started the kinetic typography crash course yet include a link to that course? I follow that up with a couple educational announcements or emails. No, giving them different resource is that they can have in trying to inspire them, to continue to want to do more kinetic typography. You show them why kinetic typography. I use it to improve my videos. Always. I'm subtly just trying to get them to be like, Oh, I want to learn this. I want to get more advanced at this. In this third email, I have a soft sale of just saying, Hey, PS, there's a kinetic typography crash course of mine. It's only 25 bucks. Check it out here, not a hard sell at all. And then, after this third educational email, I have my hard sale and what I've been doing because people have found that when you were selling online courses, it's good to have different packages. So I have different packages. Typically, I have to, but since this one is connect topography, I also have 1/3 just aftereffects complete course. My two basic packages are a monthly subscription where they can pay $9 a month and get access to all video related courses of mine or the complete connect typography for a one time fee. I've had a lot of success getting people onto the membership site. They tend to last longer than three months, so I make more money than if they purchase the one time course fee. Um, and that seems to be working pretty well for me. So I'm excited about offering that. So after this say, I followed up with just a friendly message saying, Hey, if you need anything else for me, feel free to email me. I remind them about the different offers that I provided in the last email, and I follow up a while later. This should actually be seven days later. There should be a week after their last email. I follow up and just say, Hey, I see that you haven't enrolled in the full class. If you want to try it out, here's one free month to try it out for free, and that gives them the opportunity to try it out. They don't have to pay for it, and they only get this message if they haven't subscribed to the course already if they haven't purchased it. And that's one of the cool things about Convert Kit is that I can basically tag people or unsubscribe them from this list once they purchase either the chorus or the subscription. And so I don't want people to get this email after they have already purchased the course. That would be That wouldn't be good for me because then they would be like, Hey, why am I paying for this when I could get it for free? There's only goes to people who haven't purchased anything from me yet in terms of this course is related to this sequence. And so that's my basic funnel starting from here with the opt in form, my lead magnets going through my email sequences and then to the sale of my products. I hope this helped kind of clarify what I'm doing, how it's working for me and how potentially you could do it. Your own thanks so much for watching, and we'll see in the next lesson 6. Create Better Lead Magnets: Let's create better lead magnets. Better lead magnets turns into more subscribers, which then ultimately turns into more sales. And it's important to have a killer lead magnet on your website that you're giving away that's related to your content and to your product that you're trying to sell. And it will just make the entire sequence the entire sales funnel work better. I started out with a terrible lead magnet. I was giving away a discount to some of my online courses. This was a double edged sword. People didn't want to sign up for my email list to get a discount because they could get discounts on you to me or anywhere else for my courses. And I was training people to be usedto getting discounts from the very beginning, so that was really bad, and people just didn't want that. I switched that out with a new pdf guy, the freelance kickstart 47 page guide on how to create lands and how to be successful out that I place my opt informs in better places, and I redesigned them toe look more attractive and literally. Within 24 hours, I doubled my opt in rates. Let's look at the basics of creating a great lead magnet. First, the lead magnet is a give way that you give in exchange for an email address. If you didn't know that by now, examples include E books, guys, free products. If you have some sort of physical product or something like that that you can give away from free, you can do that or service. If you are coaching, you can give away 30 minutes of time something like that, or access to your courses if you're teaching online courses free. Siris, of course, is free. Many courses. Free subscriptions, free monthly subscription free. First month of a subscription. That's what I'm doing right now. Really, anything could be a lead magnet. You want to make sure that it's related to your site content in the niche of your con site , but also to the product you're selling. People are gonna come to your website, and if the lead magnet isn't related to why they came to your website, they're not going to sign up. And at the same time, if you give them something and then try to sell them on something later, that's different. They're not going to buy it. So you want to make sure everything is aligned. And I know that's hard for some people because you have websites that are all across the board. And that's kind of where my website has been, is that I create content and teach courses on a range of subjects. I can just niche it down to one specific audience. So I create a lead magnet that relates generally to everyone, about freelancing about starting their own business, and I give them courses related to that. That's who's coming to my site, that who subscribes to my list. And that's the kind of product that I saw them or try to promote to them later on. You really magnet really has to be high quality. If you're Lee magnet, isn't that great? People aren't going to take you seriously. They're not going to enjoy it, and they're going to unsubscribe. When you do send out more content and they're going to view your lead magnet kind of as a window into what who you truly, truly are. And if you