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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is UI:UX

    • 3. Pre Requirments

    • 4. Start Learning

    • 5. Practice

    • 6. Books

    • 7. How to Build portfolio?

    • 8. Starting Career

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About This Class


Becoming a UI/UX Designer is the dream of most of the people nowadays because the market is very tough for this fields and its growth up in these years. 

In this class I want to simplify steps of becoming a UI/UX Designer, What is UI/UX Design, Pre-requirements, Fundamentals, Learning sources, Job tips, books and much more.

If you want to start your journey into UI/UX, then this class right for you.

Let's get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hey, guys who treat from Polly in motion and welcome to this class in this glass and I want to talk about how to become a U Y nukes desire from a scratch. What do you What do you have to do? Which requirements you fundamentals off? You knew its design, which softer. You have to choose which folks You have to read all of these things from a scratch after getting a job after Sorry and career, and I will give you some advice on process becoming you any which design. So if you want to become a U. N, its designer, if you are a new by, wants to be a U. N news desire then this class is perfect for you. Enroll in this class on Let's get it started. 2. What is UI:UX: So now before going how to become a U. N. UX designer. Let's talk about what is what is you and your ex itself, and let's have a very short look to the U. N U X term. And they did they It's career pad. And also what is it? Actually, if you don't know if you if you want to know it exactly what it is. So you I knew exist stand for user interface and user experience design, and they are very important for applications for for soft tourists, for websites, for anything that you can imagine even ah, product. It is very important to have a very good EU. I knew Expo user interfaces is all about graphic designs all about designed, the actual look off the software in at, for example, we have some fixed inputs. We have some interaction, things, a means in these kind of stars and the way that they lay out it. And the way the position between these kind of things did space. All of them are related to user interface design bad. On the other hand, we have something brought rain that covers a broad range of things. It goes a little bit farther than you. I It is user experience. You could, you could imagine from name of user experience. How yousa feel. Wendy. Firstly, interact what your software or when the first lady interact with your product. UX is not just for softer, it's for product. For example, for every the progress we use. We've from from the doors from automatic doors to two mobile phones that we used to microwaves. For example, when when you see us, most of the products off the product are very hard for people to to understand how how it work, actually on its because, like of a good user experience. And that is all the things about his experience, how how users feel, how in user feel when the firstly contract with your product, even if it's salty or even its website or anything else, just a product that is designed for a museum, so that that was a very short definition to these two terms on the person who designed these things, or you I designer or us ux desire, the person who designed feigns the person who create graphical elements and know how to use some collars. How to use typography. How to use image in a in a interface. How to how to develop a look have to create a designer look for the overall product. It's called a U Y design up, and on the other hand, you desire is a person who designed feeling a design psychology things within a product, for example, and details you. I desires what they have to do. Imagine a delivery application, a piece of delivery application, a yuks desire must decide and create process for in user, from which way and how in user can make a delivery. They have to log in. They have to pass these kind of things, and then they have to enter the password. They have to choose the made it off, the payment in payment mentors and these other stuff. These are all responsibility off user experiences. Iron, as I mentioned user experience, is, ah, going a little bit far lower than you on user interface. It's a little bit complex, and it's time taking to Teoh. Do you X researching, especially. We have different kinds of things in you. X before starring designing It's not. It's not a straightforward going to do. Graphic design to designing things you have to. You have to plan all the things. For example, if you if you want to do something, you have to plan it first. On the planning process off creating these kind of things are called use experience. Ah, most of the companies need ah person who have different things on their tool bars, and they they prefer a person. They prefer him. An employee will have knowledge off a new i B side of you X. Then a person left just having a specific things on their toolbox. Bad those those peoples who have one thing or are they just have focused on he why they have better opportunity to a big companies to different our companies. So when you become a U. N. UX designer, your design thinks you design in defeats you design map for user Andi. It's very important. You and UX design is very important allergies. That is why most of the company wants people who have better knowledge off these kind of these two terms and these two criteria with themselves to develop a very nice and very successful you I and New X. So that was a definition in the next. Listen, I will talk about pre requirements. What do you need actually to getting star in this career? 