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4 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Book Blogging Made Easy, Introduction

    • 2. Book Blogging Made Easy, Part One

    • 3. Book Blogging Made Easy, Part Two

    • 4. Book Blogging Made Easy, Part Three

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to take your love for the written word and learn to share your presence, position, and influence amongst your peers.

By taking this course you will learn about: 

1. The tools to help you become the best book blogger you can be,

2. The methods to help you become the best book blogger you can be, 

3. How to make your passion work for you, and

4. How to structure your voice and presence into something that's blog-able (new word).

We'll talk about other things that'll help you be successful, but if this class sounds like a journey you're willing to take continue on with me as I take you through each step.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Leona Woolfolk

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, & Blogger


I am a St. Louis digital illustrator and creative influencer currently. My early work was influenced a lot by the doodles of my imagination that I later turned into sticker designs.

Unbeknownst to me, I tapped into a hidden passion and talent.

Lately, I’ve become very aware and curious about how far I could take my passion for digital illustration. Plus, the direction my art style seems to be going in has begun to bleed over into traditional art. So, I don’t know what’s in store for the future of my creative endeavors.

Since I’ve just recently begun to take my passion for digital illustration seriously I’ve progressed into several drawing styles. Instead of switching between each one, I seem to be on a journey seeking the art style that... See full profile

