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Beginner Stock Market Day Trading Course

teacher avatar Braylen Pinkney, Penny Stock King

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Intro Stock Market Course

    • 2. Td ameritrade 1st setup (1)

    • 3. TD ameritrade setup (2)

    • 4. Trend Lines

    • 5. Identify Support and Resistance

    • 6. What Not to Do When Trading Stocks

    • 7. How to Practice

    • 8. Stop-loss

    • 9. How to Hold for More Profits

    • 10. Drawing Tools

    • 11. How To Setup Scanners

    • 12. How I find stocks in the Morning

    • 13. Linking Charts

    • 14. Level 2 || Order Flow

    • 15. Brokers

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About This Class

Have you been watching youtube videos of "day traders" showing you these amazing results of 1000+ days and small losses?

I too was watching these all star players and I am here to show you the reality of getting there.


 After you do days and days of practicing, studying, and running your eyeballs dry from looking at the computer screen half the day. You will begin to notice patterns and how price reacts to support levels that his course helps you identify.. 


I want to help you fast track your learning curve to learning how to trade stocks, how to setup your platform, and how to not lose your butt in the stock market!

Come join my class to start:

~Paper Trading

~Learn About Price Action (1 of the most important)

~How to Setup TD Ameritrade Platform

~Risk Strategies

~How to Practice Trading Stocks in Real-Time

~Beginner Psychology of Trading

~And what not to do so you are not gambling with your money

                                                                                                                          Thank you for ANY feedback!  

