Beauty Tips and Tricks : An Introduction to Applying Makeup | Chelsie Baker | Skillshare

Beauty Tips and Tricks : An Introduction to Applying Makeup

Chelsie Baker, Makeup Artist

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11 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction to Makeup

    • 2. Class Project: Create your Own Celebrity Makeup Look

    • 3. Makeup Brushes Their Uses and Maintenance

    • 4. How to Apply Foundation: Part 1

    • 5. How to Apply Foundation: Part 2

    • 6. How to Apply Eye Liner

    • 7. How to Apply Eye Shadow

    • 8. How to Apply Mascara

    • 9. How to do Makeup on Lips

    • 10. Daytime Makeup Look : Part 1

    • 11. Daytime Makeup Look : Part 2

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About This Class

An Introductory tutorial on how to apply makeup using professional techniques. We will focus on each part of the face individually then use what we learned to put together an everyday makeup look.

This class is ideal for those who have a desire to step into the world of cosmetics and might not be too sure on how to get started. You will learn about various brushes and their uses, helpful tips to applying eye makeup, foundation and completing your look with lip color. Finally, we will finish with an everyday makeup look. This class for anyone with the desire to learn and the patience to practice. No need to worry if you've never held a makeup brush.





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Chelsie Baker

Makeup Artist

Hello! I am a professional makeup artist of 8 years with experience in everything from special occasions, events,music videos, commercials and films. The art of makeup has always been a passion of mine and I'm so honored to get to share that passion with you!

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