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Beyond Meditation: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation Technique For Instant Results

teacher avatar Milan'Z Courses, Hypnotic Coaching You Into Success

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Preview course video

    • 2. Welcome to TRANScendent MEDITATION: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness method

    • 3. Module 1 Introduction

    • 4. M1 L1 Common problems in meditation and Transcendent Meditation solutions

    • 5. Module 2 Introduction

    • 6. M2 L1- TRANScendent questions

    • 7. M2 L2- TRANScendent loop

    • 8. M2 L3- Demonstration of Transcendent Meditation process

    • 9. M2 L4- Doing the Transcendent Meditation process individually or with partner

    • 10. Module 3 Introduction

    • 11. M3 L1- Most powerful Affirmations creation with Transcendent Meditation

    • 12. M3 L2- Using Submodalities for better quality of your visualizations

    • 13. M3 L3- Stabilization of your inner world

    • 14. M3 L4- Benign attention

    • 15. M3 L5- Grounding and exiting meditation state the way it makes you productive

    • 16. Module 4 Introduction

    • 17. M4 L1- Starting points of self exploration beyond your limits

    • 18. M4 L2- Practically use this knowledge to improve every day of your life

    • 19. M4 L3- Behavior secrets of peak performers

    • 20. Recap and final words

    • 21. Bonus Technique

    • 22. Bonus hypnotic lesson and guided meditation ( use headphones )

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About This Class

Beyond Meditation: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation method - How to quickly stay longer into meditation state, practically use mindfulness and get results with your meditation today!

This course is all about fast and tangible results that you can have today!

Specially designed for:

  • People who want to experience the benefits of meditation today, as if they are practicing meditation for several months

  • People who have experience in meditation and would like to improve and take their practice to a higher level

✅How to INSTANTLY have higher meditative states of mind and EXPERIENCE benefits of meditation during the course

✅QUICKLY enter meditation state and IMPROVE your mood whenever you desire

✅STAY LONGER in a meditative state of mind with NLP techniques and natural CONTROL and QUALITY of your visualizations

✅PRACTICALLY USE the knowledge in everyday life situations and have TANGIBLE RESULTS with your meditation TODAY

✅SAVE TIME with this ONE-TIME PROCESS and SOLUTIONS for most common problems in meditation practices

✅SELF-EXPLORATION beyond your conscious limits and BETTER RELATIONSHIP with your subconscious mind

ENROLL THE COURSE NOW  Yes, I want this!

Transcendent Meditation newest reviews:


Even I've been reading a lot about this topic, this course is something that Milan presented in different and original ways. The approach is very interesting and it is possible to apply to multiple life fields. I recommend this course from the heart.

Janja Dimitrijevic, September 2019


For anyone truly interested in meditation an applying in their life. I signed up for ‘TM’ course and started yesterday. So far it is a great course and offers so much more than the basic courses. If interested check it out. It’s different!

Alex, July 2019


Milan creates excellent courses. This one is no exception. A journey I can recommend to anyone.

James Steele, June 2019


Another great service and amazing product. The course is very interesting with a unique and modern approach to meditation. Milanzcourses you have a fan!

Dasha Stark, June 2019


I have a stressful job and I think I finally find something that will help me. Affirmations that I discovered in this course are really working immediately. Meditating now is much easier and faster. Looking forward to using this technique. Thank you

Jelena Klimenta, May 2019

Beyond Meditation: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation Method

This method utilizes powerful technologies like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Mindfulness to create this effective process, that you can do only once and experience wonderful meditation state of mind whenever you desire.

TM course offers you to have a very easy and flexible meditation practice because you are doing the process completely aware of all stages of your progress on your way to higher meditative states of mind.

It is easy because you are focusing only on one thing, you are focusing on the steps of the process, and by doing that you are regulating your breathing, relaxing and creating visualizations that are very effective for your future meditation practice.

It is flexible because you don't have to set aside special time and prepare the ideal conditions to meditate.

TRANScendent MEDITATION course will take you on a journey.

  • Step one, you will learn about problems in meditation and their solutions.

  • Step two, you will learn how to direct your mind to do all the work for you during and after meditation.

  • Step three, you will learn how to improve your meditation.

  • Step four, you will do the process and experience meditation state of mind.

  • Step five, you will learn how to use this knowledge in everyday life.


Course content

Welcome lesson:

Welcome to the course where you will learn how to quickly have higher meditative state of mind, enter meditation states whenever you desire and spend more time in that beneficial state.

Lesson 1 Common problems in meditation and Transcendent Meditation solutions:

In this lecture choose at least one problem, above all, which solution would also make other problems to go away. This will help you to focus on what is really important to you in this meditation course.

Lack of time - One-time process

Lack of discipline in continuity - Flexible time and no need for continuity

Disturbance - You can do it without ideal conditions

Concentration - Natural focus

Being Impatiens - Instant results and benefits

Being lazy - Let me do it for You

Drowsiness - Uplifting and amusing

Meditation posture - Any posture you like

Overthinking, free associations, mind wondering - Natural doings of the mind

Suggested or poorly chosen visualizations - We discover the best visualization within us

Lesson 2 TRANScendent meditation questions:

Maybe you are asking yourself at this moment, what questions have to do anything with meditation? Usually, we know, that we ask questions before meditation, so we can determine our intention and what we would like to achieve. We start meditating, focus our mind on specific activities like breathing, relaxation, visualization, with the intention to enter higher meditative states which are very good for us. And what if I tell you that all of these and much more than that, you can accomplish with a simple process of asking and using the right questions, how that sounds to you?

Lesson 3 TRANScendent meditation loop:

We will continue to discover new limits through the process and new places of our existence outside those limits until we reach that higher identification that is limitless and all inclusive, what is in fact purpose in any meditation.

Lesson 4 Demonstration of Transcendent Meditation process:

In this lecture, you have a short demonstration of the transcendent meditation process with a new example from starting question, over the transcendent loop, all the way to ending question for better understanding of Transcendent meditation process flow.

Lesson 5 Doing the Transcendent Meditation process individually or with a partner:

In this lesson, we will talk about doing the meditation process individually and also with a partner, from two perspectives, when you are assisting someone to meditate and when someone is assisting you to achieve desired meditation state of mind and the benefits of each role.

Lesson 6 Most powerful Affirmations creation with Transcendent Meditation:

In this lecture, you will see differences between regular affirmations and affirmation that you are going to use in Transcendent meditation. By doing the process of Transcendent meditation you are already creating affirmation that you are fully identified with, which means that your time to achieve some goal that you are moving toward will be much shorter.

Lesson 7 Using NLP Submodalities for a better quality of your meditation visualizations:

In this lesson, we are talking about our internal representations that appear not only during the process of meditation but also in your everyday activities. You will discover what is their coding system and how their qualities are determining the meaning of your internal representations during meditation.

Lesson 8 NLP Stabilization of your inner world during meditation:

After NLP submodalities we are continuing in this lesson to talk about the method that you can help you experience your meditation visualizations and other internal representations during meditation in a better way.

Lesson 9 Application of Benign attention in meditation practice:

What is Benign attention? Benign as just a word can mean lots of positive things: harmless, kind, friendly, agreeable, sympathetic, compassionate, gentle, light. Mixing benign with attention you can experience states like kindness, curiosity, interest, and overall all positive states of mind that you can use to observe, witness or just be aware of your internal representations, visualizations, and even everyday interactions. Have a meditation state of mind anywhere.

Lesson 10 Grounding and exiting meditation state the way it makes you productive:

Grounding ourselves after meditation is very important if the rest of the day is ahead of us and we want to function on the optimal level in order to accomplish our plans and intentions.

Lesson 11 Starting points of meditation process for self-exploration beyond your known limits:

In this lesson, you will find additional possibilities for your personal growth, self-discovery and expanding your inner world.

Lesson 12 Practically use meditation and mindfulness to improve every day of your life:

Every one of us from time to time comes in a situation where we need a quick fix of our emotional state.  In this lesson, I will mention how you can use some of the parts of the meditation process in your everyday life, and how to maintain a highly positive level of your state and mood in which you can be more productive.

Lesson 13 NLP Behavior secrets of peak performers:

In this lecture, you will learn how to create rules for acting out meditative states trough physiology. This is a very interesting approach for using your higher meditative states.

