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Beginner Chinese Course - Survival Chinese

teacher avatar Dandan, Chinese teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction of Survival Chinese

    • 2. Greetings

    • 3. Self-introduction

    • 4. This,That,What

    • 5. To go or To come

    • 6. Go shopping

    • 7. In the restaurant

    • 8. Ask the way

    • 9. In the hotel

    • 10. In the hospital

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About This Class

Hello everyone,welcome!

If you are watching this "Survival Chinese" course, it means you have already planned to learn Chinese.
This course is designed for beginners . It is a scenario-based language course, and the content is from easy to difficult . In this course, you will learn the most practical Chinese in different scenarios:

  • Greetings
  • Self-ntroduction,
  • Asking the name of objects
  • Asking for directions
  • Go shopping
  • In the restaurant
  • In the hotel
  • In the hospital. 

After you have completed the  course, I believe that you will have the confidence to chat with Chinese people and maybe you could  go to China and deal with some situations all by yourself.


Meet Your Teacher

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Chinese teacher



Hello everyone, I am Dandan. I am a Chinese teacher.I have been teaching Chinese for more than six years. I really like my job. My students are from all over the world.I like to make Chinese learning videos and share them with the people who is interested in this language. I hope my video can be useful for you.

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1. Introduction of Survival Chinese: Hello, everyone. Welcome to them than Chinese. I'm a Chinese teacher Then Then I've been teaching Chinese for six years. In this video, I want to introduce to you about my survival Chinese course. First of all, this course is designed for the Chinese learning Beginners. If you're interested in learning Chinese and want to know some basic Chinese or you need to temporarily leave in China and need some Chinese to help you deal some necessary situations , then this course is perfect for you. In this course, I'm gonna teach you the most practical Chinese off daily life, such as grading self introduction, go shelving. Ask the direction, go to the hospitals day at the hotel at struck each. Listen, I'm gonna teach you several important sentence patents, and then I'm gonna give you a few new worse in order to practice those centers. And the last also prepared the real life dialogue to help you practice your listening and speaking. So are you interested? What are you waiting for? Let's start 2. Greetings: however well, welcome to them then, Chinese. And then? Then today we're going to learn great things. And then we're gonna start with Hello. Hello in Chinese is me. How Ni hao Ni hao. So if you say Ni Hao to a Chinese people, he or she will response to you steal me How? Let's see. Okay, so here me actually means you. And how means good Sony? How literally translate is you? Good. So if you want to ask, are you good or how are you? You can put money at the end of the sentence. Soma actually will have certain meanings. You put it at the end of the sentence. Enemies this end. This is a question that need to be answered with yes or no. So are you good? Is Ni Homa Ni hao Ma ni hao ma and the order to answer this knee Homa, we're going to start with I I in Chinese is war. Uh, very good is hung. How? Huh? How so? I am good in Chinese. Is what ho? How war. How But no one can always be good. So if you want to say I'm not good, not in Chinese is Oh, oh, oh, so I'm not good is wah boo how you are? Boo How? Okay, let's see you help Mom. Well, huh? Yeah. Alma. Okay, now we have a sentence. Patton Ni Homa were ho. How What? Who? How so now we can change the word action. The meaning of the sentence. For example. Here we changed how the new work is. Mom. It means busy. So if you want to ask, Are you busy? You can see me, Mamma Ni Mama Ni Mama and answer. I am busy walks and Mom walk Mom! Walk! Mom, I'm not busy. War boom, Mom! War boo! Mom! War Boom! Mom! Now we changed again. This new work is hungry in Chinese. Is Bill. Yeah. So if you want to ask, Are you hungry? Ni ocma Ni ni oma You can answer. I am hungry. War, huh? War. Well, I am not hungry. What Booth? What? Boom! What do Okay, now we change another word. Hired late les life. So if you want to ask, are you tired? Ni Leymah Ni Leymah Ni Leymah Answer! I am tired. War late Woman Late war late. I am not tired. War who play war boo! Late war Boo lay. Okay, now is the time for you to practice your listening. What? Okay. Can you understand every word you hear? No, You've learned grating today, so And you've learned loves off new worse. Are you tired? Nie Lei? Mom, you can answer me and see you next time. Bye. 3. Self-introduction: her one Welcome to them than Chinese. And then then today we're going