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Beginners Sewing Basics - Learn about basic sewing equipment and how to sew a basic seams

teacher avatar Faye C., White Rose Costumier - Costume Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction - Beginners Sewing Basics

    • 2. Beginners sewing equipment

    • 3. How to sew a basic seam - part 1

    • 4. How to sew a basic seam - part 2

    • 5. How to sew a basic seam - part 3

    • 6. How to sew a fell seam - part 1

    • 7. How to sew a fell seam - part 2

    • 8. How to sew a fell seam - part 3

    • 9. How to sew a French seam - part 1

    • 10. How to sew a French Seam - part 2

    • 11. How to sew a French seam - part 3

    • 12. How to sew a dart - part 1

    • 13. How to sew a dart - part 2

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About This Class

Students will learn how to recognise and name basic sewing equipment, sew three different seams and the correct way to sew a dart.

Join Faye, a professional costume maker for film and theatre, for some beginners sewing lessons. Suitable for anyone - beginners and the more experienced. By the end, you will know some of the best techniques for sewing basic seams and you will be able to apply them to your own projects straight away,

  • Sewing equipment - one part video
  • a basic seam - three part video
  • a fell seam - three part video
  • a french seam - three part video
  • a dart - two part video

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Faye C.

White Rose Costumier - Costume Maker


Hello, I'm Faye, the White Rose Costumier. I'm a professionally trained Costume Maker with experience in making costumes for TV and theatre.

I have worked for BBC, ITV and on the internationally popular costume drama 'Outlander'. I have also worked on set managing continuity and costume changes.

I have taught Costume Design students at degree level as well as complete beginners. I specialise in historical costume construction, both menswear and ladies wear. 

My goal is to encourage people to take up sewing and take the fear and frustration out of it by offering classes which give you step-by-step instructions to create great work. Work that is well sewn and will last. It can be extremely satisfying when you create something completely by yourself and, most impo... See full profile