Lesson 14 Conclusion:

This is the last module of the course TRANScendent MEDITATION: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness method-How to quickly stay longer into meditation state, practically use mindfulness and get results with your meditation today

Lesson 15 BONUS






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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Milan'Z Courses

Hypnotic Coaching You Into Success



My name is Milan, I do hypnotic coaching on a variety of subjects. I am specialized for Breakthrough sessions, where I help my clients to achieve powerful transformation in 6 days, develop laser focus towards the desired destination and enjoy the adventure that is ahead of them.

My job is to shorten the gap between your conscious competence and your unconscious competence, so you can quickly start using your new skills and knowledge automatically, and become really good at what you are doing.

Helping people to solve problems, achieve goals, fulfill dreams, find joy and purpose in their lives is my call.

Being a Master Practitioner of NLP & Hypnotherapy, CBT, and Dream Therapy gives me a wide range of coaching skills to assist you on your journ... See full profile

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1. Preview course video: off common problem today is like a time for practicing scales the building through our life . My name is Milton and know how that feels wanting that change, but simply not fair enough time living for some better. Thanks in the future, where we hope we will hear more back. That's why I created transcendent meditation course, which will save your time into tangible results today and feel that beneficial change now is if your records innovation for a few months, you will. Six. That process, which will allow you to achieve higher made the state's off my five minutes, and after that you will be able toe. Enter documentation states instantly whenever you desire. Imagine how much you can improve your life today. Already in one hour when you take actual and start now, click the button to begin and no wait for better times to improve your life and role. Of course, doing today 2. Welcome to TRANScendent MEDITATION: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness method: Hello and welcome to the course and send it meditation, where you will learn how to quickly have higher mating states of mind. Intermittent states whenever you desire and spend more time in that been official state. The best thing about this process that you can do it on Lee once and your higher made. The states will stay with you to use them when that is convenient for you until you feel that you're ready to go to the next level. My name is Mylan. I do coaching on variety of subjects. I'm specialized for break processions, but I help my clients to achieve powerful transformation in five days, developed laser focus our desired destination and enjoy adventure that is ahead of them taking under consideration that I am dedicated to understand influence off language in NLP and hypnosis. You may say that I know a few things about altered states off mind, which you will experience shortly if you work with me before you know that I use methods and techniques that I kept dried on myself. They definitely work and they get results. You may also know that I like fast, tangible results with focus on time saving. I like the easiest way because I deeply believe if you're in the right state of mind and with enough your heart, wherever you go, all the doors will be open without any obstacles. This course consists of five modules, and you will need approximately two hours to go through all the lessons and materials. But you will have a chance to experience Kyra mated states already in module to I would suggest that you go through all the modules in their order so you can get the best understanding of the process. First module talks about problems in meditation and what solution is this process giving to you? Overcome those problems so you can really enjoy your meditation practice. Second module is presenting the process and explains how to do it. You will learn about power off asking the right questions and answers that are coming from the depths off your consciousness. They're module is all about fastest way off, re entering higher merited states. Better quality and control off your meditation and how to stay longer invitation and how to finish meditation in a way that you can be productive for the rest of your day. Module four is for wider and further application of the process for self exploration and getting to know your finest levels off your existence and how to use your Maiti states in everyday situations. Module five is there to give you extra support and all the tools which will ensure your success in doing transcendent meditation. Now that you know what is ahead of you, start your transformation. 3. Module 1 Introduction: in this module, you will learn about most common problems. You can come across when doing meditation. Regardless, If you're a beginner summer who's practicing meditation from time to time or you're doing it actively, you will find solution in this course. What I would like you to do in next lesson is to choose at least one problem. Above all, which solution would also make other problems go away. This will help you to focus on what is really important to you in this course. 4. M1 L1 Common problems in meditation and Transcendent Meditation solutions : we will now briefly mentioned most common problems and obstacles in any meditation practice . First problem. Lack of time. Today Most common problem is not enough free time to do the meditation fast Playoff life, everyday obligations, traffic and other things that consume our time to spare 50 minutes upto one hour for meditation can be challenging, even if we don't know all the benefits that we can get by doing meditation. We know from our personal experience or talking to other people that we need to practice meditation a certain period of time in best case 23 weeks in order to feel rewards off being in that deep, meditative state of mind. This process offers you to save time in the first place because it is enough to do the process only once have higher merited states of mind in just 5 to 10 minutes, depending on which is your representation system dominant? Are you doing it alone or with partner? Second problem, lack of discipline. Second problem is discipline. In repeating our practice on a regular basis, some of you might have dedicated some time for meditation, successfully made it every day for some time, achieved satisfying level of meditation state. And then something happens that changes your rhythm. You postponed wants the next time you make small break or few days, one week, a month. And when you get your rhythm again, you have the feeling like you are starting from beginning. This can be frustrating. This process can help you with this problem. Toe have continuity without continuity. Your higher mated state will be ready for you Togo inside. Even if you lose your rhythm, it will be that easy because you will learn to re enter those states off mine that you already own and that are part off who you are. Third problem disturbance disturbances can happen at any time. There are some things that will not choose right moment when they need our full attention. And you guessed it well for some of you. This happens during meditation. Instead of getting upset because something or someone interrupts your meditation, you will be able to stay. Come because with techniques in this course you will learn to continue your meditation where was stopped and finish just the way you planned fourth problem concentration. This problem happens when you are in my native state or at the beginning of the meditation to maintain the proper focus without losing your wonderful state of mind and stay longer in that state can be challenging. With this method, you will make your intention stronger without effort and direct your focus to stabilization off your higher mated state and enjoy longer being impatient. This we can see with people who want immediate results now, or they won't even better results but can't reach them. If there is no slightest results or change, it can happen. They quit or lose interest, which is pretty transcendent. Meditation gives you instant, tangible results in the system that will allow you to constantly make progress. Just one of your phrases will return you to your meitiv state. And of course, the more you are in the state more often you will have more benefits. Problem being lazy from time to time, all of us care of those days where we just don't want to get out of bed and want someone to do all the work instant off us even when it comes to meditation. And believe it or not, maybe you feel that any kind off mental effort is equal to physical effort aside, this matter is very easy. In this course, you will get out the recording that you can use on those kind of days. You will also have to choose unique option if you want me to do it, especially for you. Drowsiness. Rosaries happens most of the times when we are starting our meditation and for person who have very active life. Most of meditation techniques start with some sort off relaxation process and what that person gets relaxed enough. Whether because of habit or because they are tired, their head can start to fall, and eventually they can even fall asleep. Can you easily fall asleep when you actively thinking about something and trying to find right answers? In this process, you will discover how questions and answers relax you and at the same time rise your energy enjoyment and force meditation posture. For some people, this is very serious problem. The position off lotus flower cross the legs, chance in praying or some other position can be uncomfortable. With this technique, you can use any posture you like because none of them affects your achieving higher mental states of mind and your meditation practice problem with overthinking. I'm sure that when you're made a thing, or even when you're not made anything or doing something during the day, it can happen that you are thinking about something that you don't want to think about. Your mind is wandering endlessly from one subject to another, so you have to push those thoughts in order for you to continue your activity or meditation . In this process, we will use those natural doings off the mind in our advantage. And by doing that, we will also achieve something amazing, better communication with your subconscious mind problem with suggested or poorly chosen visualizations. It can surely happen that some visualisations failed to give us that relaxation or deeper meitiv state just because they're not ours or we made wrong choice. Imagining that you're red flower increased are clear. Mountain Stream works only for the creator off that visualization or through a lot off self persuasion, it can start work for you in time. Choosing your favorite beach can maybe have its own limitations transcended. Meditation is eliciting your finest visions and emotions, which are directly connected to your higher meitiv states off mind and represent your meditative state set off visualizations, which you will have will be more effective than any consciously created visualization or some amazing scenery that you saw with your own eyes. Those were usual problems and obstacles, which can occur during meditation. You probably recognize one of the problems that you would like to deal with and overcome with this process to achieve even greater success in meditation. See you in the next module. 