Meet Your Teacher

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Braylen Pinkney

Penny Stock King


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1. Intro Stock Market Course: Hey, what's up? Smart people? Thank you guys so much for joining me in my beginner stop market day trading course. And the reason why I'm making this course is because this is the type of help or information that I wanted to receive when I was just beginning out learning how to trade stocks. Now, Ah, when I first was starting out learning how to trade stocks, I was determined I was going to figure it out, you know, one way or another, but I occurred ah, lot of losses on the way of trying to figure it out. You know, I freakin even used my credit card. I just paid off. And I bought into a program to be able to trade. And I lost that in two days. You know, that was, you know, $500 down the drain real quick. And I lost another $1000 training with Robin Hood and stuff. And not knowing what I was doing, didn't understand price action at all. Anything didn't read any type of meaningful books or anything? So what I hope to provide in this course, and it's ongoing. Uh, of course, in progress, I'm always gonna be updating and adding mortar videos and stuff like that as more questions and problems of traders, you know, come to come to light and I can focus on it. So this beginners start market day trading course is mostly aim that low cap stocks, you know, stocks $6 or under and held to trade him. You know how to have a training plan with, um, you know how to where to buy and sell that. And so you can ah, start, you know, making some money and start learning how to trade. You know, you could start off with ease, penny stocks from here, and you can go on to options, trading and stuff like that. It's way more lucrative in that type of field, but sauce of some risk to so. But you don't never get any type of gains without risk. So, you know, just don't be afraid of risk. Go out there and jump onto this with no fear, and I think you will do all right. So follow me into these videos and the course and asking questions like you can follow me on my profile and so you can stay up to date of any videos that post and stuff like that and reach out to me any time. All right, you guys see you. 2. Td ameritrade 1st setup (1): What's up, smart people? How's it going? Thank you for joining me and watching this video here. Here in today's video, I'm going to show you how to set up here. TD Ameritrade, show you how to set up the charts, show you how to get these candlesticks and how to get some good indicators to help you start off trading on the right foot. Now the very first thing we want to do is make sure that we have real time data. Is that when you first opened up the county bear trade deal, you will see delayed data up here and you need to contact him and tell him that you are actively trading or just tell him that you need the real time data and that you would like to have the real time data displayed on your charting platform. And they for sure will do it. No problem. Even if you don't have any money in your account. So once you got vet, the next thing you want to do is go over here and click on styles and you want to get your candlesticks up here. So we go to candle and right here you can choose between bars. You can choose between the candles How I got it. Ah, all different types. You do just lines. You know, people do it all different types away. Whatever works best for your eye, you do area and you know, personally a a lot of people we just like the good old Japanese candlesticks. Now, you can also add it these candlesticks that any colors you want Just click over here to this little settings icon. Good appearances. And here you can change the border color. Thea, I feel different colors could make it brown. You can make it orange. You could make it. Why? If you want to, I just like these colors because they're nice and bright and it can pop out to me so you can change the color you want. You even change the background color if you want making what, like that looks nice read. I'll take the stuff. It's got a whole color agreed that you can choose from, and I'm gonna show you the second most important thing that you need. That I believe you know that you need to know how to use officially is the timeframes right here is the time for him set up. Now you see, here have all these different time frames. What this means is one day, one minute. So what that means is it shows me the action that's going on for one day, and it's showing me price movement by the minute. So if you zoom in here, each candlestick is one minute worth of action. So this is one minute this one minute right here. There's another minute here. So say this isn't 9 34 There's been 9 35 9 36 and so on, So on. So what you need to realize, first of all, is that one minute, one day it's totally different from one year and one day will resume in here. Each one of these candlesticks represents Ah, whole day. So this could be Monday is Could be Tuesday. Could be Wednesday, and so so different time frames greatly effects the way that you will see a chart. So that's just that's five minutes right here. And this is one minute, a little bit more blurrier, so to say, but let me show you how to set him up. Good a time frame. Customized list And over here you can just click on add timeframe How you could do enter day, which means we within that day and here you can set to your aggregation period to, you know, each candlestick. What? What is going to represent? So, you see, you can set it up to five hours for one day, all way up to 12 hours for one day. Now, the ones that you're gonna need the most is one day, one minute, one day, five minutes, five days, five minutes, 180 days and four hours. Ah, yearly. And they call this a daily chart because it's one year and in each bar represents a day, So it's daily, and then you also gonna weren't years back, you know, three years, five years, You know, 20 years when you're doing long term investing, you want to see what that company has done in the past and how it handles, you know, rough times and stuff like that. So you need to go back as far back as possible and they'll even past 20 years. You can to see the history of that stop. But yes. First things first, make sure you have the most important ones that shows you. So you just click here and say we wanted a 180 days. You don't want minutes on the 180 day one hours, so I choose the highest hours. Four hours click Add it will click it over here. And when it adds it to on this side, that means it's also available on my drop down menu. So all right, you got your candlesticks and you got your time frames. So in the next video, I'm show you how to set up your studies and moving averages. Alright Season. 3. TD ameritrade setup (2): Hey, what's up, stock traders? This is gonna be part two of the team Mary Trade set up video. Pretty much is gonna make a quick video breaking down how to get the other side of the screen, How to get the candlesticks looking like this. This is a different a little different style candlesticks than I had it in the first video . And I could see the first video is a little out of date also, So just going to break down the essentials that you need to get you start trading and not put too much noise up on the screen. So first setting that we're gonna go to we're gonna click on this. I can. You can see you have my our size already set up here. Got the seven day or side could tell right here. This lets you know how many days just let you know what your max line at and your men line , and I'll go over that this 14 day or so. I don't really need that unless you're swing trading and, you know, just looking at a longer timeframe type of stuff. So let's show you how to get this Our sights set up, click arse. I ran to the search Click on our Sigh L puppet right here. He could settings and bam exceed a length and one of that seven. If it's usually start self at 14 and just quick it down and you'll get it down to seven. Lucky Number seven and be right there in gold if you want to keep your over. But at 70 I like to keep it at 74 because what tends to happen is the stock will get a little spike. The artists I would go to like, 71 and then come down quickly, and that wasn't really a strong sell. So I don't want my eyes toe get focused on the 71 70. Unless it's a strong sell, that's there's volume coming in from the selling side. So I put it to the put it at 74. Just my little personal private preference and the 30 oversold are a sigh at the bottom. Keep it at 30. Let me know in a good opportunity when it by and that the price here said it closed. That's good average type. Wilder's That is good, and you can set your colors here, you got over. But because that whatever cause you want to set green, I'd like to set it to orange and keep it like that. Blue is good right there. Click OK, bang applied to your screen. We'll set it up down here and then you get the are silent. You know, when a potential goodbye is potential. Doesn't always let you know exactly when a goodbye is but a potential goodbye up I'll let you know. And the potential good sales, how long it would over to the max outlining Just just can't sell. Assumes it gets over there. You could miss out on the bigger another 2% gain here, So it really just got to get used to watching the stocks, watching them on your own time, watching them in real time and see how it reacts to our site. It's not exact science, but this is your one of your best tools to let you know how to get in in how to get out. All right, so let me show you why I got these candlesticks could see here. It's a little bit different in the regular Japanese candlesticks. Put the Japanese candlesticks on real quick and could see it's not really a smooth transition. You got a couple more red candles coming in. Switch it back. So you got a couple more red candles coming in, letting those you know, some fake outs, Really? Just waiting for the max. L But, you know, that's why I put it on Heiken. Ashi kind of goes with the trend. It takes the average of the like the last two bars and see how the price action those two. And it gives it a better indication where that trend it's going. So I keep it on Heiken ashi could change here or you can change it back to candlesticks if you want. If you finding out that the candles are no messing with, you are having an effect on you off when you get in. When a gal stick to the line chart, it'll make you focus more on the arse I and get you in better on those good buys and sells . All right, so keep it on Heiken Ashi to do There we go. And next This is very important. You want the volume bars down here and you want TEM changing colors with the price action. Okay, Very important, because that lets you know who's in control. So we take the average here of the middle, pretty much the middle of where these bars air going above or just hitting resistance. Here you can see here that the buyers were winning winning when winning that a little bit of sales here and then the stellar start winning here but band little bit going here and then sellers came in. But I kind of let you know who is in control. We got a big selling bar right here. Start going to can't tend to come keep coming down until the sellers get really greedy. Really start selling their shares and selling into profit. So you need these volume bars down here. Alright, let's try to make this quick video. So let's go to settings appearance and this is where your fall you Marcie Volume bars. You can put preset color toe where just show it as normal, which is not good. Used to mess me up a lot, used to get in when there was sellers and control when there wasn't buyers and control. So this healthy lets lets me know good indication that who's in control and this watch stocks every day and you'll see how the volume correlates. Now, another little quick trick. A little quick set up here. Ah, if you notice right, if you go to the end of the lights, the last action off what happened for the day will probably stop right there, replied. The end of your screen will start right there and won't go any further like this where you can see clearly know what happened. It's just not right there. So what you can do is you can change that. Also, you go to settings Parents, ego to