to learn introduction and before we learn self introduced let me tell you something about Chinese names. So in Chinese name have to ways to say one is singing me. Another one is means so off course there difference between this tours Actually we use means a lot cause means can use done everything Not only people but seeming can used only on people I'll tell you what. So as you see she mean have two characters one is seen Another one is me She actually means concerning on the meaning means given them so in Chinese surname always comes before given name for example Can you recognize this little cute monkey? His name is so cool so soon is the surname on the whole Koum is the given name So now you know the rules of Chinese names less lor how to ask names. Okay. So that there is a word we need to learn before that His sugar mama means what sin mob sin mob So when we asked names we use means so Chamot means means what name? So if we want to ask What is your name? You can say needs Shamma means it needs you. Shamma means so Here, knee means you. So, Mrs Call so literally translate is you're called one name. So the order to answer this question we need to change needs? Yeah, into warts. Yeah, because war means I for example, my name is dim That so I can see what's yell gente What the what then then Okay. No. Can you ask names? Let's see. Okay. In China, actually, when we first met someone, we don't always ask their full names. We just asked their surname. Cause is enough for us to call that person. So as I told you before surname in Chinese Is she so sanction Ma surname What? So we can say Ni sink Shin mop means What is your surname? Ni Sink Shin Ma ni sinks ma So if you answer, we change Need sing into war Sing If it's me, I can say what seeing young What I see. There's another way to ask this If you want to show you respect So first you need to change me into me Me, I mean is a respect Way off calling you so we can see me, We'll see. I mean great. See? I mean wait See? We actually means expensive So literally translate Is your expensive surname is what? And what we answered we can just answered for example is me. I can see what sinks young is Okay, But if you want to show your humbleness you can say me a quick since me quit sings Yeah me an means no need quick stew Meat is expensive so translate is no need expensive not expensive Surname is young Okay, lets see nest Let's learn how to ask the nationality First word we need to learn is country in Chinese Is war cool war So this country is gua actually loss off countries name have this character for example China is junk war from war America is make war may go Korea is hung Goal, hunger, war But remember not all the country full of this rule And if we want to ask which country that is not cool Not cool No school If you want to ask which country are you from? Is where are you from? In Chinese is Ni should not Gorgon ni should not Gordon Ni should not Gordan Sony Miss, You sure means is our engine, Miss people. So translate is your ah which country? People. And when we answer this, we need to change me into wash. So I am Chinese. I can see wash drunk Warren Wash drunk Gordan Wash drunk Gordon. Okay. Now can you ask nationalities? Let's see Waas Okay. Today, Wheeler, how to introduce yourself now Have you learned it? See you next time by 4. This,That,What: her one will come to them than Chinese. And then then today we're going to learn What is this? And into this? Listen, we're going to learn this that when you ask something was this was that on how to answer it ? This is that hiss and the include fuel new worst that is very important in Chinese. And then the last I will teach you a very important matter would good in Chinese. So if you're interested, let's start first. This in Chinese is job to and that is not No So what is this in Chinese is duh since and Ma sits And Mom uh, since and mom so, so sure is this shoot is I'm is a Sharma is what So translate is this is what So the other is different from English So the other to answer this for example here there is a book book in Chinese is full full Sure, so we can answer it like this is a book in Chinese is job should do Teoh shoe. Okay, now we used to cause the things is very near from us. But if something is far from us, we're gonna change to into and they here is the coffee. Coffee in Chinese is coffee. Coffee? So nationals and mom, Because they re like now should coffee now. Coffee. Okay. It's not difficult, isn't it? Now it's time for us to lures a new worse. First is computer in Chinese is the end Now the end now but next cell phone show See so d next Passport Who job? Who job? Next Wallet. CNN ball Sinbo. Okay, now we learned. And yours. It's time for us to practice are listening, huh? Now the two people say the same thing because they both near or far from the things next. Yeah, well, no woman used job, but man used now is different. Okay, you got it. So let me teach you a very important