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Basic Drawing For Beginners , Drawing Fruits Step By Step

teacher avatar Houshang Falahrezaei, Art Teacher And Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. FRUIT Drawing

    • 2. Apples from different angles

    • 3. Draw the grape cluster range

    • 4. Eggplant and a little shade

    • 5. Non geometric form of bell pepper

    • 6. Three techniques for cucumber and pepper

    • 7. Proportion and contour in the drawing of corn

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About This Class

Well, in this lecture we have a fruit basket to draw each one with different techniques. pear. Apple. Lettuce that has a very beautiful shape. Fruits have interesting shapes. Draw them. Bunch of grapes. Draw with a few different techniques. Lemon. tomato. Pomegranate. This grape cluster is full of cubic volume. Well I'll start with drawing a pomegranate. Why do I do a lot of workouts for you? I want to experience every form. My training comes with practicing drawing subjects. first step, first level. Drawing a pomegranate is a figure technique. I rotate the pomegranate to choose an angle. Of course, every angle is good for drawing. Drawing from several angles will help you discover it completely. Imagine you have never seen a pomegranate before and see it for the first time. Well a circle. A rectangle or a cube. I see gaps on the rectangle. I will show the gaps with a few small lines. But if you look carefully, the pomegranate is not a full circle. It looks like a polygon. It is precisely your precision to understand what a pomegranate is. These discoveries will improve your skills. Now I look at the pomegranate again from a different angle. No matter what angle you find. You are completely in control.