time. Excell time Excell expansion area Widen it up. 100 bars to tow the right is good enough. Five hundreds of little radical kind of messes up when you're trying to change quickly into different screams. So 100 expansion is great, you know, give you a little bit more room to see what's actually going on instead of it being all scrunched up right here. And you're like, good thing which is going to school is what's going on next, you know, So that's a little trick there and hope that helps you out. That's all you need to start treating these stocks. Just simple indicator are Sigh and I go over how to get in on these good entries identify support next videos. So keep watching and let me know what you are having trouble with in this video, leaving the comments and I'll help you out seeing the next one. 4. Trend Lines: What's up? Stop change. There's gonna be a quick video breaking down what a trend line is and how you can start drawing them out on your charts and how to correctly use. You know, I definitely don't use trend lines that much. I use support lines, Yes, support and resistance. But I do not use these diagonal treating trend lines that much here, mostly for longer term stuff. Swing, trading. I mean, it can be used for intraday trading. I'm just not very comfortable with using it during intraday. So let me show you real quick what it looks like an intraday, right. You can even take the price actually here. That happened in premarket and you can just stroll out this line here. People were using this line or somewhere. You know, crowd psychology. You could see the hell is making a nice trend line down that's looking further down. See how it keeps going down and looks like it just went down. All boyfriend in the day. And now it's breaking chin line after market, but doesn't really count what matters. What's happening in the time frame of that day that you're looking at in that really move it on to the next day for looking at an intraday. But you're looking at it Longer term, the yes, for sure. Let's look at apple. See healthy trendline. Oops, a pl And look at the one year, one day chart a long, long term chart. Each one of these candles here is one day you can see here if you take the bottom here soon it up and make it collide with all these bottoms here people's riding this trend up. It went out of trend showing that was overbought here or us. I recognized that you could see here, let me drill these trend lines a little bit clear. See here that it did make some noise later on. So that's kind of how trend lines can be useful, especially for longer term. Still, if you can see where potential areas for a balance or for a breakthrough is gonna be, something is gonna happen. Fallen from this trend line from this area. Other people are watching this area. People are looking to trick you, or people are looking to use this for their advantage and just, you know, practice using train lines as you go. I would definitely recommend just sticking to good old support. See here Price hit right here in reverse, and it hit right here again. Reverse Goodall support and resistant lines. It's where to go is that some traders that even been trained for years and years do not believe in directional pattern. They believe all price action goes left and right or pretty much to the right, and goes up and down moving to write, not up dying. The wise is going to the right. So used turn lines at your caution figure out best ways they work for you. Use the more longer term timeframes. Even the 180 date is also good for that. But most importantly, stick to support in resistant lines are Are you guys hope that was good video for you, uh, hope to see in the next one and continue learning 5. Identify Support and Resistance: What's up? Smart people. Thank you guys so very much joining me in my online course. I'm going to try to teach you guys how to be a penny stock king and or queen here in this video lesson, I'm show you support and resistance lines and how to identify on yourself. Now I'm gonna show you on a stock that is more upper price than the stocks. I usually trade because it's easier to see and identify the basics of this lesson. So let's go to Microsoft and let's open the 180 day for our chart. Here we go. Here we go and shimmy on over to the left. All right. CRE got some lines marked out So that's look at it cleanly. No drawing removed drawling Dan, that line was it straight anyway, all right. And a new drug. So let's look at this stuck Zoom in. All right, so we're looking for a price to be bouncing around a certain area. So we're looking for price to reject and reverse from a certain price area. Now, we're gonna have to block out some noise here and just move our concert to where we see a nice. See that little Platt till dear stroller encrusted. It's a little is where prices really actually reacting firm or constant reacting at. So we got one touch here, the pressure reverse here. We got this big draw line right here, and that's just computer trading, right? There's a whole bunch of shares being dumped, a whole bunch of shares being picked up, and it's just really quick. You mean you don't even see it happen? So it's just a whole bunch of noise. So price reverse from that for the computer training bounced around. We've touched it again. Then bounce around. Got rejected. Up here is with a lot of selling pressure, and they broke through support. But it came back first of sport, showing strength bounce before it touched this important price level and went up to touch resistance who succumb to show you resistance after this. So Price came back down, had a lot of selling pressure, and then bang, we block out this noise. We wait until we have some confirmation of this noise actually having, but we mark it out here, bam. But it's not that much trading you can see. So prices not really respected in this area is more respected up here. Sisi as it price broke this area and went up and continued up. So let's just continue that price for a little while and just focus on this price at 104 and 50 cents and it's going up. Hidden resistance up here Will Didn't find that cancer support bounced around support. Bam! Hit resistance came to support with some heavy selling pressure. Banned book hit resistance came back down with a vengeance. So let's identify resistance. Knicks support came here. Then we see a nice curl up here and marked his curl for potential resistance. Get the high you can. You can get a little bit lowers give a soups was get a little lower was get the actual candles mark across the top. Bam! There we go. So we got the support here and then we got resistance. You could see that Price respected this resistance. It didn't even too much go pass it set for this little area and it quickly came down. So it's got a big, strong respect for this $1.11 area, so that would always be a good area to comfortably sell at least at least half year shares . And then you have a really quick short, you know, quick stop. Plus close surprise. Because it quickly sales down. So could see here that price broke. This press was support. It will support it. Broke it. Try to stay above it, and it quickly broke down. Made this new support here with this Curly. See this curl action? Bam! Hit The resistance may curl up there. Bam has something. Pewter trading made a strong dip. But then price respected here, made a strong dip. Price respected here that price level Mesa support and then been when it went up to re resistance. Good, Strong green bar price got exhausted because it got identified for resistance because of the big breakdown here. Got respected here. Of course, this is gonna cost some commotion appeared Wait for the commotion to clear and you can see that it dropped down. Bam! Support its support here. Support dropped down, came back up. And what happened when it came back up last time? What happened when it came back up? The second time being first time, second time, and it goes up his resistance support it support his supported the in the day started off on support. I didn't even touch resistance showing big selling pressure, and it comes down breaks through support. So that's big selling pressure. Plus the breakdown support. You do not want to introduce trade because of all the selling pressure. Best red bars here Band broke through big selling pressure. You do No one enter trade and it broke continues. Dan would Oops, fan. So that is a quick way. How to identify support and resistance. You have to block out some of the noise here and focus on where are these curl actions actually happening? Curls up here at the top Curl, curl curl doesn't many curl here, but we're looking for the bigger play. We're going for the bigger, stronger, respected area Price action And even here you can identify this resistance if you go out. Thank until that was gonna be area resistant. Damn it. It perfectly where this price was bouncing around in this area where the price broke down. So let's look at another example real quick. Quick, quick, quick, gush. All right, Got some minds marked out. Oops. It's not so many more are there. Go. Remove these lines span. Bam! All right, So where is price? Where is the price showing curls at? Ah says right here. This will be a key area or support. We block out some of the noise. All right, get this lunch tray. You're a good, a little bit lower. Try to get at the 00%. All right, So we block out some of this noise of the lower wicks. It was the zoom in here. Block out that noise. Block out this noise and we can see that place is being respected at $9 band touches. It curls up here. Resistance. Let's go ahead and mark out with his resistance here. You see that? Where price kept touching it price reacted heavily to the price point drop down. So bam Price came here. Can resistance Soliday This consolidation drop down made it cruel. Action here may support the first support. I came up here, knew that it was getting closer. Resistance bam show big selling strength came down. Noise, noise, noise, noise comes down back to support makes a curl action noises down here for they were just looking at the $9 price area being get some good green selling. Buying pressure goes up to resistance, bounces around, consolidates buses, resistance showing more strong, showing stronger buying pressure than selling pressure. Even those got some red bars here that is showing a lot of buying pressure. So the price is more likely to continue going up after the effort. The ah retrace so is actually making a bull flag. You got the flagpole here and then we got the flag and it just busted up Band respected. The resistance became support, and in May, new resistance up here drop down, broke support and continued downward into old support. Where it bounced, it curled. So that is how you use the support and resistance line and continue playing with these lines. So you want to keep track of these trend lines for these trend lines? Could will show you potential areas of entry points. Oh, your price will be respected and will start a downtrend. And how to stay away from the noise outside noise. And this is where price is really respected at on up here, the and band drops down Goodbye. Goodbye area and I struck down letter read Seems like a reversal. If he gets a nice curl, can identify and support in resistance, you could see there look at that area of support all the way, but the and yet it does. You know, that's how you can get a potential area. Once, Inter looking back at past data here like all right, is it gonna respect this area at $7 doing for confirmation of of it to get out of this curl down here, show good buying pressure. You get in, get out at resistance. $7 in 38 cents a way to $9. Get out a little early 88 90. You know, just to make sure you're able to get out, you know? And that's over. A dollar gain being on a swing. So burn practice with the support and resistance lines and follow my trays. I will be recorded my trades and going over those how you support resistance in my trays with lower cap stocks. And for a long guys, thank you very much for joining hopeless Ian next video 6. What Not to Do When Trading Stocks: Hey there, students. Hope you guys were having a great day today. Well, this is a quick video breaking down what not to do? Because I know so many of us traders out there, especially in the beginning. We fall victim to