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1. Book Blogging Made Easy, Introduction: it seems too daunting, doesn't it? Don't worry. Have steps and methods and tools that will help you all not feel intimidated by venturing to these sites and seeing the wondrous and wonderful Websites Book blog's that you bought on the Interwebs create to showcase their passion for the written word. This class will help you figure out the tools, the methods and the structure you need. Justus Thes book blockers have to share your presence. Position and influence amongst your peers were taken. This course you will learn the tools to help you become the best book blogger. You can be the methods to help you become the best book Love you can be, how to make your passion work for you and how to structure your voice and presence into something that's blah global. And it is definitely a new word I just created. We'll also such on what steps you need to take the state consistent and active responsibility of being a book blogger. How to avoid book blogger burnout and how to endure the peer pressures and unrealistic expectations the main project will work on in this course is establishing a plan of action that you'll be able to use and reflect back on while you're going through this course. I hope that by the end of this class you'll have modified the tempted towards your goals and the things you learned along the way. If this sounds like a journey you're willing to take or if this is something you think is needed to transition your hobby into something more substantial, please continue on with me two part one of this course there. I'll begin to take you through each of the steps mentioned previously to reach your goal of becoming a book blogger. See you there. 2. Book Blogging Made Easy, Part One: Hey, welcome to part one of book blogging made easy. Thank you so much for joining me for this part one. And I hope you all are prepared for succinct to the point overview somewhat in depth. Look through the tools that will help you become the best book blogger You could possibly be a little background from me. I have been a book blogger for going on almost six years. I think my six year anniversary will be in June, so I have almost six years under my belt of being actually in the book blogging industry, if you want to call it. So I feel like after six years of the ups and downs the twirl around, I have a pretty good idea of what it is that I'm talking about. So for the tools that will be talking about, I'm not going to, um, go through any walk throughs with you. I'm not going to actually do any type of tutorials because if you want to know how to blawg , I actually have a free class on my scarcer accounts is called. It's the ends and outs of blogging for free That gives you all the parameters all the platforms out there that can help you block for free. So I'm not. That's not what this is. This particular part of the course is to tell you all the tools that I have accumulated over the six, almost six plus years that I have been in this industry that will make your book blogger and experience efficient, effective and worthwhile. So let's get into it. So where we're at now is actually my website. I have a mood away from being in a book. Blawg platform. I have moved on to my own stuff host a website, which is something I recommend that you do, Um, but you're probably hear from other book bloggers that the free route is definitely where they want to go. And I was like that as well, until it got to the point where I wanted to do more things with my book dominant website than just review and talk about books things. So let's just talk about this green, for example. So you have the G d. I think his GDR not exactly sure what they're calling it. But ever since, um, the privacy laws changed, I want to say back in 2017 websites are now authorized or are is demanded of websites to further explain what cookies are and how the website uses them. And every time you go to new website, I'm pretty sure that you've seen that you have to either accept or if you decide to just not accept and just keep browsing. They won't be able to track any of your browsing activity because you haven't accepted. So that's pretty much what my website has. That is a must. That is something that you need to have if you decide to go stuff hosted. Now, if you choose to go the free ride, which is using blogger dot com where press dot com tumbler dot com Um, medium, they already have that pre implanted in their in their coding of their websites. So that's not anything you really have to worry about. But let's talk about this box of you. Let's talk about this box of year. Magical C says Male made with middle champ. One of the biggest things that you might want to actually uh, include in your creation of your website is the Melon list or the newsletter. How do you want to pitch your newsletter to, um new newcomers. You know, people who come to your website and just decided to give you their email in their first name. What is it? You know that you want Teoh share with your recipients. That isn't already given already on the website I forgot to add Include that in the actual , um in the actual worksheet. I am sorry about that, but I hope that you write it in the notes because having them having a mailing list isn't a must, but it will be a game changer for you. So when you come to my website, this is the first thing that pops up. If you are a new user, if you never come to my website before, sometimes even if you've been there before. But I've been a few days. This pops up. You just submit your email and your first name. You do all this on the back end with your mail chip account. You tell it what you want to collect. And what do you want to do once somebody has actually submitted or subscribed? And you could do all that afterwards, so I'm exit out of that. My clothes in the Septus. So this is my website. This does not look like the traditional book blogging website that you that you saw at the beginning in the intro video. This is pretty much my website to talk about my blawg and my services. And I have archives. I have, um, Arthur stuff. I have reading challenges. I have weekly post. I have everything that I want on this website here. So the reason I'm showing you this is that in having a website blogging platform and not just something on good read or something on tumbler, but just an actual address for people to come to read your recommendations, to read reviews, to read about your bookish thoughts, all that other stuff that you decide to add on to your book blogging website. It could be achieved if you have an address to go to. This makes it so much easier for people to find you so much easier for brands to find you publishing companies publicist, Arthur's and other readers to find you. Um, I have gone through so many different names. I've been literary trader tressed. I've been books inside the keep I've been that Liana reads a lot early on, a reason the lot is actually my by social media handles, but I've kind of solidified that my name is perfect for what I want to talk about our websites. The Liana wolf folk is it? That's what you need to figure out. What? What are you going to do with his website? I know this is the tools, ah, portion of the class, but that is something that you need to come up with. First you need to know what parameters. And so that's why I came up with the worksheet, which hopefully you are downloaded and you're going through with me as we talk about this. But having a blogging website platform is a must is a must and probably just like me. If you do choose the free options or we choose to go toe Tumblr or blogger or wordpress dot com, you're probably feel is if there's a lot that you want to do that you can't do with the parameters that were set around those type of, um, platforms. So that's why I went self hosted because I have more freedom or creative freedom, and that's why I have I'm able to create websites like this without having to spend more than I need to. Um, well versed in HTML. CSS of this helps me to be able to do what I want in my own creative bubble. So now that I've talked about the importance of having a blogging website platform, this move on to a good reads account a good reason count. I'm pressured me. You probably don't know if you are well versed in what book blocking is. I'll explain it just a little bit more. For those who don't good reads is the Reading Communities is the reading community staple. It is something that people go to and they're able to track their reading progress track their, um, there are reading tags or reading shelves. It's a host of things you can do with good reads. When I joined Degrees back in Oh, I believe in late in early 2015 or 2014 I'm not exactly sure which I was like everything was over my head. I didn't know what the heck I was doing, but the thing is about grease that you just have to play with. You have to take some time off you know enough time out, but take a day anges dive into it just may be just the first step is just creating account Create a free account just to see just a have it's then when you get the knowledge you could play around with You have that platform. But what we're gonna do is that we're going to move over to my actual good reads. So when I love into my good reason when I click on to my grease tablet just here this is what I see. These are the books I'm currently reading. Um, this is my 2020 reading challenge so far, which I'm not doing very well with right now. And this this is what I see. So these are my friends, my friends of my followers. But third, with their latest update is these are my bookshelves. I pretty much broke my books down into as many Texans. I feel that they deserve, and then I just include the books in their category kind of Seamus categories. But let's look in my extra profile. I hope you know that this is Oh, no, I'm not advertising myself, but it is best that I used my stuff and not somebody else's. So this is my profile. This is what you'll see. You come to your profile, you see, picture, you see your average ratings, you'll see how many reviews you have photos, all that and I have a favorite show. So these are the books that are on my favorites. Then you have, like, your description. Um, you could always change this. You can edit your profile. This right here is your girl. I've changed that so many times. It's not even funny. But this is This is pretty much your another form of a website or another form of branding for your book blogger for your bookish things. So, like I said, it'll have the same things you see on that front page. How have your friends over here, you have whose fault which you're following. Who your favorite Arthur's are. Just all that Everything you like. It's pretty much your Facebook for books. Um, I think that's the best. Best identifier I can come up with is that it is your Facebook for everything bookish, and it has stood the test of time. Regardless of how Maney APs and platforms have come along to try to steer people away to a new new um, space. This has reign supreme, and I do believe it has now emerged in with Amazon. So any books you purchase on Amazon kindle wise, physical wise, you can merge over to you Good reason Adam to any of the bookshelves you create. And so let's talk about actual books. So