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1. Introduction - Beginners Sewing Basics: I say I am a simple seamstress. Welcome to my classes. I'm a professional. Costume makers are made costumes really high level for the television here to create some stratosphere to learn skills. But over the years and hopefully encouraging to make some costumes a historical walk contemporary, it's gonna be a catalogue of beginners. Intermediate and advanced videos show you special techniques as well as how to create started accurate costumes for television. He's getting what you give me your feedback on my sessions and great here from you and also sees what you results from some of the projects I'm gonna be doing after starting off way with begin its sessions, I have also building up to things like constant tree menswear ladies where of all sorts of different airs. So please don't get in church and give me be back. And welcome to my house is 2. Beginners sewing equipment: How are you to say here is I'm gonna show you some some equipment like you probably find really helpful whether you've been selling for a while or whether you're a complete beginner. It's worth watch the system things. I picked up some of my training averaging training, fashion design, and then I went to costume on have made costumes, television. So these are some hotels that not only you can use just is this So what? Home professionals use these tools as well. Okay, so I'm just gonna go through with you little things that will be of some benefit if you wanna get into some way. Firstly, it a good pair of Publix. Is this OK? So these are my fiscus says, I think page about 25 quid for these on and they're a bit on the pricey side, but in my opinion, they're absolutely brilliant. I know you can get the old fashioned heavy. She is which, if I do the do work, but we are heavy. Do need professional sharpening with this particular Paris is that you can actually buy sharpness to come with. It s so you can just shopping as and when you need. Also, if you already saw you may already know this If you don't, when you have topics is is you should never, ever cook paper with them because they will blame the blade. Okay, s so you, actually. So you should always have a pair. That's just for cutting paper patterns. Okay. And then also you should have There's a small pair of embroidery. Scissors. Again. These are It's because really good brand. On what, Doris? Well, if you know it's on on the handles, just put a bit of fabric on the handles structures to indicate that there may be Well, this is definitely about this. You can get away with things because they're they're embroidery scissors, but they do need looking after. So when I need about brick Paris's and I'm nor to look for the one that's got the fabric on it or if you work with anyone, if you work professionally, if you work in a work room, you often see scissors that have bits of fabric. Time to them just indicate what's up, poppet. Paris is more What Yes, of these in my pigs, is it so they don't have any public touch about I assure you, being dependent as well. I've shown them written about them in the log. Eso these call friction pens and get them in in station is not ready, babe, For this job, particularly about the brilliant Asi, come using a brick pin which basically means you can draw on the fabric on mark your seen lines do that the coming quite a few different calls you just getting from the local stations in supermarkets as well. But I want it to round two time kids go back to school. So what happens is that you come with the end, which allows you to the ink off. So it's the frictional, the heat across from the friction that causes the mark to disappear. So if we talk about friction and heat, then you can use So what's great is you can, so that mocks you over it. Matal disappeared. Okay, So when I heard about these, I found the holy Grail of selling. So as a professional, are you saying so? If I'm using them, my fellow professionals using them, nor reason why you should use them and they're brilliant, brilliant, to a really good help move your accuracy And one thing I will say is that goofy's, um, I have been told that if you put them in a put the gun in a in a freezer, which you see is the ink would reappear and so extreme called, apparently will making reappear on the gun. Not that you're going to start putting the government in freezer, but just it's just so you know, that you were aware of it. And also on certain fabrics the maybe the work. Okay, now, Sister Street Calico, some topics even know my them and that the ankle disappear. Sometimes it can leave a trace of a mark where the roller ball is touched by being. Sometimes it looks white. So I would I wouldn't use them all time maybe to test on a bit scrapped before off using humane fabric for other company making. Test it on a scrap peace first before you go in and start marking all your main pieces. Okay, so that was comprehends. All right. And, officer, you need your own pickup, which is a life saver on. It's one of those implements where he hits off having to need it. But you do You know, we all need it. We all go wrong from time to time. So we all made, you know, pick up pens and pencils and rubbers be happening. And also I knew that you just something something going to shoot pencil marking. You don't need to use a perpendicular to issues a global pencil and also chalk so you can get in different colors if used before you, you know how to use it seeking that's available all sorts of places. The jock saying Really opinions on this last one. I want to show you a second. That's great. I'll show you myself. So if you've not seen my videos before or Roma Block and make sure the set square before the set square is used for drafting patents, Okay, eso it has sort of a triangle, and he also has a line that's 90 degrees perpendicular to the long edge. Here