Beginners Watercolor Landscape Exercise: An Easy Step by Step Painting | Nitin Singh | Skillshare

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Beginners Watercolor Landscape Exercise: An Easy Step by Step Painting

teacher avatar Nitin Singh, Let's fall in love with watercolor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Let's sketch first

    • 3. First Layer

    • 4. Second Layer (Part 1)

    • 5. Second Layer Continue (Part 2)...

    • 6. Second Layer Continue (Part 3)...

    • 7. The Final Layer

    • 8. Finished Artwork

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About This Class

About this watercolor landscape class

This watercolor class will guide you to paint watercolor landscape in simple step by step learning process. Student can learn how to draw landscape subject and overall watercolor painting composition in three different layers. These three layer process is highly important for all watercolor beginners to understand and paint great watercolor art. You will experience a joyful learning of making watercolor landscape painting.

What you will learn:

At the end of this watercolor landscape class, you should be able to

  • Make quick watercolor landscape drawing (Sketch)
  • Drawing composition 
  • Watercolour landscape color mixing 
  • Working with watercolor layers
  • Understand light and shades
  • Random human figures
  • Depth & light

Prerequisite Knowledge:

You should have basic understanding of watercolor principle and color theory. Moderate drawing skill is helpful. Apart from that, what is more important is your high spirits and hunger of learning.

Required Art supplies:

  • Watercolor paper (quarter sheet)
  • Watercolor tubes
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Paper tape (to mount paper)
  • Hard board for painting surface
  • Pencil
  • Dry cloth
  • A bowl of water
  • Watercolor palette

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Cheers & happy watercoloring!

Nitin Singh

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitin Singh

Let's fall in love with watercolor


Many of us has great potential to look at the world with our own perspective, wisdom and creativity. We all have great ability of mental visualization, and trying to construct those abstract mental pictures into reality. I think It’s a beautiful feeling being a creator and coloring our own world.

My name is Nitin Singh and I love enabling you to fall in love with watercolor art. A motivator and a teacher who believes that watercolor is not about learning it's process or technique alone, but it's a beautiful journey which brings infinite joy to our living. I warmly welcome you to be part of this journey with me, let’s learn to create your expression through watercolor art and expand your creative awareness. Welcome to my class!



