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Be More Organized, Productive, and Creative with a Mind Map

teacher avatar Michaela M., Remote eLearning Freelancer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. A Mind Map Project

    • 3. What is a Mind Map

    • 4. Why Use Mind Maps

    • 5. Gathering Materials

    • 6. Software for MindMapping

    • 7. Creating a Mind Map in 5 Steps

    • 8. Mindomo Introduction

    • 9. Start Your Project NOW!

    • 10. Feedback

    • 11. Use It or Lose It

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About This Class


Have you ever been stuck when you were trying to brainstorm?

Were you ever presenting and your ideas didn't come across the way you imagined?

Have you ever planned anything and ended up disorganized?

I have a solution for you!

Learn how to Be More Organized, Productive and Creative with a Mind Map!

A Mind Map is a diagram that can be used to

  • brainstorm,
  • structure and classify ideas,
  • organize information,
  • solve problems,
  • make decisions,
  • study,
  • write and much more.

Mind Maps can be applied in many fields.

In this class, you will learn how creating mind maps help you become more organized, productive and creative. You will learn what a mind map is and how it can be used. Next, I will introduce the 5 steps to creating a mind map. Finally, you will explore a variety of mind maps created by others to get inspiration. At the end you will walk out of this class with your first mind map.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michaela M.

Remote eLearning Freelancer



When I was little, I have always carried a small blackboard around and pretended I am a teacher. My friends never really wanted to play with me because I only wanted to play pretend school and always be the teacher. When I grew a little bit, my dream was to have my own school one day. Now I am living my childhood dream. I am a teacher. I am creating my own courses and I get to do what I love. I can share my knowledge and I help others grow. I love inspiring people and see them improve. 

I have a master's degree in Educational Technology and a graduate certificate in Online Teaching to Adult Learners. I used to for the World Bank Group as a technical documentation & eLearning specialist, but I gladly switched to become an entrepreneur. I am an instructional designer helping small businesses and other entrepreneurs take their knowledge and design awesome online courses. 

When I am now working or creating courses, I am reading or listening to music. If you have a favorite book, let me know. (One of my childhood dreams was to read all the books at the library.. I guess this one will not come true.. ;-)