this very much so. And I want to help you, you know, go through the process of just resting your hands and not getting in at the wrong time. So let's break down the chart real quick. We're looking at Vieques rt stuck that's treated around a dollar share. And we have our indicators here, right about the are so indicator, and we got the stochastic indicator. Now let's look at it four and made this explosion. Right. So the market just opened up here at 9 30 and it's moving around, all right? And I was trying to get some volume, and it's turning to rise up. No, if you could see here is making a pattern and the skin and bullish is breaking out of this pattern now. Okay. It's all right to get in anywhere in this area anywhere in this area, this would have to be a stuff that you was looking at for the morning and you're getting in at the beginning of the movie is testing out, seeing that indicators are making a slight rise even around here, this area of using the stochastic di slow right or you buying the dip on the arse I and just your writing you seen if it's gonna move up and quickly set your stop loss, right, you can see here has a long way to go to each stop loss of your stop losses around 4 to 5% you came in. Really? Get it on the screens, like around here. But after that point, once the stock starts moving up, you don't want to get in the arse. I is maxed out, even changes colors for you to show you that is warning. Do not buy. Do not. But so when you see the or aside next out, that means do not buy, do not buy. That's why. Changes orange. Warning. Warning. This is a sail area and then you wait for the stock to make a dude. It makes a good dip for you. The indicated returned blue for you. It's in the can, and that is a potential by area, so do not buy the stocks when it's showing all this green volume and you're like, Man, it just keeps going higher. I know you want to get in and, yeah, there's a potential gain here. It was much better toe weight on a nice dip here, right? Just write it on a ride it out to a cell. Here's a sail area here. Get out on good price. We could wait for the second cell. We're stochastic de messes maxes out in the are size, showing weakness. Just wait for a better trade. Do not get in when the stock is moving up, getting on a dip before right before the stock moves up. So hopefully that helps out hope. This keeps you guys from making the mistake of getting in at the wrong time and being patient, being patient, waiting on a good deal, waiting on a good deal. Great indicator is below the min line. That's the only time you want to buy one. Some some type of indicator is below the min line and you're still in that the Max fan. Are you guys quick video there Hope that helps. Let me know if you ah have any other problems were trading something that you're fighting with your like thing. Keep messing up with this. Let me know in the discussion sections and let's figure out the problem. Are you guys seeing next video? 7. How to Practice: What's up? Stock traders in students hope you have a great day today. Well, this is a quick video jump in grill. Quick on how to practice, right? How do you trade these stocks safely and how to trade these stocks without risking any of your hard earned money? That way, you will not have to go through the emotional pain and just wasting your money out because you're not gonna do good. Just starting off the bat. I mean, you might do good for a little while, but you end up losing it. I mean, there's no doubt about it. Just not gonna. It's not like a job for you. Just follow a certain thing and just repeatedly do it over and over. It's not like that. There's more like a business suspect, and you treat it like one, you know, planet out. You need to do you homework. Look at charts. Look at trades that you already trade it. Do screenshots own, like Adam, see where you could have had a better entry. It identify these levels of support, which I'm going to get into, so you had to do it and just keep practicing. Let's go ahead and get into his video so you can see how to practice. All right, so we're using TD Ameritrade on on demand feature here, right here on the top. Right has on demand. But if you said it routine Mayor TD Ameritrade account for free, you can use the on demand feature for free. And it let's you play back any of the stocks that happened within the past three years. Here you can go back here, does where you click the date that you're on could scroll back and see that goes to 2017. And that's the first Beckett go. One goes back three years and you just select your date and time and you click Go. Then you select what stock you're looking at and trade it like you would in real time. This is playing out in real time, as it would for the day composite band. Time stops price action stops. First play, it goes, You confessed for it. Make it go through seconds every one second just to go a little faster. If you are ready in trade and just want waiting for the good sale or waiting to see what the stock is gonna do. Just hit that fast forward or a chance to dime every couple minutes. All right, so now that we're in the on demand feature were trading with virtual money, I'm show you how to do that at the end to use the virtual money and not your real money. And, uh, But first, we're just identifying How are we going to get into the stuck? How we're going to catch this. Beautiful move here to worry catching 87% gain here or 10% gain there. How are we going to catch this? Move? Excellent. Clear out all the noise here. All the drones I made and let's say that we're looking at to stop before the market open. Right. So this is right here before the market open. Any of the great area after market after the market close for the day before premarket, before the market opened. And that's where we're We're looking at all of this. We're looking at what happened yesterday too. You could give us some, give us some clues here. We got some resistance here and see that. Oh, it touched over here too. See that it touched on this one tools. Just keep it as a area to look at Look like price reversal. We here too, So that zoom in, focus more on this. We got some action here, but we already got this level here. But we got this nice little here. I like when stock goes up, bubbles around a little bit and then pops up. Call this like a shelf is the shelf. So the potential area support where the stock could bounce off of and the premarket data is really important. Yesterday's price action is also really important. And it helps you identify what is going on, what might happen in real time. So that is the first thing you're not looking at. The indicators. First, you're not looking at the value first looking at where price could reverse that. Where is the support? Where is the support? But the price that stopped just jump down starts going up to here. They were looking at support boy up here, like all right to see if the stock's gonna come back and touch this area support. Look at the our side lets you know when you get in starts currently. Now you jump in and then you get out on the max out. But all right, see? All right. Say, we're looking at stock and make this crazy price action here and just waiting. You're waiting for support to be identified and got one touch here. Got to touch here. The stock does not want to go lower. It does not want to go lower. The artist's eyes going up is going up. Get in as close as you can to support level. Don't chase it when it's going green. Get in at this thing. Price low. 30 63 3 64 That is what you want. You want in on that good price. So if you get in at support and it starts going against you, quickly, get out. There's no stop loss of a certain percentage gain. You just get out. Okay? You bought at a good area. Support. The price was supposed to keep going up. If it doesn't, you get out. You get out, starts going against you. You get out quickly. And that's that's just the way I play. Maybe you can hold, but sometimes it does you No. But if you got in early here and the prices is going around here and get out a little too early, you know? But you gotta wait until it breaks this support area. Watch the our size. Our site curling up. If not, then quickly get out. But we get in, right? So say we even get in right here. Very last moment. Got three touches here like they needed some good areas support. We get in anything. We let the our side let let us know on one to get out. It maxed out here. I maxed out here. Yeah, you can get out. But there's not that much. It's not that much selling by. You got two bars here holding their wait for the bigger sale. Went to these sellers, start coming in, and they're like, Oh, okay, now, mountain. Now I got that good 5 to 6% game. Who can jump back in here? Even those really horde really, really hard to tell a level support here. That's not the best level. But we have way more buyers looking at the volume got way more buyers that we did sellers way more buyers got this strong bar up here. Sellers couldn't match it. Let's try it out, jump in the air. So it just comes with experience because of experience. Sometimes it just doesn't. Sometimes this doesn't always work out and just comes with experience or, I don't know, wait for the arts. I tell you to Max out. Wait for that good sale. Wait for that volume to come in. Band, you're out 8% game. Now, How do we get into this trade? How do we get in and start trading? All right. So look at you. Click on here is called after trader right here and click on that ban on right here. We've got the two buttons right here by market sale market. It's the only thing you really have toe. Look at. This is just a little extra stuff that you can get into later on down the road for just looking at the by market sell market, not looking at doing special. Where's limit orders? Trailing stops. None of that. Just looking to get in and get out because he stocks make these quick moves and could drop 2 to 5% in one minute to drop to 20% in one minute. You know, that's the territory that comes with trading. These low cap stocks could make these good gains. But canals can make some pretty bad Steep. I mean, look at that. Steep lost their very steep 10% of leprosy and manage. If you bought it, they opened. All right, so placing that were you click on by market. I just said how much you could save me shares. You won't appear or you can do it by cushion edit and pops up this little pup a bar here you could click How many shares you want. Let's go ahead and click firm and sin since the order out, right, We do it market orders only since the order out. They want to get out of the of the, um Then if you want to get out of the stock, right? Are size maxed out looking to get out? Same thing cell, actually. Let's do it on here. 500. So market Sorry. Got ah, 500 loaded sale 500. I've, er Marquis and click it out executed and we're done and show you how many shares that she bought for the day. About 500 earlier. Just tested out. So today I bought and sold 2000 shares, shows your profit and loss for the day and does everything like you would in real time. This is a great feature to start practicing on how to trade these safely and, you know, don't rest a gun. I do this for months. This for months, you know, do a little training alive, a little bit of money, but not amount of money that you would, you know, like, actually would with thousands of dollars or, you know, a couple hundreds of books. Just do you know, little small is you can just do a little small. You can't really trying to get really good at identifying support, buying at the men line, selling at the max. That's what you really want to focus on. You get like master at that, then started jumping into your actual rights share size and and you'll know too, you know, Don't fool yourself, so just take your time. Look at another stock here, give you another quick demonstration here in why Mt. Go ahead and clear that out here has moved this to keep each other lines here. All right, so I got one to cheer Bam! Oh, looking like area support and then bam. Soon as it starts opening up, people bought this upper hat. Words ready. Computers bought it up, gobble it up. And you know, it would been pretty hard to get in on this, right? You would have missed out on the 4% by right. They probably would. And I'm gonna buy right here, So just be