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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Folding parts for the lid

    • 3. Assembling the lid

    • 4. Folding parts for the bottom

    • 5. Assembling the bottom

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About This Class


Learn how to make these beautiful origami boxes. I'm usually using them for gifts - and people love them! 
They're made from 16 pieces (8 for the lid and 8 for the bottom) of square paper and can be made in any sizes; the smaller the paper, the smaller the box. 
This origami project is suitable for beginners.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Camilla Tønning

Bookbinder, papercrafting


Hello, I'm Camilla.
I'm a 27 years old bookbinder and paper artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
I love to create everything related to paper and I love teaching! I'm very new to online teaching and not really tech savy, but I hope you'll enjoy my videos anyway :-) 

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Camilla on the Banda and paper hats ist and just loved everything with paper. I live in the Nike. Some English is not my first language. So if I'm making any mistakes, so during a bit weird, that's away. And so in this widow, this is actually my way. First skills, your radio, and I hope you would like it. It was very friend making. I'm gonna show you how to make a box like this. It's containing off a lid on a bottle. It's really nice where we're pretty. This it's quite easy to make. I think it's my note video first, every gammy project. But it could be your saying second, maybe food. I don't know. It's concerning off 16 pages. Pages off gaming paper, just like every paper is justice. If in printed paper, my papers only print on one side, it could be printed on both sides, but it's not really necessary for these books to start in the middle. Him, That's, um, that's the white side us not printed. So it, if you was a printed on both sides to style, might look a bit different. I'm I'm making this to color, but it's mostly so you can easily see what's going on and also just make them with one kind of paper. So, yeah, let's have fun. Would. And I'm using this for gift boxes and stuff. You're gonna make them into inside you want. The bigger the payment is bigoted. Bucks. Mm. This is, well, good. Standard size. It can contain small gift. It's really fun. People really like them first. Our words And that's yeah. So let's get stab. All right, so you 2. Folding parts for the lid: Okay, so we're gonna start with the largest. It's containing off eight pots, and I'm gonna make it to color so you can see what's going on. Um, so we're starting with Bowling eight Peters off square paper into the same pattern. So I have these eight papers that I'm gonna use. They're just So let's class I pay by only printed on one side. So it's wide on the other side. Some think the printed side down, um, batting by a phone call, scoring him, and then I'm falling. It's cognitive middle, often to the middle unfolding. Two of them. It's gonna be accused. The number one corner this land of you among fallen through this line gonna fill it up here again. Again. This side gonna be a long here. This line there, it's gonna go inside like this. It's going in, and then I'm turning it around. So it's gonna be I'm fooling. No. From this vacancy line here called cross. I don't like this. Okay? And then we can open it up. It's gonna be here. You see, this is one path we're gonna make seven more, please. I'm gonna take your food and my one you corner to corner, taking all the calls to middle draft. Am I gonna stay close? You're gonna open the other two. Close? Yeah. You and we're taking this going this lineup here? Mm. Yeah, yeah. Polling across this. That's fast. No, I got it. All the guns, then We're pulling a quest, this line. So this is gonna be small. We, uh So this up here does go you This is gonna be it's going way is gonna be This is a none of that. So I'm gonna make just gonna continue. Megan says I'm not gonna So you're a lot more. I would like six. You just make them along with me and close to you. Go back to see what I'm doing again. I'm gonna speed up a bit. So when you have make all a pops for a lift, go to the next video, you're gonna collect in them for one. This is kind of a detective, I think. Really enjoy holding the famous. Okay. - Okay . Moving on to the next week 3. Assembling the lid : Okay, so we already again. And I don't know if you noticed, but I have had to change the camera that Waas said this some family out for was I don't know what happened. I didn't. I think this should be working business now. So we have our eight pieces. We're gonna collect them by one. Does this compare? It might be a little bit easier to try to keep it down on the ground. Sometimes I sit up in the ends of your fingers flying around. I'm just sticking to side. Inside. It should be. Can be. You're looking? Yes. So I'm just doing it for one again. Maybe you just made looks just made. You got up to see you. One piece is in the all of these going upset. Okay. I only made one Carlos computing cousin kind of look like we don't have to put one in that one. You have to. None of this is all right. No, we're almost up around you. I kind of love them together. So schooling the folded around next one, Just do it all the way right to yeah, soon. Make the food. Just make sure go inside. I think I made a little mistake. Him Transit pulling. Okay, we're moving on to the bottom part 4. Folding parts for the bottom: Okay, so now we're gonna make at bottom pad. It's almost the same estimate. It's also complaining off eight paths Mommy Joeckel again so we can see you. What's going on? And that was on the outside, Miss Living like this and inside. And this is the main drink. Different? Yes, Every year this on the outside and the style would be on the inside. We're also gonna make the lid a bit smaller on up. It's all also, it will fit nicely to go again. You'll see a pieces off scrap paper Seems us No again. The apprentice eyes facing foul You're starting like before It's a corner And then we're taking this not to middle part time A bit over the middle. Yes, my you mean? Yeah. Oh, it's the other two were fooling the Kona inside here African. He said here, um, back I take this going up to this line No, no, You're fooling across this land and out again. Yeah, like reforming one going up? Yeah. What's going on? Oh, and following this along, this line does, and then we will have to turn around. You open it up and then you can open this up it up for disloyalty away around like this. That's going across the line. Then this is done and we will make seven more off thes not appease facing. Let's call. Go slide, Lee. All middle clear with minimal leaving them on this one calling here. Wait for it. Okay. No number again. Sorry. I was mixing, that's what. Oh, yeah. Linda's again. Turn around. I know a lot of people think this candy trinkets, actually, is it. You get the hang of it, but it's a cross this line before man away. So it's going to be along this. It's going in this I only six more. I'm gonna show you one more time. This is a bit tricky. So you're going to call called Call and inside? Yeah, way too early. I'm gonna speak things up. Didn't know to. And then in the next video, I'm gonna show you go. The new bucks would be gone. You'll be God, um, it's a Yeah , it's cool for Okay, this one. So that's eight pass. Go. So in the next week, I'm gonna share how we put them to get a seat 5. Assembling the bottom: So we got our a Priestess and we're gonna put them together. And with the bottom, it's gonna be with style in the middle. But it's like with fall just one. I'm not getting my you know, something outside of it gonna practice, not practise justice inside here. This is just something to given I for you. See this for I think, Yes, we've been shipped outside, See if there this year, so I would fall. That's it. I'm pulling them, he said. And so, um, make sure it's it's score. Nice. So this is the phone Stein Middle like this in the back. It gets a little crazy. Um, then the I need to go This we can see. But a miss told her on the lips. So you just is. That's gift boxes. Such stall things. You're gonna really make them. And then size won't they got to pay about a big box. So enjoy the new box. I hope you would like this is where we first give you. You know, I have ever done Thank you for watching feel next time