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Houshang Falahrezaei

Art Teacher And Designer


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1. FRUIT Drawing : What? The beautiful pomegranates. Are you ready to draw fruits? I have amazing drawing practice of fruits. I will teach you interesting technicals for drawing fruits. You don't believe it. Take your pencil on start discourse. 2. Apples from different angles: Our next practice is an apple that I can quickly draw it with a figure taking. I rotate the apple between my two fingers on. Look at it from a few angles. Most off the apples I have seen had shading and less attention toe balding. There are various technicals to drawing apples, and it's best to discover apples. I can see here in just a few seconds before we have accurate shading to the apples. Let me test this with airlines now, with the proportion in technique, I drew the apples first, analyzed the volume and shape off the apple with figure on Contra techniques. Well, this is stem on the's. Ellipse over the stamp is because the structure is more important and everything is arranged on it. Let's do a figure and fit in. Now look at the volume off Apples on the view looked better these exercises and then shadow in the next step. Now, with the counter method, I attach small arcs. I started dashed, line around and fit in a circle feel with a few things lines using dark charcoal to darken it on this them. The details and shadows are incorrectly. That initial drawing correct it if I made a mistake. Now the top hole. Do you know why I insist on drawing a shadow before shading on also the part where there is no light shading vow That is a beat of a problem here. Well, I really redrow on correct with pencil now draw the apples in a proportional way again from Hying This apple is seen from evolve the pa legal, that is the circle is not perfect in the stem alignment Right down. If you drew a bead of shadow on the depth on perspective, Gap is better understood in the next step. I drew the apple of it. Can't You're taking me two fingers. I fixed apple so that it doesn't move and you see it When I hold the subject in my hand I can rotate it at any angle. I start from this point constantly check dimensions when the pencil moves. Don't take half your apple away. Your I wants to start at the paper, but be careful If it takes more than a few seconds, The pencil path will be wrong now again. But this time with the Persian off my pencil I showed highlights high pressure, Low pressure, high pressure No pressure again. Broken lines because you control angles with broken lines when drove estan with their contour a ball, the apple This bomb is high and wrong and needs to be corrected. What about volume method? Is it possible? Yes. This is the spherical volume and then a very thing Small cylinder to draw it. So he draws toe volumes off this apple. One is a spherical volume. On the second is a cylinder. Now the depth off this apple with little hatches. 3. Draw the grape cluster range: Oh, beautiful grape bunch grapes to draw. Let's check. This grip on my hand has some interesting shapes. We have to draw a range. I drew these polygons with lines for the grape area, so drove the main system in the middle of the grape. These lines are exhilarating and quite now, drilled A smaller stands on the main stem because it's cubes. Hang on small stems to draw the whole grape. Please be patient on draw, each one to draw their cubes. Don't worry too much about the similarities. Some cubes are smaller, some are in perspective. 30 30 40 50. Then we have to give perspective to cubes. How about they must be drone forward or backwards? Some are up and some are down, off and down, front or back. This is called overlap. Creates perspective. Overlap on gives more depth to the drawing. CDs in the highest on there are under eats. Create perspective and depth with the oval admitted. Then a few cubes move gradually. Part D Volume and dip off the grape appear to be about five centimeters. Lee's very off overlapping is no longer flat, two dimensional grape, but rather fully three dimension. One and that means depth and perspective. Next, drove the grape in a proportional way. Fix the grape on my hand at an angle polygons or with multiple eight shade lines toe. Specify the range. For example, How many cubes do you feed in? This is small polygonal about five cubes. The same divisions continue. Smaller proportions on divisions drove the main line stem in the medial off the grape. Well, I now darkened small stands. One day I want to create a contrast. Gradually, thes contrast and black contrast shows better. The grape uniformed gray should have contrast in the next step. The volume of each grain vb dimensional, shaded. What volume do know for each grape? Yes, well, right. It's volume is spherical. The light shines from the left, and slide shadow appears on the right side of the cubes. Andi lease shared again beauty and three dimensional The overlap soul. Its review Shadow makes the volume three dimensional and change from two dimensional to three d. Now draw the original shape slowly with the counter method. Cubic stem. Here again, I showed the grape overlap on perspective. Vendor volumes are over. Some off them go below or behind and the rest go back to front the first volumes, but they will go farther. This is volume overlap on perspective, least beautiful and delicious. Charles draw a line line with the figure method, just like the Carol itself shape. But net a rectangle because it has curves on the tip on bond under Eat our Sharpeville. I trust these because it's the right fit and I'm moving on that same skeleton with the counter method up and down like a wave of the sea. I touched edges off this carol with my eyes. I look even less at paper so you can cook it this same Carol because it was very real. Now draw the fine lines on Re Claire's on the carols. It lines the details under on the tip off. The carols are also important. The next exercise is a pessimist. How much fun? It's because deli cious this fruit is soft. From this angle. I drew ellipse with the figure method, but at least should like it be it, like rectangle drew strong nesting lines to the stem on bleeps. I only discovered on experience this fruit. Now let's throw better. On the second figure, a little more precision Correct. The circles on filled the leaf on stem part of the country. I shake it inside because the light doesn't shine there. On Lee, this contrast is important in shading because the rest is half clear. For example, I would share more heavy on this. Great. Yes, it's volume look better here. I drew a great cube on the larger scale five times larger Liza Smaltz. Term means it. Grapes I shadowed stem on its cavity. Well, now it looks completely treaty. Also check the cubes, then sells according to the light source, this is the direction off the light when the darkest part is behind this a spherical volume on gradually, with the gradual change off the light, it becomes clear the gradual fading off light and shade creates perspective. 