5. Module 2 Introduction: welcome to Module Toe here. We're going to explain the procedure off the process. First License speaks about specific questions, which we will use to achieve higher states off mind. I will talk about every question on its own. It's meaning and function. Next lesson is dedicated toe answers that you will be getting from those questions and your personal key for accessing your higher state of mind before the process been less than three. He will have demonstration off the process if you'll help you understand, process even better and be successful when your time comes to do it. 6. M2 L1- TRANScendent questions: have you ever thought about it? How you determine which where you will go in your life about decision you make or choices you have before you choose any direction, any decision or choice you like. Most people ask yourself a question where I was like Toby, what is the best for me? What do I really want? How can I get it? And so on after those questions, your mind will present to you Ah, whole least off answers and options from which you will make your final choice, depending on your produce experience and ability off your mind to imagine. What will you get if you choose to try some new experience in both cases by asking the right questions, you got the right answers. The more your question is better clear, directed and precise, the more you will direct your mind and your whole being in finding the best answer. This is the true power of asking the right questions. Maybe you're asking yourself in this moment what questions have to do anything with meditation. Usually we know that we ask questions before meditation so we can determine our attention and what we would like to do and achieve. We start meditating. Focus our mind on specific activities like breathing relaxation visualization with intention toe. Enter higher made states, which are very good for us. And what if I tell you that all of these, and much more than that, you can accomplish with a simple process off asking and using the right questions? How that sounds to you exciting, isn't it? In this process that you will learn, you will discover how questions that we use on ourselves or others guide our mind so we can easily and naturally regulate our rhythm and depth off our breathing goes relaxation at Represent visualization, which will awake the most beneficial meitiv state of mind without any further consumption off time, I will present questions and steps that you will use in transcendent meditation explain every question and its function. This lesson is made only to explain the questions and for you to understand them the way we're going to use them. You will find out in the next election. The specific set of questions is designed for individual doing off the process. Small adjustments are needed when working with a partner or client, and more about that you will find in less and four. And of course, you have all the work she's available for you to do the process on your own or with somebody ascendant questions instead for achieving higher, meditative states off mind. What am I? Is that all? I think I am? Aren't I'm more than that? What am I That is not and beyond? Is that all I am? How much more am I, then, that I know I'm more than that, don't I? How do I know? Let's discuss every question and in France, understanding off the process so we can make sure you're successful in during the process and achieving desire made the state of mind step. One question. What am I by asking this question? We're discovering excellent value what we think we are, what we represent or what describe us in the best way. In any case, it's about our personal grounded identification. I purposefully decide to start with question. What am I for four reasons. That question is the closest beginning point to achieve greater and higher identifications . Most of people identify with their interest like writer, artist, traveler. Most of people identified themselves with work. They go lawyer, bartender coach. Most people identify themselves with roles that they have student spouse Baron. These are all our identifications or labels, which we usedto better find ourselves in the world. But when it comes to meditation, and I'm sure you know this, the goal is to free ourselves from all grounded identifications. So we can free ourselves from boundaries off our body and mind and touch higher levels off our existence for a moment, to forget what we are and just be who we really are. I will let you determine that for yourself. Allow yourself to be surprised when it comes to first question. You don't have to start with first identification that comes to your mind. You can just start thinking about it and all possibilities, and in some moment you will find where to start juicing notification that describes you the most. What is most important for you to remember about this question is that you find equivalent value, which you will easily recognize with work Toby or means for first question. We need a verbal answer. For example, I am a student Steptoe question. Is that all? I think I am with second question, you're starting to feel your boundaries and expand your world that was so far closed with some of your identifications. Asking this question will make your mind to generate more answers, more identifications, which we can use to describe ourselves. When you ask yourself this question or your partner client, you will actually feel the answer as if you are saying off course not. And with good observation skills, you will notice a physiological shift movement off the body he had filled, or any kind of internal shift. Our first identification for first question was student by asking yourself, Is that all I think I am? You could not a slight lifting off the head and thinking, No, I'm not just that for Steptoe. We don't need a verbal answer. Step three. Question. Aren't I'm more than that? Third question serves toe, additionally, stimulate expending off your borders with direction toward hired and more meaningful identifications. This question will make you feel some kind off internal positive change off your state. You will notice. But when you ask yourself this question, you will feel some sort off agreement or if you're doing this with a partner, you will notice that they are in a better mood and agreeing video pay attention to a very clear sense off the answer. Yes, inside you and perhaps had not the empty space on the end of the question is there so you can write down your produce identification? Aren't time more than student for two step? We don't need a verbal answer. Feel the answer. Step four Question. What am I That is not now. We're starting to hear some fun, this kind of question. Help us to know with certainty what something is or was. Something is not. I don't know what something is. We also need to know what is not, for example, how we know that the chair is a chair, because at the same time we also know what that chair is not. It is not a telephone, it is not a bottle. It is not a watch. And so on, by asking this question, were stabilizing the shift that we are feeling inside of us or that we caused with our partner or client? The's question totally expend unification that encompasses large neural network, and we need a verbal answer to stabilize that shift. Empty space at the end of the question is for your produce identification following our example. The question is, what am I? That is not a student? And the answer is, let's say, Coach, Step five question and beyond. Is that all I think I am? How much more am I think that an optional I know I'm more than that, don't I? Step five consists off two questions and one extra optional question. In case you need extra leverage after we totally expended our boundaries off our identification off large neural network and stabilize that the change from limits toe limitless by discovering new identification that sets new boundaries. For us, it is time to expend our world again, and you probably already guessed it that we're not going to stop here. In fact, we are going to continue to process to discover new boundaries and new space off our existence beyond those boundaries, until we come to the highest and most meaningful identification that is limitless and all inclusive empty space at the middle of the first and end off. The second question is therefore produce identification. Second question is there to direct us to those higher identifications. Optional question is there in case, you need extra support for expanding your limits and achieving higher states off mine for step fight. We also need a verbal answer. What is usually happening when we ask questions like this that we get that kind of answers that we can only describe as some internal feeling describing some internal picture or general meanings that are specific Onley tow us Answer is not just one or two words. It can also be a whole phrase or even a statement, continuing with our example and beyond. Coach, is that all I am? How much more am I, then, coach? I know I'm Martin that don't I? And the answer could be I'm a positive person with internal feeling off, well intentioned Step six Question. How do I know this is our ending? Question. This is the question that we ask ourselves or our partner Onley when we're stay. Despite with the level off achieved meditative state, the specific question have unique function and that is to form in some way. New strategy in our way off thinking strategy is a Siri's off sequence off internal and external representation which constantly produce the same specific result in the simple terms. A strategy is singles off steps much like a recipe, the parental or automatically in order to achieve a specific outcome. Strategies are our behavior how we do something that we want to do by doing presented meditation process and having those higher states of mind you're experiencing change. And this question serves toe anchor. That positive change in our strategy, for reality or in reality, off your partner or client. Answer for this question is usually description off your internal feelings and quite often pointing to the location off those feelings in your body. Those were the steps off the questions in transcendent meditation and their functions, for this lesson is most important for you to completely understand questions and develop expectations. How your mind will be directed when you start using them in the process. If it's needed. Listen to this. Listen again, because repetition is the mother of all knowledge, but I'm sure that you are already know and fully understand everything. In next lesson, you will discover system for using this question with more explanation. How to do it with help of this powerful questions to progress onto higher and higher negative states 7. M2 L2- TRANScendent loop: improve use lesson. You can learn the function of questions and had a hint how transcendent meditation process functions. We said it will continue to discover new limits to process and new places off our existence outside those limits, until we reach that higher that ification that is limitless and all inclusive. What is, in fact, purpose off any meditation? To achieve that, you need to continuously repeat certain steps and questions by repeating steps toe to five . You will be able to easily use this process imaginative or even therapeutic purposes. Remember, you only need to do this process correctly. Once from beginning question across the Senate, loop steps two and five all the way to end in question, and the process is finished. Your outstanding high merited states off mind will from that moment be always available, and you will be able to enter them anytime you want and more about that you will find out in moderate tree. But you will also learn how to instantly get in that amazing state of mind. The Senate Floop is all about repeating these steps and questions. Is that all? I think I am? Aren't I'm more than that? What am I? That is not and beyond. Is that all I am? How much more am I? Didn't that optional question I know I'm more than that, don't I? Instructions are very clear. However, I decided to give special attention to this part of the process. In that way, I will make sure that you understand it much better present to you the way of thinking how to precise, register, verbal and non verbal answers that are coming from deepest parts off your subconscious and from higher levels off your consciousness. All of this in this lesson, I will best explain through examples that we're using and in additional separate