this is one of the biggest things that help me with my book. Blogging a life was that I was able to figure out how to structure, which will talk about the next part structure my reading life. So where I wouldn't overwhelm myself in my scheduling. So you have all the books you read, all the books you currently reading and all the books you want to read. So let's say, as a book blogger, you want to you want for the month of April, let's say you want to read an entire book, series you into a book of a serious book, a thorn. Um, let's say you want to do, For example, all of Faith countries books for the book for the the month of April, not necessarily a Siri's by her, but her entire catalog. Well, what you could do is use good res click on her name and my Internet was being a little bit click on her name and you can go to all of her books. Click Ah, want to read and they'll be added to You want to realist? And so then, as you set up your schedule for your block posts over your book reviews or for any of your bookish content, you can go down and say, OK, this is the next book. I need a reader. This is the next book I need to read and you go down the list. It's kind of like that. So I'm saying that reads is such a huge staple in the book blogging lifestyle on me, at least for me that it has helped me tremendously into knowing what order I need to go into what books I could do away with what books would be great for. It started months what books would be gratefully certain mood I'm in. It is such a great help, such a great help, and then you also if you're given the opportunity to read of you Ah, book from a publicist or from my publisher or Arthur, you can read reviews in the synopsis on good breeze before you say yea or nay. So that's why I'm saying this is such a huge, huge tool to have in your arsenal. The next tool will talk about is an Amazon account. Now Amazon is not my favorite, Um, simply because what is not my favorite to a certain extent. So I majority purchase Kindle books and with kindles with Kindle books have been his woman with Kindle books. You purchase it, and it's automatically sync to your Kindle accounts. So do you have just like a never ending list of thing, a never ending list of books you can purchase? That's free books, and there's some really great free books out there. Never discount the free books, and then you could purchase books. You know your own books. You can even get the audio and have e books with audio narration like this. So there's unlimited, a limitless a model, things that you can do with Kindle books. But that's not what I want to talk about on this particular part. Uh, the biggest thing I'm gonna talk about is the reviews. If you choose to if you get an Amazon account, which I'm pretty sure everybody has an Amazon account, you can. We're upload your of use of any book you re. So let's say, for example, um, let's say for I just pluck a book off my website and just talk about it so to produce okay , for a natural magic, it's a book of you I just released last week for a natural magic. Let's say that while you've published review on your website and you published a review on good reads, you want to publish it on Amazon. So what you would do good Amazon. And let's say, what's the book called Unnatural? Oh, Magic Bus. See him? Black owner Waggoner. I'm gonna say it. So you have it pops up, boom. You want, you see the ratings. You see how people you see that people are already reviewing this book? Well, you go down, you go down. I wish they had a easier way. It's just a minute reviews. You want to write a customer of you the same that I always will. You have signing for that. But the thing that I've always found so irritating about reviewing on Amazon, even though even the if you purchase something from Amazon Ah, physical product that shipped to your house, you submit your view. So that's why you copy all this and the pace it, in your view, is going to be reviewed now for me. Luckily, I've had great experiences with my reviews being approved and not being banished or, you know, being banned or taken down. But there was, ah, good few months early in my book bargain career, where books book reviews were being taken down for this or for that, especially if you were friends with the Arthur on Facebook. Or if you follow the Arthur on good reads, or if you were any type of communication with the art there on any type of social media platform. I don't know how Amazon was finding out or whatever, but and their eyes they were seeing it as you weren't you weren't given an unbiased review . Well, you know, excuse my French. That kind of pissed me off because if I'm taking the time out a blow Merv, you on all these different platforms and all these different outlets to give the Arthur more exposure. I don't wanna have to be told that I can't follow them, friend them talk to them on any of my social media because of seen as being on bias. You know, it just didn't seem right for the simple fact also, that when you review, if you were given advance copy of it, you need to know. Take that in your view. So I do that as being a responsible book blogger, but yet my stuff is still getting taken down. But if I purchased it with my own money, it's still being taken down. That's irritating, so I rarely very rarely, unless the Arthur specified. That is a requirement, unless the publisher specifies that it's a requirement. I rarely review my books, any books that is featured on my website on Amazon. But if you, um one that's something that you want to do definitely go forward. I'm not going to say Don't do it because you might have better insight into how to do it better than me. Um, just be just be cognisant of the fact that Amazon has the right to take down all your use if they choose to. And it's not just a personal It's not a personal attack. I don't want you to think that it's just that they have certain rules as some of the time they're wording is not very clear on what is allowed and what's not. They have their own review program, so I don't know if books fall under. There were few programmer night, but just when you sign up and you choose to write or you read the fine print, um, I have my own personal reasons why I don't review on Amazon as much anymore unless is explicitly specified by the publisher and or Arthur. So that's something that you just need to figure out on your own. If there's something want to include in your book blogging process, so let's move on to the reading devices. So I've talked about Amazon. I've talked about Garrido, talked about the blogging platform, but the one biggest thing that you need in order to even have a book block his books. So yes, of course, you can go out and buy all the books you want to read in the physical form. But is Amazon Kindle has very much shown a lot of times when I've tried to get physical copies instead of e book is that you're more likely did not find that it's certain Books that you can purchase on Kindle are not in physical form. So if you once I guess to be a successful in book blogging is I'm hoping you all want to be . It is imperative that you get some type of device that you can read E books are. My recommendation is either to get an iPad iPhone. I think our pies, they're still being sold on apple. Um, you can get an enjoy device, Andrew it phone. You read him off of your computer. Um, I pop it up here in the second. I find it, I can find it. Uh, goodness. Or is it okay? There it is. So, like I said, it's Iowa's. We just apple. You can get it on Android, which is Google play, or you can read it on your PC or your Mac and it's free. The act is free then, plus, um, if there's books you want to try, but you don't want to buy them, get the Kindle Unlimited improves your herder that as well. But I would just get a reading device, even the e book, but enough U boats. Even the E readers are great, but they are pricey. Minds diet What Miles was actually on this last leg when I sold it back to Amazon. But these are great as well if you have problems. We've known a screen for long periods of time, but the it is imperative that you have a reading device, that you have something that you can read an e book from. Because if you ever choose to contact publishers, contact publicist, contact Arthur's to read and review their books, either ahead of publication or after publication, but as part of something that you're trying to do, you know something event that you're working on for your website. They're more likely to sing you an E copy than a physical copy, and the physical copies more often are in limited supply. So they always ask, is if you want a physical copy? Great. They'll try to get it to you if they have, um, any copies available. But there are always willing to send you an E copy either on it awas or neck galley, which is to other things. I also forgot to include on the, um, on the worksheet. I am so very sorry by my oversight. So I'm gonna talk about neg. Alien metal wives were quick, So otherwise is a platform that is trying to be very, very, um, bias here, but otherwise is not a website. I care for too much because of its complexity and its intricate navigation. Um, I do feel a Ziff. It's more of on the high end off putting yourself out there to get review copies. But at the same time, it's almost as if I think is more geared towards librarians. Publications like, um, happily ever after, Which is the US today, um ah. Column. You know, just like publications of magazines, newspapers, librarians, all that type of stuff that's more under this otherwise is more geared towards that platform. Because even as a whole, because I will be considered as a book blogger, you'd be considered media. Um, but it also depends on your reach. So, um, I rarely rarely come to otherwise only time I come to otherwise it's 15. That galley is is not as, um does not have the books that I feel that they should with for the season Because, as you see here, you have publishers sent it out there. There, Um, there. Oh, my goodness. There, catalogue, off up and coming titles. So you know what's coming soon So that you are prepared to read and to request to read and review them. Neck galley is of the same lake net gal you can read you recommend. Is this easy? You just become a member here as well. But it's more, of course, is dependent upon the publisher to accept. Because these websites are dependent upon the publisher. You cannot. There are books that you can automatically download as being. You could read him now instead of having to go through the approval process. But other books, the majority of the books are you click on them, say, for example, this one, um, you click on it, you get automatically download over your copy, and that's just Oh, sorry. No, you can't. Cannot download. You can download. Okay, back up for this. You can automatically download other books. Okay, Maybe I'm wrong because I'm not log in, but it says Caesar says review. Copy their request. Herbal. Okay, so okay. Those books you can download automatically the Marilyn Monroe One and the How did we get here? So this one, if you were signed in you and automatically download this and read it automatically with no typos. Uh, our pool process, anything. Download it, you read it, you can review it, but books like this, you could request it. And depending on how you start your profile