also has thes center. Me. Two lines can also get is an interesting way. So it's imperial metric, whichever way be fertile work, and what's really good about this is that just makes life so much easier when you're doing seam allowances and you definitely need one. If you're doing patterns from scratch. OK, because you need to be able to square things off. Okay, so you really need to be able to use that 90 degree line. All right? So I'll just give you a quick demo. How you actually use it? Sit if example I want to market see Malone's. So there's a Roy inch of my fabric and say I want to make it on the house. Centimeters my mama have sent to me to line is there Okay, so the darker lines represent full centimeter, the thinner lines by heart. So my home said to me toe back in the lineup would the Royal she's dead. All need to dio Mr Online like not okay. The medics like material. Easy, Robin going around with tape measure or along the side just speaks everything quite a lot when it comes to met drawing off dropping publicans when it calls for 90 degree angles. What do you use your match degree line here? So say I wanna draw a straight line across that it has to be completely particular. I will lying this pencil, I hope with my night. And then I drove along the long edge so that gives me a perfectly accurate line. Okay, so that's how you use, um, the, uh, set square. You can also get a what's called a patent master, which is similar to set square for the talking different ship, actually are a little bigger, and they're actually curved. So as well as having things like this and also the 90 degree line having the curves that it makes, it is not the straight line, so it makes life easy if you need to draw draw code or it's kind of a combination of this and using French curves if you have used before, it helps you get nice curves on hips and things, so it's either a set square are pat mustard. So the last ammunition for you is a company, and you might have used false um, might know it comes a few different cause, getting quite a swell, which is going to be using, like a black fabric or yellow. And so the point of carbon paper is to help transfer marks important, like seeing lines and design, life starts and things that are cheap fabric to help you like reading it so accurately. So the way you would you say? Well, there was a trace, this pencil line up. So what you have to do is have the size of services, the inside of my fabric, and this is the foot. Okay, So you would always put carbon marks on the inside of public. So the public that's not gonna be sitting so carbon paper on the bottom that I'm gonna lay my fabric on top. Okay, then I'm gonna use tracing. Really Got two different types of tracing. Really? You can see here. This one is kind of a little bit off sent to the weights, um, fixed into the humble that I've also got this one. It's a little bit broke. Bend this once. I'm not going to use one. Normally, I do prefer this one because I quite like the fact that it's got a little party waiting. Rest using finger on, pressing on. And you can also get one watch much spike. You are which some people most prefer because it's very, very spiking, bordering on dangerous on its one from mark. So it's similar to this. It's got a white handle. It doesn't have this subtle part here to rest your finger in some other reason why I don't use and found that it meant my finger of itself. And but it's much more much spiking on this in a lot of opinions. They're the best city, Do you? It is good, but I just prefer this one. I find it a bit more comfortable, my hand. But it depends which one you like so you can get these inhabit a Cherie's thea the one that's like when you tend to have to get up from more online. Okay, so but to my fabric, So seeing a pencil lines there, that's all I'm gonna do. Now I'm gonna follow my line with the tracing Well, and this pressed, pressed own it, give a little bit of pressure and then I'm gonna go across to you the way. So not Botham lines. I will return over. You could see very well. It's transferred my lines onto outside. Okay, try and put up. Try impressing. It will be harder this time, so yeah, just traces your lines for you saw the show. But this it doesn't come off so easy. It may come up eventually, but it is kind of like a waxy substance so it won't necessarily. Rudolph will come up with an idea that sort of spare my mind. And if so, you have you to pieces and then pin together what you would do, you trace one side, then turn it over. Don't pitch, but then go back over the line ship just traced. So it says you pinning and pinning. You can't see them, but I would like a pencil boat. That's basically how you can try. So again, it's another important set of tools up would be helpful. Okay. Yes. Oh, yeah. That was just a little video just to give you an idea of some basic sewing tools you can use, I thought you just remember warm offers from the table. This is called flexi Cuffs. Uh, cannot see knees and stationers. Actually, I think I got this from a craft shop person. But this is really good for again when you're pardoning. If you drawing curbs because you come If you So that was a piece of paper. If you have to point, you need to learn to become desolate on the and then Jamal. Nice curve, OK? And what? We're concurred in 20. Any position you likes off. You were dropped in a sleeve, for example. You needed to drop sleeve headed on your points marked. Um, these are really good. Okay? Yes. So that's affected curve. So that certain other really, really good to you. Can you hope from that hopeful? Please give me some feedback on what we thought. The video. You can think of anything else that I might have missed. Then do let me know. I'll see trying. Get some links. Two on, like places. Way can get some of the equipment if you just want to read up a bit more about it. Thanks for watching. And I'll see you