4. Eggplant and a little shade: at this point Practice all the technicals for drawing an eggplant. Well, I drove the eggplant in a few seconds in 10 seconds. I was drew by the figure method. Do you know why I said that for a few seconds? Because the suddenly feeling is important in the figure method Onda now from high angle in less than 10 seconds. I don't mean to Horie. I don't mean fast. It's the intensity of your feeling. Drew a gang in a few seconds. Want to release your feeling? This is overcoming your fear. Is this quick? Drooling? Wrong? So let me Shadab it to see if it's eggplant. If you carefully shadow the simple drawings, it will be attractive. Shaded a little charcoal. Just pay a little. But I also get the shadows in a few of the second because lease are my discovers. I've aunt unrest on forms and volumes feeding myself. Time is right to pay. But discovering the drawing is more important than any other things. Now, if you're complete eggplant, which shade you will unrest on its for better. Well, I complete the green part off the eggplant first Andi then move onto the black parts throw the seconds method. The proportion of method off ah dashed lines. It's broken lines has a different angle. Top right button left. What angles? What slopes? How many broken lines? It depends on the type broken lines for eggplant because it has a curved shape. The dashed lines are curved. That is, Look at the eggplant yourself, Andrew. It's more precisely, for example, the green stem off the oper eggplant should be a taller. Then it's all over. Turned the curves into curves, the contours technique. We can also make corrections in counter method. If I want to draw the eggplants with volumetric technique, I drew a cylinder and the sphere. Andi, change it with a few weeks, I put my pencil on the paper and start from one point up. Low down, high down. And don't take my eyes off the model. See this point? I'm right here and I want to continue. Will. I had a lot off practice for black part off the eggplant. I don't take my hand and my pencil off the paper and rise my hand. The little beats so I can see under my hands on deadlines. Better. It's accurate. You wouldn't expect to be able to draw a greatly like I do, but you will have a lot of skill. Will. I drew a few small lines off detail and shadow it with charcoal. You can see it's spherical volume. Now, with contour again, I've on to draw the eggplant from another angle. Do you think my training is saying to draw? No, because in each exercise, I will explain new details on tips. Again, I drew the eggplant from another angle with the figure method. These large number of exercises I learn new with different angles of topics instead of tiredness. Enjoy off my exercise. 5. Non geometric form of bell pepper: least pepper is very good for drawing in figure method because it has a lot of interesting ring. Klis. The complexity is great. Left right, don a lot of ring Klis. I draw the line with the figure and my sense of speed. I draw in just list and 10 seconds because I drove with my strong sense. The structure is right, so I connect the lines with the counter method. Next, I rotate days because it's full of beautiful, reckless on I love complex for because it improves hand skills on in Hans eyesight, any angle I rotate. It's interesting to me as if I have a new appointment from the top. It's not like the site. They are completely different angles off. These are in new on and off course necessary. Exercise. Now let's process with the proportion method. Throw the whole with broken lines and slopes. This line this line on next. This like check axillary lines regularly, if not change because it's harder to change in later stage. I ride this lease proportional method on the paper many times to stay in my mind. This proportional method means that slope angle off the lime in distance and accuracy means slope angle off the alignment, distance and accuracy. I checked slopes. Here's slope. What's the angle? It's about 50 degrees. Here's unimportant angle. How about this angle? About 90 degrees. Now let's convert the axillary lines toe marks. By pressing on the pencil, the edges become more precise. The scale is almost equal, however. It's only a few millimeters larger. If the scale is slightly larger or smaller, maintain that fit to the end. Now, while drawing, I noticed the difference in scale of my drawing with a model on, Try to keep the feet of the drawing to the end. If it's a little bigger, the bottle line will be the same. Now the details. In the next exercise, I can only make one counter method Onley fixed object first. Then my eyes start at the subject. My pencil tip on paper, Look again at the subject. Now move on, calm and decorate. Do you know why I keep the pencil moving slightly Because my hand doesn't block the side off the I. A few lines for the far on doesn't prevent me and you from seeing. Be careful, then ever induct. Keep the pencil for a few seconds that you're worried about the direction of movement and check your drawing with the model and then go on range. Iran was specified now complete inside. The cavity and stem are high due to the distance from the upper edge and the line for ring Klis in sight. So rotate on practice with me again in a new angle. Notice of these bumps. At this new angle, bombs are more visible. Check the model first on, Move the pencil. Well, here I posed the check the track once it means the same hole folding on the body Onda few range for light again with the figure method. I practiced this beautiful thing twice. If it's them has been hatchet, it's dark and can be seen. 6. Three techniques for cucumber and pepper: we still have in the fruit basket immediately to practice andro. How great Which one now cucumber is right. These que combat has an interesting shape. I hold it with my two fingers to keep my eyes discovered. The form off the Q combat with the figure method. Do you think simple thing should not be a practiced, simple or complex? It requires strong sense off accuracy and precision in your eyes and hands. Relax your hands one pencil in your