parameters, you could be approved or denied to you read and review this book. You can even you get sometimes even put like a just a additional note to the publisher so lets them know why you would like to read and review the title. But these are also very good because these type of catalogs tell you what this publisher, for example, penguin, is coming out with. These are the titles that penguins coming out with. And this, as a book blogger will also help you be able to schedule in advance what you want to have coming up on your block soon. This will be just a great help. Pretty much book blogging is all about scheduling. Yes, it's about about your passion, but you could do anything about your passion. Like I said, you could stick to the free platform suggests, Be willing. Nearly with what? You want to do it as a as a book blogger, not discounting anybody who has a free block, but um, is very hard to have growth with the free blow now admits, because it's like you'll find that at least pan for something For a lot of the book blocks , they're either paying for their domain or they're paying for this. The branding of it is needs to be completed in order for it to be complete more often. Now you find that bloggers paid either for domains where they're paid for the right to have more the premium seems, or something to make it where the branding looks more uniforms. So I don't want you to think I'm bashing free blocks. I'm not, but I know often not on the free platform. Something else is being paid for on the back end. So Neg Alley and otherwise is another tool there, these above two tools that you need to sign up for to become the best book bar, especially if they're wanting to read a review advanced titles or titles that will be part of some type of event that you're gonna have for your website. Let's say you want to have Ah, a shell, you lone stand month and you want to celebrate Share Lawrence and writing all month long will your contact Kensington. If you don't want to purchase the book, books yourselves or need a particular cover or however you want to do it, you'll need a contact Kensington and explain to them what it is that you're trying to do, what books you need from them. And your stats, your reach how long you've been doing it. What you're you know, just all the things that you think somebody might need to know before they give you something for free and you needed Then hopefully they'll respond back with a year name or what you out, what additional things you need to have me to let them know about before they just ship you off books. So, yes, there's a lot of things that you need in order to be the best book brother you can be. But like I say, you need a ball. You need a platform. Needs a platform, period. Um, you can do website form or you even do you to form. Uh, the U two form is called book tubing, but of course, you can always call with your own name your own niche. All that or not, don't need but your own title if you want to. But yes, essentially, book soup in is the video format. For what? This is, uh, me. Personally I've done. It's where I've reviewed books for an entire week, and then it's into the week. I thought about, um, just summarizing everything that I read for their week. You know something of that nature. You could do it both ways. You could just do it one way. However you want to do it, there's many different platforms. You gun. Take what you learn here in these classes, and you can translate them to you, too. It's all about what you choose to do, but yes, need a bog impact platform. Need a sign of a good reads. You need to either figure out what you would do with Amazon Review program and you need to get your reading device. Um, the library is also a very good platform the library actually has, which is what I'm gonna click right now or pull it right now for you all up. These are the books I was reading a reading, not someone Tribune, but the Libby APP is an addition to the overdrive app, which is the Okay, there we go, Which is the, uh, vibrate equivalent to all their e books, audiobooks and movies. And I think they have TV shows as well. But, um yeah, you sign up, but we have a library card. My library is symbols kind of library. But if you have a library card, wherever you're at, it's you can put your library card number in, which is here, and you are good to go. You're good to go to. Just like this, for example, of this book is available, you can click it. Borrow of is now in place in the whole. You gonna, um this is the book format. Yes. You can read a sample of it. You can tag it. Been this over six months while, but yeah, I love the Libya by didn't have first, but it was a few of the tweets and changes they made has been very helpful. But that's something else. I forgot to add on to the worksheet. I am so very sorry. I thought I actually went in depth on this work. She But that's what the notes section on the worksheet is forward. That you could include all of that. All the little notes that you have included. Um, did you want include on this worksheet? So I hope this particular part helped you with the basics. Like I said, this is not a tutorial. And how to do, um, set up a website or set up a group these account or Amazon account, or even how to download a kindle your device that is not with this class is about This is me to equip you all wits, the knowledge, the tools, the methods, the structure, the steps that will help you be the best book bugger possible. And I hope that I've done that in this particular first part and telling you about the tools that you can use to be the best book blogger possible. I've also talked about another tool, but that we talked about a tool in my blogging course. Ah, that's that's free. I know mentioned it before, But can va is another great, um, avenue that you can use our tool you use to create your graphics, even create a logo. You could do a lot of things with camera, but I'm not gonna talk about that. Too much of that already talked about that in the previous class. So hope this class has been benefit. This particular part has been beneficial to you cause then that the next part, whom is all about the structure, all about the structure. I hope you will continue on to part two all about the structure. I'll see you there. 3. Book Blogging Made Easy, Part Two: Hello and welcome to part two of my book Blogging made easy course. I thank you so much for all continue to join me after part one. I hope I wasn't too information dumpy or I hope I didn't. Don't too much information on you all and part one. I hope it wasn't too confusing. I hope I did it in the way there was. And orders that you get to this part is not any backtracking. Really need to do so. If you follow me on the worksheet, we're now on page two. We just titled Structure and Work. Pretty much gonna go down the list. I may add additional things to the list because if you all following me from part one, you can you probably know that I have missed some things and part one some of the tools that I have forgot the place on the worksheet. But I have mentioned in the class. So hopefully you are taking notes. And hopefully you're modifying this to your own needs into your own creative imagination for what you want your book block to be. So listen mad. Talk too much as an introduction. Let's get right into sulphur structure I want you to have in mind. Um What did? Not so much What you want? Your websites look like my We're looking at minds now. Not so much of that, but more rose. What do you want it to entail? Because you're once I could be the most ugliest website ever, which are I'm pretty sure it won't be, but it could be. But what is the things you want to have on that? Because it could be ugly, but could also be chock full of information that's necessary to your audience. So, for example, um, like you're on my website. The one thing that I want people to know when they come to my website is that I am more than a blogger. I have services that I share with Arthur's and writers. That's the first thing you see when you see the screen, you see my logo. You see this big, bold thing cultivating the cratering. You what exactly does that mean? Then? Also the bottom. I've created a little about me which gives like a brief overview of who I am When my background is all that in my social media links. So pretty much That's forefront. Now you'll find a lot of blog's, which I go to one of my favorites. Caffeinated book reviewer, where her blawg was soon to click on It takes you straight to her block posts, tells you the date and tells you what the coverage just tells you. Everything you need to know. So you know this is purely a book block. This is everything. Book blocking. Yes, she has services. But this is our bread and butter. Usually the first thing you see on persons website is their bread and butter. I pull up another example. Um, hot listens is another blogged that I am very close without of my six years of blogging. So again, hot listens. You have a person in the background without with headphones on. So, you know, audiobooks is their niche. That is what they love to do. You also have They have audio book in the title of their bark posts, and you see a lot of hair phone See, a lot of half when you see a lot of audio book, you see a lot of you know, narrated by red by, so they're very on brand. So when I mean by structure. How do you What? What what walls like of your building? The house. What walls do you wanna have surrounding your website to help hold it together? What is the foundation you want to have under the house to keep it standing? So that's what we're gonna talk about in this particular part. So I've been in the works you found in the work shed. The first thing you see or the first box that you can that you can check off is what pages to include on your block. Now, when I first started, I did not know in about about an about me page I didn't know about Contact Page. I just thought that as soon as you got the blogger, just start typing and a reveals have come to you not saying that's anything wrong because of your passion is burned that they're hot inside of you, you know, Let it free. You know, just don't hold it in cause, you know, you know, burning you. But I didn't think about the professional side of it. I wasn't really trying to do anything with my book blogging, and I was just needed an out I had all these thoughts and nobody really. My family read the same books I did. They didn't understand my my obsession with books, and I needed that out. I needed that creative out, and that's a book block and gave me. And once I started babbling in all the opportunities that could be afforded to me to book block, and I kind of just ran with it. But the one thing early on that I learned after starting off as rough as I did, was it. You need an about me page. So if you go down to my website, my about me is at the bottom. This is a more in depth, and please do not use mine as cannon because I have been meaning to correct this. I have been meaning to fix this because this is horribly done, in my opinion. But I don't want my face that big on the screen. But pretty much your about me is the longer version of brief synopses of who you are. You're about me is you know, your background. What is it about you that makes you qualified or makes you, uh, somebody that people