next time. 3. How to sew a basic seam - part 1: it's a year. So welcome to my first proper tuition video s. Oh, this is gonna be a beginner's session. So if you've never used a machine before, I can assure you just basically helped solve a mystery. Create seen eso. What got in front? Me here got two pieces of fabric. She was anything that you want Perfectly calm. Nothing with any stretching it. You get calico in most places, Most luxuries really, really cheap cotton. So all I'm gonna show you how to do is to pin you seen together and start on the machine and how to get yourself a nice straight seen suppressing spares. So I got my family from May s. So what? Lunch. Dinner I'm gonna have, Uh, that's they wanna have sent me to see so few wears a Don't you need to take measure if you want to measure from the edge and then marking with a pencil within a ruler to follow where down Peach Ranch one I'm going to use is my set square. This'd is for people who do happening, partner coatings. A way of drawing patterns on this is called get in metric metric and imperial For this one's said tomato. So you've got up to 40 cents meters going along the long edge. $25 that women on this side you got a five centimeter increments going up. And what that does is it allows you to set it against the raw edge piece of fabric. So said one of 1/2 centimeters. So there's my sent to meet. The doctor line is one centimeter and the later lives off thinner lines there half centimeters. So I'm gonna line the raw edge with 1.5 centimeter line, which is that but I'm gonna do is a strong straight line away, down really quick and easy. Where to draw seeing life. So I'm going to the same way disciple on this side and do exciting for them. Use pencil. I'm going to use something called a friction pen. So what, you've heard of these going to get them in a local stations? Oh, my. So free quality here blue, black and red. So basically, I won't reveal a secret just yet, but we're going to use these to draw one of the seem line. So again, I'll just take black something when I line up for 1.5 centimeters on the edge of the separate has drawn my line straight. Okay, Okay. So my see vines, if you're fairly confident you have to do this, you could just do it by I or you can do only machine looks. All the machines have access to how Why'd you want you seeing? So I want to put them together. So full stop. Also Ill said this is wrong side. So I'm gonna write Ws so no, that's the wrong side. I'm gonna put the right side, get to grips with which side was selling because obviously it's about because both sides it's so Yeah, I got my two pieces now we're right on wrong side. Bring on them. So now I'm going to put the right size together. It's a lot right side, right side, later on top of each other. So now facing me, I have the wrong side underneath a wrong side, and now I'm gonna do is hidden together in a way I like to do. This is to go in on the line. My top piece of fabric and out on the line underneath. This helps get you help. You get is accurate. It's possible. I don't know if you can see. That's why I got in other line on that sign off. Come out outside. OK, so I'm going to continue doing that, and then I'm gonna take it over the machine. Okay? So next time you see me will be at the machine. 4. How to sew a basic seam - part 2: Okay, so we're up the machine now. This machine I'm using its it's a money world. It's a bit Nina. One double away, the best you can get. In my opinion, it doesn't really matter what more between years in more what you prefer manual or computerized. What will say is just a tip for when you start sewing the again if you need to. Sewing what I want to introduce you to is back talking. So basically, what have you start seeing? You want to go forward, backward to them, forward against the better the anchors thread in the fabric doesn't pull away. So all you do is in the occasion is position you needle in a fabric on your line. So this is just a little bit of scrap. Amazing. And on my machine, I have a lever which helps me do a backstage. Okay, so I'll just get more work for you Now. I'm gonna go forward from the back. It is the box ditch. Okay, So when you come to start a new scenes always back, track it, you need term, and you wouldn't do that. Will be when you are doing gathering, for example, you need to leave ends lose to help Paula gathers. Okay, so when you start the scene so it's far worse. Some people like to position it a little bit further in and go backwards. Start with involves entirely up to you how you like to do it in the same when you come to the and you do the back stitch again. OK, so it's more common on a backpacking. Okay, so little example for you. It'll take that stuff. But I got my piece here. That that's all nicely pinned. So now I'm gonna position it, and I'm gonna put my needle down on the line. So I'm gonna leave my photo and I'm gonna use the wheel and cranky by Hunter petition it where I wanted so that I'm on the line and I've not got the light on on the machine. Not because a little bit glaring for the coverage, but please do usual light when you're something so you can see properly. So I'm gonna have to try and try my best to do it without the lighting. So we're going to start my go back first, actually, So I'm on my width of the stick choose zero on my length is on three. So just have a play around with it. Independent you around 3 2.5 A huge around about right for register. Simple straight stick. So go back into this. I'm going to start with my lever pressed up. Or maybe you should start with you Put impressed in depending on what type of machine. So we'll go back with Okay. So I don't stop with my needle down, which is good. And I'm gonna carry on a go forward right to the end. When you come to the pins. I d league's best. If you remove the marshy girl when you get to them, it is possible to stitch over them