matter would good in Chinese. I call it the Magic Maj Award because there are over 200 measurers in Chinese. And, uh, since there are so many measure worth, so you can't remember all of them. So if you don't know which one is the correct to use girl is a good tryst. It's not perfect. But people will understand you, for example. And when we use good, we use like this number and good. And now? So if you want to say what Oh, computer or what computer we can say You go there now. Niego then Now. So here is to cell phones. So we say Young girl show. See Leah Girl Show. See, that has in here too. We didn't use Are we use Liam next. Sango Who? John Sung Girl Who? John Suker. CNN Ball. So girl Chen Bo. Okay, now So my fourth day. See you next time by 5. To go or To come: however, one welcome to them than Chinese. I'm dead today. We're going to learn. Where are you going? So into this Listen, We're going to learn three very important Chinese verb to go to come to return and also include feel new worst that about the places name So if you're interested, let's start first. To go in Chinese is true. If you want to ask where are you going? You can say need shoe Lally need true Nolly Ni True Nolly ni means you true means to go Nani means where so literally translated is you go where? Here is a place supermarket in Chinese is chow shoot How should tow shoot? Actually, child have meaning off super and the shoot is a part of market. So for example super men in Chinese is Children Okay, in order to answer Where are you going? Nationality. Here we change Need to into what shoot does what he's I So I can say what shoe chow should means? I'm going to the supermarket. What to do? How should war to cow should? Okay, now is the time for ours to lure some new worse First his airport in Chinese is de Chong See charm See Chart next his office Go Shoot! Go should go Shoot nest hospital e Yeah, e Yeah, yeah, yeah school. Sure. So she so she so Okay, now we can practice our listening next. Next? Yeah, okay. Says we learned to go is true No to come in Chinese is a lie Lie, lie So if I want to say I come to school I can see war lie She so war lie She so next and come to try now War, lie drum war, war, lie drum war If I want to say I come from China, I can say war lights June war, war, light Drunk war I come from America War lies of may cool War lights make war Okay, so much for light Next to return in Chinese is way, way, way Okay, if you want to say I'm back to the office I returned to the office You can say war way Bam , boom, shoot war way bang gumshoe war way bank gumshoe. And if you finish work, we need to go back home. So home in Chinese is Zia? Yeah. Yeah. So I'm back home. You can say war. We Yeah, war quit war weight. Yeah. Okay. So much for today. See you next time. Bye 6. Go shopping: hello. Run will come to them than Chinese. And then then into this lizard. We're going to learn shopping. If you want to go shopping in China, the things, the basics Chinese, you need to know we're going to learn to buy. And also, if you want to ask the price how to say it And if you want to bargain and also in crude, feel new Worse. So if you're interested, let's start first to buy in Chinese is Mei. My, my So what do you want to buy or what do you buy? I need my money. Knee my show Mom Nii mei Shan Ma ni means you my needs to buy Anderson Month Miss What? So is you by What? Okay, here is a word. Cell phone in Chinese is shoulder. See show. See show. See? Okay. I'll tell you a simple way to remember this word Actually show miss your hand and it see half the meaning off machine. So short. See, your hand is holding it right. The machine that her hand is holding that is sheltie. That so when we answer the mash of Mom, we need to change the my into warmer because What means I so you can say wall my show. See? War my show. See? Well, my show T Okay, now it's time for us to learn some new words First, this is fearful since the cell phone is sheltie. So the earful must have ear in this word. So this is our tea. R c artsy are actually amuse you here that his art and a Z is also have the meaning off machine. Next Silva is Shafal So far shall next is map that his team to the tool the two. Okay, now is time for you to practice your listening, you know will make you know Well, my heart you nation Well, my teeth walk. Okay, So much for to buy nest. We're gonna learn how to ask. The price that is in Chinese is door shell, CNN door shall CNN door shall sin. The one means a lot many shall means little dosha all actually asked the quality the amount off something and that shin means money. So if we want to buy a cell phone, you may be asked how much is the civil in Chinese? Is jugar sheltie door Schultz in jugo sheltie door shots in jugar sheltie door shell sin in the purpose Listen with learned this that and also a magic magic word that his good you can used everything which you don't know The crack measure work is so now we need to learn the