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Bring your 2D art to 3D in After Effects

teacher avatar Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Prepare the PSD in Photoshop to After Effects

    • 3. Bring the layers from 2D to 3D

    • 4. Animate the camera

    • 5. Add dynamic motion to your scene

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About This Class


In another, course we created, a vector art in Illustrator from a simple pencil drawing.
Turn your pencil drawing into an unique digital illustration! /

Then, we added some cool atmosphere effect to it, for example fog and texture.

For that course, I made a short wish, which you have seen, in the promotional video.
Many of you were asking me about how did I make the exploding layers. Now, I’m showing you the secret in this short course!

If you didn’t take the former course, check out my profile, and download the bonus PSD!

I will share all my tips and tricks during the process, but if you missed anything, please feel free to ask, I am here to teach!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate/Photoshop/After Effects/Blender/Cinema 4D I live in Budapest, Hungary.

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender. 

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here 

To follow my work you can view my portfolio at Behance
Also You can find my timelapse drawing videos ... See full profile

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1. Promo: Hello, guys, it's Peter. In another course, we created a rectal rot in Illustrator from a simple pencil drawing. Then we added some cool atmosphere effect to it, for example, folk and texture. For the course. I made a short wish, which you have seen in a promotional video. Many off you were asking me about. How did I made exploding layers? Now I'm showing you the secret in the short course. If you didn't take the former course, check out my profile and download the bonus PST. 2. Prepare the PSD in Photoshop to After Effects: Hello, guys. This is my new edition. A lecture to the course. Many if you ask me how to explosion off the layers made at the end of promo. Thanks for asking it. I'm going to show it in the following half hour. Okay, let's start with open to find a PSD. What we are going to do is prepare the picture for animation in after effects. First, I'm going to rest allies the smart object that by step, my sign first because it is in the top right click. The rest arise. The girl with the bike has many layers, so feel free to match them. My matter has two simple steps. Great smart object from the layers, then arrest. Arise it. Shade layer has blur effect bun. Don't worry about it. Just rest arise. Same method for the other layer. If you want to rest, arise more layers at same time, you can do it easily. Just select the layers and rightly, their restaurant in their old group. There are three layers, but I want to match only the grass on the road. Jump to layer match or breast Gommendy named a layer down clear. It's Father, the next one is the mayor. Books Dundee houses, trees in the near and others in the far background. Good. I will keep the to cloud layers. The background will be more difficult because this group contains the foreground and background elements to create a try Anger selection like this Dan duplicate the last layer for the road. Arrange to the top. Jump to set in verse. Done. Did it matched the stool hairs? Good Them as the last to lay s too. And deal it. It's group for their nice saved SPS d 40 after effects Youth PSD as before. And don't forget to check the layers books. 3. Bring the layers from 2D to 3D: Okay, open the after effects. Where were we make the short animation using with our layer picture now a different choice for using workspace? I think the sender mode were absolutely perfect for us. Here is the project planner in here with right click, we can add footage to our after effects project. So let's go to import the PSD in this panel we can choose The mode of the import footage means one layer We can match PS day into one layer or we can choose one layer from the PSD . For me, the best is the composition with the table layouts ties. Okay. As you can see, we have a four order with the layers of the PSD and a composition to never kick to it in a time. Nine. You will see all the layers with their layer mode, such as in photo shop. At this time we have a portrait format, but we want widow aspect, so jump to composition on composition settings. In here, you can edit the dimensions and the duration of the video, check the local aspect and choose our there four months. Sometimes it looks distorted because the television formats has different pixel aspect. That monitor I'm going to choose HD format with graphics out on Dan sec. Maybe for the background choose dark gray color. Okay, maybe brighter color will be better. Good. Select orderly years and such damp to the fooling. Dan, don't forget to save the project. Okay? Who have to understand how a as our works in after effects find this little cube on. Check this empty square, then change the view to two views and choose custom. You know, we can see the layer in this three d space because we did this three d mood to our layer. But what about the other layers? We can see them at this time because they have no Z or death perimeters. Find the orbit camera and you will see it in the sweet three D space. Now let's check all squares. It looks like a simple plain beck. Do one you and create a camera for the scene. Go to layer new camera. If you want target point for the camera, Jews do note camera. But first I'm going to use one note camera type breasts. Okay. Name? It s camp. Maybe replace the view from active camera to the new one and choose to views. Okay, you can find many presets inside a camera to the normal anger view. Find 50 millimeter. Okay. First, I'm going to love the camera, hide all the layers, accepted background quick to it and try the three arrows to move it in the three D space. Good. Choose custom and a few in the following steps. We will create three D scenes from the two D layers off the picture. Before we do anything, we have to add position. Case. Two layers. Select all the layers and breast speed. Click. Did a little clock. I can, As you can see, we added case. The all layers go to go to one sack, maybe on move the layers in the view port. This is another way to add case to the layers clear, dumb on jump to the cloud layer. The background layer were being the farthest, so feel free to leave it in this position. High ideal early years and move the cloud layer a bit closer to the camera for the other clothes layer used nearly the same position. If you change the color of the lay as you will find them more easily. In the view port, there are two layers for