if you want to What they need to be a perfectly the 90 degree angles. Uh, otherwise, you might snap you needle. OK, I do a bit of both. Sometimes I'm a little bit cocky and stick over there have ended up breaking needle. So just just be careful when you doing it. Okay, so I'm gonna start. I'm gonna so all way down. So near the end now. And I'm gonna get to the end of gonna do another buck time. Okay? There we go. 5. How to sew a basic seam - part 3: so face to see what nice straight lines. So I'm gonna show, you know, is what happened with these friends, Okay. And I've used a dark threats. People can't seem very world behind red sold. Just do a little squiggle here. These pens when you use these pens and then you go over them with an iron disappear and it's all disappeared, okay? And so these are absolutely fabulous little tools I used online, but professionals adult, like cheating or anything? Absolutely brilliant. Helping you be more accurate. One world by So sometimes the company that remark, as in when you've i them off committed a little bit white. 10 line, You know, I mean, actually that sometimes to come be a trace of of being the first you will get rid of the coop, but sometimes it comes. Leave like a line when you threw it. So test it first. Next to see how it works on the problem. But you using. But if you just 12 something or doing a market Absolutely amazing. We have You want some permanent marks? Like if you're drawing a doll or something, you may be wanting some charcoal because if you want me things out. I will come up from. Then you might disappear. Use them wisely. Basically Christel. Yet we've So you've seen how then? Pens works on. Now what I'm gonna do if you don't have another walker, you need a six tacky Roy juice. I would have anomalies exact off look before stitching together about it. Just a little sample. So I'm just gonna Before oppressive opened up the scoring. He's not thinking Shane on the adjusts. Just even nice and neat case they want friend. Okay, No, Mike pressed personally and I'm gonna open up. What was the point of the I am so just It's very open with my things. Press it for a little bit and then she use press it. Besides what you want to avoid coming in a little over. So it might be Sometimes you have to gently just running pool. Stop about help me, OK? It looks fine. 1000 times Do this with my fingers to say I'm going to jump me. She Yes. So, uh, yeah, you're not someone before. That's how you just do a basic scene. I'll see you. They took the next video 6. How to sew a fell seam - part 1: you know that I got some video on the federal See eso thesis what? I'm going to be showing you in this session, Okay? And I was found seeing It's quite a strong seem, and you don't normally see it kind of on the inside legs of jeans and things. Eso I'll show you how it goes together. It's a little bit more complicated than the French saying That's in my previous video off story every step. It's really, really part pressing with this particular seeing, but that will help you get the best results, and you can see as well that that's that's how it looks like on the right side of the fabric. And that's the wrong side. So when was stitching this? All the raw edges initially will be on the on, the front of the fabric will be visible. It will will fall to the edge over and conceal the riot. Jesus to me. So what? We've actually donors. We create a chew as well. So this particular scene, you can also use it if you want to make a call sick, and they could use it as a Jew being for the costs, it and to put you born in. You just got to make sure that it's wide enough for the particular boarding using. So it has some really good uses eso yet we'll get on with much. So here's my two pieces of calico So in Terfel I'm gonna use But what I have sent to me to see my once so reviews fiction pen You might have seen these and with the video so far and these really great little tills will come off with the heat of the I en suite Draw your lines on and then when you lie in it, press it, everything will disappear. Eso yet I'll use my set square again if you've used. If you've seen my other videos, you'll see me used force. I'm gonna use thes centimeter lines here to draw my seam allowances. So I'm going to use 1.5, so I'm gonna line up 1.5 Which is this line here with the edge well regarded Drawing these straight Could be straightened for me did. That's my one I have sent me to buy. I don't do the same for your piece to meet again If you don't want you so you don't have one. It's a normal real measures. Absolutely fine. You don't necessarily need this sort of equipment. Do this job does make life easier. So I've got two pieces there, so we lay them out Smart, but she's wrong. In what? She's right side. So to start with, when we stitched together, it's gonna be like that on the front. So all you're already zehr actually gonna be seen from the right side of the break? Okay, Don't panic, because that's how it's supposed to be done. OK, so we'll stitch them together so you could take ozone machine and just do it by. I want all you some pins again. As I've explained before, a good way of trying to get a little bit of accuracy used to go in on your line this side of an out on the other side. I can see that, and then you just repeat the all the way down and then we'll take old machine. And so it's s so the next time you see me will be the machine 7. How to sew a fell seam - part 2: Okay, So I'm not the machine now, and I'm stitching the felt seen. Remember, we've got 1.5 sent to me to see their opinion. All in on the line, out on the line, on the back. And if you've been confident, come to choose your lines on your machine as well. I mean, my 1.5 is about here. Eso I normally I would maybe just just gadget by putting the edge of the Catholic toe that line, and it will automatically stitch to 1.5. But don't like that. You just