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Blogging For Engineers - Start Blogging on Engineering Niche

Sabir Rabbani Khan, Product Designer and Blogger

Blogging For Engineers - Start Blogging on Engineering Niche

Sabir Rabbani Khan, Product Designer and Blogger

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11 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction and Why this Course?

    • 2. Who is course for and Benefits

    • 3. Setting Up your Blog Platform

    • 4. How To Structure Your Blog Article

    • 5. Psychology Of Headlines in Blog

    • 6. How to research and Find Your Blog Niche for Best Results

    • 7. Latest Trending Blog Topics or Niches you can choose

    • 8. How to write best blog Post for Huge Traffic

    • 9. Creating Images and Infographics for Blog Articles

    • 10. How to Become an Affiliate and Bonus Hack for Getting Sponsorship

    • 11. How to Get the Blog Summary using Artificial Intelligence

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About This Class

Engineering blogs are getting much attention nowadays. Blogs that Highlights good information on any engineering concepts and latest news are a huge traffic platform.

In the course you will learn about :

  • How to Start a blog

  • How to Structure the Article

  • How to create Cathing Headlines

  • How Human Psychology work with blogging

  • How to Start an affiliate marketing

  • How to Get clients for sponsorship

  • and many more

As you watch this step-by-step blog writing tutorial you'll discover a repeatable method for writing blog posts specific to your niche and gain access to a reusable template that you can employ time and time again. This is as actionable and as practical as it gets!

You don't need to an engineer for this course, hence you only need a computer and internet connection

Enjoy Learning!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sabir Rabbani Khan