trees. The doctor wants art in the farm between the house that is a major books. The next one is the road near to the houses. After that, continue with the folk layers. The sun were being too far. Background. The girl with her bike Juilliard to read and move after the road layer. Move the leaves closer to the camera. The sign. We'll be in the front and also the texture, or be the camera in the view port to test it. Nice. Select the layers in the time one sec and press p to see the keys off the position. No, we have a little animation. Players are spread to three D from duty. 4. Animate the camera: But there is a mistake. If you change the view to our comer of you. The layers and four round are bigger than the first background layer. What we're going to do is modify the scare step by step. Okay, let's see the layers. First cloud. The ground is defined in its position. The clouds are looked great, but I'm going to scale down a bit to find a scare. Parameters just breast s from 100% to 98.5. The next are the trees in the background. For this layer, I'm going to use low s care value. Probably 95.5 data trees has 94 person. In my opinion, the most important thing when you create composition with layers in the waiter a three D space is the camera view. You can move or rotate the layers, but if you want realistic, look on motion. Never use huge rotation with the camera. In this edition, a lecture I don't want to create realistic three D motion is just a promotion, a sport to show how the layers are locating the scene. In my opinion, this matter is really spectacle art and also a good way to great background for animation, too. Okay, every Lee s has the right scare. Now I'm going to animate the camera's position and rotation. Or did the camera with the orbit to it and see what's happening in its orientation. I need a focus point. So now jumped out a camera settings and choose do notes. Camera looks great. The focus point. We're being the center of the background layer. It is perfect for us. In the following steps. I'm going to change the start and and K frames select the layers and press B like the keys in the first frame, then moving to the four seconds. Now select the other keys and move them to the first frame. No, select the layers again except the camera, then process to jump to the scare settings. Whole trick. Today cloak. I can then move the most to up on DWI. That's all. Go out to their four second select the layers again and at key frames to them. 5. Add dynamic motion to your scene: in here at K to the position of the camera. Jump to the first frame on orbit the camera. I'm going to find the best position between the side on front. You good, but a little clock is on. The program will automatically create keys when you modify its where you zoom in on. Look at this pass. There are two at the table points in here because it's a busy explain so you can modify this'll. Inner passed to arc off course. It can works in other report, so you can modify it along the vertical coordinate is the camera option. My free resetting in here is the death of field. Switch to on gender focus this dance and use higher aperture level and blow about Do and wow looks much better like a three D picture. Now I'm going to change the ideas shape and it's aspect ratio a bit. It's do much probably do, and I'm going to change derogation off this because I want kind off vertical motion blood to it for the aperture. I'm going to create a key because the end of this animation I don't want anybody layer just perfect shape edges so 40 end. I'm going to use zero a picture. If you don't like the focus animated, let's see the result. But before it, I'm going to crop the work. Ida jumped out 1/4 sec and breasts and jump to the first frame. Damn breast memory. Can't there too quick? Render. It's a bit slow because the full reservation in the view port change it to third, maybe a Render it again. Not bad, but I want more dynamic motion to the camera. As you can see at this time, it looks Hlynur. It's a bit boring, so go ahead to the camera settings and set of keys off the position. As fits the timeline mode to graph editor. I want to change the camera speed so quick the second icon and find the any speed graph. Here it is. And also here are the two keys. Select the 2nd 1 and pulled down and stretch it. What does it mean? Okay, so the animation start with slow motion than in the half sec. It goes faster, and after that it's finally stops. Try it first frame the impressed nomadic Enter Uh huh Remote. More right click and timeline on dream the composition. Let's see what we did. Okay, Now rifle IQ in the empty space or jump to layer new solid. It is a panel with the solid settings. I'm going to call it as background. You can define its dimensions on pixel aspect ratio, and there is a magic button. May come size if you want same size, solid as your composition. Just hit it with the picker. You can define the color. Okay, Drop this layer to the bottom. I'm going to use it. A simple to the picture. So no need to you three d mode. Now I'm going to use Grady. And from the effects ready and tramp were fined for it. Just drop it into the layer and you can modify it immediately. He had made two colors the black and white. In here. You can change these colors and the positions off them. There are two types off the ramp in our on radio. I'm going to choose the 2nd 1 I like it more. Defined its position in the centre for the colors. I will choose the A greyish brown dram scatter is very important part of this effect. With this, you can get more blended colors. These rings in the background are so annoying. The other for everything is the motion blur. It is the Aiken for days, and if you want to see its effect, you have to check the motion blur boxes. Good. I will use the Fort Motion Blur settings, but you can modify it in the composition settings. No, I'm going to make Orender select decomposition, then go to composition menu Pretender. First, we have to name and define the past of the video. Okay, Randa settings. In here you can choose the quality and the reservation and there is an important option about the video length fooling on work. I crop the scene earlier so it isn't necessary at this time. The output mode. There are many types off video because I don't want to import the video back into the project. I'm going to uncheck this option in my project. There is no empty part. I mean, there is no offer parts, so I'm going to choose simple RGB inside a quick time. There are tones off. Form it again. The MP four and H 264 are perfect for uploading and sharing on the Web since the audio output to off. Except if you are a town and sound designer and you have some cool music. Okay. Click to render. Don't Let's see what we did. Yeah, it looks nice. Thanks for watching by.