patient and wait. Wait to see if there's another support being foreign and sure enough, Warren Group to got another top here. Three jumping on that are size telling you jumping. Don't look at the arse I before it gets to love support. That's the fake out Look at it when it gets to love support, they They got the good price that brought it up. It would have been hard to get in that 1 84 1 83 They probably it up. Jump in here on the green candle or the next candle. Here. Jump in. As soon as the artist I started coming up, jump in that and he write it up. 7% gain could go even higher, right? Wait for the goods That way for a strong sale on the volume ban strong sale on the volume. Look at that. That's volume. Looks way different in this one. A lot of green, a lot of red. Wait for the strong sell on the volume. That is the key right there. So hope this video helps you practice up. Get your right. Get your knife sharpened and just go out there and got him. Cut their throat, Toobin. And learning how to trade these stocks meeting help Needy. Ah, device anything. So let me know. Reach out to me and I'll be sure. Teoh, get it done. Just coming in The discussion discussion section already got you in the next video. Do you learn it? 8. Stop-loss: hes more people. How's it going? If you're watching this on YouTube, this just the average guy, although anything but average. And if you're watching this on my course and welcome students and in this video, I'm going to break down. Why it's so important that you have a stop loss. I mean, look at this right here. If you would have got in at the open, which I'm gonna play back for you and how you could got could have got full that. You know, you thought this stuff was gonna keep going up. How so important that you have a stop loss. So first, let's look up here. Let's say if you got in here at this green candle thinking that I was going to go up, look at the percentage loss, say you're still in the trade was play the ah play button and I'm using TD Ameritrade on demand feature where you can play back any stocks of the past. They have already been traded, and you can see here, let's remove this real quick and see the percentage loss. If you were still 8% loss, I could see there at the top right under two bars. So if you have got in at 3 13 through through 15 somewhere around that area and you still holding on to the trade around to 90 14 95 area, you will be at a 8% loss. Now does your strategy. That's using call for 16 to 24% profit? I don't think so. I don't think so, especially if you trading stocks under $5. So let's break down on how you are supposed to use your stop loss. Let's play back the stock here towards the Open 9 30 but the Bam Justin 9 29 go. All right. I'm go ahead and play the stock from the open and we can see all the Manus that unfolds. You see here, start look like it's going green. Look like it's going green. And if you're working a newbie, looks like you know you'll just jump in. You think that stocks and keep going up here in at 3 28? I think you're like, 00 it's going up. It's going up. You holding? See how much percentage gain that have been only 3%. You would that you would have held it you would have held it and it's going down, down. And so let's say if you got in on that, stop it real quick. Let's say you got in while I was going green at 3 30 33. Even though that is a very risky trading for trading at the Open, anything can happen just like this. That's why it's so important, especially when you're new to have a stop loss in place. If you're gonna be a day trader than you're a day trader and you by in the selling within the same day, you're not turning your day trades into swing trades. So if your swing trading you're not even looking at the one minute chart, so look it here that is already out of 5% loss or more. If you're in at 3 30 has more than a 5% lost that issue already down to a 6% loss. So if you're trading with a strategy, then your strategy calls for what percentage gain or represents profit that you are looking for, you know 7% 10% 15%. What percentage profit are you looking for now? You want to minimize your risk by having a set percentage of the amount of money you using portrayed and how much you're willing Teoh to lose. So say it's $50 a trade. So when you get into a trade, so you got in at 3 30 and you're treating, ah, say 500 shares for a small account as soon as it's drops down 2 $50 loss, you're out of the trade and you got to follow that stop loss. You gotta follow it to the T because that is was going to save you, even though your set up is set up just right. You know, whatever you're looking at for looking at a moving average and it's got a perfect cross over. Even on the swing chart, you have to put in a stop loss so you can protect yourself from the unpredictable, because when any time you get in a trade, it's either 50% chance that is gonna go up, we're 50% chance that is going to go down. And that's what you got to remember it as the key artists stop plus, so where I do it is, I have a 5% stop loss. So as soon as I get to trade, I just go like this. I said it for about 4% unless we know that it's hey is getting down to the danger area and they keep my finger on the trigger. You know, get ready just to get out, to treat no matter what, like a robot. You wouldn't think about your trading as training like a robot, where you're following your discipline. You're falling strategy and you're getting out where your stop losses says it is. And you're just getting out and looking that over the trade after, you know, after your trading days over to see where you could have done better, don't hold on to his losses, even in the paper trade account. Just follow your stuff loss. So that's what I like to do. I like to use TD Ameritrade's A Little Percentage County here. It set up a quick 4% 5% stop loss off of that, and that helps me minimized my wrists. And I set up a 10% to 50% profit range to offset. You know, if I keep gaining, you know, losing trade, you know, two times in a row on you just need to make one winner to either get me back into even or to get me back into probable. So that's kind of how do you want to figure out you're profit to stuff loss ratio? You know you want to make your winners bigger, staying your stop personage so that video is a little helpful. There is a little quick, little quick Russian tea and to what the stop loss mean and how important it is that should be. You should be more happy and following your stuff loss, then following a good trade. That's how important it is, cause look at that. If you still people got in that 3 17 you know, even 10% 10 cents lower than I said earlier. 3 30 you know, 15 almost 15 cents lower. And you're holding onto losing trade. You know, you're down 15 cents. Say was in that 3 30 Now you're down 30 cents. You know, follow that stop loss that have been a whole si mrs upon me like that would have been a whole 8 to 9% loss, you know? And that means if you lose 9% on your account, you gotta make 18% to get that back. So you know, you gotta really do the math. When you're messing with these stocks, You really gotta do the map. So I hope that was really good and form of the video for you real quick and describes in my chain of you watching on YouTube and my students on my course. Go ahead and comment down below and tell me you know, what's the next subject and help with next? I hear you guys I'll see in the next video. 9. How to Hold for More Profits: What's up? Future stock traders hope you guys are having a great day today. Well, I just want to say real quick, Thank you, guys, for joining me in my video on learning how to day trade. You're taking a great step and to learning how to day trade the right way. You know, in a nice Safeway in in this video, just gonna show you how you can maximize on getting the most out of the move. You know, sometimes the move doesn't give us You know that much. You know, like, uh, this is pretty good percentage gain, right? 6%. That's good. That's good. Just using the indicators It the our side dropped down. And, uh, other times, you know, it could be looking at a stock. You know, even though this looks like it had some volume here not the best, not the best, but just using the indicators because he here there are sigh at the bottom 27. Goodbye. That right there. And it's just a 3% gain and is very light volume. So you probably get cheated out of price and you know, if if it had some news or something and For some reason you're watching that stock and just not give you that much. You just have to go what it gives you. But other cases you can maximize mawr on even what the indicators say is going on and just going to show you how you can do some good little mind tricks. Because that's you know, what it's all about is pretty much confirming with yourself that, hey, I need to say in this trade a little bit longer, all right, I even though that profits are, you know the indicators saying Get out, Amy, Let's wait. I said, Stop here. If it breaks below this price of 72 cents, let's wait and see if the press is gonna go higher and bam, it doesn't just keep raising your stuff. You know, there's gonna be some scary parts here going on. You just keep raising your to stop until you get a really good sale. This is a really good sale that our side. Then you get to Max out the prices above, You know, everything that has been so far. That would be a good sale here, even though the bigger move here is going on there have been hard. Maybe sell most your shares, most of your shares here. Then just write it out, see if it goes even more. And definitely here at this lower high here, that is to sell. That's the ultimate sale there. It just goes lower throughout the day because they see that the stock is no longer trending . So let me break this down to you and show you if you where to get in this trade and how to maximize on kitchen this move. So let's see if we can use TD Ameritrade on demand feature that lets you play back the stocks. Damn. And you know any past time that they traded? Look here, let's go back to where it was a decent by here. All right, around here. 10. 28. All right, let's click that in being here 10. 28. Bam! All right, so now we can see it foul. What already happened and could see is like a whole different story like, man, Is this even a good bye that stuck is going down our size that you know what the men line. But that's to cast the in the cave that we used to determine if it's a goodbye also needs to be at this min line like it is here. So this was a a little bit tricky here, but if you just jump on in, he was in the arse. I get in on his green candle, he end up making really good money, as you could see, he, you know, from what he was looking at before. So you just got to trust the process. You know, even though both of them wasn't down below, it did make a dip here. You gotta dip on our site. Get in set a stop. 3%. Right there. You got your stop set. Let's go ahead and fast. Forward here. 11. Go Our ahead waiting. Just the hour got in here. You set your stop. He saw price went down lower 1% from what you got in that great Went down 1%. But you're right in. And I know you're waiting for the our side of Mexico out waiting for their the stochastic DMX out and start curling down. And this is technically the first potential potential sale. The first potential sell you could see there. You only got 3% only 3% gain. Do not just look for those small games, so small. 