Bezel Set Your Sea Glass -- Beyond Wire Wrapping! | Leigh Griffin | Skillshare

Bezel Set Your Sea Glass -- Beyond Wire Wrapping!

Leigh Griffin, Sea Glass Jewelry Artist

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro Bezel Set Sea Glass

    • 2. Materials and Supplies

    • 3. Bezel

    • 4. Soldering Bezel

    • 5. Tip for testing your bezel fit

    • 6. Sawing and bail

    • 7. Setting and finishing

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About This Class

Make a sea glass pendant so you can wear a souvenir of your beach vacation all year! 

Sea glass provides a unique challenge when making jewelry.  It's not calibrated (like a stone) so you have to make your own setting, and it can be round, but sea glass often is more free-form.  If you have some experience soldering then this class is the perfect opportunity to practice and step up those soldering skills. We'll learn to make a bezel that will protect the edges of your sea glass, keep it securely set on the pendant, and give your jewelry a polished, professional look.   

These skills will also transfer to making bezels for other found objects and for free-form stones.