3. Pre Requirments: So now let's talk about a pre requirements. The first thing first is self confidence. It is not just about becoming a U I knew existed. And it's not about becoming a graphics in all the things that you want to that you didn't want to be. For example, you want to start new things. You must have self confidence without self confidence Are our lack of self confidence doesn't let you to become what you want, and it is, it's It's very important to have self confidence on each step off your life, on each things that you want to do without self confidence. It's it looks very, very are to achieve things are, are are to accomplish dreams and to to to make happen those dreams that you have. You and UX design is not also not on expections in these cases, and the first thing you have to try to increase your self confidence and try to just till for yourself that you can make this can be a u. I knew its desire like everyone else. And that is not that is not impossible. It being people conduce Hoff Winston this Andi and that is why we have to accept that matting is impossible. So 1st 1 is self confidence sick and one having creativity. Creativity is not just for designer, not for not for people who are involving in creative skills. Creativity is exist in all criteria in all fills in all proficient if you If you're in arctic engineer if you're, ah, electrical engineer, if you are mechanical. If you are ah, are are if you are ah ah, nurse or a doctor or or any proficient if you have creativity if you have. If you have a new ideas, you will become successful, then a person who doesn't have these kind of things and trying to have creativity. Try to increase your creativity level by watching our people by taking inspire ation by having creativity on. Having creativity would succeed you in this journey. So that was from point through and the last bind as the fundamentals. You you can't start creating you. I by going a strength forward to graphic design. Softer is like I like to skate your photo shop or a list. There are any other graphics after it is, it's it doesn't make any sense to To Green is free forward to these authors with annoying fundamentals off you, I or without knowing and fundamentals off ux Most of the people filled because of this they just went straight forward to the graphic Softwares they would just starring from canvas without having this idea that what are fundamentals off your u N u x how they have to cancer? Those design has a you I you can imagine Photo shop. For example, Adobe Photoshopped Photo shop is a multipurpose officers. You can do image manipulation. You can do editing photos. You can do anything you want, but are you Anyway, Design knows how to use photo show for you. I need you X. Why? Because he or she knows the fundamentals of U N u x he or she knows there the rules there that the the things that ah, um you desire more snow. And it's very important to know fundamentals. So you have to know fundamentals and fundamentals are very, very, very important in old creative scales. You have to you have to know about rules. You have to read some books about U N u X, for example. We have lots of things to know before starring our before creating natural design. And when I when I firstly starting my career and my journey into you want a new X, I was completely confused. Ah, on that time because I didn't know anything about you anyway. That was a traditional graphic design, a design and motion designer, a motion graphic artist, and I know about graphics off tours. I know all the things bad. I didn't know about fundamentals and rules. A few I knew X. I know how to draw a shape her I know how to create out to clone on recreate some existing user interface. But I didn't know how to create one out, out to design from scratch how to design and using the feast that looks like others. I mean professional soap. The first thing first is to knowing studying fundamentals off every fails that you want to start on in the start, and in this case you have to start with fundamentals off. U N u X You have to go just patella Tibbets serious. You can find a lot of things. Just let's give yourself time because things needs time on you won't be Ah you Any which design in just two months or treatment. And former, you have to invest time and invest your energy or all these kind of things to become the person that you want to be, so that is from fundamentals. These are all pretty requirements that if you want to a star, you have to go for them and you have to search for them on Google, Google vim, bad rules about about things that you have to know before starring design and these kind of stuff. Just go for them on in the next. Listen, I want to talk about how to start and learning a Softwares and the resource that you need to start aligning graphic, softer. 