Product Designer and Blogger


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1. Introduction and Why this Course?: congratulations on taking this amazing course on blogging for engineers. I'm your Turner, and I am a coast blogger, digital marketer and freelance product design. So this course is specially designed for the engineers to start their blood in career and also to help them in earning the passive income. We have seen so many blocks that are on engineering. And thus this course will help you turn Western the concept and start your blood. So let's start. 2. Who is course for and Benefits: So before moving forward, let's find out who is thescore spot. So first, any graduate diploma student engineering related, but not mandatory. So it is not mended and you have to be in getting looted. If you're interested in junior topics, you can start flowing and then working engineers. So some of the many of the people actually working in companies and if they want and they are interested in the topic they're working on, they can start blocking on it. Freelancer, and start up on a so freelancers start. I wanna had immense number of skills so they can start blogging and this course will benefit to them also, and anyone who want to start blogging engineering sector. So if you are interested and you are not in the background off engineering but you are interested in the cars, you can start blogging about different cars. We will see the example in upcoming lectures and next how this course benefits you. So yes, benefits is very important. So let's for no. So the first benefit is personal branding. Yes, people will recognize you that you are writing about this kind of topic so they will recognize you as a personal brand that you are recognizing next. The passive income. Yes, passive income is the most important part in the blocking. When your blog's getting enough traffic, you can earn a good amount off money, then career Good? Yes, if you are writing about something like engines. So people are searching about engine, and if they find out you're block, they will. They might send you our offer of a job for your career. Good that if you might industrial income in their companies to work next, achieved life goals. So with this passive income career world, but her branding your life goals will get to new gurgle achieve and there are so many benefits with blogging I have attached attached document below second founder find out in this section. 3. Setting Up your Blog Platform: how to set up a block on WordPress and weeks. So before going forward, we will see how domain and hosting our so fast your website that is their dear, That is your Doman. And then it will goes to the server, the information, the images there, Tex, you are giving it. And then through a boosting, it will get indexed on the Internet. That is Google, Yahoo and other platforms. So this is a very short about domain hosting. And then let's let's have a quick review on WordPress and see panel. So, guys, this is how your cibona looked like on a different hosting breuder kind off a little different, see panel. But it has the same functions. So here against the different user start aches and how much space you court and somewhere in the bottom are at the top. You will see the what press here. So here in this architect herself, necklace at Miss Towler, have what president click on this thing see panel you will get when you purchase the hosting they will direct you toe the signal and then you have to click on install now and then the what press block bills are different here hosting, and then they will let you know the further steps. And this is how your WordPress block looked like. So this is a back in off the WordPress here, you can see different start ICS. Some of the comments are there. You can approve it disapproving and different kind off sue ratings. So this is the backend and next to the post with post are located. So here, a different post that are that I have published in the blood and this is a fronting. So this is the front end of the block. So it is not very difficult. It is easy. I have attached some links and some articles which are related to how to set up this in more details. So get get it and learn more about it. 4. How To Structure Your Blog Article: how to structure your blow article Now here. There are so many examples out there, but I have arranged in a most understandable way, so you can know about it and understand in the easiest form. So first you can see there is a headlines share. Burton Relevant Image Opening paragraph with Cook Here the hook is nothing but a magnet so that your content is more engaging in. People want to read more about it. So let's for take a first taker title. So it should be catchy and content for Baylor keywords. Yes, it should contain a popular keywords about your topic, then coming in to share but on. There must be a good opportunity when someone want to share your content on their social media and does you contend, attend some kind of way reality. Then we can say employees there, so you have to create a hook and explain reader that why should the radio article so example? You can use a good keywords so that they can engender it more in person did and then about graphics, so you have to use their 11 images. So, for example, if you can say you, you can take a image from Paxil dot com. They have free stock images and then you that in your block. Next, there is a body, so the body structure is nothing. But you can explain it in the form of bullets list or highlight something in easy, scannable components. It can make reader easy to read, then move on to. The conclusion does give importance to the men and take away an actionable point for the readers. And then you have to add a related post so that there is a continuous engagement around your block so you can download some of the content that I did in the form off. Pdf in this section about structure of the brook. 5. Psychology Of Headlines in Blog: psychology off attractive headline and how it pulls the traffic. So here we are talking about some of the psychological words that must be or should be included in your headlines that will increase that magnet and hook for the audience to click on your block topic. Hence the first you can see new It has to. It should contain ism off the word, such as a new amazing secretive for less tips, tricks, steps. Fact incredible, guaranteed. You can see you can, for example, someone says that guarantee success by using this kind off product. Then you can use useful today limited. Okay, then you can use growth. Beautiful, Profitable. These are some of the nice words that impact psychologically on the mind off audience that actually get clicks and engaging visitor to your block. This actually tested and increase your consistently high, lower. Let's see what they are. So here is a list of it. Lane Example. If you can to place your topic in place argumentative reality, you can find different. I want headlines, so I am using here argument of reality. So whatever topic you like, if you like to really printing robotics or any kind of quantum computing. You can replace documented reality with that. So you can see here forgive into reality things I wish I could no earlier. How to get hard in argument to reality Industry Thinks most people don't know about documentary reality. The best kept secrets about documentary reality, horrible