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1. Introduction: welcome to the be more organized, productive and creative with a mind map class. My name is Mikhail Apaches. Allah. I'm originally from the Czech Republic, but currently I live just outside Washington, D. C. In Maryland. I decided to create this Class B schools. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. I have a master's degree in educational technology, and I'm certified in online teaching toe adults lemons. I currently work for the world Bingo. At work, I often have to brainstorm to get ideas. I haven't heard off mind mapping before, but I was never quite sure how it would help me personally. Since I'm very creative and I love to learn anything new, I decided to give my mapping a tie and I immediately fall in love with it. It helped me to be more organized, productive and creative, and that's why I would like to share this with you. In this class, you learn what it's mind mapping, how it can be used and the necessary steps to create your first mind map. I will also share many examples off how others took advantage of this technique to give you ideas for your own project. So let's get started. I am looking forward to see your projects 2. A Mind Map Project: Hello. In this video, I will show you what do you need to do to successfully complete the project for this class ? I always like to start any project with research for inspiration. Even more so after reading the book. Still like an artist. Maturity, Highly deployment. The first step before you actually create your project is to open Google and search for mind. Man. Next, you will find in my map that actually inspires you for your own project that you will share with the class. And finally, after learning the steps, you will create your own mind map and share it with others. To be successful in this class, you should have basic computer skills and be able to quickly learn how to use the mind mapping application. Well, most people, it is very straightforward. However, if you need more guidance, you consign them for my other class. That will teach you the details on using my favorite my mapping application, which is mine. Doma. I hope that your friend is project inspiring and that it will help you to get more ideas. I don't know your own brain. Here are the key things that you need to do to successfully complete the project first, applaud the mind map that has inspired you. Which one which you found online. Second, I upload the first drop off your own mind Map for feedback. Third, upload the final mind map. You cannot should also include a description off. What application have you used to create the map? Why did you choose the application? What did you like most about the process? And what did you like least about us? If you would like you can share your lessons learned from this project. What did you learn along the way? What worked for you and what didn't? And if you have any advice for others and what do you think you do differently next time, this will help you toe reflect on your learning and on. What do you love during this project? If you would like, it would be great to get feedback toe others so you can learn from each other with your classmates. So let's get started. And I'm looking forward to see your projects 3. What is a Mind Map: in this lecture, we will talk about what is a mind map. Living in the information age means that our problem is less one off obtaining information and more one off retaining and organizing all of the quantities off information that we are required to digest. One of the techniques to accomplish that is mine. Marking mind map isn't diagram that you create to organize your thoughts. Instead, off notes taking notes, inviting the information in lies you create. D'Argo mind map is the ultimate organizational thinking toe is the Swiss Army knife off the brain? Mind mapping is an easy way to put information into your brain and to take information out of your brain. It's a creative and effective way off. No taking that literally. Max out your thoughts. All mine maps have something in common Mind Month. All they starts with a center idea. It is in the middle of the page longer. Centrepoint. You draw branches outwards when you capture sub topics by connecting more lines, you can add more details and also show relationships between the center idea and sub topics . All nine maps use cold images and symbols. Next, we'll see by you should use mind maps 4. Why Use Mind Maps: in the previous lecture. You learn by the mind map is so now we'll talk about why people use mind maps. John Medina, the author off the brain whose book said. We are incredibly good at recording images. If you hear some information than three days later, you will remember only 10% of it. If you add a picture, then 65% will be retrievable. This is amazing in Brando's John Madden, a state that the more visual information is, the more easily it is absorbed and everything the more often you pain, reduce chunks off text and replace them with a visualization, the better it is for your brain. And that's right. Mind maps work by displaying information. Visually, you enable your brain to assimilate information more quickly, retain content more effectively, and then he paying any call content more appealing. Remember, Pictures says more than 1000 words, and that's why mind maps include colors, symbols and pictures. Pictures can be easily recognized and processed by our brain. They're unique. This helps us to memorise them easily, and they paying them. Everything's them so longer Pictures appeal to our emotions as well. They provide a lot of information that would be impossible to experience by words. And that is also the main reason I use pictures in my lectures because I hope that you will remember more and longer than if I use just works off. Or if I was talking to the camera mind. Nothing is oriented toe the natural processes in the brain, and it's why it works. This technique is easy and intuitive and helps our natural talz processes and information processing mind. Mumps can help you in many different ways, and now I will talk about just a couple of them. You can help you plan communiqu. E be more creative, safe time. Be more organized. Concentrate. You are productive. Solve problems, study more efficiently. Glory, fire golds, improve memory and much more. If you would like to learn more, you can look at this reasons toe mind map. This is a list off another 100 reasons why you should use mine lips. This is all for this lecture, and next we'll look at the gathering materials and what do you need to finish your project ? 