should want to read from a watch on YouTube like, what is it about you that is so important, or what? Is it the to think it makes you so unique amongst all the other people on Internet that talk about things on the Internet? Um, let me see if I could find a great about me. Um, and Natasha. The book, Chunky is one of my favorite bloggers as look her blocks so very much, Um, so let this is heard about me. So this is Who's Natasha? That is a great segue way into talking about who you are. So this is Natasha's about me. Page is short, but it's to the point. Um, she has a social media link she talks about, You know, she's highly opinionated, but even prickly, like she gives the human human side of her website. And that's pretty much what your about me page should do. Or your about page. Or however you want a word. It that is what it should do should give you. Give your readers and give your audience the human side of a piece of technology. Your website is a technology that you're using to showcase your passion, so you're about me should be the human side of it. I hope that makes sense. Next, you have the contact page again. Everybody doesn't want to have to go on your social media to find you Social media. While it is great, should not be your Dr Force. It should not be the It should not be what you drive everybody to. Yes, everybody wants to have a 1,000,000 subscribers or a 1,000,000 followers or a 1,000,000 friends or all that great stuff in this new social media craze. But as a book blogger, the important thing that you need tohave is a contact. You need to have a way for people to contact you in a professional way that they're not, you know, having to deal with a bunch of stuff. But, yes, your contact page needs to be professional. Um, professional butler, I want to say for like, if somebody were to come to your house, you wouldn't You wouldn't answer the door, I hope with your nightgown on or your or your or ah ro born with your hurt cap on steel Or , you know, with no makeup, however you think is the worst day or the worst look you could ever have. That is not how you answer the door. If you knew somebody was coming to knock on your door for business opportunity, so pretty much suture. Contact me Page. He's because if you were to send everybody contact me on social media, why would you want to do that? I mean, I don't understand why you would want somebody to contact you on social media when social media in this stage in the game. If you're trying to go for to be a professional book blogger, professional, anything, why would you want people to actually go to your social media? Social media as a business person is supposed to be seen as a portfolio as a expression or further expression of your works, not as a way to conduct the business such as this I may be wrong with. That's just my personal opinion. So your contact me page needs to have the pertinent stuff, you know, they needed but their name, their emails, that you have a way of contacting them back. What the website is that they have won. And what is their message where they contact you about my contact dated very point because it's not really much of that I need to put on there. There's other. If there's other things they need to contact me about which I will talk about that in a few minutes. Then they can go to those particular post of those particular pages and, you know, talk to me There, for example, my about me again, please not fancies into the crappy structure in which I have placed my about me. I need to really change you. But this I just don't have the time right now. So just like I'm on my about me, I have another contact form year. If they read all about me and they somehow won an opportunity to collab with something or do something of that nature, they could fill it out here will be sent to the same email address, but your contact is good to have a dedicated contact page because there are people and businesses and brands who come to your website and they're looking for a dedicated contact page so you could just put like, a little message like send us an email with your quarry and we'll get back to you within one business day. Or you could fill out this long with more detail message and we'll get back to you within one business day. And the only reason I worded it that ways because that's when he changes page as well. Because I did have my email spread across my website and people who use it to contact me instead of my contact sheet. I need to change that because I don't want to be flooded with a bunch of emails even though I am already. But you know, you're worried about everyone, so you can set up your contact parameters however you want to, as long as you have a dedicated contact page. Next, we need to talk about as a book, but you need to have a review policy. Do not make the mistake that I did in my earlier use when I did not have you policy and was constantly getting requests. Are constantly getting sent things that I'm like, I would never read this. Why am I being sent this? You need to have a clear, clear parameters of what it is that you are able and willing to offer. So my my review policies, actually in my services because it is a service. When you open yourself up to receive review requests from whatever person out there who wants to send you of you a review quest or even a review copy. It's a service you are serving, whoever it is that you receive a copy from. So this is my review requests opener and I am currently open to receive book. Requestion needs to be clear on that, because otherwise you'll always have people who disregard what you say or even don't take the opportunity to read. Go to your website professionally and contact you professionally. They'll contact you on social media and send you a message. You need to be very strict on this review policy because they're Arthur's, especially up incoming Arthurs, who abuse this because they either don't know that is best to contact the website or because they just think if they contact you out of the blue, you'll be lenient angle. So yes, I've had all the scenarios. I've been contacted in many ways, and there have been many times when I have folded or when I have not even, you know, I just take. I took every review question, came my way, and I was trying to make finish him up within a year and didn't even finish a good portion of them. So I learned my lesson. So with your review policy does not have to be a long as my it does not have to be a song is Mine just needs to be clear on what you born and what you don't want. What you want to receive as a event, as a review copy and what you do not want to receive as an advance copy need to be very clear. Um, of course, one thing that say that wire if you many things, is best of our break up the policies to refrain from any form of confusion. I predominately review novels. This is something you need to make sure you know, take, What is it that you review? What is your biggest review play for? What is what is it that you enjoy the most in reviewing? Because, after all, even though you will love to help every Arthur out there, get some time of exposure through your brand of do your blog's. It is ultimately what you are willing and able to review because if you don't enjoy review and the say, for example, you don't like short stories, why would you accept short stories and review them if you don't like them? I mean, you can try them on your own time. But why would you want to take on that burden and have to, you know, fit in the schedule to get reviewed in a timely fashion? You know, don't don't jeopardize yourself. Um, again, You also want to be clear that if you are open state that if you're close, state that as well. And then I say by filling out the application below It is not a guarantee that your projects off project will be reviewed on my website. If I find that I'm still interested in reviewing your title, I were purchased outside of myself and slotted in within my review schedule. My review schedule because also me This is your website. You have the control in part or what pops up on your website. The archers do not have control. Publishers do not have control publicists or personal assistance. Do not have control of what comes on your website. If you tell Arthur that I'll have reviewed by February 28th. But if something comes up that hinders that timeline, contact the author, but they cannot demand that you have the review up by the 28th since early is a contract. But if you contact them and explore a continuation just like with anything you are not is not a demand. They cannot demand that you do anything you know you can always, especially if there is a book that you read and reviewed received it. But you don't didn't like it. And additionally, you don't want to write a review on it because it be too scathing of a review. And you don't want to place the book nor the Arthur in a bad light and you refrain from you in it. That is your prerogative. You have their choice, so you need a place. All that anger of you posit, this is pretty much your contract. I hate to say contractor that sounds so permitted. It sounds, you know, so daunting. But this is essentially your contract between you and anybody who fills out these epic application or contacts. You based off of this policy, also say that it would best if you took a gander emer view archives before continuing to get a feel of what generates I like in review. Now my archives is pretty much every book review I've ever published on my block, all my website. It contains everything and when I mean everything, I mean everything. So in saying that tell your are If you tell anybody who comes to your book review policy to take, just take a look at what you have, what you've done, what you've been interested in so that they don't waste your time and they don't waste their own time. Be very to the point. That's all I'm trying to bring home to you to be very to the point. Did not allow room for wigger room or because again, I have experience in this. People will take advantage of any openings you leave all the time, regardless out. For example, Um, last month I had an Arthur who contacted me on Social Media to read and review their book their first time, Arthur. And while I applauded her for the something the Challenger write in the book and getting ready to be published, I thought that this would be a great time to educate her on the fact that, um, I don't accept requests through social media in the CNN. She is the first time Arthur that I give her a little bit words wisdom, as most bloggers do not accept, review policy review requests through social media that they have a website where they have taken the time to create thes type parameters. And that would be best for her to go to the website if she's interested in them. Reviewing her book, read their policy and apply there. I don't you know you can't can't guarantee that everybody will listen to you. Maybe some people will get mad at you or they'll think you're snobby or think you're too big for your britches. It doesn't really matter what they think is what you're comfortable with. So I'm not comfortable receiving a request to social media, at least not anymore. Not after those first few years. So my business. So I made it easier for everybody. I created my own form in my website. I got the name the Contact. Please