Chinese money That is our be called You mean be so The meta ward off money is quite what quiet It also have other measure award But we don't use that when we say it. So you remember to quit is enough And then here this is 100 r and B so we can say he by quiet sin eat by quite sin eat by quite sin And sometimes you don't always need to put CNN at the end so you can just say he quit. It's OK, It means you put number as quick as the things Tyne and you can express the money. So here, since we ask sugar short sea door shots in so we can answer it. For example, this cell phone is 3000. It's the results and quiet so we can say sun shin question Sun shin question Sun Shin quite see in or just Centene quit. Okay, Since a cell phone is sent him quite. Some people think Well, it's OK, but some people think maybe is a little bit expensive. So at this time, maybe you're gonna be bargain. So you can say p A. They are p a p r. Okay, They are so Ph. D R muse, please cut it down a little bit. Hey, Miss Cheap and put er at the end, so it means cheaper, so you can use it every Where to park. Okay, so my phone today See you next time. Bye. 7. In the restaurant: however, uh, welcome to them than Chinese. And then then so today are Serero Chinese. Listen, we're going to learn the basic Chinese in restaurant so into this. Listen, we're going to the hall to elder to food, so they're important verb. We need to learn that is to want and to eat or drink and also after eating and need to pay the bill. So how to say that in Chinese, Of course. It's gonna include few new worse than about the food. So if you're interested, let's start first. To want in Chinese is Yeah. Yeah, And if you want to say I want a cell phone So cellphone we've learned before, which is sheltie and the magic measure work is good, which you can use that everything. So you can say war. Yeah, you gotta show. See war. Yeah, you go show t Okay. Here. Yeah, used as a verb. But they could also add another vert, which is just like English. So if you want to say I want to buy a cell phone by in Chinese is my so you can see war. Yeah, my ego show t war. Yeah, my ***. Short sea. Okay, next word is to eat in Chinese is sure sir. Here, for example, don't please. Which is my favorite food. So dumpling in Chinese is How is it so to eat dumplings, We can say sure next to a drink in Chinese is who? Who? And here we have juice. It is war war too. Ochoa actually have the meeting off route. And that means the water you squeeze from vegetables or fruit. Okay, so to drink juice, which is who? Go to who? War too. OK, Do you still remember? I'll send his pattern. What? You all my good show? T So here we change. You can say I want to eat dumb, please. War. Yeah, shoe deal. Well, yeah, sure. And if you're in a restaurant, the waiter off which is is gonna ask you what do you want to eat first? And then you can answer What help should doubt. So what do you want to eat? How to ask in Chinese. So here. Is that off? Yeah. Should we need to change war into me And what is Should Mom? So what do you want to eat? Is Ni Hao ma Neo soon? Some money. Okay, we change? I want to drink juice. What? Yeah. Who? Watson. What? Yeah, Who What? So I want to ask that What do you want to drink? So we take into who Ni Yeah, who should Mom Ni Yeah, Who should? Mom. Okay, now descendants pattern. We've learned it's time for us to hear some new worse. First, this is hand put noodles. So intelligence is long Mitt la mere So lot actually means to pull So you go to the shopping more or anywhere as long as they have a door. So there is a sign on the door if it's pool is gonna be This character is a lot And the immediate nous powder will know what's new Those made off next his eyes squalor being could look being cool Look So call me is look on a big miss eyes Next is rice me fun me Fuck So we'll know that in China the main meal for Chinese people is rice. So that's why the restaurant actually in China in Chinese is fun Did fun it so and may not have every food, but it's definitely gonna have rice. Okay, this is beer. He dio p t o So to you, old actually means alcohol. So different kinds off alcohol all has this character in it in the word on a p. So the English is beer. Beer. So Chinese is so it's kind of similar. Okay, now is time for us to practice listening your shoes? Well, yeah, yeah, him. Why don't you? Yeah. Good. Well, yeah, Well, your bookie Joel. Okay, that's no here. So instead of asking, what do you want to drink? The Yale Hirsch. Emma, the woman asked, Like need DNA Ni no. So we don't need to ask the same question again again. So we can say, What about you in tennis is ni ne. Don't get your fun for you, Tanya. Okay. The waitress asking What do you want to eat? Your shoes, drama. And yeah, even me. Fun hood. Even limey. So even is 10 and add is the measure ward. So we can guess. Son is like the measure Work for the food. So translate is a portion one way in the restaurant. When we order