5. Gathering Materials: How did you understand the basics? Off mind mapping. Let's see, What do you need to get studied? You should get a paper and colored pencils toe. Start with your first draft, but it's not really necessary. You can jump in and start using the mind mapping software. If you want. You need a computer and intimate connection and mind mapping software. There are a lot off choices for a mind mapping software, so next in the next video, I will talk about the mind mapping software and what's available out there. 6. Software for MindMapping: in the previous movie. I'm sure you would. You need togather to start with your project. You can basically stop with the paper and car pencils, and you can create something that looks like this. It's great if you are in a meaning and you need toe brainstorm with others and you don't have your software available. You can definitely use piece off paper and throw your mind back by. Like that, However, it's much easier to use software, and it's actually faster, and you'll see that it's a lot of fun. So what software should you use if you wouldn't mind mapping software? As you can see, I've tried it and I got more than five million. The results there a lot of software out there, and you should take a look and search for the one that is good for you, and it fits your needs. I have tried about police Softwares that I like, and I will share that with you. The 1st 1 is mine Meister. This is the first software that I used to create my mind. Mumps. It's very easy to use. It has all the cool features. Year is the price time. Don't three software that I used. They all cause the same, but I always only use the basic Glenn. And once I H three maps, I always was able to delete wonder I didn't use anymore, so I could definitely use the basic plan for each of the software that I will show him. The next one is bubble us. It's also really cool software. It's very easy to use and very exit toe alone. Here is the but I think information again. You can get three maps for free, or you can pay if you need more map standing. My most favorite one is mine door, and this is the one that I use for this class and that I will also show you how to sign up for and show you the basic use off mind. Oh, this one is very popular, is available on all platforms. It's a world on iPad and all. All those three Salter's that I've showed you are cloud based. It means that you can use them anywhere but Internet connection. You can use them at home, you can use them at work, and you can be working on the same map because it's start on the cloud. This is the pricing for my domo. Again. You can get three maps for three and this is the one I used. I don't like to pay for the software because I can use for free for my use. Its what? I need it. So now you should go explore, then see which one you like most. You don't have to choose between those traded. I've showed you. These are my favorite three Southwest. But you should look at Google Google, mind mapping software. Read some articles and see what would fit your knee. It depends on how do you need to use the software? Then you should choose the one that fits you best in the next section. In the next video, I will show you the five steps to creating mind maps. 7. Creating a Mind Map in 5 Steps: Renee's lecture. You learn by using mind maps, and now this is the final step that you need to do, and that's learning the actual size steps to creating mind months. The first step is to create the main idea. The central piece. It will be in the center and is the starting point of your mind map, and it re presents the topic that you are going to explore. It should be in the center off the page and should include what you are going to talk about , what you are going to think about. The second step is toe. Add the branches and the the main topics. The main topics will be supporting your main idea. They will be exploring the center. Idea your thoughts so you will be adding one after another one, and you can also start creating your sub topics at this point as well the next. The third step is toe add keywords, and here you can see, I just started with the 1st 3 key work. One key were talking with three. You will be adding your keywords, and you can kind of makes the second step with the step I like to do. It depends on the software, but you're using. But with this one, it's nice toe. As you add the new the branch, the main topic will be added or the sub topic, and you can immediately change it to a key work. Make sure that you only use one work keywords, and the reason is that if you use two words, you immediately stop adding those towards together. And you're starting to thinking on Lee in the way off dose towards as they're together. I like to give you an example. For example, if you say child, it's different if you just ride child or if you write a small child because child can mean can have many more meanings than just small child. I hope that you get this. So just to make sure use Onley, Bunky work pair, main topic or sub topic the next. The fourth step is toe car coat your your mind and the way we do. Color coding is toe make one bench the same color, so the main topic and all the sub topics in the one branch will be one court. The fifth step is toe include images and those images have the power to convey much more information to the work sentence or even in a safe. They consist instantly by the pain and act as visual stimuli to recall information. So it's a great way to make sure that your mind my words and it uses miserable ization, and that's it. Now you know the five steps, and it's time to start your project. I can't wait to see her project, so go ahead and share your projects. Start working on it. Make sure you during the steps again and make sure you know what's included in the project and what you have to submit. 