Build Your Own DIY Diva Ring Lamp for Less than $20 in Just 20 Minutes | Nikki Delgado | Skillshare

Build Your Own DIY Diva Ring Lamp for Less than $20 in Just 20 Minutes

Nikki Delgado, Success wears high heels

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What you Need

    • 3. How to Make your Lamp

    • 4. Summary


About This Class

Transform your photos and videos by building your own DIY ring light. Just a few easy to find items needed to put together your lamp. Create that flawless skin and natural glow with one of these lamps which in store can cost up to $200!

I will show you exactly how I created my DIY Diva lamp which has greatly improved my video and photo quality. I will show you what you need and how to get set up in less than 20 minutes for less than $20.


1. Introduction: If you make home videos or take photos in a home studio, then you'll understand the importance of lighting. You may have seen many bloggers or photographers using something called a Diva Light, which is around lamp purchasing. One of thes will set you back over $200. So in this lesson, I'm going to be showing you how to put together your own ring lamp or diva lights for under $20 in less than 30 minutes. Making the light can really improve the quality of your videos and give you a beautiful overall effect on photos. Even if you're just a selfie lover, I would highly recommend building yourself one of these. In this course, I'll show you exactly what you need. I've also included my video showing you exactly how I made my ring light from start to finish. So click the enroll button below to watch the rest of the course 2. What you Need: what you need, so to put together your ring light, there were a few things you need. I purchased all of the's from my local hardware store and supermarket on their all easily available. You may even have some of these already at home. The total cost came down to less than $20. If you already have some of thes, it may well cost you even less. The first thing is a phone ring. I used an old pool noodle, which I already had long about. You can pick these up for a few dollars, but basically anything ring shaped and solid would work. I like the foam ring because it was light and easy to use minds about 2 30 centimeters diameter, so it fits nicely around my face led rope lights. I picked up these at my local hardware store in the Christmas section. You could normally get these all year round from Amazon if it's not Christmas when you're watching minor white bulbs. On the rope is six meters long Zip ties. I purchased the bag of 40 of thes in a medium size. This was just the right amount for May. It could probably get away with a few less. But you don't need any more than this. Silver foils and wax paper. You can buy these from any local supermarkets. I told the foil into sheets before starting on. The wax paper was already in individual sheets. Sello tape again. You come by this anywhere. I'm pretty sure you have this lying around in your house already. I chose to use the clear type, but whatever you have around will work. 3. How to Make your Lamp: how to put together your ring lights. First of all, I sell it ate my pool noodle together into a ring shape. I then used my preet orbits of silver foil to wrap around the foam ring. You don't have to be super needs about this as it will come together later with the zip tags. The silver foil helps to reflect the light and gives a nicer effect. After the silver fallers on, you'll need to attach your led, wrote plight. Started the outside with the blunt end of the rope. Use the zip ties toe. Hold us in place. It can be a little stiff and tricky to start with, but it gets easier and you can mold it a little bit more once it's in place. I found it easier to place the rest of the led rope in the center of the ring, But be careful you don't accidentally place a zip tie over the cable. I did this a few times and had to go back and fix it. - My cat also found the Zip ties. Very interesting. As you can see from the video, I found that I could get the rope around four times, which gave me a nice, thick light effect. Go ahead and cut off the ends of the Zip ties when it's all in place. You could also sand down the edges as their sharp, but I didn't bother to do this. - The last step, which isn't shown in the video, is placing the wax paper over the whole thing. Just wrapped the sheets around and sell it. Take them in place. The wax paper gives a diffusing effect and softens the light. This makes your skin look flawless. Here's a photo of how it looked when it was finished. I used four Moore's It tags to attach to my tripod. You could also attach it to a spare light stand. Here's a photo of what I looked like with my brand new diva Light, with no other lighting used at all. I love the effect of the ring light in my eyes. When I combine this with my other lights and set up, I get a beautiful, flawless skin effect on all of my videos 4. Summary: I hope you like to my video on how you can put together your own light for less than $20. I would love to see yours. So please be sure to post a photo or video of your finish lights in the project section. I look forward to seeing you on my next video. Thanks again for watching.