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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name isn't it didn't sing on. I'm a watercolor artist. I have been doing what Gloria said so on. I love political art. I see when the people feel really good going through my clothes. So what courses on? I feel even better when I see people are really learning from them. That's really good me to make a lot of for, you know, a watercolor causes this would live last. You will be learning hard. One of landscape. It's a very easy step by step lording. Categorize the class very into do manner where it could help you toe Lord, this Lord baby steps on technique making the landscape. So I think it's a beautiful way. Toe paint, watercolor space lee the landscape because a lot of people really want to make a landscape , you know, being so welcome to weight loss on a hold. You have a fantastic died. Went with this loss 2. Let's sketch first: So we're going toe, make this painting. So this is, you know, the farmer's house toe the start painting so hard for Hamas here. So if you have not done sketchily, uh, you know, I would request you to try to spend some time on, uh, make a lot of sketch are drawing because thistles going to help you a lot. The reason being a lot of people, you know, this keep this exercise, they don't give much importance toe sketch on, uh, and they're not able to make the complete completion off, you know, off the painting. So it's cases, something like it. So baseline. Right. So if you get this thing right than your watercolor also going toe Oh, clear. No clear picture off the seeds and are the overall completion. So I'm just making the small, small object. These are going to be a walled off this anything. I mean, get so this is going to be a little off the food. There are some some sort of forest just behind this, too, you know, to hurt a little date here. You really don't need toe, you know, make everything pretty much obvious. It just kind of for the embracing what you need to bring in here. And I'm using this graphite pencil 60. So even, you know, even if it is help, you know, gives under do much deft outline Don't worry about don't think all that that's you know that outlined gives in a wrong impression to your painting. Don't think all of that, because ultimately everything will be cardboard into your into your painting when seal, start applying coloring to it. So now I'm making this tree again to be random, very free floor. The whole idea is to be very free. Whatever you do, I don't have much. You know, the thinking about the whole aspect off. You know the outcome. Just enjoy the process. So this is Holly. You tree will look like it's just on immigration. As I said on, uh, here are these cattle call just grazing on the filled Quite a few gods that are in this food and probably a couple of cowboy 3. First Layer: Let's start doing the force. Layer this painting, Bond. I'll slug me. Introduce my color palette turd. This is Horace and Blue Ultimate and Blue SAB Green yellow car, Louisiana Order and sepia on dread. I'll be also using a somebody black somewhere, so I will let you know whether what I'm using it. But at this moment, I'm using ultramarine blue, mixing with thought and put up for sloppier. Uh, that will give a little, you know, it gives in a bit off moody moves heading kind of environment for sky. So So I'm using a lot of water at this moment, and that's a little bit of for ultramarine blue top off it on, uh, just mixing them all in with a lot of water. Deborah's sappy. I gained just putting color here and there very softly. Gently do not corrupt too much on the people. No, I'm just using green color mixing with a little bit of for ultimate in blue being the value off the green for the tree behind the forest on uh, still, we believe that space for the roof off that heart. So we're just at this moment, we are just being doing on the tweeze, so very random be very free. So I'm just using ultimate in blue and sap green mixing to a door. So here you can observe that somewhere I'm using a little darker I see are softer. So the kind of obedience and I want to bring in on that beings a lot of foreign, all interests to your painting. So not here. I'm into Ivan to deal with another color, which is so yellow core that brings the flavor into the painting. GIs be very, very, you know, confident doing whatever you're doing. Just Sprinkle bid. I think it's like up the moment you start, you know, enjoying the process with our thinking. Much A lot of things will get settled by itself, but you absorb the kind of for, you know, the deaf time, bringing the lighter first side of this beading that's very soft. But when I'm going down, it's becoming a little dog. So that's the kind of being Asian. No, gradually be. Are going dawn. Well, don't selfless living in this league that the captain there at the White will be walking later. I do slowly. We need to introduce a little softer greener, you know, for the food again. He's all going to be bad food there. So what makes this yellow car a little bit off sap green and sometimes a little bit of fall set on. We're walking on the part we we're living, that's it is white people. It's really interesting to see how you are living the white people sometimes to keep it as it days or sometimes walk something. Something, you know later. No. Let's start No walking on the a roof of this house? No, a little bit of far orange because those hurt has the terracotta roof, the kind of for, you know, the things they use. I don't know what calls in India. We call it Dolly Doh de Bacolor. The wall of this huts are like me. I don't Dr raped very vibrant. Just observe how I'm walking on, you know, walking on the leaving, some white space, giving a sudden, small, random detail. Though it's not a detail, I would say, because I didn't even something like It's a different. It's a different thing, but I'm just trying to give a little direction. The color Jackson, get in there. These on the wall. Not this for the house component one and the influence. It's a store. Random stalks, all it owned that seems, came out nice. Done. No clear on with the doc. Or, you know, seeds deft on light. And that's how the whole what country is all about the moment you start door, you know, walking on, blaming it on the stuff, Death to the light. Total values that rule. That means a lot of final interest repeating No, let's come back again to dog. Make sure that, you know that's a not dry. Okay, If you are not fast enough, then this is a good time to go on this. Come about. Come out of this solution. Try to a Sprinkle. You know the water on a painting If you're not able to make things faster Probably annoyed initially, you might not dark. Don't wait. Just a Sprinkle the water on things will be a little moisture. That will be most sure and you've been continue doing, you know, painting that so interesting thing is like a very important when you're coming down. When you try toe, stow the mediation. Try to put the docker darker and darker. 4. Second Layer (Part 1): All right, So we are in the second layer Onda Let's try to make the tree to make a tree Just make you brought us a little something like this You know, something kind of fan on you need to spoil your brothers So this is how you, you know it's easier to make Oh, tree So take the sap green on ultramarine blue Mix it together on, uh, just being a lot of death there on here we go Just smudge it. Turn there and the form you will be getting will amaze you. So that's kind of far. You know, uh, the impression off tree you'll be getting has tried to bring a little deft on the light so on, uh, that the amount of water is also important. So right, no amusing, very a lot of water. And then suddenly I'm just taking a lof color on the press so that one off relation will also be really helpful. So one aspect you really need to understand here is the deafness on the lightness, the VDs. You know, that's what I'm working on currently making things, you know, light or somewhere, Doctor, right? No, Again The same process. So I'm sure you'll have a fun doing this on. You can make a lot of practice in tow, you know, doing such kind of activities. And now I just seen the color. So I'm just using your girl. Makes he would set sap green again. Deft there. So when you're making tree, the uppers upper part of the tree