have products and services that you're trying to sell to them later, why would they buy it if you're lead magnet, which you're giving away for free is really bad quality. You want to knock their socks off with an amazing high quality lead magnet that gets them pumped up and wanting more. And, of course, your lead magnet must help your subscribers with their problems. That's the root of good business. You're tryingto solve people's problems with whatever product or service. You have my products and services, my online courses, trying to solve the problem of getting people a job, giving them skills, specific skills that they want to advance their career to advance their creativity. And so my leave magnet tries to help them with that, as do my courses. Tools to create lead magnets, Microsoft Word or, if you're on a Mac, the Mac version of Microsoft Word. Google docks Totally freak and create e books guides downloadable pdf that you can give away You can use in designer Photoshopped to make them look really amazing Again. Guides. E books, infographics. You can use screen flow to create videos, online courses, tutorials or your video camera, your webcam, your iPhone. Anything nowadays does really good quality video and audio. If you're in the right environment, screen flows. The Mac version that I use of It's the It's a screen recording application. Four. Mac computers This Kim Tasia, which is available for PC and Mac. You could also even just use quick time player, and there's some other free options out there for Macs and PC's as well. So these are the tools that you can use to create lead magnets. Remember, it's got to relate to your customer. It's got to be high quality, and it's got to be something that relates to the product that you're trying to sell to them in the end as well. Thanks so much for watching. I hope this lead magnet lesson helped, and we'll see in the next one. 7. The Perfect Opt-In Formula: What's the perfect opt in formula? We're talking about opt informs in this lesson and how to create ah, high converting one that gets visitors to from your website onto your list. Here's what the perfect opt in formula includes. It shows what will the person will receive. So what kind of lead magnet? And explains that it also shows not only what will they receive, whether it's a PdF of video Siri's, but it also talks about what benefit they will gain from getting that lead magnet. It's also clear how they enroll. So there's clearly an email box or a first name email box and a button that says Subscribe or get access or something like that. You asked for their email and name. I say name. You can't do this all the time because maybe you want to put it in a little sidebar or something like that. And I know Convert Kit doesn't have all the right options for having a name in all their forms. But on your main opt informs you should include their name because when you get their name , you can then personalize emails to them so it automatically plugs in their name in the email of emails that are sent out, and it just makes it much more personal that way. I think it's great to include a no spam or no selling, no at the bottom, just so that people know you're not going to sell their email addresses to any others, sort of a company that wants the it or you're not going to spam them with a bunch of spam. You want people to trust you, and you got to follow up with that. And then if you are a part of your brand, you might want to include a photo of yourself in the opt in form just because it makes it a little bit more personal. So let's look at some of my favorite examples, because this will show you kind of what inspired me to create my own opt in box and maybe inspire you as well. I'm gonna show you three of my favorite examples of opt in boxes, and I'm using examples of these big popular digital media marketers and content creators, and the reason I'm using these guys is because they're good at what they do. I could show you some of my friends who have great opt in boxes. I could show you my own. Dennis Ah Smith, who is also co teaching the Convert Kate Course. He has some great opt in boxes as well, and you've seen those. But these are guys who know what they're doing. They have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. They make hundreds of thousands of dollars with these opt in boxes, and they're sequences so they know where they're doing. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. This is his home page. He has different opt ins down at the bottom. You have these different lead magnets that really targets specific customers. But at the top, you just have this big box, him right in the middle. And, you know, he shows his attitude. Get with the program, Will. Yeah, that's who he is. So he's showing his his personality. He has the get free updates, but and and explains what he's doing right there. Big image again. You're getting to know Derek because that's who this is. That's his brand. Chris Ducker, another guy who has a little bit more information. I kind of like this one a bit more because it talks about all the things that you get when you subscribe here, you instant free access to the U Premier launchpad Free access keywords. Right there. Nice colors. Privacy note. Right here. Big green button. Teoh subscribe again. Picture of him, then last is Tim Fares. You probably heard of Tim Ferriss and the four hour Work week. If you haven't, he's ah really inspiring person who has written a ton of books and started a ton of companies and made a lot of money. I doing it mostly passively. But right here in the middle is his opt in box. It is start here. Big, bold letters tells you right where to start and then it includes all the information about what you get E mail get and get access. No spam feature. Y you shouldn't enroll or why should skip, subscribe and all the information I just talked about again. The picture of him This is popular to do. Put the picture of yourself on your home page, opt in box because it personalize it. It connects you with the audience, and that helps you to get more subscribers. So now that we've