Become a SENIOR software engineer

Josh Cavin, Software Engineer

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9 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Become a senior engineer

    • 2. Better habits

    • 3. Proper attitude

    • 4. Maintain integrity

    • 5. Reusable code

    • 6. Pure functions

    • 7. Understand testing

    • 8. Multiple languages

    • 9. Always be learning


About This Class

I saw an interview from Steve Jobs when I was younger that impacted me greatly. He spoke about how in some professions you may have an individual be at most twice as good as another and therefore bring in value of two people.

He then begins to point out that software is not like other skills out there and you can have an person be maybe 10 maybe 100 times. He learned that this was true and dedicated his time to finding these people and hiring them to be part of his team.

This course is for a few different types of people. This can be a great class for the beginner, intermediate, or even programmer to lay down a strong foundation to tuning up the necessary skills to be becoming a senior engineer. This class could also be greatly helpful to those who working in hiring programmers, to understand what makes someone more valuable than another and what characteristic to look for in stronger candidates.


The word senior is frequently misused or represented. Someone could be considered senior because they have worked at the company for 10 years, but this does not make them senior in our terms of the definition. A senior has mastered programming as a whole and also has the skill of learning and understanding new information faster than others. Start increasing your value and stop making the same mistakes. Become a senior engineer.