confirm the email because I don't wanna have to be tracking you down to figure out if this the right email The novel title publisher and this publisher is important for what I posted up further into the policy was the release date. So I know how to schedule it into my schedule. What John Rose I wanted to read in your book does not fit the general. I'm not reading it. Um, we're account audio book length of It's an audio book format, um, linked audiobook sample so I can't even see the narration will be great for me. Books synopses suggestive review by date, unless is different than the published date. Because a lot of the times if it's part of a block tour, which is an event that a lot of PR companies that pump publishers, publicist, personal systems and Arthur's higher to give more promotion to their book, um, they sometimes request that you pick a date between a month before the book is released, or usually after a month after the book is released, and you pick a date amongst those days and you 10 have your, you know, have your review scheduled for that day. That gives the publicist or whoever is running the block tour more time to, um, share and promote and all that stuff because they'll know people have dedicated days to share their thoughts about the book. And then I always actually really were you policy and that you understand, by filling out this form, it does not guarantee that your book will be reviewed. There is no guarantee, never a guarantee. Do not ever guarantee anything unless you've read that prices book before and it has incited you to write every overview for every book they've ever come out within is different. But don't ever promise anything and don't ever guarantee anything. Another thing that you may want to include. Also on your website is an FTC disclaimer. Now an FTC disclaim where I talked about this in part one is pretty much you have to say whether this book was given to you for free or you was given. Ah, events copy. Or however you got this book that wasn't by your own purchase means you need to know. Take that all your blawg and before you post. Okay, so this right here is the FTC disclaimer. I received this book for free from Publisher In exchange for an honest with you, This does not affect my pain or the book of the book or the constant summer view soul and saying that you are a disclaimer. You're pretty much saying that, Yeah, I got this book free. It doesn't change my possible thoughts on the book. I wrote this review on all my facts and all my thoughts and did the you know, So that's what you need to have. And you also know if you ever reviewing that Galya, otherwise you'll need to have the notated ohana. Your book reviews is well, and they also tell you assumed you sign up with the things you need to have in order to be a more effective book blogger. So you need to have that. I don't know. It is no matter how you word it. You just need state that you got this refree from where you got a free from and how it doesn't affect your opinions, thoughts or review. You just need to let it be known. So that is the pages and needs include this this four important pages for important parts of your website that you definitely need to have what's in your website. Hoping I didn't go to ASU fast. I hope I gave enough information about each one That gives you a better idea of what it is exactly that you need tohave within each one. So let's talk about the post schedule again. I'm going off the work. Sheikh. That one. At least keep you all in line where I met. I don't want a deviating for happy because he's so with the post schedule. This is a must have. This is a must have second to the tools. Pretty much so. That's why this is the structure is second. You need to have a post schedule. The first block I showed you. Caffeinated book reviewer She Post want once a day, sometimes twice a day at UBC. She had with 11th but she posts about once a day. You do not have to post them much You do not want to. I used to post once today I'm actually going through a schedule re hall and just seeing what I need to post how to market it and how to know, not work now work harder than a need to. So I did you use to post a daily? Um I even went toe posting weekly. I've never posted monthly. I think if I posted monthly, I will forget and then in probably two months. But it is. I oppose the daily as a personal preference because it keeps me in a routine. Now what you can do is if you decide the post daily pre scheduled things out. Like, for example, if you know that you have, you know, um, 20 book reviews written in a notebook or on a on a document or wherever. Now, if you have 20 books you really want to review, you finished them and you still have thoughts about him, right? Those book reviews out or publish or get those book reviews together and then scheduled them out 2016 20 days from the day that you're posting out your public, your editing and writing all this, schedule it out for 20 days past or 20 days in the future. That way you have 20 days to free yourself up to write to one more book reviews or 21 block posts. But if you want a post daily, that's a great way. You notice that you're not bogged down with Senator Computer every day typing not opposed publishing it, you know at least post and daily Get to have your audience gets a sense of Okay, I read this. I read this book post today by such and such website. You know, tomorrow I know there'll be another buffaloes unless your audience be. Have anticipation for what's to come from your website because they know and they trust that your post faithfully saying with weekly, If you choose to have a weekly posting schedule, stay. Stay up with that. Schedule it out if you need to, to stay consistent. Consistency is the key and keeping getting your brand out there and getting people noticing that Oh, this person is. You know, I know this person is doing stuff. Additionally, if you post monthly same scenario, post schedule is important. Very much important. But it can be so much easier than all the other things I talked about. So let's get on to block content. I've talked about it before about the many different things you can have on your website. So let's look in my let's look in my block. Now let's talk about this post here. We glossed over it many times, but let's actually look into it. There are four different types. I want talk blah kinds and types on talk to you about. You have the book reviews, which I've used to kind of show things to you all. Like the bar pose our website. Those are one of the main one of the main current block currency and book blocking time to him things out through. But this one here, the Sunday with the Post is a weekly mean this is a weekly post that, um, caffeinated book review were Who I have talked about before does every week. And if you go down here, I gave a brief overview. The Sunday Post is a weekly mean it's a chance to share news opposed to recap the past week showcase books and things were received and shared news about what is coming up with a week on our block. So, of course, this is something that I know many people. We'll tag each other in and you get the conversation going. So with this weekly mean this takes up my Sundays, my Sundays are officially booked with this particular mean every week. Another post you can have on your website is ones like these. So this particular boats post, where professional writers air needed is more of book talk. That's why I have it in my book talk category. This book related content If you follow me on the worksheet, this is book related content. It talks about books. It talks about the people, great books. It talks about the people who know Polish your book. So that's pretty much with this post is about. Also, if you have any other space is at on the Internet, for example, I'm a podcaster. I host the park casting on a reason light. So this is a written form of what I talk about on the first episode. Another type of block post that I have is personal block posts. See about a fine one and that's OK, so this is another one. This is more of a personal variety, but because you know, my branding is my name, I encompass everything that deals with me on this particular website. I have another block that is part of my store when that is purely for crafting and how to the eye wise. So this title was called it during braking few for the third time, so I have used this post to talk about my springs with the best more Bible study breaking free. Let's talk about my experience with the I talk about, um, the ups and downs out gods who is it and doing it for the third time. So I have a variety of block content on my website, so it's not necessarily a book blogger. But if you choose out book block, you do have the freedom to have many different other Um, what do you want to call it? Arms attached to it. For example, if you have you write book reviews, which is a given for a book blow, but you want to talk about bookshelf organization. You could talk about that. Or, if you want to talk about the the technology used to take your books, the grand pictures begins. Talk about that, or, if you want to use if you want to talk about how you created your website for your book Blawg. You know you could talk about it. Your book blogging could be the middle ground. It could be the heart of your website, but you can branch it off into many different things. You don't have to feel as if you need to create multiple websites and do multiple things. You don't have to. You could do a lot of things with it, but make sure this is a cautionary tale of my experience. But make sure that the other sub D shoes is which one of my college. You make sure that the other sub knishes all tied back into with the most dominant content you have on your website is I don't have book related content that is the most dominant content on your website. And then in the next breads you're talking about you're talking about, I don't know. You talk in my toy trucks. You know something? Something is like worlds apart. Now if you have a book like, especially if your website is named something literary like If it's it was dubbed for my example my website. Literary traders just it didn't seem right in order to feel rights and other types of block content when my majority content on my website was books like, you know, talking about my Krause did not sound right, you know, coming from a website called the Return Purchased. It just didn't say with books inside to keep anything bookish. Angle. Website name, please. Make sure you keep it around that name for leaving a wolf. Look, I could have whatever I want because I am Liana Wolf folk like there is no no assumption about what the name is about. I could write whatever I want about it, you know, on it. There's no I don't have any parameters. I could go. I could talk about toy trucks. I could talk about books. I could talk about the wind blowing outside. I could talk about the way the sky has blue. I could talk about a lot of things. It not mess a penalized, but not be. Um um not we looked at South ways because it doesn't make sense. You want everything to make sense. So this block concept, please make sure that it is on brand. And you're not just throwing everything out there. If your title says one thing but your block says another, you'll have inconsistencies. Please stay on one