Botanical Drawing and Painting: Muscari / Grape hyacinth | Kata Botanical | Skillshare

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Botanical Drawing and Painting: Muscari / Grape hyacinth

teacher avatar Kata Botanical, flower lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Brief botanical overview

    • 3. Materials we need

    • 4. Sketching

    • 5. Botanical linedrawing

    • 6. Painting a plant with bulb

    • 7. Painting a muscari field

    • 8. Painting artistic

    • 9. Huge Thank you!

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About This Class

In this class, we are going to paint the lovely blue flowers in an expressive, time-saving way using modern watercolor techniques. 

What you will discover in this class?

  •  will learn the botanical characteristic of Muscari / Grape hyacinth
  •  I will show you what can be helpful for you capturing a complex plant, what helps us understand its structure better
  • we will practice the wet on dry and wet on wet techniques
  • you will learn how to fix mistakes, and I will not only speak about it, but I will show you it in practice, you can see, how I fix the mistakes.  
  • you will also see that modern watercolor techniques are good for the plant and floral painting.

What we need in this class

  • watercolor paper 300 gsm (I use Canson XL watercolor paper)
  • round brush (I use Black Velvet round brush size 6)
  • a paper tissue
  • 2 jars of water
  • watercolors (I use the brand Mijello Mission Gold)
  • washi tape

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See you in the class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kata Botanical

flower lover


I’m Kata.

I love drawing and painting flowers, I'm a Natural History Illustrator. I have a Ph.D. degree in botany, therefore I can tell you such things about flowers and plants, maybe you don't know. I'm passionate about the beauty of Nature. 

I'm the founder of magnoliART design studio. Feel free to surf on the website of magnliART. 

Learning makes me happy and I also think lifelong learning will become play a more and more important role.

I believe in creation, no matter, whether it is painting or making a cake if I can make people happier.

Let’s drive into painting together in a little more scientific way.