3% gain. Unless, you know you've seen some type of resistant like, say, stock was going up and you got into by right here and it came up to resistant. And it's only saying a 4% gain. Well, if it starts curling down indicators. Air curling down, you need to get out. You need to get out. Just go ahead and take that profit that you got. Now look in here to see how we would have stayed in this trade. Let's look at this red candle here. Let's look at this red candle cause debts. That's what's gonna phase you out here trying to look at the time right? Is that 10 59? So let's go to 10 50 10 57 56. It's called 56 55 seconds. Go ahead, TD Ameritrade. So real quick TD Ameritrade's about get buyout by Charles Swab, another brokerage firm, and hopefully this feature will still be available. I really love everything that's going on TD Ameritrade and I wish there was a game but out but just got to go with the flow and hopefully everything stays business as usual. All right, So you could see here if you're into this trade, right? Bam, You're in that 69 cents. Or if you got in even high at 70 cents, think the high was there. Oh, no. 69 cents was the high, so that was a perfect by 69 cents. Not not much price jigging around there. Got a weather. This storm here. Price steps down on you. Go whether that And now you see that our side topped out. See? Here. Down here are side topped out. Indicators topped out. And now you just floating around here. You got some profit. You got 2.5% profit. You're floating around. I just need a wait for the bigger move. So you're still into the stock fast for it? One minute. Going green on you. Look at that. You're getting a happy fast forward Another minute. And now the stock is going down. Now, if you have a Ah, now I'm not using WiFi right now. I'm using myself from mobile hot spot. So if using WiFi, you can play this in real time and I'll show you the price going around. But sometimes the undermanned feature doesn't work the best with my mobile hot spot. So you have to excuse me on that and Ah, so let's look at the red candle. You see here it's going down. Prices going down on you losing out on profits. Okay, at that price is going up. And now it's going down on you. Go ahead. Another minute. Here. Both books. 30 seconds. There you go. Nice. Fat red candle for you. Do not panic. Did not panic. You have stop loss right here. It did go down, but wait until the candle closes. Wait until the candle. Closest. Let's look at it. 55 seconds. 25 seconds later. Candle still red hanging in there, though. Ah, school hidden groups hanging in there, though. Let's go one more minute. The price is reversing. It got bought up. He hung in there. You wanna wait till that candle closes? And then price starts going down just a little bit. Can it closes it, opens his red, then sell if opens its green. Hang in there. Know that your stub loss hanging there, see what it's going to do he only got 2.5% gain. You Miles will wait on a bigger move, usually after a good deal. If you bought for good dip the artist, I maxes out, and it will do another curl to try to go even higher. So, you know, if you did wimp out, I guess, and cell right here. Yeah, that's cool. Three and 5%. But let's just try to catch that 10%. Just move it on prices, just jumping around on you and that means that is getting support. You got some green bars here. It's not going lower. You gain support, so be happy. Don't sweat it out. Sit up from your chair of you have to to block out the noise that's going on your head and just wait it out. You don't have that much percentage gain right there, and now it's moving higher. Maybe said another, says a sail zone that I like to call like the price starts digging around here. See that indicators made a good deal. This is a cell zone, so you're not really just watching the price level. You watching area, it's moving on up. A couple more minutes. Prices still move around. This consolidation prices going open down in the tight price area. A couple more minutes, you could see the indicators are just bouncing around its in the middle of the road or not painting fishing a middle road on pertain Titian to the cells in the by area. We're not really we're not buying anywhere in between, especially past the open, to go strictly by indicators past the open and, uh, let's look here prices going higher. It's going higher, getting a lot of green. Take it easy and just wait for the play to move out to play out. Keep raising your stuff. All right, so fast for they a little bit looking up here. Seeing that keeps one in the mix out, and then it starts out here, 74 stows out. It's making a lower lower, um, high here, just making a higher high here. So that is called the Virgins. It's making a lower high here when the indicators are showing. That should be going a lower price. Then what previous happened then? That's colored that versions and people look for that to start shorting or to start cell or start buying if it's going the other way. If the if was making a lower low on the price like here, making a lower low but the indicators going up to see that's what that virgins right there , it's going lower for indicators are going up. So they're just looking for it on the other way down to make money on the downside. Prices going up, up, up, up, up indicators going down, down, down. She got to realize that I realized good when it is really time cell. I mean, if we hang in there into this area right here, mean that's even a better man to me currently at my level. So, you know, I definitely would have been looking here to sell. Just like hope got rejected here and got good profit. 10%. Phil, lock in that 10%. Nice. Alright. Looking at 11. 30 you can see here. Price drop down on you. It dropped down. Your stop is right here at the top of these candles here. It's just disrespecting you right now. Just hold on through it. Hold on through it. Just no divergence yet. I mean, showing went up. It went up. Wait for another Max out. Wait for it to not mix out, you know, and that's how you hang in there, would it? To get a bigger gain and real quick, I'm show you another way you can identified to notice. Just hang into the trade, even though were day trading on the one minute one day chart. You know, that's struggled for intraday trading. Let's look at the daily chart. It's like 80 excess. It was over the max line on the daily chart. That means it could just keep keep getting bought up, keep getting bought up until it starts curling down. And that could be into the next day. So we could essentially held this trade into the next day. Or hoping the sale right before the the day closed would be the best thing to do here in this situation. Because we're day traders, right? We're getting in and out was, Look at that. Look to see what time is this 15 50? I believe it went up higher at the end of the day. Bam. Like that. Look at that 79 cents. It's over the Mex lines still getting bought up. I just had a big, big Friday if you really gets going Tunas and couldn't hold out get that good. 13% gain, 14% gain. That's what it's all about. Israel Day trading. He knows not just catching all these a little heels here and heels here looking for chart patterns here. Oh, that these chart patterns gonna mess you up if you're doing these low cap stocks may be for the bigger stocks. Use a little cat stocks where you really make some percentage gains chart Pan is going to miss you. So let's just focus on getting a good bye coding waiting for the stuff that tells Hey, this is a fill. We're ready to sell, ready to sell. We're not going higher. All right? So I just wanted Teoh clarify that. Let's look at FC a real quick. It was another buying holder fourth, and I've still been a little bit tricky to get in here. But using the K, he could have got in on this low point. Maybe so. I have some good news, didn't move here, and then came and Max tell so that will see 5% couldn't got four was a 4% on that 4% but you could have held out longer. Did a re by here. The slow D made a nice dip here. Still pretty much in profit or at a even price could just re bought some more shares. Here there's a week sell, you know, weak link cell. There's no big red candle going on here. There's very few very meant, you know, very little. It looks like it only move one, not even 1% on this. Just hold out. Let's listen. Look at where we would have placed our stop right here. Top of these candles before it broke out here. I could see and never even touches that price. Just mark out a good, good area. The hold Wait for this bigger explosion. Look at that big explosion are Sigh explodes over scribbling down d slows crippling down. That is a good cell right there. Just hold on for the bigger play, Especially if it's not much volume going on these low cat stocks. They push, they push. Just make sure you're not holding on to a stock past three or 4% to stop as your stop 3 to 4% some say 5% but your new three or 4% that's that's more than enough space. So I just wanted to make that quick video for you guys. Hopefully helps you guys out. Stay into that trade longer. Don't matter. You know what you're trading. Could be the spy. Gotta learn how to stay into the trade longer. You get the bigger moves. No, you're gonna want to sell here. It's gonna be dipping down. He's gonna want to sell its wait for the bigger moves. All right. You guys hope you guys have a great day of trading safely. Can use a paper trade account. Make sure that paper trade accounts can build up. So you know what you're doing. All right, guys. We could reach out to me any time in the community section. Actually, actually, I think they changed it to the discussion section. That's what is now called So you can type in there any questions you got? I do screenshots of the trades I take or stocks that I'm looking at and post them into their and hopefully you get the notification followed me so you could get the notification and hope to see you guys on the next trade. Are you guys piece 10. Drawing Tools: What's up, guys? Welcome to the next lesson where I'm gonna show you how to use your training. Are your one of your charting tools? It's Thea Darling Tool and you go over here. It's right here. Drawings, drawing tools. You can have a little pointer just to click around. Look around. Don't really to help. Zoom in, double click to zoom out so you zoom in with one click double click to zoom out. You can go over here to the tool that I use all the time, and this is the drawing is like the pencil tool. And use that to draw trend lines like that. You can also hold long, you know, hold the click down on the mouse to zoom in and it won't draw a line. And then you control your tree line like that. Well, that not drawing real trend lines. This demonstrating real quick double click to zoom out, and you got some other ones where you can make squares show no nicely highlight area of where you think a pattern is forming or just the better. Highlight the area for better viewing, and there's other tools that you can play with. Ah this one has a strange little method off trying to figure out the pattern with stock that it z doing. I don't use it. Really Use that one. It's all different types of once you can look at, but mainly you're just gonna be using the train line tool. I think that's all you really need to help see where you're trends. We're going to help establish support lines and stuff like that. That's all you need, because ooh, man, market trends out, stuff like that. This is a quick way to change your candlesticks right here. And you should be good. Thank you. All set up and ready to go see the next video. 