hand. Now the third angle to draw draw strong arches in this way on these arc. Now the next step is the proportionality method will, with a few precise line figure out small line now a lined line for cucumber, cucumber and re two lines. Because now, because off Visa Slope is important, discover thes angle. How many decrees calculates with the help of the dash line? What is the higher angle estimate now that her mind, if the high off the cucumber is proportional, continue with the Contour technique, connect the whole line. Most likely you're drawing will be slightly different than cucumber, even a few millimeters. Don't worry, because having a mistake means the right path in your practice now, Just throw the cucumber from the first that is, don't apply the figure on proportions. Counter method on Lee. I've aunt your eyes to torch the edges off the cucumber. No auxiliary reliance like learning balance wine. Cycling. The pencil tip needs balance. You drove the chip off the cucumber. Now hatches the hatches and shadow. Rebuild the cylinder shape off the cucumber. Redrow, due cucumber, but I want it to be a little smaller. Visa scale reduction should apply to all lines Now under delight, I notice a few things lines on the cucumber skin. These lines help toe undress on the perspective. Off cucumber, of course, the high of a cucumber should be higher. Draw the first on a larger scale. The larger scale must be observed from drawing. Learn to draw this large arc precisely because it has to be controlled from both sites. Not small, not large Measure. Inside the art with your eyes. Estimate vertical alignment. You can draw the end to connect the beginning and the end. I finish the drawing to draw back. Draw a line for show. The two lines must be drawn in parallel off course. Your eyes only pay attention every time you change your eyes. Your pencil. We change too. Your pencil and your hands are subject to your eyes. But the end of the A student looked like much. Now notice this wrinkle on Payless King. Light was dancing on them. Wrinkles are found. Throw wrinkles with pay line because it shouldn't be the same as the original. Now the details off the drawing on the dark here I also shade. It's them a little bit in the light direction. The same details make the drawing more beautiful. Ring Klis. Next stems are little but important because always simple wrinkle makes the case volumetric . This time shouldn't go higher and end at this point because I control it with my own eyes. Well, I think strip off light can be seen on the body. The edges with clear pencil on darkening. Now go from the TP to the left to draw dick turf. Exactly the image you see. Second, by counter method, I wrote it to find the right angle. This is a good angle. So start ruling from the top so you can see on control the result when you draw it down constantly posed like me so you can check the feet so you can check the proportion Proportion means inter walls and angles if the distances and angles or correct the drawing will be correct. Well, I have a mistake here, and I can fix it. Pose for a few seconds to see the shape for your I don't think you have the shape in mind. This is the big mistake of drawing. The mind is not good for drawing the first ist drawing you. Could I At first I dive down on climb again Down on up again I dive to paper. Anything you see immediately becomes your subject. Don't pulls. Look at this subject on the same image on paper. 7. Proportion and contour in the drawing of corn: a beautiful chord. I opened the skin and discovered the volume at the same time. For drawing. I see and touch the conical volume with my hand. Yes, a conical volume and hundreds off small spherical volumes now carefully drove arcs that showed the bending off the leaves. The leaves are perspective. You have to move your eyes on the leaves and unrest on the perspective off lives at the same time, all this is the first figure drawing technique. A few lines off hair for coal. The cone shaped corn should be fixed at the angle, but we have to draw the cone in a troy angle because we look at it from the same angle sold structure of the triangle you draw is like a drop. What shaped to their leaves or court? Yes, they are bent on hundreds of corn grains that are cubic or a spherical like thousands of lines to draw your eyes should make a several majors at once. Don't worry about the similarity in the figure method. When the structure is blotted, drove their dictates, it has hair just like us. Now, more detailed divisions for corn greens, multiple vertical lines specified the range off seats, carefully aligned scores to show the rule off the corn grains them dimmed, dimmed, dimmed. If you don't get tired on drew all the seats, the result will be beautiful, sick and roll turo Third throw, and it's a well Vitti sits. The result is accept able lease first exercise WAAS drone with the figure method, and the second method for practice is proportion in this exercise. First, the try angle and under it very is also a small rectangle under the triangle, so V C three types of shapes. The first triangle is the second large score, and the all small rectangle now draw a polygon with a few lines for the corn leaps. The other lives on the left are similar to the triangle here and here. I then dro contour edges from the top off the kerf and just always remember to initials clatter on. But change the control lines. If you find a skeleton is incorrect, Drawing first is important because off how you feel now, let's ost volume method in the next technical. Now let's use the Wally on method in the next technique. The large volume off corn is a cone through a small cylinder to show court the Analyze these corn into simple volumes. Polygons are useful and again completed with the corn contour method. As you can see, the counter method is our help in all the exercises. Because the contour method makes the final payment on the details and the last this country from evolve slowly and slowly, the speed of pencil should be slow in the counter method. Why? Because in this very our eyes focused on the subject or model. If your eye is on the subject, then you have less control over the paper, and it's best slow down the pencil movement. When you release your hand in a part off the line, try to continue from the same point. To gain off course. You can continue from another point if you can use the etch salaries pencils for the contour method because it's not visible after shading. I use black pencil because off these exercises to see you better now drew the corn seats with the same precision