give you the x ray instruments and confidence. Start your room. You doing accurately. Okay, so I'm gonna start. I'm gonna pop my needle at the top with scene where I want it right on the line. I put my foot down. Was that were the box ditch? So we're back talking here, so we go back for a couple of stitches and then forward and down to the bottom animal backpack again and again with pins you can. It's advisable to take him out as you go along, because if you do sexual, sometimes it can snap the needle. Uh, If they're a perfect 90 degree angles, you need to get away with it. And if you're a bit cocky like me that you can't volatility pins out, you come do it. But there's a risk. Sometimes you might snap you need about it. Just be careful. So if you're unsure, take amount that you go. And when you do do that, make sure you leave you needle in your fabric because it's out and then you start over the upper ground, it's gonna move out Position. OK, so we'll start with mark time. So there. So if I wanted to take that pin out, you see, my needle is not in the fabric. So what I want to do with this Popma needle back down again, doing it by hand and then I'll lift my foot. Okay, so with that allows you then to pivot. But it's not going to make the stitch Rangel golden key. Okay, so we'll carry on to the problem. Come to the end now. So I'm gonna do is take up. Now I'm gonna do a back tuck getting away. So it's due back six. I didn't know we go, so we'll take that back over the table and we'll give it press. I'll show you the next stage. Okay, So here's thief. L seem again. So that's what it looks like at the moment. So it's similar to the French. Seen all the raw edges on the outside of the government. Okay, for the next stage is we need to trim one of these edges down by about 2/3. I would say, OK, so that's the next stage. So just press you the side. Overweight is with you just to make sure it's out away. And I'm just going with cities. Give it a trim. So you left without maybe have a sentiment to something. So you trim it down approximately by half or 3/4 2 3rd and see that there after that gonna peel off Rick from pencil. What does demonstrate how it works. So I've got my red mouth going. Yeah. So what? The next stage is is we need to conceal this edge on both edges. So what will happen is we will press this over to this side, and then this edge will then fold under, okay? And then we'll top sit you down, and then we'll have this. So this look at the right side. Okay, so I worked on the right side. Well, press this side of so side that has long procedure. I've ended up with a little bit of a lips. They're so I was gonna go over the other side, Just me pushed this outwards. Find it the next stage, we then fold this top car over concealing this smallest seem underneath what you want to do this Take a time out. We want it to be consistently saying with the long, so keep it consistent too. So I use a combination of your hands and the iron, but also some pins. So if you feel like you need to pin it in place on and take it over to the machine off a combination of opinion and then pressing, it would be I am as well before you take it to the machine. That looks quite nice. If not, she'll just get a real or are taking vacation. If you want to be really precise. So so pressing interposition really helped for you. It's up around a move without looks great. So, yeah, at the moment it looks like that a lot to do. It is to top stitching down itself, tops diction again. It did something you need to take your time with and try to be as accurate account because that will be seeing that part. Eso It's good practice for top stitching doing this, this type of sample so we'll probably old machine stitched up, down and finish. 8. How to sew a fell seam - part 3: Okay, so I've got the felt seen here. So all I'm going to do now is to stitch one long line all the way down. So I'm gonna leave my foot Ventress position Monita where needed. So please use either pencil friction panel friends or every you need just anything that's gonna age to get this nice and neat, because this is top stitching. So it will be saying, Okay, I'm just doing it by I I'm also possibly gonna use anything on this foot that might edge lining It took such of the inside of the foot there, lined up with the edge of the fabric there and that will hope keep my focus and hopefully keep my line straight. Okay, So, going to start as usual with a back tuck amenable to stitch Arleta I'm finished with, and then we'll go over the table and have a look. I think so. Here we are with the finish. Chelsea my threads off so you can see there the importance of it being straight with it being top stitching. If you just saw one in the white thread, for example, on a white for Britain KLibor shoppers, which if you do go a little bit. Wonky body is important if you're doing a contrast that if you want it for some sort decorative effect better than is important to try and get it straight as possible. So let's get that one last prince. Okay? So don't know how it looks on the body. That would be also aborning channel. That's while I got a piece of it is a little bit too wide. The axe is a chew for the boning. So if you were interested in making a cost, it thing is one way to make the channels instead of using readymade channels are in separate pieces to stitch on come to create the minutes in a scene. So that's another really good use for file. See? So that's helpful. Please do Let me know what you think or any extra like me to show you. Um please. I hope you enjoyed it. And I'll Caesar. Thanks 9. How to sew a French seam - part 1 : Oh, uh, welcome to my next video, which is a video on the French C eso I'll show you what I mean by French seeing this is a French See? Okay, when you do it, you seem that you stitched together when you left with fluffy part A really nice neat where you're concealing