page with yourself. Do not confuse yourself. I'm hoping this work she helps you stay on one page with yourself. Take notes if you need to, so that you are able to keep yourself narrow down to what it is that you need to do. If you have any other nieces you want talk about, you could apply the same worksheet to that. If you wanna have a block about crafts, let's talk about the actual Um uh, let me show you all the blogger I have from my craft store. This would be something totally different. But my craft store is called crafting by the pound now have crafting in the title. I tried to make this thing I try to make crafted by the pound seem like it's about all the crafts, books, life, love, crabs. I try to make it seem like it encompassed everything, but it did not work. He didn't that work. If anything, it frustrated me because it did not work. I tried to make you work and it did not happen. So with that being said, I have my own block. I have my own block here that I talk about all the craft things and my heart desires. I talk about all of it and it feels right because it's on Brand is not anything that is difference is not anything. This is not clashing with anything. This is crafted by the pound. So we talked about all the things craft. This is the only world folk we talk about. Things we on the wall, folks, you know, is this. It works. So you want to stay on, Brandon? You want to stay each? You want each website to stay focused on what it needs to be focused on. Not what you wanted to be focused on. What you're gonna force you to be focused on. You don't want any of that? Stay on brand. Now let's talk about lastly the archives Woo, This is another big thing. Archives are very much important to the structure of your website. For example, I have to archives that I thought was the most important out of all the archives I could make. So I had. We've used by Arthur and I have reviews by title. So this is because predominately on my website I talk about books so it seem pertinent to have archives about the biggest thing on my website, which is books. And as you could tell, I reviewed a lot of books. I think so. If that's why is pardoning tohave an archive because you don't want people because people don't know what's on your website. People don't know what you wrote four years ago. People won't know what you wrote three years ago. People won't know what you wrote a week ago unless they have somewhere they can go and search through. Maybe you have somebody, of course, searching it on Google help. But they come to your website and they just want to search a website. It is best to have an archive that they can go to figure all this out. So let's like somebody who loves Nalini Singh who come to your website. They see you review books, but they want to see if you move you their favorite author, they can come here or the nest by title. If they can come here. So you know, it's by last names. Let's go all the way down to the essence. So she has a lot of yelling and seeing title. You know, they get excited cause they know that you read the type of books that they read. So you all America get a subscriber all of a sudden because it like, Oh, I need to know next time they post about my favorite author. So that's why archives was so important. That is their purpose. To help your audience better find your content when they are on your real estate. When they are all your website, give them that opportunity that they're not searching for craziness Live. Let's say I was Are there don't have in my website? Uh, um I'm the type in the last name Hoover type of last name Hoover. Colleen who were thing. That's her name. You won't find a book review on a website because I have never reviewed. Ah, finger name is Colleen sinks on my person in rock. I've never reviewed any Arthur with the last name Hoover or first name Hoover. So you don't want people just incessantly searching? Um um I'm see butter. Maybe there's an author with the last night butter to won't find that because you don't want people searching. Just what does this butter. I don't know what this is, Butter. Oh, gosh, that I talk about butter. You. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take your attention with this. Is that just cracked me up home. But there is no Arthur that I refute with the title butter in their names or their last name butter. So you don't want your audience to be searching your website in this way. It be best that could give them an archive where they could just search through what you already have and select what they want in making in a way that is organized. If they influenced a for a particular challenge that they need to have found a book that starts with the letter K and they happen upon your website and they look down in their case and see what books you reviewed and they might be interested in, Let's say, for example, that somebody's interested in night by Christian Ashley like home. That'd be a good book for the challenge. They click on your review. They read the review, and it lets them know, Oh my goodness, they're ready to five stars And this is what the Gianaris are, and I want to read a considerate romance right now and my wonder reading the radical right now, I don't know, but it's the first book in the series, so this would be a great starting point. Then you have all your bat wings. You know, Just give them and easier way to get to your current in that is the purpose of an archive. So we're gonna talk about best practices. So, like I said, for backs, best practices don't give too many options. Find a balance if you want to do. For example, if you want degree used by title do reviews by title And if you want to do it by title are you gonna do with the area and in front of him? Are you going to exclude those? If you're gonna do it by Arthur, are you going to have, um, um notated by last name first or first Neighbors? I need to have an organization and had apple alphabetized them. Please alphabetized. And it makes it easier on you and it makes it easier. Your audience effusion isn't no, no, do not confuse anybody. Like I said it. Have it alphabetized. Another good practice is to possibly after the for the title. If you have a title archive is to have the Siri's. If there is a serious so that if somebody is going through, they don't they don't want to click on your view year. They just browsing puts a but the series next to is that they know. Okay, this is the first book. This is book 15 you know, So they already know automatically before they have to click on your webs on the actual link to read it for themselves, because more often than I. If it's the 20th book in the series, they're going to try to find the first book, and they don't want to have to click on this one to find the 1st 1 you might not even have reviewed. The 1st 1 is just a long process. So this would probably be a great template for you to look, too, and tried to use or replicate. Also, I did not do this fire a hand I didnt want not I did it by hand, but I didn't spend hours going through my website in notated in every review I did once upon a time when I had less than 200 plus for views on my website, Um, I actually use a plug in, see if I can put up a plug in from those greys. Actually, everything I have is from those graze, but it was called the ultimate book blogger. Um, and this plug and I show you a demo. Okay, so this is a brief overview. This is a demo. So what book? The book Ultimate book Blogger Plug in It is a form that you'll eventually be filling out. Let me see if I can. Okay, so this is pretty much the former. This is a BBB book. Information could put the book titled The Siri's. You upload the cover image, you'll say, If it has, it is No. The FTC disclosure which we talked about and you put all that information in this is what ends up being computed out Pretty, ain't it? What this does is that now that you have the book title, you have the author you have who is published by all that. Um, it automatically adds to your guys unless you put that there. But yes, you use automatically added to the archives, and it automatically generates this. So you never have to sit there and actually put this in on the page on WordPress. This is something that's automatically generated if you put the right titles in in the right. All that right information. And this is what is generated. Now you could have its worm. It will be a sore doble archived toe where people could just search again like they were. Like I showed you people searching in the search bar. Or, um, see if this Dimel has it. Mm. Oh, you great does. Or you could have it by Siri's, which will have the same thing. But it was just like, Okay, this is a serious name. And these all the books under that Siri's. So it'll automatically generate all that for you, so you won't have to do their work yourself. So you need something or you're serious about this and one investing yourself and doing this. Get this plug in. I have not found another plug in ever want to help me with this? You could definitely coded into your own your website if you want to. You can coach, unplug and if you want to. But like this person said is a must have all but bloggers. This is something that is a definite must h 4. Book Blogging Made Easy, Part Three: Hey, welcome to part Three of book blogging made easy. I am summer Glad that you decided to join me for this third part. I'm so glad you decided to continue on to the third part. I know the 1st 2 parts were very long and I hope that it was just chock full information that you could take and use as your crafting your book blogger or as you're creating your your YouTube channel, this centered around books. I hope that it's helped in any type of way. So we're gonna talk about for this particular part. Burnout, peer pressure, responsibility, accountability and just staying true to you. And what that being said, I don't want you to take anything that I say in this particular part as gold. It is not set in stone. I appreciate you can travel to different book, blog's and my pressure. You find other posted articles talking about burnout, responsibility, accountability. All those divots in a block posts in what their opinions are about it. So I want to get right into this. I don't want to let this be is long against the other ones. I'm hoping it's not, but if it ends up being, I hope that you find some type of help or, uh, nuggets that you can take with you. Pass this class and help you reach your goal of being the best book blogger You would be so for burnout, because I think that's the topic I could talk about were quick burn out. Is this this pretty is a reality for any type of thing you did choose to do. Um, the baristas star BookScan have burned out the, you know, birds outside their flat ball. They could have burnout. Book bloggers can have burnout. Other bloggers gonna have burner YouTube risking have burnout. Everybody can have burnout if you continue to do a thing for so long. And you don't place self care methods and techniques in place so that your creative outlet doesn't suffer because of your limitations. And I don't say limitations and the fact of your never gonna be good enough, but limitations and the fact that humans cannot do a thing for a long period of time without break without a break. We're not robots, so yes, your website is a technology. It's essentially a robot. If you want to think of it that way. Your YouTube is a robot. Your business. The business of brick and mortar is kind of a robot. It goes and goes and goes until was taken down by a human. Your website or your book book is like that. You can't go and go and go without breaks. You need to have brakes and you need to have self care methods and techniques in place, but you can schedule like we talked about in part to you can schedule things out. So where your website doesn't have a hitch in the scheduling, your website continues. Output great content while you are on vacation. A. While you're, you know, taking a week or two off whatever it is that you choose to do for self care. Your website won't be effective affected by it because you have placed great practices in your book. Blogging in You've got scheduling going got, you know, automated posting going on. You got all that so so that you your burnout doesn't affect your business or your hobby or your I think, another word to use. So this will burnout. Burnout is essentially if you get it. If you're affected by it, that means that you need to do you need to remember the signs, even acknowledge the science to go back in in high inside and try to figure out what were the signs and then tried to implement, you know, alarm bills for yourself to know. Oh, my goodness. When I started, you know, when I can't write a 500 word block posts anymore, I might be close to burnout. 