seen a few of my favorite opt in boxes. Let's talk about where you should put your opt in boxes. Now you don't want to put them in all of these places. You want to put them in some of them these places because you don't want to overwhelm people or spam people before they're even on your list. So the home feature area that's like the home box that we just saw on your home page. You wanna have that home future area with an opt in on the top of the sidebar? We talked about that before people are going to be visiting. Your site is in particular your blogged articles that have sidebars coming from Google coming from social media, and they might not ever come to your home page, So you want to make sure that it's available to them. Your opt in box in your lead magnet. You can also put it at the end of your blog's articles. Why is this good is good? Because people who have finished your blogged articles are really interested in what you have to give them, and so they are more likely than someone who hasn't read your article or who's at the top of your article toe opt into your opt in a pop up box. This is, you know, there's both sides of the story on this. Some people hate them. Some people I don't know if anyone loves getting them, but some people hate using them, and some people like using them. Convert Kit has a great option to create a pop up box that is only activated after a certain amount of time or when a person is about to exit your page. Those are the kind of opt in box or the poppet boxes that I suggest, not ones that just pop up right when you go onto the page. Although using tools like Um, lead pages and other tools that have those opt in boxes that basically appear right at the beginning have been proven to work. If you have a start here page or an about page, great place to put your opening box. There's also some plug ins or email service providers that have the top bar opt informed features. So this is a a bar that appears at the top of your website across all of your pages and then at your footer. That's another great place to put it just so that it's on every single page. So I hope this lesson about opt informs has inspired you and get you ready to take action and create amazing opt in boxes of your own. Thanks for watching, and we'll see in the next one. 8. Write Better Emails: At the end of the day, what we're trying to do with Convert Kit is to convert viewers of your website to purchasers of your product. Along the way, we want them to become raving fans and people that will follow you wherever you go. But really, at the end of the day, the tool convert kit is to make those sales. And so the mean sort of method to do that is with email sequences. And in this lesson, we're going to talk about creating educational, engaging and exciting emails. That's the combination you want to turn a subscriber into a customer, so the first thing you need to understand is that you have to educate before you sell. And that's why I've made educate so much bigger than sell because to educate is way more important for you, for your brand for actually making the sale, then the actual selling part. So how do you actually write a compelling email sequence I talk about? It has to be educational before you sell, but what's the order? And you kind of saw in another video where I was actually showing you my actual email sequins. But Convert Kit makes it super easy to create a compelling sequence because it gives you the structure right there for you. When you go ahead and go create a new sequence. It's already populated with this sequence of e mails, and you could literally just go through, write your emails just like this. You don't have to change much. You could add emails. You could take out some of these. I've modifieds there sequence of a little bit for some of my email sequences, partly because I already had those sequences created. But a great thing to do is just go to convert kit, start a new sequence and then write those emails right here. This is the order that it goes in introduction. Educational message, educational message with the introduction of your product, a soft sail and educational message, the hard sell, another educational message and then a soft sales so you can see there's a lot more education than selling. What are each of these? The introduction is something to remind the subscriber who you are and how they got on the list. So this is something you send right after they get on your list. You have to deliver valuable information in this first message so that they're excited to get your next message. You don't want to just say hi, Thanks for being a part of this list you want toe. Either give them something, whether it's something that they opted in for the lead magnet, or just provide them with some more information that inspires them about your story about you about being on the list. The next message is just educational. You really want to put yourself in their shoes and think, What would I need to get from this email list? To be useful? This could be some sort of guide you could link out to a block post that you've created. It doesn't all have to be original content that you haven't created. That's one thing that you can do is just look at your content. You've already created and direct people to that content. A lot of these people that are on your list haven't read all of your block post. They haven't seen all your YouTube videos. They haven't seen all of your guides that you've posted and things that you should be. These are all things you should be doing, so if you have old posts that are really high quality, direct people to them. Give them a little bit of information in the email, but you can also link out to the bulk of the guide or the block post through that educational message. The next educational message has an introduction to the product. You want to make sure that it's just educational, but you can also mention that there is a product that you created. You're not selling it. You're just mentioning that it is available. The soft sale is really where you kind of mention it, but give a link to it. It could be in the