raw edges. So a French seam is something that she was normally on on sheer on floor T fabrics just to give the right Jews a nice finish because you don't really want to overlook that like that uses exactly. So it's a really nice, neat way just making the edges, but really nice. So when it's actually worn on the body, the fluffy bit, which is conceding varieties, actually one on the inside. So you have a nice seem on the front there and then on the inside. That's why you're flocking parties. Okay, So yeah, I'm gonna show you how to do that now. So I've got a couple pieces of calico, and what I'm going to do is mark some seam allowances now for the French. Seem you don't want to use more than 1/2 cent to me. Two seam allowance for the for the entire thing to create. The hall of that looks about half a cent to me to there, but probably used just under one of the house sentiment used to create that. Okay, so what I'm gonna do, we gonna mark my seam allowances and I'm gonna use a friction pen you don't have uses of your, you know, wanting to shoes a pencil if you want are you can get it by feeling confident or do on the machine. But that's what I like to introduce these people, especially beginners, because they're really good way of marking he seems and keeping them accurate. What you do is marquee lines on, and then when you come to finish the the item and press it, it disappears with the heat and steam of the iron. So there, up till to get an hour, includes of links on the on my web page where you can get them coming a few different colors. So I've got black here, and I've got to believe I think the community involved in that you can get them in station has released to find. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna draw myself about have sent me 3/4 sent tomato line from the edge Raj of my fabric. And to do that I'm going to use my set square This particular set square It's got its in centimeters. You can get in and choose is also causing metrical Imperial I've got said to me Drink mints Here s will be darker. Line is centimeter the line Is it hard for centime? So the where to market is to arrange it. So have sent to me right on the roi each on maybe just all just slightly over half sent to me I'm not put these juice perfectly straight. Unfortunately, it's a really easy way, Marty Seam allowances. But there's one side do the same with the other. Okay, so when we intend to a machine and again, if you feel confident, he come to Stuart straight at the machine measured from the increments Ejaz it machine. If you're not getting too confident, just pin them together. Is nothing wrong with using pins. That's what they're there for. The way I like to pin it is to go in on the line, that act on the line. You can see that there so I've gone in on that line there and when I come out, come out on the line, do the alway don't. The next time you see me, I'll be at the machine stitching that line. 10. How to sew a French Seam - part 2 : Okay, so I'm at the machine now. So now I'm going to So the same on the front seat, it's all just get myself set up. So pinned you all the way down. Just gonna position myself now. Apartment need aware. One tip down, and then I'm gonna go. I'm on a number three and the length zeroing the width, so it's just a standard straight stitch. So what I'm gonna do verses go back and then forward my backwards Lieber is here. This is what we call backtracking. So it's just to secure the threat so it doesn't unravel, so we'll go back first. I'm gonna put my needle down again. And when it comes to so and when you got your pins in, it is possible to sell over your pins. But be very careful when you do, you need to make sure there were a 90 degree angle. Otherwise they might snap you needle, so it's probably best to take mountain as you go. But sometimes if you're a bit lazy, cocky, like me, you want so over them and then you you, then you break the needle. Uh, I'll chance it. So wish me though, cause I'm gonna stitch all the way down. So I'm going to stop there as I go over to make sure coming towards the end. So at the end, I'm going to do another backtrack. So again, I'm gonna leave when I get to be a get in. There we go. So now we can take that back over to the table and we'll give it a press and actually the next stage. 11. How to sew a French seam - part 3: Okay. So anywhere, again with French Sea. So at the moment as it stands, this is the right side fabric for the moment, if it was on the body would look like that. Okay, so all you righties air expels. Okay, What we plan to do, he's conceal this. So will press it closed. And then what happens is we stitch line down there. Get your mother to sample. Well, who stitched up line? We got it all concealed in a little flocking heart here. Okay, so Well, just get this press what you can do as well. If you feel like this is a bit too long, you can give it a little bit trim. What you gonna do now? Because what we don't want when we fold it. We don't want any bits of threads poking out because they would have caught up in the same any more. Very nice when you first start Germany's column that your stitched up too wide. But it's just a bit practice to get them license on short meat. Okay, so, again, that's my right side. So what I'm going to do now again, I'll just demonstrate friction pens so you can see a bit better. You can see that read Mark. So we'll go over it with him. Could you stop? Disappears? Okay, press. It's been a presses over to one side. Check the side. What we don't want is a lip performing. You don't want anything like that. So it might be that you just need to gently pull it to stop that from happening. Pressing. Okay, so that's still that the right side still still see our rights. But now we're gonna fold over exactly in half around seen this and give it another press. It's all in the pressing with French. Seem to make it really nice from