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Best Video And Audio Recording Equipment For Youtube

teacher avatar Daniel Alejandro, Social Media Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Talking head and Screencast

    • 3. Get Better Audio

    • 4. Lighting

    • 5. Create Amazing Thumbnails and Images

    • 6. Next Steps After Taking This Course

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About This Class

Video recording used to be something that was only done by professionals in large studios full of expensive equipment.

The first thing you need to know is that video quality is very important on Youtube, because it improves your Youtube SEO, Videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium.

Most people know sound quality is important but they still tend to focus more on HD videos. Technically, YouTube is all about video but don’t overlook the importance of sound. 

I think audio quality can be a little more important than video quality, because when the audio is clear, people don´t have to work to understand the video and the message.

I will show you the best resources to create awesome Youtube videos, the best microphones, cameras, lights, softwares and many more things.

It is one of the most important things you have to do before creating your first Youtube videos. I will show you the best and cheap resources in order to get high quality image and sound.

The best is that most of these resources are very cheap and you can recover your investment in a short period of time.

Then, if you want to create amazing videos for your Youtube channel or your own digital products.

This course is for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Alejandro

Social Media Marketing


Hi, my name is Daniel. I am a graduate student of Industrial Engineering, with emphasis in finance and entrepreneurship.

I am a trader since 2009, but I've been studying this issue since 2005, which I learned a lot during the crisis of 2008. I know most investment strategies in different markets, and I know what works and what does not for each one.

I have innovated in creating different investment strategies in financial markets and real estate, with great result, which has allowed me to work a few hours a day.

I have been involved in the social media marketing world during many years. Now, I have knowledge in many sites like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

It's a short summary, but do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts.