With love,





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1. Welcome: and then beating this time on the show, you jump and they you know that next assets I'm not about but about doing and basic. But in this less you love about in characterise things, we have to know the nature of the flowers. We would like to paint to be able to capture it, that for people, make a sketch, Got this complex plan after, like a Landry Be Easier will paint a plant with back fears with a pious and and background , and Sam plants with Patch in an artistic way but leaving the floor first. Expressive In this class, people practice the back on right on bet on Beth Techniques. The vendor porter fix mistakes and then you not only speaker body, but I assure you Week in practice, and you will also see that modern watercolor techniques are good for plant on for a painting, and I'm horticulture Santis and I oppression. It's after sleeping. This less is easy to for you and for everyone at all Ski lovers. You need no previous experience. I'll tell you everything you need to know. By the end of this class, he will be able to paint your own at work. In many ways. You think it's just started 2. Brief botanical overview: richness was carry originated in the old Bird, including the meditation basing Sentra and Source in Europe. Larson Africa. Best on Sentra and so its vestal Asia. It has become militarized as by including person, you know, and the United States indigenous Muscat De has 42 space years. Grape I A teen is a midsummer blooming perennial bad mentality. Family repay it since common name of the first to the plants. Plasters small by ship combat roof lovers fit, narrow vibe brings that looked like clusters of grapes. The scientific name with Scotty comes from the Greek word for last and refers to the multi speak pregnant, Very actually describe. That's lanky, grassy or grabby that is produced by the plants. Flowers that means miscarry. Have a lovely pregnant, the more you plant the most reckless. You got repaired scenes after 20 toe, 30 sentimental toil and produce a sloppy not okay. Lives that emerged from the ground in our listing the least are soon followed by the plant lovers. Each bad Producers went to free flow for stocks with 20 to 40 tightly packed lovers. Purse talk. The clovers I had in a close vote with spiral on the central stock. The lovers often become less tightly spaced as the floor majors. The floor corner of Venice from paired flew to a very dark blue for most black in some cases, but there would be no phones at. Also known in some space es the upper floors, maybe off a different color and shape to the love of lovers. Individual flowers that come first off. Six. You stop us forming us, very card to avoid shape, constricted until and so for the most around which the end off the tapas Show us my loves Ortiz, which may be off a different color toe the rest off the copper fulling flooring in early summer, the plants foliage dice back whoever on light money. Other spring blooming bulbs creep higher since that growing actively again, innit? Foil on Parsis Route of Intern Some species had among the otherness garden flavors to bloom in the spring. They are planted as bad intent to multiply quickly from planted in good source. They prefer Franklin's and the soil that is added to natural and not too rich. Naturally found in woodlands or meadows. They are commonly motivated in those barters no cattles and containers they re grandly feeding or watering in the summer and some for this issue. Great riots in is an excellent cast lava. It means that the gospel over with days it's opinions in a base for Frank to seven days. 3. Materials we need: Let's see. But we need in this CREss because it was like toe paint minute watercolors. I used the tubes for me. L omission. Gold past. Feel free to use that to have you realize Tony the watercolor paper with 300 chairs and wait. I used, canceled, exact with principal took on the paper He will need brushes off course around brush with synthetic Our works well but for the fine details your place should have nice pointed tip for vetting the background. You were need a flat fresh You will need to just for water And you also need a paper tissue . I assure you hope the drum miscarry And if you would like to drove with me you will need some paper and for sketching a hard and the soft graphite pencil Let's go to the next lesson and a show You what a great creative looks like 4. Sketching: Welcome to the brain section. He Did you study the structure of the muscular, planned to understand it better. We have a really large what Off it. We can see the stand, rest thought and the little lovers around it. The floors are headed in a closed file. In this case, we have a transparent paper so we can sketch the plan structure. I think it's drying will be easier. The floors and larger don't boards, and there's like this Around the store, we can show tentative lovers on the transfer paper to see them back. You can also see that they overlap each other, and you can notice that the lover lovers are bigger. And they had open and the other ship in contested up off lovers. The Czech lords on liver. And they have a boy shape on the bottom part of the received the flu overs and not so close to each other. And because see this thing, we can remove the photo to replace it with a white paper so we can able to see that Metro the floor. It's located not on the same floor. They be the hiker pattern around their stock as you can see here. Let's try to make a sketch of the most carry according to observations the regime has. I don't negotiate. We can pre sketch it as well as the spires as guide. Don't words are the floor? It's bigger than for Getty's and their shape is modifying toe. And they don't outside because this plant is quite complex. I think seeing in the major or in the photos will be great hat. And don't forget after Bent is different. It's not easy to throw The Clovers inspired by Impossible doesn't Texas. You can practice it some time and it will succeed. - We can also draw the stop and the love of flowers and Vala the Perfect Sketches Study in two minutes. How do we make it? I just had this fight with it. 5. Botanical linedrawing: after we understood the structure of the most carry and we can sketch it, we are able to grow it. We can throw the guidelines with the hardcore fight. Mansour. Hey, he was HB, but for the drawing And like using my four b pencil, we can throw the flu threat. Don't forget, but we have already learned in the previous section the floor. It's a larger downwards and we can see the bell shape as well and they don't help. Said they overlap each other on the edge of the cone. Okay, yes. You see it right? I make mistakes and it's fine, but therefore we happening razor. So don't be afraid to use it. - Wasn't that despite my story so that my just over as we wanted to know with no birds gone course of six so we can make a suggestion? He's the best we already without doing. If you like yours, you can join with a financial as well. That's a year. So did 6. Painting a plant with bulb: they come to the painting section in this lesson, feel pain event with a bad. This won't be a platonic a painting, but it's been nearly looked like that. I use my ultramarine deep as blue. That's feel free to use, But you would like the upper clovers a little boys so we can paint them as little dot The word on the integrity of lovers be good, and I left opening them so that I leave a space, got pain despite their as nice, and they emphasized the by shape. What I think it's so because it is not about in the campaign thing. We don't need to paint the plant and speed. Throw it in the previous section, we would like to Sanchez the inter video off lovers, better shape and color so that the blend Biblical noticeable and this is my because