Budgeting 101: A System That Works | Nathan Noel | Skillshare

Budgeting 101: A System That Works

Nathan Noel

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22 Lessons (2h 14m)
    • 1. Budgeting Course: Promo Video

    • 2. Section 1: Instructor Introduction

    • 3. Section 1a: Course Introduction

    • 4. Section 2: Why Budgeting Is Important?

    • 5. Section 3: Step 1 (Instruction)

    • 6. Section 3a: Step 1 (Exercise)

    • 7. Section 4: Step 2 (Instruction)

    • 8. Section 4a: Step 2 (Exercise)

    • 9. Section 5: Step 3 (Instruction)

    • 10. Section 5a: Step 3 (Exercise)

    • 11. Section 6: Step 4 (Instruction)

    • 12. Section 6a: Step 4 (Exercise)

    • 13. Section 7: Step 5 (Instruction)

    • 14. Section 7a: Step 5 (Exercise)

    • 15. Section 8: Step 6 (Instruction)

    • 16. Section 8a: Step 6 (Exercise)

    • 17. Section 8b: Step 6 (Closing Remarks)

    • 18. Section 9: Step 7 (Instruction)

    • 19. Section 9a: Step 7 (Exercise)

    • 20. Section 10: Step 8 (Instruction)

    • 21. Section 10a: Step 8 (Exercise)

    • 22. Section 11: Bonus and Close


About This Class

Are you looking to improve your financial situation? Maybe you are looking to get out of debt? Or maybe you want to save for that next vacation or plan for your child’s education? If you answered yes to any of those or if you are interested in setting and achieving your own financial goals, you’ve come to the right place.

My course will go over the importance of budgeting and give you a guided walk through on how to budget and plan for the future. Every part of the budgeting process will be shown and you will leave the course with a comprehensive tangible system (including templates) so that you have the best opportunity for success. As a bonus, we will also discuss some credit score tips and tricks. Here is the outline for the course:

  • Why Budgeting is Important?
  • Comprehensive Budgeting System
    • Step 1: Identify Your Current Outlook on Finances
    • Step 2: Understand Your Income
    • Step 3: Understand Your Expenses
    • Step 4: Get Pay Off (Debt) Goals Established
    • Step 5: Get Savings Goals Established
    • Step 6: Create Bi-Weekly Cash Flow Schedule
    • Step 7: Track Your Progress
    • Step 8: Identify Your New Outlook on Finances
  • Bonus: Credit Score Tips and Tricks

For those wondering if this course is for you. This course was actually designed for those of you that either don’t have a budget or those of you who’s current budgeting system is ineffective.

By working together, we can create a personalized budgeting system that works for you. I look forward to having you as a student!

Note: This course is NOT for those only looking to do basic budgeting through web apps such as Mint. While these type of online tools are valuable and include features such as expense grouping and bill reminders, they will not allow you to achieve all of the goals set in this course. I will, however, mention Mint and its uses through some of the course steps to help make your budgeting process a bit more efficient. We will primarily be using excel throughout the course, but don’t be intimated at all. I provide step-by-step instructions and all the templates you need.  Also, all of the calculations are built right into the templates, so you just have to the plug the data in and everything will calculate for you. Feel free to list any question you have on the Q&A discussion board or reach out directly as you progress through the course.