mistakes you are making with argument, reality and then evolution off argument. Reality then argue interiority. Expectations were sis reality on dirty little secrets about document of reality industry. And there are more than 50 examples I have added in the pdf in this section. Please don't load it and go through it. 6. How to research and Find Your Blog Niche for Best Results: researching and finding the best broking niche that is topic engineering here. I want to talk about manage Supposed There is a parent, Nick, and then we have to move on my kronish one. My Cornish, too, and my group mystery. So let's take an example. Your men knishes three D Software's So You're my kronish. One is three D modeling software. My Kronish to is three D Simulation and Elsie's Software's and the Thirties three D animations off. You can use all the three combination, or you can use any two combination. There are more than three, but here I'm only showing you three examples. Let's take another example. The risk. Our first certain secret is a Serie Thirties supercars. So likewise, if you take an example of a car so there you can see some of the cars are there micro sedan SUV, SUV. You can use any off the combination and construct your block. In that particular mission. You can take a truck as a different niche on, or you can take a cars as a different dish, so it depends on your interest and whatever. No list you have 7. Latest Trending Blog Topics or Niches you can choose: list off trending topics for blogging in engineering. So here, trending does not means that the topic, which you are mostly untested, cannot be used. Yes, the topic that you are interested in your passionate about you can use it. But here I have collected some of the trending topics for engineering blocks. So first we can sit autonomous vehicles, architectural reports, three D printers in the steel I O T. That is, in turn off things. Don's argument of reality and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, industrial digitalization, cloud computing, Blockchain technology, big data and smart cities. So you can choose according to your interest. These are some of the topics. And yes, there is no limitation on choosing your niche. And you can start blogging on the topic that you knows no good enough and you're passionate about. But you have to remember some of the key important points for choosing your pair topic. First, it should be interesting. Yes, the topic must have to be interested to the audience, and then it can be able to monetize you. Have you have toe make a letter topic in such a way that you can monetize it. Otherwise, it is of no use if you want to run a passive income and then it can open a new opportunities said that if you start from one topic, there has to be opportunities to write more and Workington about it and then it should expand more knowledge, so it should expand yours knowledge as well as the knowledge off the radar. So these are some of the key points. Why selecting your topics and there is no limitation, you are free to choose whatever topic you want. 8. How to write best blog Post for Huge Traffic: in the section. We're going to see different engineering. Blogging, post ideas so hated the 1st 1 So if you do, if you are no idea how to write the block was, then you have to write about the recent engineering projects. Different kind of products are going on You Can. You have already seen their dinner some upside, which are going Teoh, which talk about different kind of engineering projects. How do do it order the resources required? Okay, then next year we will move to the highlight tools and technologies. You have tow Heller tools and technologies, such as If the Apple phone has a new technology. You can actually explain that technology if you have expertise in there. If the car has a new kind of engine, you can explain this injury in kind off the technology and abducted Were you not there and no, the thirties a product reviews. So if you have some product in your hand or some kind of begins a physical of job, it is to return to the engineering. You can make a review on cattle so in the form of tax. And here's the one idea you can make a video that also which is much better for the YouTube . Then you can write about the industry update that which industry is going to use eco friendly technologies, which industries going to use green technologies, different kind off machinery's and different religiously legislations on delivering news. So this kind of news described of work at the new section for your block. Next, Ah, you can take a interview Of the people who are expert in their first souls, this is the most important thing to get a high level of traffic. So suppose, for example, if you took our interview off the industry expert and then write a blogger on that interview that is in interview block and then present him this block to the expert. And so he will share his share the Blawg link in this connection. So here the linden plays a very important role. If he has a more than 10,000 are lots of connection than all the connection will see about his interview and click on battling so Dad Ling will be redirected. Do the they really regal the people do your blood and they will treat also, so this will get more authority for you. So this is a very important thing in the blogging. If you are taking the interview of the person so this will act like a marketing good marketing purpose. Then write a list. So if you're interested, you can light a writer list about different topics such as far you best engineering calls at fire Best engineering. You can write about any kind of thing that are you. Using numbers is the best thing here, so you can make a list off it and a writer block topic about it, and then you here in this section in this right At least you can also introduced to the different companies but said there how these companies are performing Zal right from 1 to 10 and then I e mailed them that you have added their name in the list. So individuals who share their containing their teacher and we need a cone and then this is the last and recent innovation and technical development. So you are end into the kind of background which is connected to the little bit of engineering and the news. It s so you get a good news about what other type of recent in inventions are going on and then a different kind of technical deal of money and kind of civil engineering using different kind of similar. If you take a bow, take example of electronics engineering, different kind of workers in different cities getting invented and different robotics are there. And in computer technology, you can write about big their time, different kind of technical development. So there are huge concept you contrite about in this kind of type of post and that this is the main goal of writing the block and so it will increase your authority and this will to extract your information, which is very helpful for going black bloc to be successful. 