aim. I have to paint this way generally the upper floors Arabic, aka tender longer ones because they don't open in the love apart off the plant, we can use off pain in a very volatile mixture, but I love when I told create this only affect. I think breaking the doors fits better toe the expressive style. I think making freeze talks with flowers would be nice for bad, so you can paint by more for the bad. The best corners are the grand I, Peron and the burnished amber From my pilot. The right side is a little backward because this is the shadow side for me. And, uh, for the record words, I was pains. Great. From Bangkok, you can use a smile, a branch for the tip off, your record, their brash or tribute. Nothing complicated paint. This has lose. They curved in at directions. - We already know that the stars aren't straight. They banned a little. For this you are suffering. So being the stock toe the bad, leaving some by its space because the stem clothing up from the bank. This or this very light you can extend later stamps to the lovers, where you have a little space. The leaves are narrow on, but they are Richard in color than the stalks. Therefore, I use the hooker's green at the sap green from mango. And yeah, the lives are very easy to pain. But then you would like to practice. Do it test the paper big tip off your branch, then press it on leave, pressed on lived and weak emotion for us live in motion. You can see that my brush was not loaded for bein so It looks like a try painting that it's so fine, the Beekman said on the paper texture. It's so at the stick. I just love it. - Beat with the flow vers store keys. Danquah. So I think I have to have more Sigmund than use the tip off your fresh. As you can see, I'm not satisfied with a degree in you about the bag. I would like to make it like her with watercolor. It's not a problem. You laid a branch weaklings. Water that I am fresh on repaint the problematic place with it. The spectral rash was on my neighbour, that's why use it. You exactly a branch with water to make corrections. To eliminate the big month, grab your paper tissue and press it to the paper, and that's it. My back is to like that, for I add more burnt amber to it. This is the best thing in battle. Cholera. You cannot so many lovers as we're satisfied it. Amber Bethany can looking expensive time saving when you think it's ready 7. Painting a muscari field: in this lesson, Bill Pain almost carry field. That means some plums Background for this painting, it is important that you fix the paper to our port if you prevent the bottle colored paper from welling and you respected because I have no more machine capital using that there gives a painting a lovely wife Strain Use your blood fresh for vetting the paper Weekly water For that The brush has to be clear. The elector Blue cash We can paint a silly yet off the great barrier Since this is the little that painting painting That is enough at this date. Can you see her? Lovely is the big man Spread is I think I have more water than I need on my paper. So I tried to move it into the left side. I hope this will help me for the bathroom. We have to thank someone with Scarry's The pigments, Please, Too much. That means I have still much water on the paper. In the middle of the paper is a little battle that the water stairs I have to remove it Little kitchen paper. After this little correction, the paper shouldn't be dry. It will stay that, but North watery and we can continue baiting. Just touch the paper with the tip off the brash and it gives us a nice event that we need after champion parties are this year's well, we can make a brushfire bid it. I still have much mother on the paper. I have to remove the excess water because it doesn't give that effect when the right side. But I would like to have that one simply jumpy production again. The left and right side of the paper is bright. I have to revert to them with my blood Brash you cannot this continue? The background may think that's the bet in the background. Oops, Too much big month on the left side. But it is easy to correct as well. Just first Abrash, the love of part Off the papers stage. I I have to rebut it. Okay, I think is good for now. We can continue with the combat technique painting greenery. Just use your green with a light wash and paying the lives and stocks. Just let them lose. The background must be tried before we painted four grand. The best way to let the paper naturally but you can use 1/2 dryer when you had nothing vision as I am. This is the battle cry technique. The background is dry and your precious bad full of pigment in the previous less so we painted the pricing. No, we have to paint it. The sim be again because we have heard a lot off the background. Therefore, I think the best way to place the new plans between the grandmas carries so was visible. - Yeah , that we think we are ready. Bit of lovers. We can paint the foliage it more months than before. The stocks went likely and nicely and the lives as well you can also painted leaves the stamps peatland of lovers. I love meeting believes I left the push leave movement took clash when we simply already we have to wait for the paper to try. After that, we can't even tape. But be careful and slow What advice you carry in the paper or the painting? Can you see the lovely life thing? If you elect Oh, you can make a great in kung from a painting with your vicious calligraphy into the white space. Well, you can attempt little back a place to get a nice spring painting 8. Painting artistic: welcome back In this lesson, people painter planted perhaps, but this time, maybe he was not only blue, but when you're at as well and these kids are painting a really modern look, I use what somebody indeed and some bright cleared by that that extra high let for the painting And this time, because I would like to assure you for laughing. A simple plan painting can be repaint under effort. Be getting more and more water toe the big month until we have no more months so we can increase the visual interest this time to increase the artistic look. FNC with a modified the painting off the sick off lovers being the bed and other that people in the vice space toe paint little dots. With this technique, we get a laser look off the rats. I think it's nice and feet toad ugly Patin. Give the tip off your rash, but you also can use a smaller fresh When it is convenient for you. You can vary the colors and the amount of water Jessica did on. Be happy Back anything. Did you know that happy people and has here been set? People don't forget. I would like to show you how to create expressive flowers reach recognizable, and this time we are breaking. But once again and it's fine. This leads as outside the comfortable way, way, - way , way for the stocks on leaves become very low clearance. When you add the little stamps between the floors, you can emphasize the Langer best way. Just maybe the lives and injured painting them the leaves good or bad from Babs. Therefore, try to bring them comic front by level. Way back. You can use your plan. I use the burnt. I'm good burying the amount of water. Did you see that? I wasn't satisfied with the position off from Bob, and I removed it by It was, But the foliage is their back, and the 2/4 plan together. This is always a stabbing in the modern painting what the roads think. I used a great deal more border. As you see, I use more figments in that water, and it can be fixed through when you would like to. You can paint some more leaves. I have to get this painting, but I like it 9. Huge Thank you!: Thank you for watching my class. I hope you enjoyed on Had a chance to painted me If you liked this. Let's please leave a review, a comment and the project in the project section. I hope to see you in my next less How debating? Bye bye.