11. How To Setup Scanners: What's up? Smart people. Thank you guys so very much in joining me in my online course wrong and teach you how to be Penny stock, king or queen. And I'm this video lesson I'm gonna show you what type of scanners that I use. So right here at the top, I click scan and I'm gonna show you how to set it up like these And what these criterias mean. So let's look at the 1st 1 we got. Well, let's look up how to save and load Scant queries first. So you gotta load personal. And is goto pulled through candle? Okay, so this scanner I actually got from another online course, most of you know it's not exactly set up like hiss. But I got most of the basic understanding from Bolar trading room by collar pulled from so just to give a quick shoutout to him on how I got this first set up. So you go here, we got stock, and this last means the last price traded. And this is the price that what type of stunk. So I'm searching for so we can go to add filter here for stock click to drop down and go to last alphabetical order last in the into the price that you're looking for. So she say you're looking for stocks that are over a dollar but not over $10 will only look for stocks that air within that price range. So XX that since I already got my criteria that I want and let's get this next criteria gotta add filter for stock, go down the volume and then you put how many shares a volume do you want traded before this scanner alerts you and then you just makes it out and give you that? So that's how you get that cracked interior set. Then we got percentage change at filter for stock, throw down percentage change and then make sure that it has the plus I 3.50 and then you just leave that next out. You can see that it's got 100 matches of that many stocks. That means we got the right criteria set already. Exit that and the last one is to study of the price direction. So there's gonna let me know that the last closing price has increased over the last two consecutive bars That means that's two green bars have happened like this band 12 And traders like to see that and jump in on a bar like this and continue the wave up, but usually at the open, where there's a lot of volume going on and to just following the trend. So I like to see that because it notifies me the stock start in play. So to get this criteria were actually gonna go to add study filter over here on the right. Not this one on this one right here. Going dropped down price. But for minutes, price direction close has increased two bars because he wanted no be known. You want to be alerted as early as possible. And then, bam, you got it set. He just clipped skin, and it's best to scan it. You know, during when the market is open and I'll just show you the stocks there are popping up over here. Should if you click right here, go to personal boulder. Candle is what I have it named, and it would be your watch loose your scanner. So let's go to other scanner that I use. Call it the lows and this scanner helps me identify when stocks are not a good reversal point. But I'm seeing a lot of red and it's down more than 5%. And within my criteria of being under the min line, I see, like, right here being on the main line. So when I have it set for a stock last price 40 cents to $5 which I can increase that B m and stop volume, you know, I get this go at filter for stock stock value. How much volume do you want? Traded and up that a little bit. And they re girl shows you how long I've been using these scanners here. And for cynics, change stock. That's the ad filter. I want to see it dropped down 5%. I mean, I'm looking for a reversal play on a down training stop. I'm looking to get out early because I know the stock is down Trend Inc Then I just click skin when it's all said and done. So there you go, guys, you can play with other study filters and stuff. They got all different type of warrants volume. The average for all you've on change could look on YouTube. Look at some other low kept free Ah, scanners. This is all free from team mirror trade. Thank God. And do you know, just play around with it. Thank you very much. You guys for watching this video, though? Hope you got some good value. Open toe taught you how you can set up your own scanners. And don't be afraid to try out other scanners to that you think might work out for you. So continue watching the videos. Continue learning, and I'll see you the next one. 12. How I find stocks in the Morning: Hey, what's up? Students and stock traders. So I have got some good old feedback from you guys in the Q and A or in the reviews. And I wanted to go through the process on how I look through stocks in the morning and how I find the ones that look the best to me. So what I recommend is, you know it's just gonna be a learning process and just got to learn how to recognize when a stock is showing good potential. But I'm getting some tips on how to recognize that. All right, so we are used. My scanner. Let's go. The scanners real quick should be in the scanners video where I show you the correct settings to use. Let's go hit a low query were quick, personal and scanners. Carlos, and this is my scanner settings and make sure you're scared Scanner settings to set to this , and I just go to my charts. Click on a personal lows possible big a list of stocks that are moving for the premarket, and I just go through each one. I don't like choppy practice action like that. That's not really that good. This one, I'm a watch because it has some good price action yesterday, and it's a very low stock. Had a big drop, right? I had a big drop from a dollar 20 all way down to 28 cents. Look at his big, massive volume. Definite gonna watch it for today. So you just gotta look for clues like that. We got Val here. Look at that. Nice price action. We got about eight minutes until the market is open. So this is very nice practice session going over the high. But let's look at this level for support, Right? We're looking for areas of support. Look for levels of support set alerts, wait for price action to come to us or referred to start to explode and then quickly look for areas support. So this this could be on our watch. He had a big move yesterday. Look for areas support here. Potential support. All right. Using them Premarket after market data. I don't want to look at that. We don't want to look at stocks that been dragged down. Pull down. Not really. The best setups. We don't wanna look at that, you know? Nope. So you just got to go through the list. Go for each one. Look at the news. Maybe I don't really like to look at the news. I just got used to looking at price action. If its stock goes up, you know, 30% in premarket. You know, like, uh, bc are exit stock goes up like that. We're definitely looking at a stock like that. You could see Ari got my alert set. Got some lines marked out. And those are the type of stocks I'm looking for. Something strong the scanner will show him up for you won't catch him all, but we'll catch a lot. So I hope that helps you out. Find the stocks you need for the morning and just shut up to me if you need help and, uh, see you in the next video. 13. Linking Charts: What's of smart people really quick in this video, I'm sure you had a link your charts up and have how you can set up to have multiple chart showing so you can watch multiple stocks at once. So you go over here to this box, I should be right under your minimize and your expand, and your exit right here is just square box, or it's gonna be the box of wherever your charter setting up to so real quick you click on , like, 34 months out of the box change. That's the format that you have. And in here you can just type the start that you wanna watch. So put J D. Here, right here. This is thesis Immobile link. Now, this will link chart to another chart. So right here we both got Apple with now fight taking JD, They'll both changed to JD if I opened up another one and put in Amazon and see how Amazon is off by itself. Honey, try to get this one right here. Here goes. He looks a little better. All right, so Amazon's here. Solve myself. Now, if I link um it's now JD and now do that. And they're all Amazon now. Okay, so that's the power of linking. Could change it. Two different colors, which everyone? So you can keep each one separate. Now, short in this a little bit. All right, here's you can see a little better. All right, So now this not only charts, too. I mean, that's not Onley links to your charting, but it links to year watch list as well to the new. So this is where your news is being shown. Right here. You can change which one you want it to relate to the of the stock from the this chart on the right side. Or you can have it matching up to your watch list. You can change it, decided over so you could see it. You can change it. Different links. Bam, bam! And so whenever you click on a stuck whichever charges linked to this one, it will change to that stock automatically. Fastly so well, Your watch list could be seamlessly fast with this linking and see how this one day change because it's under a differently on. And that's very nice. That's how you can Steve socks quickly. You can change it up. See how many as many stops as you want as you can fit on your screen. Ah, you really want Teoh not to be watching too much, Especially in the beginning. You're very, you know, just starting off. You only want to be watching to stocks. Maybe three. If you're going to be watching, you know, split screams and stuff like that. Just toe, you know, naral down and not overwhelm yourself cause it's a lot of information going on in a very short amount of period time. So do you. Very careful. Are you guys I'll see you guys in the next. Uh, listen. 14. Level 2 || Order Flow: Hey, stop traders. Have you guys were having a great day today and are enjoying the course? And this video? I'm going to break down to what Level two is, and pretty much how it is pretty much crap nowadays that this request to make this video about level two and I really don't use it much. I use it sometimes. I mostly is on TD Ameritrade as having click on the level two right here. With that, it pops up on the bottom. I mostly used the active trader tab. This is the tab I don't like to use. It shows all the orders, you know, within a certain, whichever is no present and the viewing area. And it really shows like how the orders air stacking up against the sellers or the the sellers are stacking up against Viars. Yeah, let me break down all this to you real quick. So here, Not super overloaded with information. So let's go back to the regular level to you and I break down real quick what the level team is. The level two is pretty much a order book. So say if we didn't have any of this computer trading going on, and there's people and the break ground like it was. And back in the days where people were sitting around and a certain building or area trading stocks and way to get their orders in, they would have to know right down on a piece of paper or ah, certain by paper that the brokers use and put it in their orders. Now there will be 1 to 2 people who would be taking these order taking all these orders. So back then, you could probably call them the Marked. Now, the market makers are the people who add volume and liquidity to the stocks at all times. You know, like you know, sometimes your stocks there have no liquidity at all of this because there's no retail traders traded them at all. But there's retail traders coming here, and the month the market makers are Bayer. They're gonna help out with the equity in the grand, do their best to make money off you and your bad traits. So let's break this down real quick. The level two is the order book, so these are people, put it in their orders, using a limit by which is saying that I want to buy the stock at Onley This price to say they put a limit valued at 103 is saying I'm only gonna buy the stock at one of the price drops down to you know, three. Right now. Is that one afford? It drops down in one of three. I'm getting field. It goes to 105 I'm not high Order is not going because 10607 My order is not going in to the price job Sound 103 My order gets field in the same way that goes for herself. Even sell. It only goes on the S price. That passport not breaking this down. What is the bid was the B s was the ask what is the A s? Well, the B s is not bullcrap if you're taking a that even though the Level two is pretty much bullcrap nowadays because of all the computer training and how people kids height their orders, so is very a non reliant in my students and non reliant indication of what's really going or so pretty much the bid is what people are really into pay for are putting their orders into people or a stock. So right now is showing that a dollar by, since there is three orders waiting to get placed in at 105 the owner s. It got three orders waiting to sell. Asked the cell bidders by as to sell toe 106 there waiting to sell at a dollar of six. Now, that's not to say that there's some traders that bought at Warner for and how they're quickly selling at 106 or buying that one or five or seven. I'm one of six. No, these air, probably completely different traders here. And this is just the easy way to see what orders are going in. What orders are are going out because people cancel their orders. You could put a big sell or big by order where this is showing my 500 or 400 which is the BS, the bid size, how many shares, And I think this is by hundreds. Is there about hundreds? This is Ford about 4000 shares being traded at one of four. So cream much where people used to dio is because look at this level to was played in real time. Quick, you can see it's moving around. Jumping around. He seemed that the bid is getting bigger and bigger. You saw 60 E prices going up. Buyer's coming in, prices going up now. People used to could look at this and see there was a big or size say 100 200 and that