00 I don't feel like when I get home. I don't feel like doing graphics anymore. I might be a burner or, uh, you don't feel like posting on social media anymore. You might be close to burnout when you get to a point where you don't feel like doing the things that come naturally to you as a book blogger or as a blogger or anything in general , you might be close to burnout, so you need Teoh, see the signs and act accordingly. So that's about burnout. Next, I want to talk about responsibility, and I thought about including accountability in with this, and I might for a little bit. But responsibility is the biggest thing. As a book blogger, you have the responsibility to share your thoughts, emotions and feelings towards the book or towards whatever with integrity. Just like when, Just like you expect journalists who to share a event with you with integrity, with ethics, you have to uphold the same thing, not saying that you have to. But it's best if you do, especially if you're wanting to get in contact with publishers. You want to get in contact with Arthur's publicists and that personal assistance you need to have the responsibility of writing with standards, integrity and ethics because you can't just throw things out there and then that expect anybody to respond back, but the negatively or positively so whenever. So whenever I rideable oppose. Yes, I'm writing it for myself just to get my thoughts out. But I'm also writing it for the people who might want to purchase this book and one of the things that I love to do. Is it some of the books that have the ranches covers on it, but for some reason are most likely the ones that I write with use on because I'm all about a book is bigger than the cover, And so when I write reviews on that, I is just a port out of me to state the state. The the things in the book, that arm or than what the cover says it is. You have a responsibility to not only talk about with the John what was so good about the book being in the Jonah that it's in? But you also responsibility. It's actually just tell the people what this book is about and why you should buy it or what this book is about and why you shouldn't buy book Bloggers are essentially a huge staple in the book community. A lot of Arthur's get a lot of traction off of the book bloggers that have talked about them. They reviewed their books that I have given their Book of the time of day. A lot of independent, successful authors have gotten successful, not off the backs of book bloggers along. But book bloggers have been a huge staple because if somebody could write a book review of your book and thousands of people also didn't want to go buy your book, that's great traffic, and that helps you in sales, and that helps you in exposure. So then you continue to go to the same book blocker or other book bloggers. Now I want to pick up your book and read and review it. It generates for you. So, yeah, I'm not saying we are the end all be Oh, I'm not saying that book bloggers are the gatekeepers to the reading community. No, but we are a good platform. We are a good staple in the community that have helped many Arthur's reach their goals and reach reader. They probably would have never reached through Social media marketing. Um, so that's your responsibility. Pretty much like you are responsible sometimes for what? For the first glimpse of reader kits of a book before it's published, your reviews might be the only reviews that somebody may take this gold somebody, my reader of you and be like I'm not gonna read anybody else in your view, what she said in her, you make sense. I don't think I want to buy this book or what she said in her you make. Since I am going to buy this book, you know the type of power has responsibility, and accountability comes from your peers. Now we book bloggers when one of us gets a bad rep. Oh, yes, we're good at either it dependent on how we research and we research. I find out that the book blogger had did nothing wrong and that none of the heat coming their way should come their way. We will rally behind them. But if we find out that their book blogger was on some crap Oh, yes, Oh, yes, we have no problem calling them out and, you know, getting to the bottom of it. So that's a responsibility. And that's the accountability. If Arthur's field is there something going walking with your website, they've given you an advanced copy and you didn't review it and didn't contact them and say , Why you didn't review it then They're kind of be like, OK, you just took the book just to have it and didn't fulfill your end of the contract. And if you do that enough times with enough Arthur's, you essentially be kind of blackballed in the community because you'll be seen as problematic. You'd be seen as not able to uphold your end of any bargain that any of the others contact you for, so that's that's what I'm saying. This kind of like a different industry for book blogging Now for the actual peer pressure. What out? When I did the introduction video, I showed you a lot of different book blog's that I actually go to. And I think in book and in part one, I'm my toes No, in part to a showed you a few websites as well. I didn't show you those so that you can emulate them. I didn't show you those that you could be like. That's what I aspired to be, because that was one of the issues that I did. I aspired to be all those book bloggers that I followed and idolized. And so I lost who I waas. I didn't understand what it was that I needed to do. I was doing a lot, and my burnout came quicker than I thought. I only lasted a year with that with literary treasure choice before I just got tired of it all. Yes, of course I took me was that I took the six month, almost a year hiatus from it, and I'm in a better place now, but that's not what you want to have happen. T. You don't want to go into this and have dreams of a grander and have dreams of making it and being on somebody's magazine or being also much use of channel or having publishing companies fighting to sing you books you don't want. You don't want that for the wrong reasons. Instead, go into this like I did at the very beginning. The first I remember the first block post, a book review I ever wrote. It wasn't even a book with you. It was more or less internal of a book I was breeding. I remembered the book. The book was tears of tests by Pepper winners, and I was like, I need I have thoughts about this. I need to write it down somewhere And I was already general in personally, so I didn't want to use the journal toward my book journalist, So I just went. Toe wordpress dot com set up a block inside writing. Go back to that. I just wanted to talk about the book or want to talk about the things I want to talk about , a genre or inexperience. Go back to that and keep that as your motivation. Keep that as your compass and whenever you feel yourself deviating from it, Sometimes step back and get right back with that, sometimes taking a step back or sometimes closing yourself away from what is causing you the anxiety and causing you to feel pressure is the very thing that would get you right back to where you need to be. And so that's all I can say is for pressure. Pressure is gonna be there regardless because you're always going to feel that there's somebody doing it better than you always gonna feel. There's somebody getting more opportunities in you. You're always understood is if you're not doing enough. But as a person going out into this industry, you need to toughing yourself up from these type of the text. You're gonna have pressures coming at you left and right. Somebody's gonna have a better looking website. Somebody's gonna have more people commenting somebody's gonna have ah, bigger following on social media that you. But as long as the end of the day you are comfortable. You are comfortable with what you have on your platform. If it is only a journal for you and you don't care if anybody responds or if anybody even looks at it sign. Be happy in that. Find security in that. But if you're wanting, the people interact if you want, in the larger following on social media, If you're wanting publishing companies to be knocking down your door to send you copies, then you need to inform yourself, Keep educating yourself. Do it only because you want to. Not because you need to compete with someone so or compete with this brand or compete with that brand. Just do it because it's what you want to do. And if you follow that and if you just continue to do it because you want to and not because you said you have to, you'll be all right. I promise you you'll be all right. I wouldn't be here talking to you all. After six years, if I had not gone through all the ups and downs and twists and turns of being a boot blogger, I wouldn't have this experience in this knowledge to give to you all. So that's pretty much what I will leave. I want to leave you all with for this third part. This is what I want to leave you alone with. I hope that the words that I said have I mean, there is Venice. This is the most personal I've been on any of my classes. I hope that it's helps. I'm very passionate about being a book blogger. I'm very passionate about this industry in this community. So if this is something you want to do, I hope that this classes helped you. And if it has, I will love if you in the projects. If you modify this worksheet for you, I hope that you have no just share screenshot a picture of your modified worksheet. I would love to see it. And I'm pretty sure other people in this class will love to know what it was you took from this class. Also the worksheet. I included two different book review templates that you be used that are there. Hopefully help you structure how to do a book of you if you don't have to use it exactly as it is. But it's just to get you know, the brain juices flowing Sadly, go with it. Talk to you a nice class by