lesson. Well, you will be able to see and hear how I do the process with some new identification without discussion during the process, I want you to realize that every repetition of the transcendent loop will be like a new step over higher merited states. First time when you start process and reach Step five, you are still on the first step and in a familiar territory, it's most likely that you got answers that you are familiar with and use before. Let's remind ourselves off those answers in example. Verbal answer. I'm a student longer, bill answer and the feeling off the response. No, I'm not only that, plus physiological shift. Nonverbal answer. Feeling off agreement and better mood burble. Answer. I'm also a coach verbal answer. I'm a positive person plus, well, intention is we can see all answers are logical and familiar. Repeat, interest ended. Look, we are climbing onto higher steps and discover new territory in space off our existence, where we run into answers that are not logical and completely surprising. The beauty of this process is that is very easy and doesn't require you to remember your answers, because you will be actively writing them down on a worksheet, which is prepared for you. That is the one of the ways that we are solving lack of focus and concentration during meditation, which, if we don't have, can make us drift away from a road on the way to our desired state. Let's see now how it looks doing presented loop and what it looks like when we are on the higher step. Following our example. Ah, last answer or identification is now our starting point for the first repetition off the loop So I am a positive person. Is that all? I think I am nonverbal. Answer off the response. I'm not only that are in time more than positive person nonverbal answer agreement. What am I? It is not positive person. I'm openness. This is the answer that I got for this question, and you can see how answers on the first step start to sound. Not a logical and surprising by answering this question inside me. There was a feeling off openness. What actually describes my personality. I'm open and friendly person. One thing that I didn't tell you is that you can repeat questions in every step several times until you get the answer. That is just one small extra trick. Have to be sure that answers air coming from your other than conscious mind. It is very important not to create answers consciously. Instead, just like we talk. Let the answers come to you, I repeated several times. Question. What am I That is not positive? Person impatiently waited answers from my subconscious, which first manifested itself in a sense off openness and a very light color blue on my inner screen. If I can say like that Let's continue and beyond openness. Is that all I am? How much more am I? The openness? I know I'm more than that, don't I? I am someone who is far sighted is my answer. Let me explain by repeating these questions inside my mind. First I got clear sense off far sight, like my view is stretching out into infinity. And after that I have a vision or internal representation in a form off picture off that answer I saw Hi, I'm standing on a some high place like on the top of a mountain. And I have extraordinary view off all space around me all the way to horizon off course. It is not my real ability Off are set with my physical eyes. It's a symbolism off my mind. Far sight off my intuition. This answer is completely in line with me because I really have good intuition and I was always able to know what to expect from some situation that is developing and what could be possibly waiting for me in some future event. Remember, these answers our mind and it's logical that only I understand them for the same way will be with you and your answers. Remember when I told you how borrowed visualization don't function in the best way or you need more time to make them work? This is example of that this visualization would be suitable Onley for small number of people because many could never have identical picture, no matter how much I describe it. And if you imagine this picture, you would have completely different feeling. Now you can already see how when you reach Step five, answers become more complex, and they have more than just one word and describing some feeling Well, I got this answer. I noticed that my body become more relaxed, shoulder dropped down, and the small masses around my eyes also start to relax when you are doing presented loop. I would like you to also pay attention on that kind of small signals that are science off your progress. Notice what you feel inside and internal the presentation off pictures, movies or sounds, and I repeat, notice them, don't create them or have desire to see something specific For this process and highest level off success, it is important to be surprised and to discover limitless off your inner world. I could easily stop now with repeating the loop because I like the state off mine far sight . And I am sure that I will return and enter the state when I have free time. You will also make some decisions like this. How many steps you want to climb and on which step you will stop and enjoy meditation. I will continue with this example for a bit longer so you can help better inside off the process. Now for me starts second resented look. And like so far my last answer and my produce identification is now my starting point. I am someone who is farsighted. Is that all? I think I am Nonverbal answer. I'm not only that are in time more than someone who is farsighted, nonverbal answer and sense off a green. What am I? That is not someone who is farsighted. I'm someone who is centered and connected to space all around me. As you can see, I'm still describing my internal representations off the answer, and they are getting longer. For now. You don't have to write all the words in your next step or question. You can use only the keywords or phrases because once you start thinking about your answers , it will all come back and become livid as you're about to see how I'm going to do it in the next step. However, if you find it easier and more precise for you to repeat all the words, by all means, please do so also, in case you're wondering in which position toe do the process know that answer for that is any way you like. Your eyes can be open during the process. First time when I was doing the process, my eyes were open. And later on, after I read the question, I would close my eyes for a few seconds so I can be in better contact with my inner world and notice my answers and beyond centered and connected. Is that all I am? How much more am I? Then centered and connected? I know I'm more than that, don't they? I am fulfilled, and there is a strong sensation off my entire body from here, Toto, Together with calmness, I feel more than happy to stop here and enjoy this high, meditative state. I only needed two times to repeat the Senate loop in this example off course. That is because I have experience with this process as I use it for a long time. How many continues repeating. You will need to be satisfied with the state off mind you want to make the in. It is entirely up to you and what you are trying to achieve. Maybe this is your first time to do this kind of self exploration, or you have lots off experience, and you know what I'm talking about. In any case, one thing is certain. Either way, if you repeat the steps two or 10 times, you will feel more relaxed, positive and happier. Even if you decide to make a small break in continuously repeating off the steps, let's say after second loop, you will be able to continue where you stop without any problems, because your answers are your keys. To awaken this state in next lesson, you will see and hear demonstration off me, doing the process with new identification without any comments, so you can get even better inside off the process. Off ascended meditation 8. M2 L3- Demonstration of Transcendent Meditation process: in the short demonstration, you will now see and hear Process off the ascended meditation with new example from starting question over transcendent loop all the way to end the question for better understanding of the process floor. What am I? I'm free spirit person? Is that all I think I am? Aren't I more than free spirit person? What am I? It is not free spirit person. I'm joyful person and beyond joyful person. Is that all I am? How much more am I, then joyful person? I know I'm more than that, don't I? I am positive expectations. Is that all? I think I am? Aren't I'm more than positive expectations? What am I? That is not positive expectations. I'm a believer and beyond believer is that all I am? How much more am I then Believer? I know I'm more than that, don't I? I am endless possibilities. Is that all I think I am? Aren't I more than endless possibilities? What am I That is not endless possibilities. I am capabilities and potential and beyond capabilities and potential. Is that all I am? How much more and my then capabilities and potential? I know I'm more than that, don't I? I am focused energy. Is that all? I think I am? Aren't I more than focused Energy? What am I? That is not focused energy. I am benevolence and beyond deliverance. Is that all I am? How much more am I then? Benevolence? I know I'm more than that, don't I? I am blue skies above the clouds. Is that all? I think I am Arent I more than that. Blue skies above the clouds. What am I? That is not Bruce. Guys, above the clouds I am a flying traveler and beyond Flying traveler Is that all I am? How much more am I? Didn't flying traveler? I know I'm more than that, don't I? I'm pure thought. Is that all? I think I am? Aren't time more than that pure thought? What am I? That is not pure thought. I am shining sun in space and beyond shining sun in space Is that all I am? How much more am I then shining sun in the space? I know I'm more than that, don't I? I am brilliant light. How do I know? Because I feel like I'm radiating positive energy from my body As you can see, I needed five continues repetitions so I could reach high, meditative state off mind that I want to enjoy. And now protest is finished for me, and I don't have to repeat it anymore. It was only five minutes before I reached Desire State of mind. Be checking. Use now any time I want instantly the same level off confidence, always you after model tree. My answer. In the last loop, I'm brilliant Light was followed by strong feeling off my body, which is expanding or radiating in some way with small things ization. As soon as I got that answer and I felt how it manifests itself in my internal representation, I realized that is the state off high consciousness that I want to be. So I did the last step in the process. Step six. I asked myself, ending question. How do I know by asking this question, I make my state even stronger and got more useful information that I can use to make the state better in all the ways. See you in the next lesson. 