4. Start Learning: So now it is time to jump into their actual canvas. And it's now time for starting with, um, graphic designs. After most of the new bias, most of the people who are new to design, actually, and creative scales. They asked me how to, AH, true, softer, how to choose a correct software and how to learn it on. The answer is that there was a lot of resource for you that you can find on Internet. Internet is the virtual assistant for you, and nowadays it's very easy to learn new things. It's very easy to learn from our people who are not leaving your country are or not in the same country that you are leaving. It's very easy to to learn online. There's ah, lots of resource is now you watch mine classes on a scale sugar, but on six years ago are seven years ago. It was not so easy to create classes like this, and that is the things we had. Some on link schools like lynda dot com or other places. But the opportunity for people like me or for people who are not experience just about 25 or 30 years, it was very hard to a star were there, and now it is opportunity for all people. Ah, or Dar. So experience. We're not having some some some huge amount of experience, like 15 or 20 years off. Experian's now all the all people who have a small amount of experience, like six or seven years off experience can teach other people, and you can find the resource is on different platforms. So now I want to talk about how to select the software. And then I want to talk about how to choose your resource and how to learn it. The first thing is bad out to true, softer choosing software is very hard. I know that I had because I was ours and on same situation when I firstly started. But now my answer is that go for any software's because your new good for any software did he want, for example, go for a fabulous read? Just learn it. Just just start from scratch and learn all the tools. All the things that you need on become Mosser off that software. Then it is like jumping to our softer on, and you're following same rules. But the some some knee futures every software has, and some some changes. But the main role and the meanest raptures are the same on illustrator. You can draw shades. You can create victors All the things on Adam before the shop as veil on s cages veil on coral draws ville bad. Some of the futures artists not same and most of them has their pros and cones. But my answer for you is go for famous officers and any Softwares that you want. Just choose between these three self years. Uh, has an example illustrator, photo shop and esque each My answer My answer on Iraq A man you to go for Arab illustrator or Photoshopped because they're very, ah, famous and most of the people or most of the ah graphic artist are our star. It from thes south was just pick up one of them on go for them And if you and we're stand for example, it would be Photoshopped. Adobe illustrator is like like drink of water for you probably you need to just invest sometimes later it that most of the things are the same on Just try to pick one of thes and then now it's time to resource how to learn them. There's a lot of reasons, as I mentioned, just go for a platform, a platform that he won, for example, skills. You can search for courses about illustrated from a scratch. You couldn't go for other platforms. I don't want to limit your I don't want to say for you that you would just have one option are just go for a sculpture. There was a lot of classes, actually my classes as well that I have different class on these topics, but you can choose for from Anna. Platforms like you, to me is a great platform. I have some coaches on UT me as well, and also you can go further away on Linda if you want to get a start. And Linda is is one of the greatest on Lenny schools, and we can also say that it's the first filing school in the wall on and it has a lots of tutorials. Lots off course is actually long. Do you long, long courses from experienced teacher, from from people who were a in marquis, just about 20 and 30 years, and that a school you can pick from the them and you're not costing too much. If you want to learn new things, you have to invest on yourself investing off time, investing of money. But now these learning new things are very is very inexpensive and very cheaper Then then years ago, so as so as I mentioned, pick a softer, then go for that software and learn it. This is the first step and this is the very important step that you were just entering into a world of design. So after you learned the softer don't limit yourself just just for this Softwares you can go for other software as well. Just learn other softer Zlin other graphics of like If you lend at every photo shop, if you know how to use, that'll be Photoshopped then go for Arab illustrate or then go for s cage and just having a general knowledge off all of those saucers because they are not having, um, too much difference between them. But some features are some futures make different shade between them and you have to know about them in the next listen owl, recommend some books for you to get a star with U N ux. And those books are very, very important to read. And very, very famous works. Actually. So Syrian. Next listen 5. Practice: So you just install with requirements. You passed all the things you re You start with some courses about a graphics and now you have knowledge. And then you just read the books that every command for you. And now now what you have to do, maybe you ask from