8. Mindomo Introduction: in this video, I will show you how to start working on your mind Map using the free app. Mind normal to start type. Mind Omer in your brother. Click start No, here you have two options. You can either pick an application that you are all of using toe. Pick an application. Simply click the arrow next to Google, or you can fill out your main email, others and password and click. Sign up. With the free account, you can create up to three maps. As you can see, I already have two months here so I can create one more to do so quick create. Give them up a title and then I can either sort a blank mind map or I can choose another template. Right now, the tempers are said to basic, but by clicking the arrow, I can select another time put or another set off templates. For now, I'll just click on the blank mind must Next you can select if you want to show the map in the public directory or if you need a map passport. I don't want to do any of these. I just click rate, and now I have a blank canvas where I can start creating my mind. I can change the topic in the middle simply by clicking on it and changing it to something else. To add a new topic, I press enter, and here you can see Main topic has been at it. If I want to add one more, I pressed Enter again. So for each new topic. But it's enter if I want to branch out. I pressed the tap key and again, if I want to add more sub topics, I press enter. I really like to use keyword shortcuts when I do my mind maps, because it's much faster than going back to the map with the mouse. So now you learn to keep watcher cats 1st 1 was entered and the second was worth tap. So once you have your topics and sub topics, you can work on changing the bane colors and adding images. So I would like to add image to the 1st 1 I click on it and I go all the way to the left, where I can either at icons or by clicking at multimedia and clicking this red button. I can search for images Diego. Next, I want to change the color. Let's say I'll pick this bench and I changed the color. The best practices toe have one branch, the same color. So for this one, I click the arrow and I can either come here and change the background and the fund. Oh, I can go here and select one off the styles if I want to do it for the whole branch. I don't have to go to each of once. Apparently, I just click copy style. And then I hover over all the sub topics, and I changed the car. That's all you need to get started. My gnome offers more features that you can learn in my complete mind or McCourt's. I'm looking forward to see your mind maps. 9. Start Your Project NOW!: you came to the end. Now you have everything and you're already to start your project now. No, Go ahead and click on class project and next on your right side, you'll see. Start your project, Dix. What do you need to do next? Here are again Deliver bills that you have to do. Mind map that has inspired you does the first thing that you should find an upload. The 2nd 1 is the first draft off your mind map for feedback. Next, the final mind map next right about the mind mapping application that you chose and finally share your lessons low. It would be great if you gave feedback to the classmates. Make sure that you check their gear projects as well as give them feedback because you will learn from that as well as they will get. Do you know what they could improve and where they can work on? You can also ask any questions. There's a discussion section where you can ask or answer questions as well. I'm looking forward to see our projects, so I hope that you will stop as soon as possible and thank you for watching Thank you for alarming with me and let me know if you have any questions 10. Feedback: What do you think about the course? I would love to hear your feedback. Is there anything missing? Should I add something? Do you have ideas for other topics that you would like to learn about? Let me know. Use the discussion form and let me know your feedback. And what do you think? Thank you very much. 11. Use It or Lose It: skill share is a project based online course marketplace. You pay alot monthly fee to get access toe all classes on Skill shirt. Project based means that each class should include a project that you can work on and immediately use the skills you just acquired in that class. The project feature distinguishes skill share from other platforms where you just consume the content but don't have the opportunity toe immediately. Apply it in a safe environment. Let me explain the difference between those two approaches. When you consume content, you just listen to the lecture, maybe make some notes, and then you forget about 70% off the content within 24 hours. The forgetting kerf is a little dirty secret. Off training companies. They spend billions off dollars on training programs, knowing that most knowledge will be forgotten every day you're bein have to process hundreds off thoughts and information, and your bane doesn't know but information you'll need later to cope with the forgetting curve. Students have to recall the information in the next hours or days after the training. Even better, if the student actually uses the knowledge, you'll be much likely to remember it now we come to the importance off project based learning. The principle is very simple. You consume the content and immediately use it in a safe environment. By completing the class project first off all, you'll be more likely to remember what you just learned. And second, you can practice your skills. Year on skill share in stuff off directly at school or at work. You get feedback on your project from your teacher and others, and that will help you to improve your skills even more. Don't wait until tomorrow, when you might have already for gotten 70 person off. Or do you just love started a project now and take advantage of this opportunity to practice and get feedback? Use it or lose it.