9. M2 L4- Doing the Transcendent Meditation process individually or with partner: in this lesson, we'll talk about doing the process individually and also with partner from two perspectives . When you are assisting someone and when someone is assisting you to achieve desire, state of mind and benefits off each role, I will also present you with worksheets that you will be using for the process doing the process individually. This course is for students that will mostly do the process off, transcended meditation on their own. And as you can see, all the informations, instructions, modules and lessons are created to satisfy that need. So you can fully own this knowledge that you need to be successful in this process. When you are doing the process and especially transcended loop, there is only wanting that in some way slow you down in getting those answers off higher identifications. Luckily, I know what is that thing? And I already have prepared solution for you. Some a few might experience that your mind is repeating same answers over and over again. For example, when I was doing demonstration for you already in the second loop, it happened to me to get repeating answers. In the first loop on step four, I got answer believer, which lead me to answer endless possibilities instead. Five. In second Look when I asked question in step. For with my produce identification, endless possibilities. What am I? That is not endless possibilities? I got. Answer Believer again. I don't want to go in circles for a long time until I finally get a different answer. So what I did is that I combined these two answers or identifications in one answer. When I was doing Step Four and then question looked like this. What am I? That is not a believer off endless possibilities, and I got new answer off higher identification. I am capabilities and potential, and that is all you have to do if it happens by chance that you start getting repeating answers. I didn't show this in demonstration because I wanted you to see the floor of the process. Sometimes answers are repeating because on some level they represent same or two identifications that are very similar. Just combined these two identifications and use it in a question and allow yourself to be surprised How much better answer you will get from other additional advice is I can only at enjoy and be really curious. Through this process, you will get to know yourself even better and make even better relationship with your subconscious. Mind an internal being. Don't rush to the process because either way you have to do it only once, at least for some time, until you're ready to move to the next higher level and climb. Few extra steps doing the process with your partner. Two perspectives. So you have two choices to assist someone or someone to assist you in doing the process off the Senate meditation. One thing that is coming for both Rose is that you will notice at the end of the process that you've made excellent and deeper poor with your partner because you are going together on a journey and guiding each other on high levels. Off consciousness. You feel deep connection because you are in the same world when someone is assisting you in the process. That is the most easiest way off during the process where someone is doing the technical work for you and you are just enjoying the conversation and describing your fantastic being . On the other hand, when you are assisting someone to achieve higher negative states of mind, you can feel great dysfunction knowing that you can pull someone out of the negative state , raise them up much more healthier level off being, especially when it comes to clients. This technique is very effective for clients. They have too many identification or, if they are so much identified with that, wanting that they just keep holding onto it, at least not without your help. Familiarize yourself with this work shit. In this model, you will find three worksheets. I recommend that you first check out worksheet them and how I was writing my process in demonstration in produce. Listen, second toe worksheets are for your doing off the process individually or with partner. You will also notice that I feel up a table and write down qualities off my internal presentations and one affirmation. I will talk to you about that in detail in Module Tree. At the end of this lesson, you will help to choices. You can do the transcendent meditation process after these lessons, and to meet me in moderate Tree, where you're going to learn how to improve your recall quality and duration off your higher made state of mind. And second choice is to do the process after modernity. When you have all the necessary information toe, Do it in the best way. See you soon. 10. Module 3 Introduction: welcome to Module Tree, but you will learn how to quickly enter. Already prepared higher made the states of mind improve quality and control off your visualizations and how to stay longer in meditation in lessons that there ahead of you, you will meet with information that really work instantly goats off your internal representation or also known as sub modalities and techniques for stabilization, maintaining merited state and exiting from multistate. 11. M3 L1- Most powerful Affirmations creation with Transcendent Meditation: everyone already know what affirmations are and what is their function. That is why I will not use much time for introduction and extent of that. I will present you immediately with the main differences between regular affirmations and affirmations that you're going to use in the transcendent meditation process. As you know, affirmations are formed off identifications that we want tohave. You're not going to meet a lot of people that are using informations for something they already have. In most cases, affirmations are used for something either material or non material to become our reality. But when something is not part of us, it is very hard to believe in that, or it takes long time to identify ourselves with it. So it eventually becomes our reality and we can have it. You can already see the difference by doing the process off the ascendant meditation. You are already creating affirmations that you are fully identified with, which means that your time to achieve some goal that you are moving forward will be much shorter because you identify yourself with that goal and even beyond that goal, with all the rewards that comes when some goal is achieved as you're doing the process and continuously repeating transcendent loop, you're getting powerful answers for your powerful questions. Those answers are key phrases for entering your higher meitiv state in creating affirmations that work instantly, faster than any other affirmations. Don't trust me. Try it for yourself when you're finishing the process. Getting ready toe anchor Your new strategy in your reality you're getting the answer. The last identification that is your personal key to reenter that state at any time you like. You will notice that is enough to repeat that last phrase Onley. Once toe instantly start going back to your desired state of mind. That phrase has effect like natural anchor, which you made with no effort at all toe active it higher or more positive state from all answers or phrases that you get during the process. You can make affirmations. You can use just last one or last two or three phrases, or you can make a short story from all the answers, just like I did during the demonstration process. Be creative. I am a free spirit and joyful person with positive expectations. I am a believer with endless possibilities. My capabilities and potential are focused energy. My benevolence is like blue skies above the clouds, and I'm a flying traveler who's pure thoughts are like shining sun in this base that is radiating brilliant light. Wow, that feels really good. I always decide to make a short story, which is, of course, one big powerful affirmation. Because that story is taking me on a journey through all the states off mine that I went through during the process on my way to hire meditative state. Remember when I was explaining waters refuges? Well, this is one of them. These short story is my strategy, my personal recipe, how to get to specific merited states whenever I want. I don't have to make effort to remember it or to repeated hundreds of times to believe in it because it's already inside me. Isn't that fantastic? Imagine what kind of possibilities you have through process off transcendent meditation. You can explore and discover your personal blueprint strategies that will lead you to your goals and rewards. This is only one example. The rest of possibilities I would like to hear from you or a least if you have any idea and not really sure you can always ask me in our Facebook group, where you will be getting support that you need the most and also exchange experiences and really lucid stories. By the end of this course, I will share a few more ideas and advice is how you can use this amazing process. 12. M3 L2- Using Submodalities for better quality of your visualizations : in this lesson, we are talking about our internal representations that appear not only during the process of meditation but also in your everyday activities. You will discover what is their coding system and how their qualities are determined, meaning off your Internet representations. In NLP, These codes and their qualities are name sub modalities, and there is no reason not to use that expression for years. Their understanding sub modalities are very useful for us because they allow us to change and improve quality and meaning off our internal representations. Internal representation is every picture, sound feeling and any kind of visualisation in our mind and our body. Internal presentations are every memory, imagination or dream. For the purpose of this course, we will pay attention to internal representations that occur during the process off transcendent meditation. When you start doing the process and the more you moved over higher states of mind, you will be getting more clear and more impressive internal representations that you will be able tow easily. Describe as pictures or feelings that you will have in your mind and body, and writing down in your work shit, just like I did in demonstration of the process. As you can see in the work shit on the left There three representational systems visual auditory and kinesthetic which is feeling and the next to them their possible qualities or descriptions. This table will allow you to easily write down your internal representations toe have better inside, which are the key sub modalities for you. How can this be useful for you? Simple. By discovering key sub modalities, you will be more precise in improving the quality off your meditative state. All you have to do is to remember what did you see, hear or feel in your higher, meditative state. And it will be easy because those visualizations are very impressive. Let me explain you this in our example that we use so far in my case for the specific higher state of mind. My most dominant representational systems were visual and kinesthetic. The picture I saw in the moment when I achieved desire method state was picture off the sun in space that was directly in front of me. I was associate ID in the picture, which means I was looking through my own eyes. From first perspective, the associative means that you are looking at yourself in the picture picture was in color big, flat, clear and panoramic. And all of that was accompanied with the feeling off Radi antic energy from my body as I write down in my work Shit, The feeling was inside me. Size was off my body strong feeling that is expanding and very small vibration from all of these sub modalities. Now I need to decide which one if I change, will improve my meditative state in the best way from personal experience. I know that distance of the picture of the sun is the key and size of the picture. So when I go back to that picture in my mind, I will make that picture closer and bigger. And I will be pulling it toward me all the way until I enter that son and become the son. While I'm doing that, I'm noticing that other sub modalities are changing. The feeling off radiating energy is getting stronger and I feel vibration all over my body . Even much higher intensity. That is the whole secret in working with the modalities to enhance and improve your pictures, sounds and feelings. Depending on that, which one is more impressive. Make everything be more brighter in color and closer to you. If you never work with sub modalities before in order for you to feel their effect, I'm suggesting to very simple exercises. First exercise is to remember some happy, joyful event. It can be a party, something fun that you did anything that was positive and that you really enjoyed. When you have that memory, I would like you to make all the colors more vivid. Turn up all the sounds and make that memory bigger and brighter. And imagine that you are there looking through your eyes just like when you were there. You can stop the video and do the exercise. Now, if you did this exercise, I'm sure that you experience all that positive feelings just like that day when you were there. And now for the second exercise, try something different. Remember some event or situation in your past that you did not enjoy it is not positive and you will rather forget about it. Or at least don't think about the negative memory when you have that memory in your mind. What I would like you to do is to first imagine that you are disassociated from that memory . In other words, if you're looking through your own eyes, I want you to imagine getting out of your body and look at yourself in that picture off that negative memory. Imagine that you are looking on that picture from some higher place and imagine that that picture is black and white and no color really dark and blower. And put that picture in some very funny frame. Imagine that picture is moving away from you going into distance while you're hearing music from the circus, you can stop the video and do the exercise. Now. If you did this exercise, I am sure that you have less negative feeling about this memory or even find it very funny . That is the power off the sub modalities and their application. By changing some modalities off your internal presentations, you are changing the meaning and intensity off your representations. This is an excellent technique not only for your meditation practice but also your everyday life. In fact, what I would like you to do, like extra assignment if you feel like it in the next week, find as many positive memories and make them bigger and brighter and closer in any way. And all the negative memories or thoughts make smaller black and white, move them further away. Put something funny inside. That's it for this lesson. And I'm happy to tell you that I have prepared a surprise for you in the bonus material. See you in the next lesson. 