will be little lighter. But when you coming down so that becomes a little darker. That's the kind of for rule you need to understand On here on just a little this enjoying myself. I'm just putting the color and smudging it a little work snow. I hope you got this concept. If you do want applied directly to this painting, you can do it a little bit of practice, and that will give you all a lot of for understanding off hard. Do that. It's pretty much easy. Very easy to do that. Nothing called blacks into it so you could try. You try a lot doing this, and I'm sure you'll have Ah, are really, really fund. You really would enjoy this, right? So yeah, this is Scott of a second layer, and I hope you enjoyed it do a little bit of sprinkling. That gives them an extra bit off flavor and gives him a little bit of texture. So let's go ahead, you know, in another life. 5. Second Layer Continue (Part 2)...: So we are continuing our doing the second layer. So we are giving up value. We are adding a value in each off the element we have created you. So most of the time, what I'm doing here is plead on the left on the light, leaving some space and then giving a little bit of texture here and there. So that's been so value to your to your art. So this is when recalled was parked and we're just working on that. But, uh, states here. So most of the time I'm using ultramarine blue on mixing them with cub step you that brings so deft into the painting sepia. So again, I'm just using this sap green and ultramarine blue for deafness. Now we are coming down in this style fist the food. So at this moment, I don't have a much water in my breasts. So mostly it's going to be our dry stuff, mostly dry technique, and we're making this food there, somebody for grass and the kind of no, the impression off the field, we wanted to bring it this a little bit off. Do tell, and this is going to be a part way and are We are working on these cardinals We call there. So I've taken very deft color here, mixing with ultimate in blue and supreme. Sorry, Valdemar in blue and sepia. So it's on the board. The impression we're not going toe, make a detail, walk off it. So it would be really easy if you can study how the call, You know, they're not only looks like so that really help you toe make things much easier. - So I hope you're getting that. So here we got to the first call on. There are some other calls so that we need to walk on me . 6. Second Layer Continue (Part 3)...: So we have got the second there. Now we have to pick one militant. No, for us. Let's give a little bit of far detained on those trees. Not much, but just a little bit off, you know, lecturing So that even a impression off forest and a tree. The branches. Yeah, you got me with these other branches, which is coming out from the screen. Make sure that you should not have too much of water in your breasts. It's a kind of for texture, but Dr that show get in there. It's kind of far the room setting feeding. - I'm just trying to give deft here, here and there That brings our little radius and into the painting. Some scratches. Get in there now. Let's work on the roof off. It's, uh, so at this moment, I don't have a much water in my breast. It's mostly like dry. Just giving a little bit of for, you know, lecturing here and there. Playing with daft and the light. Absolutely texture. Dry technique. Absolutely used to you and those window. No, I didn't. I taken this. So Tyne breasts probably number Geo giving our land here and there just a bit of for lecturing and detailing on this is where or the sketch plays are very important rules on. If you have done so much of sketch, then you might be feeling the value of that. Because here I'm just playing with thought, being mission off the theft and light and proper seeds, all of those I'm if you have done several sketches that you must have a pretty much good knowledge about, goes mediation. So I would really recommend any beginners put afford doing a sketch, right? Shared again. I'm still just playing it on giving. I do some sort off, you know, decks Children there. - These are the city. It's off, sits on the roof because off the tree, the three states falling, falling into that so need to being all of those, you know, impression. And we have this component world. So I'm just giving a little compression into that. Yes. So giving what do you have them? Texture. So this is the main entrance off this post. We do this. Look it, That one. Andi, I'm just giving up a small bit off detailing, that's all. What? What I'm doing here. Just all observed it my Lionel best stalks on how I'm. How am just sticking approach of using the death and the light into the painting? I'm not doing very, you know anything? Very no. All right, so fine. We will be, You know, continue doing this layer in the end of the session. 7. The Final Layer: All right. So we have come up with a very end of this painting on and on this layer, we will be completing the entire in an expression of this landscape. So night now I'm just mixing this sack green Bon sienna on a little bit off ultramarine blue on moving out extra, no water. So this is how you can, you know, get rid out of extra wardrobe on that would give you a very, you know, interesting texture. It's kind of fall, you know, dry technique, soul Just I'm just trying toe bring, you know, various and the in the place, the ground. So, in the similar way I just wanted to bring I wantedto pain a little darker because so this is just near to your eyes on this has to be a slightly darker Uh, this is how we bring the, you know, the variation in painting. So just a little bit of touch here and there mostly, Oh, texture, dry technique. And now you've been just so smart it a little bit with your finger. So this will give you all a sudden buildup for texture so kind of grass and you know, the kind of for on the invasion off the land. Now what I'm doing is I'm just sprinkling water and the people, which is still having a some bit of last year, The reason I'm doing it because that keep you off very interesting flavor of texture, really, that brings, you know, different dimension into your painting. But make sure that you should not do over do it. So that's the key. No, I'm just working on the front layer off the girls and put off that so they're also you need to be on it. Death. Still, they're actually making our smoke there, so So they smoke starts coming out from the farmer's house, so it's very easy to make that. So what you need to do is put some plain water on just smothered PeopleSoft paper. Oh, are, you know, plot on Just Picard the extra water from there. Here we go. This is what little get. It's very fun to do this. I do a lot. No, let's work on this car, Boy, I'm taking just mixing this do color top one with a little darker on the bottom, but burnt sienna soul. There's always to be an impression no much to do. So this is hard. You'll get it, like, just holdings stuff there. Uh, so we have almost done this painting. I hope there's a lot of lonely happened to you. Uh, I'm sure after this you will be in a position to make several landscape, uh, in your dorms on the way you want. So anything. What you need to understand is the basic, you know, the concept of the basic idea off. You know, watercolor. Oh, I would I would I recommend you to. Whenever you're making art space, Lee watercolor art. Just keep calm on. Just enjoy the process on applied Learning happens here, being that into your painting on, things will come out very nicely. I would recommend you toe do this project work on uploaded in the project section, so I will keep you off it back. So next, uh, would see how you can appreciate your effort. 8. Finished Artwork: All right, so we have reached the end of this session up. So this is where you will be enjoying your watercolor art on everything, what you do. And whatever you get from your practice, you should really enjoy each and every, you know, before toe what you have. You know what you will be putting here. So that's the really key for, you know, getting better and better and watercolor. So whatever you get, be happy. Enjoy this process on you. See how you know how your learning's going. One level toe another. So keep that in mind. This is really important for any water big nurse. So I hope you had a really great time walking with this article. A class, this landscape.