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Daniel. I have been teaching for almost four years. I have a lot of experience in many business aspect, like social media, marketing self, their element on project. I will show you the best resources. Took it awesome. YouTube use the best microphones came at us lights. So foot on many more things. This one off. The most important things you have to do before creating your fields. YouTube videos. I will show you the best and ship resources in order to get high quality image on sound. The best is that most off these resources are very ship. And you can't recover your investment in a short period off time. Then is you want to create amazing bilious for your YouTube channel or your own detail product. This court is for you. Just click on the enrolled bottom. 2. Talking head and Screencast: they feel. Think you need to know is that video quality is very important on YouTube because it improves your YouTube CEO. Billions have been proven to the mount more conscious male attention than any other medium . It also creates high engagement on high retention rates, which is very important for the watch time off your bilious. But the most important is that video quality can increase custom and conventions on, then the amount of money you can make with your YouTube channel to A. There are so many different types off microphones, video cameras, Webcams. His sports came in a soft words, but I will show you at least off the basic be equipment required to start a YouTube channel from scratch. The Fields camera is the Logitech HD Pro Weapon C 920. This is a special for talking head bilious, especially. You can put this camera on your computer. It is very ship $65. It has full HD videos. It is compatible with Windows seven. With those 8 10 on Mac, it is very useful if you want to, recalled Venus with your computer. Yeah, that one is in NYC on a AU 140. This is very used by most off the most successful. You do it. This came and I can't record high quality videos on it. It's not very expensive. Just $200 on the best camera that you come by. They a condom. 35 i It is quite dispensable. If you come by this camera, I'd recommend this camel about the view are on about it and ligament the fields came in. This is very special and is very cheap. If you want to local jeweler screen, you can use developments offered. For example, if you have a PC, you can buy Camp Tasia. It is quite dispense about around $200 you can get Ah, free trial. I used the several. It is very useful, and it's very easy to use. You just have to flee Conflict Court. This screen started speaking to call the screen on. You can indeed most off the things you can at effect have you him music on more beers. If you have a mark, you can buy the scream flu. Tell stream that net slash scream flu It cost around $100. You can you can bite if you have a mark, but if you have a pretty I'd recommend that you use Camped Asia. But if you don't want to spend any money in the Collins of words at recommend open broadcasters off, well, it is shape, and it is very easy to use. You can find the same features off Comte Asia on screen through the reason other one ice cream ups. I've never used the so foot, but some people say that it is very serious, on the least, completely free. It supports mark on Windows. Then those are that resources had recommend if you want to produce high quality videos with have quality image. 3. Get Better Audio: Most people know some quality is important, but they still tend to focus more on ash. TBD. Technically you took is all about being you, but don't would look the importance off sound, I think. How do quality can be a little more important than be equality? Because when they are Jewish, clear people don't have to work to understand the video on the message. Then you need to have a good microphone, which are lows you create, Ah, high quality audio for your YouTube videos that are two kinds off microphones condenses on dynamic microphones. Condenser microphones are very sensitive. You can't record the noise off the street on the people around you, on the least not good for a noisy place. They are more expensive you to the quantity off electronic parts. You should use it. If your voice is soft on. You have a quiet place to record the l ideal for recalling sounds such as drums on beaters . On the other hand, dynamic microphones can provide excellent sound quality and performance the very shape compared toa condenser Mike. If you live in a nice EA area, this microphone is excellent for you. It only takes noise from the front. It is very used by singles on your list. Then I'm going to show you the best condenses on dynamic might. This is the best contents. And Mike, it is a little expensive not long. $130. You can capture the noise off every place from the from from the bark flown every site. If you have a noisy area, I don't recommend this microphone. The other one is the blue and no well, eyes. It had the same features that the other micro front, but at least cheaper if you had on a budget, you can buy this microphone, but remember that this is a condenser mike. Then you recall the noise off all the ages. And if you live in a nice area, you can't recall all of this noise. The next are the dynamic Mike's. This is the Audio Technica. Eight year 21 Shell Oshiro USB. It is not very spend zip. If you live in a nice area, this microphone is a special for you because it only takes the night off the front. Then you can filter the noise off the street or other people easily. The other is the Audio Technica 82,005. These one on one of the same microphones. Eliza. Little older. But it had the same price on the same quality. Well, if you want high quality audio and recommend the idyllic HD, it is the microphone off apple. It only works with Apple product, but if you have a knife own a night but or LeMarque, it is very, very useful for you. It is a little more expensive, but you can find high quality audio with this microphone. But if you are looking for love earlier microphones and recommend the audio Technica eight year 30 50 it is very youthful on has high quality. It is very ship $30. After buying your microphone, you have to buy up a filter because if you have ah, high quality microphone but doing by this pope filter, you can't record. But nice is with your mike from then those other Mike's ligament for Julia. Two beers 4. Lighting: lighting is one off the most important keys in making a quality BU, but no one seems to realize it. It is very important if you recall in a that place or if you want to look more professional . Lighting committed a difference between at reliable video on my low quality BU, especially if you are recording for you, took niches like Make Morning three Al estate business on until a penmanship. The big problem is that this kind of flights are very spend ship. They can cost upto $300 recommend the next two lights. One is very spend ship on the other one coming perfect if you are on a budget. The fields one is the Estella follow 18 inches. It is quite expensive, but it is very easy to use. Do you have to put this in front of your face? Put. You came in up between the lights on and sadly called the other one in the falcon eyes to re handle it. It is cheaper around $100 you can find the same features on it is quite easy to use. You have to put your camera in the miller off the light on a sad vehicle in, but you decide if you need to use light for you to be you can't recalled during the day and take a bandage off the sun. 5. Create Amazing Thumbnails and Images: Now we're going to study Afraid result to create images for our YouTube eaves. Elise, camera that Come, Just go to camera. Open an account. Take on more select YouTube thumbnail open here. We can choose one off these designs all. We cannot blow some images. For example, we're going to create the term name for the schools. Select any much Here we have our wedding Much. We can add some takes or elements. We're going to add some elements shape. Here we have these a square say, like the square. Now we can add some text here. We can write the name off our cools Missed. How do you on you frequenting equipment? Change their front this size We are going to change the color off. This is square. This is a good caller with the level there changed their cattle off the level white. We can out some effects. Finally we're going to look for you Took images here We have different images Those and flee those coast $1 But we're going to upload one a much. Here we have so many much is this is a good one and finally we have determinate for this year to good. Click on down now to PNG Download. Finally, we have our Tommy. Then those are the best resources record. Awesome! You took bilious. 6. Next Steps After Taking This Course: I hope you have enjoyed the schools. You may notice that it goes Estelle 83 point. You learn what I promised at the beginning. Now you can control in my other courses. Related toe social media marketing you took in Salem Facebook. Make money online. Get the model traffic to your website or the landing page on many more topics.