13. M3 L3- Stabilization of your inner world: after sub modalities, we are continuing in this lesson toe talk about method that can help you experience your visualizations and internal representations in a better way. How many times you were doing some visualization or try to remember some details and make them more clear and failed to do so has ever happened to you that your visualization is weak and unstable. They disappear fast and fade away. No matter how hard you concentrate on them, say goodbye to that problem here. I'm going to present you with one very simple and natural method that you can use toe easily Stabilize your visualizations. First secret is in detail description naming in pantomime What I am saying you're going toe . Better understand with short exercise. Imagine for a moment room or a place that you are very familiar with. If I ask you to describe that room or place, that would be very easy for you. Is that right? But if I ask you to describe some room or place that you are not so much familiar with, you would not be able to mention as much details like for the place, you know? Well, what I would like you to do now is to start describing the room that you are familiar with and then close your eyes and continue describing the room just like you were showing that room to your guest that is standing next to you. And while doing that, I would like you to use gestures and pantomime and toe point to things with your hands, literally point a finger at things in the room and with tens show their size, their shape explained. What are they made off? What kind of a material? What is their weight and what is their name? Act as if you are opening doors, shells, drovers, moving chairs. You can stop the video and come back after exercise. If you did this exercise, I'm sure that you're familiar. Room is now even more vivid and that you remembered more details, even really small ones. Now do this with the room that you are not familiar so much. Start describing the room and then close your eyes and continue describing that room just like you were showing that room to your guest that is standing next to you. And while doing that I would like you to use gestures and pantomime. You can stop the video for a moment and do the exercise. After this exercise. I'm sure that you are surprised with how many details you start to remember and that you can notice a big difference when it comes toe clarity and stability off the memory. This is what we don't naturally and spontaneously during conversations. And in that way we paint a better picture off what we're trying to say, because this method is natural to us. That is, why is very effective to stabilize our visualisations. If I want to stabilize the picture that I used in lesson for sub modalities, I would describe all the details like I'm trying to explain that picture in the best possible way to someone. I would describe all the details like I'm trying to explain that picture in the best possible way to someone. Our boy, my hand on exact location. Off the picture in front of me, I would show with my hands the size of the picture. In which part is the sun I would show where is the strongest feeling in my body in which direction I feel radiating energy is moving. Second secret is in metaphors, metaphors give much deeper meaning. Try when you are describing things to use some kind of metaphor to describe things around you in that room. Use expression. It looks like it seems like it reminds me off and saw destroyed the atmosphere of the room and later on your internal representation in the process and notice Kaldor stability is increasing. If I continue to describe the picture from the demonstration, I could say something like sun was shining so bright that it was making all the darkness go away. The rays of flight are like spikes, and they remind me off thousands off needles. All of this is making my internal representation even better. If you ever notice that your realization is fading away or disappearing, use this method together with sub modalities to make it better. 14. M3 L4- Benign attention: what these benign attention you may have. Ask yourself this question already, and by asking this good question, you're in the right place to receive a good answer. Benign is just the word that can mean lots of positive things. Harmless, kind, friendly, agreeable, sympathetic, compassionate, gentle like mixing benign. With attention, you can experience states like kindness, curiosity, interest and overall positive states off mine that you can use to observe, witness or just be aware off your internal representations visualizations in everyday interactions. It is a wonderful mindset, Toby in whenever some kind of frustration, disturbance or any other kind off negative emotions present itself to you. It is very similar toe letting it go state off mine. But in my opinion, an update version of that. Since you already know what I'm talking about, let me even further describe this more than useful state of mind. All frustrations, negative emotions and negative thoughts transform, and not because you want them to transform or because you're trying to transform them, but just because that's the way they do when we're not holding on to them, remember what you resist. It persists what you accept. You have the power to transform. Let's say you're enjoying the ascendant meditation. You're already there in that wonderful, meditative state, and out of nowhere, some kind of frustration comes up, which is quite normal and very useful for your progress. Why is that normal human? Ask yourself. Well, it is natural doing off your subconscious mind. Whatever frustrations or negative emotions you have experienced in the past and that are coming up can only mean excellent news. Your subconscious put those frustrations and negative emotions away the moment they happen because you probably not ready or her little experience in dealing with that kind of emotions in that time in the past. So naturally, where they come up, your subconscious now knows that you have capabilities and potential to solve these frustrations or negative emotions in a way that allows you to grow as a person. It is like subconscious is showing them to you, tell you I know you're ready and in the perfect state of mind to do this. Now you know that, don't you? Would you like to do it? And in most cases, people are trained toe disregard these kind of thoughts, shift their focus on something else, ignore or even forced them to go away. What this does is creating very bad relationship with your subconscious mind, which we really want to be on our side because it can make our life so much better in all the ways. Like need goal is useful for better relationship with your subcultures. But not really practical, because all you do is tell your subconscious mind. Now, maybe some other time. I would like to enjoy my meditation. Now, if you don't mind, I'm on a tight schedule here, my friend. Thank you. So that is why some of frustrations, negative emotions or thoughts come back from time to time evil when we already let them go . In some cases, several times we've been I attention whenever for station negative emotion or thought comes up, you can deal with it right away without leaving it for some other time. And certainly without not having your best friend toe watch your back for life while he was in denial. Attention, You will insure time built a strong relationship, an excellent report with your subconscious. And when you have that you will indeed become the captain off your ship and create wonderful experiences in your life. While you are using benign intention, you can feel frustration in some part of your body while you're overall personality. Stay positive and benign in observing that frustration. Benign attention is like passive observation. You're simply a witness while you're looking at your frustration with that feeling that you're having while being benign. And that means you're passively observing with kindness, curiosity, love and friendliness, just like you were looking at your favorite but very, very naughty pet. It drives you crazy, but you still give them love and positive attention and interact with them in a kind, gentle and caring way. If you ever experienced this, you're already a master off benign intention, and you know how to use it like a pro seal in the next lesson. 15. M3 L5- Grounding and exiting meditation state the way it makes you productive: When time comes toe exit our meditation. There is many ways that you probably heard off all over the use. That is why I will only shorted value about my method that you can try and use or combine some of its parts with your way off. Exiting the minute estate grounding is very important if the rest of the day is ahead of you and we want to function on optimal level in order to achieve and accomplish our plans and intentions off course, no grounding is needed if you are made dating in your bed and getting ready to dive in a wonderful land of dreams. We can only use some parts in that moment to maximize our enjoyment off sleep and recharge . I absolutely adore dreams, and I use them very often to get unbelievably valuable insights and expand my growth as a human being. But I will talk about that more in the future courses. For now, we will speak about exit methods for transcendent meditation moment before we are exiting from meditative state. Our mind is in very special state and it is very similar, like we are waking up or when we are falling asleep. This is very useful state because our mind is clear and not occupied with thinking. That's ideal. Time to determine intention. Repeat affirmations. Listen to guided meditation or audio hypnotic inductions. This is the reason why is recommended toe do the meditation in the morning as soon as we wake up or when we are ready to sleep. Critical factor off our conscience is not alert and very susceptible. Positive suggestions, any structures for our subconscious mind. So when you decide that you had enough time in your higher meitiv state of mind, first thing that I suggest that you do is to give yourself clear instruction in what time you will get out off the mate of state. You can decide anything between 10 seconds, one minute or at the end. Any time that is suitable for you. I recommend one minute, and in that time you will count yourself