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Beginner Chinese Painting | Waterfall

teacher avatar Ashley Yang, Chinese Art Around the World

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Waterfall Part One

    • 2. Waterfull Part Two

    • 3. Waterfall Part three

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About This Class

I had a great time Travling and painting in ChiangMai  for 1 Week. ChiangMai is a beautiful place in Thailand with mountains , temples and the waterfall. In today’s class, I paint outside with the scenery of Mae SA Waterfall. It is sketch the nature, if you like painting and traveling, This class is for you, Enjoy the class, You can paint the beautiful scenery where you will travel.


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Meet Your Teacher

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Ashley Yang

Chinese Art Around the World



Ashley Yang is a Chinese artist from Shandong Province, educated in Beijing. She has worked in art education for seven years and studied Chinese art for fifteen years. She graduated from Capital Normal University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Education and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Painting. As a student she spent time between her studies working as a private tutor and art teacher for various organizations around Beijing including the Confucius Institute and Middlebury College’s Interactive Languages Program.



When she got involved with the study abroad program CET she made many foreign friends and discovered her true passion: teaching Chinese art to the rest of the world. A... See full profile

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1. Waterfall Part One: uh, have you? I'm so this today. Thailand. You? Why? What? First use our pencil to sketch this out. Just be make sure the trees are where they should be and did. A waffle is right side No deep the little combination Brush into lighting to cover and depend More details over the sketch for the trace penned from OC. Worse, my read the signees off your lungs and first when you prancing branches at a slowly when you penned sick branches. Don't add too much water to the brush because it can cause big darts. I used to brush like in calligraphy price and a sweep cantor trees behind darker than the ones in front. This different house show different layers. Nesa is how are three dimensional effect is achieved in Chad painting Were you Scotch Nature? You should all four cars on the fishers off your subject here may have mandatories. Also two wines on this other trick Behind the trees turned out line off the rocks It old be a big rock. So to pent eight we waited a Now Penza rocks age uses a tape off the brush. You don't have dependent every layer just the most prominent ones skipped a waterfall for now, and the pens are. Rock has a other side in the later rock and the bottom besides the rock, there are some trees. Pens up branches first. When sketching nature, it is better to pens us Hillary in front. First, spend branches that cross each other. No paint another rock behind the trees. You're starting to paint shadows on the top off the rock. Also, hand shadows between the tress. Penn More rocks Try Fate buys jokes for the rocks by the mo trees on the top. Remember that you don't have to pent Eritrea into sense. Just show some in the front off the ones you find mostly interesting. Tom Fall. I will meant subject so wonderful. Use the same brush with stocking. Start with some bucks because the water will be what here is, how to use blanking to put in the white water. The tape ends the rocks and the shadows off the water for so shadow swept up brush and depends towers fast. It is go to use fair buys jokes to upend, Multi tells. I use the side of the brush for short lines. Just price. One answered off the brush to sweep it quickly. That's about eight falls a waterfall Strangle you say enough 2. Waterfull Part Two: live different sized the space between each one. Some lines are long and the sound shot repents are back part. To make sure the Pentti has different haunts. Told multi tales in just the front off the waffle. Use the middle part off the brush. Depend. Ah, horses. Whole land for the bridge. The K two Pentti Street. It's to go first, where always are changer paper. Natalie was your Pinkett. Relax your wrist and Forlan's on the short lines. Father arriving behind the bridge. 10 small voters with lighting. No checks are over. All Tom of your pinky appeared for design. It's different house duck. What and the Greek can . The lower rocks doctor and the bottom of the painting Use lighting to Penza. Water tip. Hands up, Brush dry. Compare your painting to the real, since the water is a shadowed basil rocks so penned bag and a false ends a share. Go part. Make your plenty and colorful. Combine blue ink with a later water to pencil waterfall just penned on the great part. Then, at a later right to mix with blue to get purple. Depends of water on the culture. I tried to leave some West base. Use brawn to pend rocks. Some students have asked me, Why is that? You should the color from the front to the back. Oh, back to front, generally colors of front First. Today we'll tries a reverse to say how it comes out. Kept canteen rock with broom leanings of branches for We'll catch some once the rock strike makes blue right and agreeing to got a Dockery. 3. Waterfall Part three: and the pens are tress in the background. Don't have too many details. Just the shadow. The chase and the top can be backer pencil leaves In groups with Ducky, this is the first player. The second layer is painted ways. Lighting. Penza lives in different ships. Yours, shots, jokes, no taste. How solid this painting. They first colored in the background and now at the foreground. - If you want our that green just at a little bit off blue to your green, this color to plantings are tough spaces this way. It's a talking. It's more literate at the year. Load green to Penza leaves were you pent? You can also leave spaces I d. More year low. Makes it later Shiner tryto either some yellow to the water, just a little bit to make a shining at Ah, little right on the bridge makes blue ride and the Bronx depends on branches. Penza, background mountains. Bram Your screen. Onda yellow. Two pens that leaves the hands up bridge. Now use yellow depends on water Again. I don't know how to conduct waffle now