food, normally we use this measure. Would like you thin me fun. Neeson. Lime. Yet your cushion. No, baby, but you compete Feel OK here? E j being could look so being baked also is the measure. Work means glass come So e bay being could look these glass off ice Kuala e king So peeing Miss bajo So a bottle off beer. Okay, now, when you're finished eating, you need to pay the bill. So this in Chinese is Mei done my then my done so have the meaning off Bill on the my miss By so Chinese is literally like by the bill. So after eating it, just call the waiter And he said my dad and it's ok. Okay. So much for today. See you next time. Bye. 8. Ask the way: Hello everyone. Welcome to them than Chinese. And then then so into this our survival Chinese. Listen, we are going to learn the basic Chinese. When we asked the wave so into this Listen, we're gonna to learn how to ask some place is that somewhere. And also if it's very difficulties grub when need to learn some important the verb resentful to turn and to turn left to right or Gold Street. How to say that in Chinese And they also include few new Worse if you're interested, let's start first. We're in Chinese There too is to say it. One is non lee, not me the other it is Naar naar I know our at the end of the word is a little bit difficult for low So students to pronounce within the Chinese. But actually you are a Chinese. Were you asked a weight we tend to use our rather than next Word is at is all is thank die . So it described the place location We definitely gonna need this word. So in China, because they thanks John, That John No, you asked away. We're you can see why are yes I know are so for example. Looking for a Chinese school He asked. Hi. Use yourself by our Hi. You sure? So far. Okay. Here is then then Chinese school. I always dreamed I could have a school like this. So Chinese style. And it is just breath here. So here in Chinese is John Sure Jaar. So we ask Where is the Chinese school? And, uh, if the Chinese school is here because they high use yourself die Sure How you show yourself ? Sure. Okay. Now is now. Here is there is no now. So pay attention to pronounce station. So we're is not our And then there is no So the Jones is different now. Our disserved home and the nahr the forest. Okay, it's easy to get makes up. We can save high. Use yourself. No. How? Use yourself by now. But if the situation is like this says can't just say here or there. Okay, Now we need to learn to turn. Oh, also true is to say it. One is wise. Why? Another one is You are watch. You can use it both. Both Okay. Okay. Next left is so, uh and the right is you're you. So here you want to say to turn left so English is turn left. The Chinese is so what? What to ah what it's like left turn and to turn right is you. Why you Why now we can use another one is jaws. So to turn left is zero To our to her right is you drive you joy Gold Street is sure so ju though so means to go to work on the street is Jew she But here my hair is straight hair So actually in half Jew in this word green hair. Thank you, Hair Now this practice. So if I'm here your point. Okay, Now I want to go to them then Chinese school. So I'm gonna bridge there. His left is the root is like this Here is a very important point. Is intersection intersection in Chinese Is blue coal you call, you know, Let's try to describe this route in Chinese. Okay. I think there are three parts in this. So first is sure So Juzo And the second part is new coal. But we can't just say the word loophole. We need to say cold. Thank you cold, cause I need to get there as that point, we can turn, though the certain part is Watch what? To watch you. Now we're finished to describe this route. Can you do it with me? Juzo Loophole, Georgia, I say again. Cheers all. I don't call a large one. Okay? Still not full this. Listen to you next time. Bye. 9. In the hotel: However, one welcome to Dent and Chinese did then. So in today's our survival Chinese. Listen, I'm gonna teach you the basic Chinese in hotel so into this Listen, we're gonna learn the basic Chinese you're gonna need when you check in or check out. And also how you can express your need. Of course, is going to steal include few new worse. So if you're interested, let's start first. Chicken in Chinese is rule true You do Rule actually means go in somewhere on the true miss to leave If you want to say I'd like to check in in Chinese, I is What? So I would like to room True Would like in Chinese is CIA So the sentence is watts? Yeah rule true Waas young route here sell at a verb means I would like to do something and they hear we changed the vert I would like to leave for example. That is so true. Yeah, true. So if you want to say I would like to leave for three days how to say that in Chinese war Young true Sandton war young, true suntan some means three and a chin means the date here. If you're in the hotel The receptionist may ask you the question first How long