down from 10 to 1, with positive suggestions between some of the numbers, so you can easily prepare yourself for activities after meditation. Here is one script like an example. I'm fully satisfied with these today's meditation, and now I would like to get out of the meditative state and be fully awake and full of positive energy in one minute. Then nine eight, when I exit from meditation, I will be in a great mood and ready for all activities. Today. Seven six, five. I am becoming totally aware off my surroundings. Where am I and who am I? Four three. I feel my body and I feel fantastic to one. I'm now fully awake. Relax, confident and alert. This you should be able to do in 1/2 minute after that for the second health. What I usually do is to scan my body with some sort off internal feeling from head over my shoulders, arms and hence my back in my chest and my stomach and my ties all the way to my feet. You can do this even with your physical hands and physically, That's your head, shoulders, arms, dorsal and lex. Stretch yourself and move a bit, just like when you are waking up in this way, you make sure that you come back to reality with intention, well built for continuing with your activities and maintain good and post the spirit for the rest of the day. Whichever method you use, it's totally fine. But I would like to tell you it is very desirable to put some suggestions in case you're not doing that already or positive affirmations about how would you want to continue your day and how your day will look like Be creative and do it with a purpose on your mind? No, what you want to achieve. Beat your suggestions, and why would that be good for you? Now, when you have all the information and knowledge that you need to successfully dough entire process off transcendent meditation, go ahead into the process. If you haven't done it so far and enjoy your meditation inside this module, you will find worksheets for doing. The process also checklists off suggested steps for the best experience in your checklist. You will notice the time suggesting that when you achieved high meditative state toe, do the steps six with exit question and to write down your strategy in some way, I'm asking you to stop your meditation and continue with it. When you write down your sub modalities, there is a very good reason for this that will bring you lots of benefits in hypnotherapy. We call this deepening off the state, and it is done when we want our client Togo in tow. Even more deeper trends glances entering in the state at the beginning off the sense and feel amazing effect and start to enjoy hypnotizes, then wakes up the client for a short time to create even greater desire for the client toe . Go back toe trance, state off relaxation. This or something similar will happen to you. If you decide to do this step, you will feel the wonderful military state and your entire being will want to go back to that state as soon as possible. Have in mind that when you do write down your sub modalities and start improving quality and stabilization off your internal representation, you will go into even deeper or more fulfilling higher Medicaid state off mine, where you will enjoy even more through benign attention. By using this small trick, you will learn to become an absolute master off your meditative state and toe enter and exit that state whenever you desire. If it happens that someone or something interrupts your meditation Now you know that your return to make the state will be even stronger when you do the process for the first time. The experience is most impressive, and it causes you to have amazing feeling, especially if you've never done meditation before. And I would really like to hear how positive your experience Waas during first time in our Facebook group or discussion forms. I wish you enjoyable and fun on ascendant meditation. 16. Module 4 Introduction: in this module, I will present to you other ways that you can use transcendent meditation process. We will talk about how to discover different identifications to starting questions, ideas how to practically use your merited states and techniques off the process to get instant results, Enjoy model for. 17. M4 L1- Starting points of self exploration beyond your limits: in this lesson, I will suggest additional possibilities for students that would like to go extra mile in their personal growth, self discovery and expanding their inner world. It is about starting questions. Everyone already knows main questions that we are using your life to be more precise. Who, what, where, when, How why you noticed that during entire course we used question. What? Because it is easier starting point and many people indentified themselves with their interest, job or role that they have rest of the five questions. Who, Where, when, how and why can also be used. A starting point off, discovering your identifications and expanding their borders while you move over higher and all inclusive identifications where you will experience higher, meditative states off mind, I will now shortly talk about every question and just tingle your imagination about possible journeys. That every question is offering question. Who is closest question to our identity? It is very close to identification off question What? But it can always surprise you with some new identification that is automatic and you don't even think about it. Discovering that kind off identification, exploring and expanding their limits can bring you big rewards in a way that you are increasing your personal value and meaning you can rise your personal identity, toe a higher level and find stronger sense off your personal mission. Question where? For starting question. Where am I can take you on amazing journey through space. By using this question, you can discover new identifications that connect you with entire universe and open up the door to certainty off your intentions. Where would you like to be? I'm only trying to get your imagination started and where this would lead you. And I really don't want to wring any surprise that are ahead of you. Question When is directing your mind into discovering new dimensions off time and eternity ? Starting with this question? Well, make your mind such deeply for answers that you are not expecting to hear. Question. How am I? Is very powerful in exploring your emotional states. Just imagine for a moment that your starting point is I'm fine. Is that all you think you are? How much more are you than that? There is also a possibility to discover some very useful strategies. Question why you can use to explore your motivational directions, discover high level reasons off what you are doing in a very simple and really interesting way. All of these questions can sound really unusual, especially when you're using them for the first time. For some of them, you will think that there is not more than one or two answers, at least not logical answers. Remember that you are simply exploring a new territory and that you were never thinking like this before the answers, my sound illogical, and you already know that most of them don't sound like that. But like their own, you realize that they make perfect sense and they hear very good meaning. Do not use logic. Let us has come to you from deepest place off your mind. Be adventurous and explore these journeys. It can be challenging, but one thing is certain and that is left there. So let this be an extra assignment for everyone who is curious and likes adventures in next six days or any timeframe you choose. Pick one question at the time and explore it. Fantastic possibilities in self discovery. In this module, you will find worksheets for every question. Once you do the transcendent meditation process with all starting questions. I'm really wondering, How will your personal affirmation story combined from all the answers and all the phrases will look like at the end? And what will you feel? Let me know. 18. M4 L2- Practically use this knowledge to improve every day of your life: everyone of us from time to time comes in a situation where we need a quick fix off our emotional state. Fastly off leaving obligations can rise are level off stress where is not productive anymore. In this lesson, I will mention how you can use some of the parts of the process in your everyday life and how to maintain highly positive level off your state and mood in which you can be more productive. Remember that in produce models, I was suggesting different exercises and assignments. You will have them here in one place, and I will add a few more ideas how you can use them. You already know that is about sub modalities, your powerful affirmations and deny intention. These are all tools that can help you for quick change off negative state into more resourceful, positive state. You don't have to wait anymore everything Tobey finished and to improve your state at the end of your day. When it comes about sub modalities, they are very powerful in changing the meaning. Let's say you find yourself in a situation where someone told you something offensive or anything you don't like. That person insulted you in some way or even say something negative or mean to you. Maybe you succeed to measure of those kinds of comments ignore. But some of them managed to get through and to break your mood. And when that happened, it seems to you like you cannot get them out of your head and you hear those words over and over again. No matter how much you try to focus your attention on something else. And what are those words and voices in our head? You're right. They are our internal representations. And what do all off hours internal representations have. Right again, they have sub modalities, which we know how to use very well. Everything you need to do for Start is to change the color off that voice or words. Imagine that you're hearing that voice or words like Donald Duck would say them or Mickey Mouse or any other cartoon character that you find hilarious. Make that voice very slow or super fast. Any kind of change off its original qualities will change the meaning off that internal representation, and with that impact that it helps on your state. Try to remember some boss who was always giving some lectures and whose voice who just could not releasing for a long time. Remember that kind off memory if you have it and use this change off. Some banalities make their voice really funny. How do you feel now about it? For some reason, this example is everyone's favorite. I remember everything that we see, hear or feel inside our body and mind. Those are all internal representations, and we can influence them and cause them to transform just by changing their qualities. You're powerful. Affirmations can come in very handy when levels off stress arising. Simply repeating off information will relax you and give you better state or even meditative state. If you consider that Toby appropriate and safe for you in your activities, let's say you see a person that you really like and you would like to meet, but just a thought off going over and start talking to them. It awakens anxiety, and it's preventing you toe make step forward to your potential happiness. All that you could do is to give yourself a simple strategy. Your strategy started for example, when you first look at that person, then you thought about approaching and talking with that person and then start feeling anxiety. Don't allow that your strategy ends with you're changing your mind and decide not to approach. But when anxiety comes, repeat your affirmation and go into relaxed state by repeating this every time when anxiety comes, you will program yourself that every time when you start to feel anxiety, it will turn into relaxed state of mind that will not stop you and allow you to follow the true desire. We've been my intention. You need to be more careful and choose When will you use it? It is very good for many situations, but not for all of them. You don't want to use been my attention, but you need to evacuate building that is under fire. For example. It is good when we feel strong negative