PS. The postscript. After you're done, you can say, Hey, PS, I created this product that you might be interested in. Check it out here. Just something simple, not hard. Selling the hard sell, which comes after another educational message, is really your email pitch. You want to focus on the product and why that person should purchase it. Not this isn't educational. You are really selling it here and you want it again show why the person should buy this. What are they getting? Not just in terms of the product or the service. But what will they achieve with that product or service? You gotta put on your marketing hat and really figure out. Why should someone purchase this product? Why would someone purchases product and translate in that that into an email? Think about trying to keep it to a single link. A single call to action. You don't want to have a bunch of links in this message because you just want people to go to your product. You don't want to add block posts, hurt you two videos or links to other things in this message just to the purchase. Now I say that, but you can also have teared prices. If you have packages, you can't have that type of multiple link. But sometimes just one tear works better even. But just remember no other type of call to action, just the purchase. And so hopefully this helps you understand what each of these emails are and what they look like. If you want, sign up for my email list and you can kind of see what it looks like. Goto My Free Courses Page on video school online dot com. Sign up for one of my free courses, you'll be added to one of my email sequences, and you can see how I try to basically sell the premium course, along with giving educational old messages the course I suggest doing this for is the how to win at teaching online courses. Course. I think that one has my best sequence so far. The kinetic typography crash courses another standard one as well, and you can actually go in and see the message is that I'm writing the ones that are working for me right now. Thanks so much for watching and we'll see you in the next lesson. 9. Keep Emails Simple: Let's talk about keeping emails simple and why this is actually better than having a bunch of images and different layers and all kinds of things in your email. One of the things that makes convert kit different is that they don't have a lot of templates that you can use for your e mails to add all those kind of things that maybe other providers like mail, chimp or a Weber have. And the reason is because they've done a lot of research to find out that simpler emails actually convert better. And that's what they're all about. And so they make it really easy to do that. Why should emails be simple? E mail should feel like they're from a friend. This is one of convert kits mottoes, and that's because you wanna be the front of your customer. You don't want to feel like some corporation to the customer, and your friends aren't designing e mails with header images and line breaks and footers and all sorts of things like that. With a lot of graphics, they're just sending you a quick text space message, and so you want your emails to feel like they're coming from a friend. You don't want your emails toe have distractions. And while including images and sometimes a header can work for your branding or just for reinforcing something in your email, making a little bit more interesting. You don't want that kind of stuff to be distracting from the text of your email or whatever your call to action is. Another reason is because people are checking their emails on mobile phones more and more. I think they came up with a start that, like 40 to 60% I now that's a big range, So don't quote me on that. But almost half of people are checking their emails on their phones. And when there's an M O with a bunch of these graphics, sometimes it doesn't even show up on the phone with those graphics. So it's kind of weird and broken. But even if it does have pictures and graphics and all sorts of other things like that, it just doesn't look that good on your phone. And so you want to just keep it simple with text and really single calls to action, get people to your website, and so that's kind of the point of most of our e mails are educational messages or our sales pitches. You want people to go your website to make the purchase. You are providing more information through your emails to get people onto guides or other things that you post. Of course, some emails air just emails, and it's good to be educational within the email itself and you don't always just want to be referring people to your website. But the goal of all of her emails in some sense, is to get people back onto our website and not just on their emails and so you can have lots of great graphics that look good on the website, but not not really in the email. That's not the best place to do all of that. If you do want some PAHs odds for your e mails, you can add a header image. That's the one thing I would suggest doing just to keep your brand branding strong. You could put it across all of your emails so that when people do open up your emails, they see that header image. They know it's from you and it just reinforces the strength of your brand. But you want to make it simple. You don't want to have a bunch of different layers. A crazy header, a crazy big header. He wanted to be small. There's this link right here that you can type in and go to if you want to find out how to add a custom image header. I figured it just be easier for you guys to go check out there. A little tutorial because they've already created it over at convert kit dot com. So go over to that link if you are interested in creating a custom image header for your or an actual template for your email. So I hope this kind of gets the point across that I'm trying to make being simple. Emails are better. They're easier to read that actually convert better. And that's what Convert Kit is all about. And that's what this course is all about. Helping you convert customers into purchasers. Thanks so much for watching and we'll see you in another lesson