would give him. So what of a clue that price is gonna go up just like how these are 32 33 as people spying on this uprights. Now sellers are looking for this and looking for all these buy orders to come in so they can sell against it. Because if you're a short seller, persons betting on the stock to go down the people who are buying your orders because pretty much when you are short selling betting on start to go down your borrowing shares from a broker betting on the price to go down. But for your orders to go through, people have to buy at the press that you're bidding on from that point on to go down. So if you're short selling at 109 or 1 10 dollar on I, you're putting your orders in now. But you seem buyers are right here to order something. Get field put in orders, and then you are just waiting price to go down. Price goes up, you start losing money. Price goes down, you start making money. Just like it was going doing a regular trade in the stock market where you're betting on the price to go up. People call this born long, you get in at 99 cents or a dollar and venom price to go up or you're making money when prices go up, a losing money when prices going down. So it's just the opposite of the two is just another way to make money in the market. But the level two is definitely, um, not as reliant, because people can hide their share orders they can high. Even big institutions can hide how much, uh, chairs to get body. Now, the when the orders go in and to stop flex these orders going in, that definitely shows they have to show that otherwise they get penalized. We're not sure there. Now there. They have to show that the orders were sitting on here on the order books No, but he does have to show the price period bucket of those orders going unless they're very , very big traits than it was. Break them up into sections. Have trades going on for days and days. So level two I used you don't really use it that much. As you see, there was a lot of buyers here at 109 was played at back room. Quick, if you get a cream playback case So stock price was trying to go up 108 About seven 700 shares. 1100 13. 40 40 40. Look that you find that 109191919 Just took a or spaces there because there's so many orders and they're coming in from different routing institutions. So each one of these names here is a different way to route your order. So saying you're doing a regular limit, Warner. And did it choose any of these names to choose which way your order is gonna be? A route? It is most likely just gonna go through N Y s e and why I see you can see in why SC is that 1/5 to sixth level here. That means your orders. Our game field. After all of these, all these orders there you ordered its field. So certain brokers that you to be able to choose which name you want to use to get your orders field and then the process of doing that to also they can hide Helman shares. They are pretty. So you can use level to as you want. His best is definitely best for when a stock is rising up like this. And then you started to see a lot of sellers coming in against the buyers. And I will give you a little indication that hey, this stock is might be heading birth downturn or you see the stock going up. There's a whole lot of sellers going on here. There's a whole lot of sellers buildup two for a virus to come in and buy their shares up. And this is what you call the wall. So there was, like, 300 here on the A s or the 1000 on the A s. That's what you call the wall that so many by lawyers would have to come in to make the Philip all those sale orders make price go up. So it's pretty much a wall saying, Hey, I don't want You don't want to stop Price to go up and I'm betting on it going down, some, creating so many cell Where's here as making stuff treated, scared to buy in at that high of that resistance wherever that price was? We're building that wall that so it's a little confusing. It just comes with experience, and I'm definitely going to try to get a video where I'm sure ing you what a wall looks like, or what people are right when people are rushing needed. But by orders and stop Price shoots up, I'll try to capture videos of that. Just stay tuned to the course. He wasn't videos. I'll give you a good video. What the walls look right and too much. You can't really trust level two. Just thing. It's just another way that people can late mark so hope that answers some questions. Dear to you, I've definitely just trade using my beautiful indicators here. And unless we know when prices at a bottle prices at a high point, all right, you guys, look, that's it for this video. Hope you guys. I learned a little. At least a little bit learned. Well, something did it. Please come below. Any questions you have about video and I'll get direct TV. It are you guys see in the next video? 15. Brokers: Hey, guys, thank you for joining me in my video course, and I'm a jump straight right into it. Here in this video lesson, I'm gonna teach you about the different brokers out there that you can use to trade stocks . All right, Now, the 1st 1 we're gonna check out here is Robin Hood. Now, I love Robin Hood because Robin Hood has zero commission fees. So what that means Every time you buy or sell a stock, you will not be charged any fees or in in any commissions per trade. So since you essentially means money that you put in is money that you get out. So this is a great platform. Start off in the very beginning. Now, the only drawback with Robin Hood is they don't have any events charting or any indicators , you know, whatsoever. So, like, this is definitely a great AP in the platform. They just now got on the Web Teoh use in the beginning. But you're definitely gonna want try out other brokers to, you know, the ones that fits your specific needs. And the other brokers have different advantages and cons to them also. But the next one real and check out is you Stop trade. Now the thing about you stop trade is every time you trade their fee is a dollar per trade . So when you biased But I stop no matter how many shares is gonna be a dollar that trade. When you sell a stock, it's gonna be a dollar at trade. Now, the way their platform worse is it's pretty much peer to peer. So you're you're buying directly from somebody else who selling the stock, The big con. With that, you stop trade is that if nobody's selling that stock at the specific price that you want on this platform, then you won't be able to buy it. You won't be able to by this years. So this is fairly new platform. Ah, worry of them. Do not, you know, try to make this year main account that she used is definitely something to use as a starter kit. I would say Okay, so the next platform we're gonna look at is TD Ameritrade now TD Ameritrade's Great Now a TD Ameritrade. I still do believe you can open up account for free. They have great tools and platforms I used to use Ameritrade every day to look at my charts , and I used their platforms along with another broker also. But I really like TD Ameritrade's platform. As you see, they do have a feat portrayed. It's only seven books. It's not that not too bad, you know. Difficult be ah worse they could charge, you know, per share a mountain stuff. And that could get more costly than just mere 7 14 bucks per trade, you know, in and out. But I mainly if you're just a beginner stop trader, I mainly want you to look at these guys for their tools in their charting platform. They also provide free videos to teach you how to trade and stuff like that. Every day they have this likes, taken swim TV, and it's just ah, show where they put out different subjects of stuff that they can teach you on on how to trade. Now, the next broker you want to take a look at is e trade. I haven't actually used e trade at all, but I have heard good reviews about them, as you could see here their tools or, you know, not the highest quality. But they got good researching tools it could with your mobile phone. If you're on the girl here, you know, at work and you're trying to do some trading on your brakes. You know, they're pretty good to use on your phone. Know, Overall, I have heard good things about you. Trade. I was thinking about trying amount just to see if they offer me a better advantage over something over a different broker. But you had check him out. I think they do have a requirement amount that you have to use to actually open and come with them. But yeah, shake him up. So the next broker we have is Charles Schwab also like this broker. Now, I haven't actually used this broker at all, but they have a special account where you can get your kids, start learning how to trade and getting active in the market before they're 18 which I think is a great program. Now, Charles Schwab's also have regular counts here, $5 portrayed here. They also have many different investment vehicles, like index funds and mutual funds that have been getting pretty good ratings. And they also have free videos and software itself to teach you how to trade. Also, this is also a very good broker that tries to teach you about training. Now the next broker we're gonna look at, it's interactive brokers. I haven't actually used interactive brokers, but I have heard very good things about them. They have, ah, pretty competitive pricing for the commission fees. Now, a lot of things out. Ah, active day traders do when they use interactive brokers. They also get Wolf, another platform called Bass Pro trading platform, which, in the enhances their experience trading and give him a faster execution. So using those two combo together definitely has their advantages over many other brokers. Now, their requirements for opening up account or higher than most burgers so does seem here. You need to have at least $2000 to open up, account with him unless you're a financial adviser or advisor for friends and family or any of these other exceptions. But I have heard very good things about them, and I think you should check him out now. The next broker, we're gonna look at it. Sure trader. Now, you sure, trader, because I like the low minimum needed to open account with them which is $500 the low amount toe have leverage now leverage. That's pretty much like borrowed money on the spot, and it's very dangers if you don't know how to use it. Now, this broker gives you leverage automatically, and it's up to you if you're going to use it or not. So I definitely would recommend waiting until your got your feet wet. Got some good experience, actually, knowing quite a bit what you're doing before you actually even think about opening up an account shirt trader. They're not us base their from their based in the islands and stuff, and it's actually a drawn out process to sign up with, Um, But if you're trying to build a fear, count quickly and you've got a really good feeling that you know what you're doing is a great broker to use to build up that money, to get into a more competitive broker or more cost efficient program, because we're sure trader. They charged a certain amount of sense for trade, and I say a certain amount because you could contact them and ask for a reduction on those fees portrayed. If you're gonna be after trader. So the range care Very. But either way, the costs still ends up being pretty costly. Now, the last broker, we're gonna look at Speed trader now, I wouldn't recommend speed trader to you guys for just being getting out. I mean, they have a, uh you have to have at least $25,000 to open up with Count with him. And it's definitely for people who actually know what they're doing and just looking for a really good platforms have some fast execution. It's a really good tools that they can use now, but we're just beginning. Stop traders. So Robin Hood would definitely be the way to go in the beginning. You get your free stock when you sign up with, um when you someone's code and stuff like that, you can use that code to get other free. Stock is, you know, skin your feet wet without putting as much without game tour by fees and stuff like that. And then you could start upgrading up to TD American, trade up an account with them for some money into them, learn how to use their training software it and find a broker that you really like to use, Thank you guys for joining me in this lesson. And I hope you enjoyed it. Um, get ready for the next one, cause it's gonna be exciting.