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Basics of Storyboarding: Telling Your Story In A Visual Way

teacher avatar Adrie Manquero, Recent VFX graduate

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why a storyboard?

    • 3. Storyboarding Basics

    • 4. Staging

    • 5. Framing and Angles

    • 6. Camera Movement

    • 7. Pacing and Timing

    • 8. Differences between storyboards for animation and film

    • 9. Your Final Project

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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn how to make a visual representation of your script (or screenplay). This is called a storyboard.

Storyboarding is useful when you have the script of your film finished, and want to move on to actually creating your film, be it live-action or animated. It helps you decide if your story is understandable, and it helps your team know what you want to accomplish. I’ll show you how to make a storyboard digitally, however, if you prefer doing it in paper, I’ve attached some templates you can download and print.

I'll show you the basics of storyboarding, such as:

  • Easy ways to make sure your idea is understood
  • Tips for framing and staging of your characters
  • Correct pacing and timing of actions
  • The differences between a storyboard for live-action and animation

For the class project, you'll make your own storyboard of a short scene. I've provided a script as an example. You can use my script, or create your own.

Remember, you can do your storyboard digitally, or traditionally. Use the option that you feel most comfortable with.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adrie Manquero

Recent VFX graduate


Hello everyone! I'm Adrie.

I recently graduated from my bachelor's in Animation and Special Effects in Mexico. As of 2019, I have made 4 short-films involving either animation or special effects.


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is salary. I will show you how to make a story One. What's the story? Would you say? Well, a story isn't magic. To return your Mason script from an extra idea into a quick form so that you can make sure that you and everybody in your team three. You want to great index section at the end of this class really able to present your family DS Inter Clear Officially. Don't worry. You have to be amazing throwing a store, working communal shapes and sizes. He just has to get history across. Come join me in this class and start telling your story in a visual way. 2. Why a storyboard?: Welcome to the class. This one you might be thinking. Why did I need us to river? If I already have my story written down, All ready to go? Well, the answer is spread A simple Let me tell you a story. Girlies really is loopy. And she just wants to have breakfast and be done with it On her way. Did a kitchen, she collapsible. I'm troubles it to the table without looking. Then she goes to get zero. She walks over to the pantry, takes this cereal box and searched herself a big role. Cyril. She sets the cereal box down and goes to get milk. She walks through the fridge. Person milk direly once again, without looking, she finally grabbed a spoon and gets with her zero Well, still struggling not to fall asleep. Now how can I make sure it as you understood exactly one of them to happen in this part of the story? This is how a story word helps guide the story. Are we to you once again this nine words Starbird. I will see how different it feels. This nine My girls realize Libby and she was once we have reference and be done with it. On her way to the kitchen, she grabs a bowl and throws it to the table without looking. Then she goes to the At zero. She walks over to a country, take the cereal box and serves herself a big role. Cerro, she said to serial books Down on, goes to get milk. She walks to the fridge for a similar entirely. Once again, we're looking. She finally grabs a spoon and get seats her Cyril, while still struggling not to fall asleep. Now there is no doubt of what is meant to be happening. Whitish of the actions From this point, Drew team will all be on the same page is you? And you'll be one step closer to bring your story to reality. It's also important to know that there's no fixed method for how you can make your sorry birth. It just requires is wrong for important actions in your story. You prefer working on paper. There will be a Donald link in your party. Craig's were printable templates. Any of you prefer working digitally there suffer like Photoshopped, create at a mystery border over shepherd you prefer 3. Storyboarding Basics: so the basics before we gonna go on make a storyboard of a full future movie. We need to know some of the most common mistakes, the most common mistakes that happen. Or 21 Not given enough discretion to the characters and to not given enough contacts of the space around the character number one coming me steak expressions on the card or help us know what they are trying to accomplish already happy with what they are doing. Artist Struggling on these doesn't just mean this official expression. Remember, the whole body can communicate, meaning he's a strong poses be created with them. Number two. Coming Mistake Now your cars to reserve expressive. We'll know exactly what they were doing. I'm feeling great, but we're in the world. Are they our day? Perhaps Animal looking of clothing Prices are deeper proof or a test. Wherever it is, they are up. Make sure to show it in just armored to recap given expression to your characters and give complex of the space around your characters. In the next chapter will the covering tips for good body languish 4. Staging: What is the station? There were probably remains. You have theater, and just like in theatre, the actress needs You have a strong coast. We can you still find out if your character has a good post by doing the seal? A test? Simplemente Carter s solid color and see of expression. Want to convey? Is a cylinder stewed? Is this card or shy? Are they looking down already Cold? Who? The answer. Verse a lot. You might want to re sign your posts. With this, we enter and do the first part of the project. Think of on emotion you want to convey and now pose your car through it. It posted on the community tap and let others guess whether was the original motion. Also go to your classmates pose and try to guess there's 5. Framing and Angles: have you noticed wholesome scenes in movies or closer or farther apart? This is gold framing. Let's quickly go over some of the come on ones long shopped. This shop loves you. See the whole body of the character many long shot. We're slightly closer due to Carter. No, we see from the knees up medium shot. We see a person on the face, medium close up. We see from the elbows and up close up. Basically, here's face extreme close up, and here's a really close part of the face. It's a real film. Emotional scenes tend to be closer to the camera on the more action feel wants them to be farther apart. Try playing around with them and see how the meaning of perception of the sea and vary by just changing the framing. We can also change the angle of the shots. Try doing a Dutch angle. How is is different now, or a high angle versus a low angle. How about a bird view? Combine different types of Freemen and uncles and you'll be able to share a more visually interesting story. Are there any scenes in a movie that make a great job of framing or Anglian their shots, make sure to pose them in the community tap so we can all keep improving. 6. Camera Movement: No. We get to a really cool topic camera movement because while static shot maybe really pretty some things we need to spice it up. Enough movement to it, for it is there are Dominga tours, translations and rotations. Gillian, unduly up. Move the camera closer or farther. Trick left. Drug right of the cover. Left or right for Estelle who they cover up or down Tills up until down for Did the camera up or down? Pound left and pen. Right worth of the camera. Left or right, he started basic camera movements. You cannot combine them and see how it looks. How will have deals up and unduly outfield? What about a pound? Right? And on truck left to symbolizes in your story Worth would normally use red arrows and rectangles. Drug left drug right on. But I still have straight. Our was pointing in the direction you want to move the camera. Julian unduly out also have straight arrows, but they also include a rectangle for Julian Direct angle marks of final framing for a daily out direct angle Marxian Usual framing built up till now. Bound left impound right. Draw Corfe arrow in the direction you want to move the camera and your next rowing draws a new framing. Do you know any movie scenes were really cool camera movements? Charlene was your classmates in the community tap? 7. Pacing and Timing: a great thing to keep in mind while making your store work is the pacing. Go over your story, work multiple times and imagine how fast certain actions will look like Do you might be a reckoning action for too long or haven't finished too quickly. Doing this estimation will have you in the future when you're shooting or any meeting for real. 8. Differences between storyboards for animation and film: the final question. How much detail do I need for my story? Word That's a real film. The answer is as much drawings. Virginia still reverse for live action films could be more of a guideline doorframe Every time there's a change of framing or the card third dose an important action, third worst for animation. On the other hand, things you need more Ditto. This is because the waiters will need to know how exactly, move the character. 9. Your Final Project: Congratulations. Air finish in this class for your final project. Joke. Raid your own story worth interpretation. You'll find three different stories of different genders. She doesn't want you like the most and create a store word with it. You can also use one of your own stories. If you want to make this story word as creative as you want, feel free to mention your creative process in the community tap.