would you like to stay? And then your answer is I would like to state for how many days So the question in Chinese here the answer is waas young True. So the question must change war into knee which is you. But if you're in the hotel normally we use I mean causes more Plus so means some jewels How many days door show Tyne Door shall tin Your previous Listen we've learned how much in Chinese is door shouts in so door shall is asking the number Next check out in Chinese is tweet Fong Toy Fung So Twitter means give back on the phone Miss room Since you use the room of the hotel Now you want to give it back to the hotel So that is check out here I like to check in Waas young route True And if you want to say I like to check out that is Waas Yeah twe phone Waas Yeah Twee fun nest How to express your need? Well, we've learned to want in Chinese is Yeah So today we're gonna learn another important verb that is to have in Chinese is yo your so here a single room that his time and did. Then again. So if you want to ask, have any single room Do you have spare a single room here? So, in Chinese, is your banyan gin on a Here is a yes or no question. So in Chinese, we don't need to change the alder all sentence. You just need to put a month at the end of the sentence. So the sentence is your tendency. And Mom your damn in Gemma here, if it have, is your you're and they don't have that is may your may your Okay, Now it's time for us to learn some new worse. So since Italians Ian is single room, so actually done means single gen means people and it's in have the meaning off room. So it's like single people's room. So here have to best. So that's a double room. So we changed them into shuhm because Schumi is double means two. So double room is Schwamm Randy in Shrunk engine. Next is room card song, song car. Next deposit. Yeah, it's in. Yeah, it's in. OK, now it's time for us to practice listening. What is your Haga? We'll start to return here today. And Jenna, you know you know, you have him up meal Jewish in your heart. Rochon. Tweet two showed up. Okay. Here, sing. Shelled, Um, actually means please wait for a moment. Okay? So much for this. Listen, I'll see you next time. Bye. 10. In the hospital: however, one welcome to them than Chinese. Then then. So into this hours of ever Chinese, listen, we're going to learn the basic Chinese in hospital. So into this Lizza, we're gonna learn some common disease how to say them in Chinese and also how to read a doctor's prescription. Of course, they're still going to include a few new words. So if you're interested, let's start well. The first common disease popped in my head that his coat code in Chinese is God. Mom. God, mall. I have a cold. So I in Chinese is war. What got Mom? Well, if you say walk at Malta changes people, he will understand you. But that's not 100% correct Chinese. Soon he put a look at the end of the centers. Lots of students may ask why is look because loom used the past tense. This is I have a code is not finished yet. So here Luke actually means something changed before your house, the person. But now you're sick. So your physical condition have changed at this time with you need look at the end of the sentence. Okay? The question is, what's wrong with you and then the answer is I have a coat. What's wrong with you? How do you say that in Chinese? We still need to change war into me. What's wrong in Chinese is the mullahs. So what's wrong with you? Needs a mullah ni said Okay, Now let's hear some new worse. First fever for our show. Fire show for show Next diarrhea live live folds live thoughts next. Too sick. Yeah. Home? Yeah. Home. Yeah. Cool. So here Yeah, actually means tooth on the tone. Miss Pain ache hurt. So for example, this is headache. Hold. Come whole. Come, hold. Come. Always Lee told me is your head. Next When the doctor figure out what's wrong with you then he will give you a prescription . So the first thing you may want to know is how can I take this medicine? Can't remember this. What's wrong with you? Needs of my love? Actually, cinema is How so. How to take the medicine, Joe. Good. Yo, Sugar Yelm use this medicine. So, Joe good in our purpose. Listen, we learned Is this as the measure word So yell used the medicine we can say joga. Yeah, said true juego. Yeah, that much. Okay? The doctor will explain to you. Now this is a riel prescription. So let's take a look. First word you need to recognize is you need to make sure this is the right prescription. No. Something else Truly fun. True fun. And this, actually. Is the name off your medicine? Yeah. Yeah. Next means to pills. Leo. Here, Leon Pit Leah Pit. This means straight times per day. Sense of May, sense of May. So son is three. So use times and they drew used today. Cole, Full Cole. Full Cole. Full means take orally. Okay, Now, I believe you can read your own prescription. So much for this. Listen, thank you for watching this reit medio. I'll see you next time. Bye.