emotions inside us. Fear of public speaking patients. When we are standing in a line or were stuck in traffic, you will know what I mean by allying yourself in this situation to use benign attention and personally with kindness, curiosity and friendliness, observed whole situation, or maybe frustration that is caused by situation from outside. It can change how you feel in that moment. Let's say you are really surprised by panic attack or some fear, because your public speaking is about to happen very soon. You have only 10 minutes on your hand toe. Pull yourself together and to get up on the stage. All you have to do is to start using benign attention and just observe that panic for that fear. You can even say toe that negative feeling. Come do your worst as soon it starts to change. Doesn't matter if the intensity is rising or falling. Know that you are on the right way to solve that situation and get rid of that negative emotion after you notice. First change in intensity off that negative feeling you can add a question. Is that all you got and set up those negative emotions for huge transformation into something positive, or at least something that will not affect your public speaking? Feel free to use an experiment with these extremely useful and easy to use tools and find what works best for you in your everyday life and share your experiences with me and the group 19. M4 L3- Behavior secrets of peak performers: This is very interesting approach for using your higher mental states. How many off you wanted to move through your day with feeling like you're in my native state and truly demonstrate benefits off meditation without looking weird or absent? What if I tell you that in this short lesson you will learn just that I will introduce you now to simple instructions. How can this become your reality? It is about conscious choice off rules and discovering strategies that work. Maybe you guessed already we're going to ask right questions, toe Get right. Answers once you give your desire meitiv state and that higher identification that answer in key phrase that is describing your mate of state and you write it down in your work shit . You will use these three steps to create your rules and strategies. These specific questions are going toe quickly. Help you determine your personal strategies, your personal recipe, how you are achieving or having what you're doing or want to be doing. Use the same phrase your last identification for every step, Step one how and in which way I can make it happen or have when you write down your first answer continue to ask yourself how else? How else? Until you don't have any more answers. Usually you can keep at least three solutions. Step two, what will it mean? Tomi tohave Write down everything what it will mean to you toe have that third step. How will I know that I have Write down your evidence or your procedure that will let you know that you have this. Write down your answers in a behavior work shit that you can find in this module. This is very simple and effective method to become aware off your behavior. Compare and understand What is that you should be doing and in which way Toby shaved to achieve walking meditative state off mine. Remember, you don't have to use only last answer. You can also use some phrase in the middle of the process. If you like the feeling off that state and you think that that state is more appropriate for you for everyday life and create rules how toe through your behavior achieved that incredible, useful and resourceful state of mind? This is the secret off big performers 20. Recap and final words: welcome. This is the last model off the course transcendent meditation. Here you will find all necessary support your bonus materials out your hypnotic induction or, if you prefer guided meditation and technique for advance belief change so you can create even better experiences. You will also find helpful and useful links to easily find the resource is and your Facebook group. In this course, you learn what are the main problems and challenges, but we can meet in our meditation practice and help process off. Presented meditation helps you in solving these problems. You learn the power of questions and how they can direct your mind in finding the best answers and resource is to accomplish your goals. You know how to discover your limitations and break through them. We transcend it, loop and move on. To hire an all inclusive identifications and beneficial negative states, you now have key phrases toe. Enter your meditative state Any time you want, you learn to create powerful affirmations that work instantly and brilliant affirmation stories that can take you on a journey. You know how to use sub modalities and how to improve the quality and meaning off your internal representation and visualizations. You learn how to stabilize your visualizations with describing met the force and pantomime and to use been my intention to stay longer in your meditation and deal with any frustration. You know how to ground yourself and come back to reality in most positive and productive way that will allow you to continue with your activities. You have many ideas how we can use everything that you learned in the course. In your everyday life, you are able to start your meditation practice or achieve better results which are ongoing practice. Congratulations for successfully finishing the course. I'm impatiently waiting for your comments, feedback, thoughts or anything else that you would like to share with me and other participants off this course. My name is Mylan and it was my great pleasure to present you this amazingly practical and efficient process that will save you lots of time and help you quickly stay longer in your higher meitiv state off mine. Looking forward to meet you and further assist you as a navigator in your heroic journeys off self discovery, growth and progress, you are the captain off your ship. And also you do know now that You are much more than that, don't you? Until next time, Stay healthy, joyful and curious. See you when I see you. 21. Bonus Technique: This is amazing technique that you can use to achieve extraordinary results. Beliefs are generalizations about how the world is believes. They're essentially our own and off switch our ability to do anything in the world. We have beliefs that causes to do what we do, and also we have limiting beliefs, the ones that do not allow us to do what we want to do. The good news is, is that all beliefs have internal representations, which you already know how to change with the banalities. Follow these steps to change any limiting or disabling belief and make it stronger or create new empowering belief. For this technique, you need to choose four beliefs number one Jews limiting belief or disabling belief that you don't want to have any more. It can be anything believe that you are not confident. Believe that you are not going to find better job Whatever you want to stop. Number two Jews believe that is no longer true or, you know that is a lie. For example, maybe you used to believe in Santa Claus, but now you don't longer believe in that number three Jews believe that is absolutely true , like sound will come up tomorrow. Humans need air to breathe. Number four Jews believe that is opposite off belief. Number one, like you are confident. Believe that you find only the best jobs in the world. Whatever you like. Just think about those beliefs and which ones you would like to choose. As soon as you hear one believe, check for your internal representations off that belief. Check for pictures, sounds and feelings about that belief. Write down some banalities for all four beliefs in your work. Shit. Remember, sub modalities for all believes are going to be different because that is the way your mind is sorting them. For example, believe number two that is a lie. Those sub modalities are arranged in that way. So you know that is a lie. That is the way you're my represents light internally or number three. That something is true. And all you have to do now is to change some banalities off belief number one in tow. Number two. In other words, make belief number one Look the same is belief number two. When you do that, do a quick test and ask yourself, What do you think about that? All believe Number one after the test. Now you have to change sub modalities off belief number four into number three. In other words, may believe number four look the same. His belief number tree. When you do that, ask yourself. What do I believe now? In this bonus technique, you will find work ship with steps to do advance, believe, change and start doing what you want to do. Enjoy. 22. Bonus hypnotic lesson and guided meditation ( use headphones ): Welcome to your hypnotic out your lesson. Do not listen to this recording while driving or operating any kind of machinery. Only. Listen, when you can relax in a safe place, having you can pay attention to your breathing so it can take a deep breath in. Now hold it for a second. Close your eyes and let go into relaxation. No, As you're listening to my voice, you can also notice other Selves. And with every breath you take, you can relax even more then before and consider who you are that is relaxed right now, anywhere but here. And how are you getting relaxed just like that any time. But now only here feel relaxation inside your body, you know, and notice what else he's making your relax any time, including now and for a moment. Just consider this inside your mind. Wait, Are you using transcendent meditation process only here. Successful, right? No. And who are you everywhere But here that's successful, using the ascendant meditation process anyway. But like this to achieve higher made state of mind every time, including now imagine, where are you having higher made his state of mind. Only here, just like this in every way. And where else are you having higher, meditative state of mind like this any time. But no. And in a meditative state of mind, Who are you that this caving better control and quality off meditation And much more than that, that's only maybe you already know. You hear so many possibilities. When can you practical use a few nations everywhere, including here, any time, including right now And imagine how good would you be feeling like this? That's only now in every way as you use powerful of your nations toe instantly meditation state right now. And any time including death, you may be able to see many pictures if you're positive, tangible results coming true and use your ability. Allow this feeling off success integrate into your in there being anyway. But like these any time But no these questions inside your mind. What are you only here? Is that all you think you are any time? But now, aren't you more than that in every way? What are you that is anything but that Only here and beyond that Is that all you think you are? How much more are you than that? everywhere and anytime, including here and now that is experiencing benefits of meditation and much more than that anyway. But like this, allow yourself discover who you really are even beyond that, perhaps not only here but also in your dreams tonight. So when you wake up and feel your body, you can realize that your film with calmness and positive energy and when you notice How are you breathing? You can also become aware. Position your buddy, which means you know where you are in this morning and there's you start noticing all the sounds. You can see yourself coming back and prepare yourself to become fully aware awake and the other is a countdown from 5 to 1 five. Becoming aware of your body for ceiling positive energy, you are becoming aware of your surroundings. Toe slowly open your eyes. One fully away feeling confident, relaxed and alert. Ready for new adventures. This was your bonus hypnotic lesson, and I hope you enjoyed it. Check out personal custom made hypnotic meditation offer and see how this most powerful resource could be useful for your improvement in experiencing higher meitiv states off mind . Have a wonderful time and see you so