next door skin. Do it from the other side as well. Okay, so now what we're gonna do now, we've got that in half When I want to stitch a line all the way down that will create this little flop. You okay? Now? I can't see underneath. I don't know if you can see they're very well, but I can see the shadow off of the same underneath. So what I'm gonna do, you can use your picture pen again for this. You want? I'm gonna do slightly over half a centimetre about three quarts of centimeter and you could destroy line. Just help us, Guide. Feeling confident? Okay. Eso I'm gonna take the over to the machine again. I want to stitch that all the way down. 12. How to sew a dart - part 1: Hello here. Welcome to my new video on how to do basic dot s so called an example here. Basically a dart is where you create a little wedge in the public to east hopping around curves. Uh, from the hit Paul the bus, for example, s I was gonna show you a quick demonstration of if you wanted to practice how you can draw dart and practicing on on some scrap fabric in different ways. People like to do them. Okay, so I got my piece of scrap here, so I'm going to use a pencil. Can use fabric penance. Well, if you want to, um, please call friction, pence, if you haven't already saying them which in the ankle disappear when you use the I in with them? And so what, You're gonna draw my doctor and make it? That's it. Three centimeters want. So we're going to take my set. Square earned the top of the public. I was gonna block 123 centimeters. I'm also gonna map halfway point, which is 1.5 they want me to do. I'm gonna use this line here. You can see that this is a 90 degree on. This is what helps you draw in straight lines and square things. Officer, it's one of the men benefits of using this to, so I'm gonna Well, I hope of the Raj and I was gonna draw a line down the middle depending on where I want my daughter to stop to the states. There amankona join these points up to create now when it comes to, um, patterns when they got darts on the button. And what you can do is it'll. I'll ask you to to snip to mark where the Dottie's so I would do is slip a very small amount because that will help you when you get machine. This with you, Mark. So, Tony Snow Oh, just use a shark organic fabric pen. What we have to do then I think this is the inside of the government. We then lay because these these walks slips and I don't hear call noxious. So basically, one of the rules air sowing is that much notches. So with this, it needs to be notch on top of notch. So there's that notch one of the lait sweetmeats, the notch underneath. Okay. And that creates on wet your triangle, OK? And then we need to so all the way down to that point. So I'm gonna use a few pins. Darts are Azizi. So looked. So because he really it's important to be accurately dance Because if you're inside your line when you West will end up too big on if you're outside the line anywhere, still be too small. So it's a really, really important that we keep it as accurate as you can course four slower to come when you're in the machine. Okay, so just stop Penning's. I'm gonna go in on the line and out on the line and back in the No, uh, I'm gonna pin this all the way down, and what we need to do is hit that point there, and then we're gonna be then stitch off. But I'll show you copper, different ways of doing the doctors some people like to do in different ways. So, yeah, we're gonna cost the machine. I'm going to stick to all the way down and then I'll show you I have to finish that point 13. How to sew a dart - part 2 : Okay, so I'm here of the machine ready to stitch the dart. I want to start off with just a round About 2.5 length The stitch. Ah, so we'll start like we do a We are the ones I've showed you so far We're gonna start with a laptop One thing we don't ever do dark When we get to the end is backtrack it We want it to be a smooth as possible So the door ever back tuck it under the dark But once I get past all Sure you then what we do So position my natal I want to start first with oxygen again with pins You can stitch over them if they're at 90 degree angles. But sometimes if you're not careful, you come break needles So just be careful when you're doing it. So I'm gonna stitch Not completely other word I'm gonna get to about there. Maybe, and then I'll show you what I'm gonna do. Okay? Stopping part my needle. But down. What? God, No, no. Is to enable me to hit my point. It's best that come. I'm gonna make my stitch really small, but go to number one on the wits, and it's a big help when it comes to try and hit your mark. If you have you stitched too long, it just didn't makes it much more difficult. So I'm gonna take the pain out of the bottom, see my Mark Werritty's. And when we get to that mark with them, there's a couple of options we have. Really, What I like to do is stick off the fiber and keep going. What happens then is that the thread winds around itself and locks, and then when you come to press it, that steam should help lock it in. I have seen people when they get there, they stop bang on the point. And then they turned the fabric rounder than stitch back up so that that's another way you can do it. The way I'm going to do is I'm gonna get there and I'm gonna stitch off, Okay, But don't ever back talk when you get here because it won't life that you end up with a bit of a not That's not what he's not gonna lie flat when you press in. That's not what we want. Okay, so gonna I've got my stitch. It's a little bit smaller now and I'm gonna stitch off the market so you see no stitched off there and what's happened is because I come off and kept it quite speedy. It's kind of wound round itself and kind of locked together, and that's what we want, really. So going to snip half believe it with a bit of a tail like that, and I will take you back home and give a press and have a look at it.