yourself are are just you're confused about it now what do we have to do ? You have knowledge of creating designs. You have studied some books, the those books that I recommend. Now it is time to practice. It is time to learn from other people as well. It is time to see other people's on and take some inspiration. Don't just copy paste those things Or don't try to steal some of the those things try to inspire from from people who are in the market for, ah, several years straight inspired from them and try to searching for tutorials or new tribute . Is that great place that'll I love UT because if you if you are in trouble in most of situation, you just types the the problem, for example, how to design this kind of things out. The design, this kind of things in this software and didn't. There's a lots off tutorials on the on that is specific topics that you can that most of the time they are solving the problem. And they are very helpful for me. For me. Actually, most of the time there they were helpful on I found you to a great resource for great things. You can probably start to learning things from scratch as well, but I didn't recommend a YouTube for for for things like starring with illustrated from a scratch. And if you want to complete course off those things, I don't recommend a YouTube. YouTube is just for tutorial. YouTube is just for problem. If you have some problem if you want to improve your sales but not ah, plays that you have to start from scratch. Keep in mind that and noticed that. So you have to practice now. You have to see some other other ah desires, as I mentioned and try to recreate. Some of them existed, For example, thick um, Facebook user interface and try trickery that Viber or via lights up application tried. Recreate that try to recreate some things that you see you found problematic, for you are make challenges for yourself and try to practice practice unpracticed Because practicing makes you professional on that is the Onley things that you can try that you can increase your confidence on. You can increase your self confidence actually on things that you have to do on on on on on your carrier on and it is very good. Try to practice and don't give up if you fell. Ah, Phil. And if you if you didn't make mistakes, you won't be successful and mistakes is exist in old way and in every way there is a mistake waiting for you. And don't afraid off mystics If you made a mistake, just try to solve in and try to not repeat it again. 6. Books: Okay, let's listen. I want to talk about some books you have to read and some some based books to read before a starring the the actual design process. And the first book is is a very nice book from Donald Normal, A Norman. The design off every day, things on it. It's a very famous book not just for UX designer, for product designer, for interaction designer and for industrial designer. This book's covers all the things about their and meaning off off, some designed to fuel encounter and that we will use every day for example, the door, the design of a door, the design of the desk on day, and probably everything and the the other off. This book gives some examples and some at some advise on, and he wrote some rules off designing these things on a spokes. And I I recommend you to check out this book and it's tatty this. Ah, and it will help you in this process. The process of becoming U N UX designers the Knicks won is ah, book called the UX, spoke by Rex Hartson and powered up Alia Any thing I mispronounces, but I just typed aux spoke on. Also, you will find this book and this Ah book is designed for review its desires, and it has a very practical over you to you, its life cycle process and NATO's Andi. How how users interact with the computer on how how to design based UX and better UX designs and also about rules of these things and all the requirements that you need for, um, creating a user experience. So the other book is called The Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett. It is a nice book I've read this book on. It was very, very good on It's It's It's completely from scratch. It's storing by giving you example off a great use experience on giving you some rules and Rick alignments and also some made made roads and techniques for creating a better user experience alongside of user ah and fees. And it's talking about Onda other roads, about the elements of the user experience what what elements you have to cancer on designing use experience, eso the Knicks and the last book that I will recommend you is the it's Cajun user Experience. The Workbook by Saoul Greenberg and other ADDers you can just type this keyboard and you will find the book on. Um, it's a book that, actually it's it's, ah, trying to Until this story with wire frames with storyboards and interaction and animation as well, by by itself, it will. It will tell all the rules and all the things by creating wire frames by wire frames, way storyboards on by interaction without talking too much about the principal. Like other books. It's a very nice book, and I high recommend you to check out these books. And there's a lots of our creatures that you can find on Internet on blocks on articles and these other staff that helps you to become U Y new easier. And keep in mind that most of the things are about user experience, because use X, who is batch in poorer? The new