9. Creating Images and Infographics for Blog Articles: Okay. So, guys, in this section, we're going to see about hopeful design blood graphics, blogged images infographics for by using the online Softwares. When for graphics and images are very important in the block because we will see you does a great information part. And if you move toe the software which is known as can work and where the freeze off there and online softer, you don't have to download any kind of file. You just have to insert your immediate and use the pre made templates which are good quality. And you don't have to make a design any kind of ideas because they have curator so much of ideas. Colors you can see here different kind of frames. So and you can make a sly. And you can use the slider to select which type of imagery strip off size you want. And you can also make a custom sizing. It s o here if he choose about any off one of the size for making the graphics. So here it will get automatic real order with graphics template, and then you can replace their template with your tax to your colors. Your image is you have. Okay, You just have to dragon, drop it into into the hardboard and then change whatever you want. So this is the very important softer for making the initial graphics. If you don't have any kind of graphic design skills 10. How to Become an Affiliate and Bonus Hack for Getting Sponsorship: Now let's talk about how you can monetize your blawg and start learning from your block. The methods are with ads. You can monetize your book and we feared marketing Visa. Most important part, you can unhuman income with cleared marketing. So let's first talk about ads. So here you can see and there is a banner ad Tech sergiev for video ads can be added on your blog's So the our dinner drugs are Google Earth since and then you can see media dot net and some other urged delivery platforms double cleared marketing method for injuring blocks. So here I want to talk about the first Mattered, which is used as 1/2 cleared marketing. So you have to join the athlete network, the history, your block and your niche and how Miss Traffic you're getting currently at present and then sponsor Who wants yours? You who wants you rooms their product to be on your block. They will contact you. So here are some of the ads Na feared network. We can you can see here. The Amazon associate Rakuten Lincolnshire is one of the biggest network and then share a sale is also one of the good network and Click Bank is there, and there are some of them were good flared network. You can register all of these if you want. Let's take example if you have blogged, which is dedicated to three D printer and method of Pending. And if business honor sponsor has a product, which is a three D printer material and parts, then you can contact them or they will might contact you to put your put their product on your block and desk, and thus with the traffic, when the traffic click on their image or product, they will go to their upside to purchase. And when the purchase, you will get the monetary transaction according to parcel. So the commission might to be very from 10% to 40% depending upon the value of the product . Now the second method is you have to write a sponsored article. If they weren't so, this will give you more monetary. You can say a $500 to $200 particle, these other, some off the desert, some off the ballpark rates in the market. So you have tried a complete article, for example, on bricks and the replacement off that proves and corns or benefit of whatever you want to write about it. And then the company, such as brakes and accessories, get the traffic from your sponsor article, and then the murder sells the next month. 30. The email outreach. So here you have to send kind off email. So the email to the people who are similar, similar business off, which you are writing on the block. So here I have added one template email template so you can copied it and replace the name Amy Smith. And then you can write. So here, here you can copy all these so I can read it for you. So my name is Amy Smith, the owner of Three D printing. 123 Whatever you're doing, domain is about so my reader, passionate product designers, engineers. And I'm very impressed with your portable and reliable 30 printers. And then I would like to discuss a way we can work together to promote his three D printer to my audience. My readers are passionately engage with my post, and I know there really a pressured to learning about your product can help their product development and business grow faster, so it is kind of email you can copy directly and put it on your email and send them. So here is a heck for searching a niche business email without getting spend, so you have to keep it secret. So the first babies on Google search you have to type the product name, then doubling. Richard Comus either gmail dot com com A close and then side colon business listing site dot com So, whatever business listing side you have in your country, for example, in India, we have in here mark dot com. So, for example, here have right of gears. Then I didn't at their Djimon Lord comfortable quotation and then site India more dot com. And then you have to collect their emails using the email, expect er groom extension. And with that email, you have to shoot the email using a Jima's off. Jimmy. Remember, here Gmail is very important. You don't have to use any other business email because they will end up in this palm, and then you have to email them regularly and get replies from that if they're interested. So he is a small IQ 11. How to Get the Blog Summary using Artificial Intelligence: So there is in the section. We're going to see how to summarise your online content. So here is one off the website some rights board is given, So this will start is used for some organization off the content. So you can see how it works through a website. So you have to share the country anchored the result on Jen you have to enjoy the results you will get in this. We're website. So this is very important and great tool for summary ization off the different block to get the ideas in your pocket and then ah, so you can see here There are different sections off this and says up is free for you. Skins We have to click on the start for feed will take you to the Facebook Messenger section. Yes, So here is my favorite messenger section and this body welcomes you to use that ai powered somebody. So we have to go to some of the bloggers and copier one of the content and then you can see here I have copied the photo four paragraphs. Then you have to pay the bills that material or texting this um column and then you have to soon did. So we did not to two fights a creditable somewhere I can give you. Ah, good. Somebody off that particular broke with car you can see and then you have to click on it. Do you get You can see here different. Somebody's are there. You can also just the somebody According to the left, words you weren't here is a total for increasing the size of the summary. Here you can see different keywords. Analysis is given. So how much giver is taking the home with percentage, then cumin Pregnant. Titian's You're different. Important keywords phrases are given next again take of an example. So here I am, selecting the content and then again besting it into the message box and then pushing it as a message to the somebody's bought and those between taken it will give you give you a good somebody. So this is a second example, and you can take the somebody as much as you can as it is a free tool. So here it is, another somebody, which very only 20% size so you can increase the size. So what is This is all about summaries Board which is very much new dream unimportant app for centralization off your content. So I hope you enjoy it and use it as much as possible.