user interface. I don't know that using the fees is not important, but user experience, as I mentioned, is cover a broad range of studies in broad range of areas. That is why there is a lots of book books on user experience, then user interface. You could find some books, but most of the books are about your experience 7. How to Build portfolio?: now you have done to practice as well. Now, now it is time to build. You put fool you to get a drop. Try to give a project for yourself. Tried to create that Put yourself has er has a has a boss, for example, has a project manager and try to give challenging project for yourself and then re carried it, for example, is start from scratch. You start building an applications interface from icon designed for a mania screen from from sittings and all the things, and tried to create a complete package off that application and then put that in your portfolio Portfolio and sample works are very, very important for creative scales. If you go in for a chop interview, you're definitely ask for. Ask for pitifully and sample works because it is impossible for greedy for ah, for an artist, two doesn't have any portfolio to doesn't have any sample works very, very important. Just try to try to create your pitiful You try to create your sample was because where that simple works without those kind of things, you won't get a job, and it's impossible has, I think, because as far as, um as I experienced working with major companies in the first fazed here, asking for sample work, sends for your pitifully and try to make some ah example project right to make just two or three of them just complete ones and try to put that on your pitiful you and then deliver that to an interview and try to put all of your efforts on those project because these projects are a key for you to sack says and get a job. And so building portfolio is the next step in the next Listen, I want to talk about how to start career, how to get a job, how to apply a job. I think you also know that, but I want to talk about him. 8. Starting Career : in our last lesson that I want to talk about how to get a job, how to start your career, how to start your dream job has a U Y. And you design them. So, first of all, if just repeat these process again and again and try to make yourself professional and try to make yourself a person who have a lots of confidence on what he or she wants to do or what what he or she has on their mind and try to increase confidence before applying a job . Try to create some problems for your sales right to create some challenge and then, ah, try Teoh. Find a solution for that after you doing all of those things and on. And now imagine that you have all the things and and you're really to get a job. It's start with freelancing. Job it is, is the things that I recommend. You start to get a job if it if it's a free job, just go for it. Don't think about money at the first a step because it's impossible to get an high p job or I peed offer first step on the weight of having some experience in design and without having at least two years of experience. It's impossible. It's impossible. You have to. You must have an experience, but without experience, there's some projects. Has a freelance, for example. You can go for websites like like like free lanes to dot com. Or you can offer some geek on Fiverr dot com for at least a minimum price that you want. For example, if you if other designers doing the same project for $50 per hour, you have to go for a dollar per hour. It is to get away to gain experience, and it's a good way to build more professional, uh, beautifully for yourself. Then, after doing that, you can go for full time jobs and you can go for for other kinds of professional jobs and are are. You can continue that freelancing. Most of the people are are moved to freelance from a regular job because they found freedom . The RD doesn't have any boss on yourself on didn't found yourself free. And if you if you that kind of person you can go for a freelance or on the wrist of your life like me, I'm a free lunch now and I work has a free leases on it because I have a fork for most of the companies. But and now, now, at this time, I don't have any plan to work for any other companies. I'm doing feelings, and I'm very happy with that. I can problem to different countries. Aiken. I can in dry and I have a lot of fun. Ah, with my works and I have a bit during cameras weld in a regular drop. So freelancing job might be a little bit, um, problematic for you at the first it. But don't give up, Try to accomplish down and try to achieve what you want. So that was from our class. Hope you guys Ah, and drive from this class and a few in dried. Don't forget to put your reviews. It's the only way to ah support my activities and support my works on a scale share. And don't forget to check out other Paulien Motion course classes on a scale Sheer. There's a lots of things on you anyways designed that you confined from from a scratch from four different Softwares for photo shop for escaped and all these afters. I have over 70 class on a scale share. Don't forget to check out those classes as well. And also make sure to check out artists moody dot com as well. Because it's my block. I post some articles on this block and try to be our big does articles as well. So my name is Ichiro and see you guys next time.