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Baroque Art . The Complete Guide

teacher avatar Soha Ahmed, Art Geek

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. History recap

    • 3. Characteristics

    • 4. Carracci

    • 5. Caravaggio

    • 6. Rembrendt

    • 7. Rubens

    • 8. Velazquez

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About This Class

In this class , we'll talk about Baroque art in three parts

History recap ( 1 video)

Characteristics ( 1 video)

Artists ( 5 video)

video 1 : History recap
The Naming
where did it start ?
why did it start ?
how did it end ?

Video 2 :Characteristics
Baroque sculpture
baroque architecture
Baroque types

Video 3 :Annibale Carracci (1560-1609) and The beaneater 1583–1585

Video 4 : Carravaggio (1571-1610) and Crucifixion of Saint Peter in 1600

Video 5 : Rembrandt (1606-69) and The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholas Tulp in 1632

Video 6 : Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) and the Descent from the Cross (1612-1614)

Video 7 : Diego Velázquez (1599-1660) and Las Meninas in 1656


i used these lovely tracks <3

Flowers by a[way]
After the rain by Rexlambo
Snowfall by Scott Buckley
Present by Ikson
Quiet Place by Jonny Easton
A Forever Memory by Jonny Easton
Charms - 02 Train by Sergey Cheremisinov

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Soha Ahmed

Art Geek


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1. Intro: that I just put make up on those people's. They're called this class. Yes, I did. I a get through this broke last. Welcome back. Finally we're in Brook or movement. I know it's been a while since I accorded the clash. I've been busy slash lazy, but I'm back Back with Brooke Art. I'm gonna get this class like usual Historica characteristics and artist. We are in this epidemic, and I hope you guys stay safe. Um, wash your hands. Uh uh. 2. History recap: It's a Brook started from 59th 17. It was the whole artistic package from Find Our Like more paintings, sculpture, architecture and music bottles from this era, one of the rarest movements that you can identify very easily. It had this quiet difference die from Died Eliza off the Rennes, since there are official unnatural mannerism and the light, airy, fluffy, decorative style of the cocoa, which will come next. The meeting, the term Brooke was drive from the Italian word Berko. Philosophers used during the Middle Ages describe an obstacle in symbolic manner, so I kind of meant a twisted and complicated idea or thought. Another possible source is a Portuguese word baroque. Oh, Morocco Use ascribing a regular shape, burl or stone a term that still you still today, but jewelers Farouk Pearl early are critics of John one. Come in John Ruskin. Jacob Burkhardt used this word to describe anything irregular and bizarre away from established rules and proportions. They really like the shot it to pieces, but later are cracks of the late 19th century, however, had a different approach in their eyes. In meant being odd, with task exaggerated. I think we used this word and that meaning So stick with that where they start start in Italy, especially womb in some treasures from 18 50. Then it began to spread in the early 16 hundreds. When space or to do her own churches later, two friends Portugal, Germany and Austria. Are we going to mention it? Are we going to mention it? Yes, we have to. In the midst off protested Re formacion. Yes, four classes. I'm still talking about religious subject. Destined Regions and Catholic regions usedto have different intake and art in mannerism and continued, we started to see a protest int book, which had much less religious content. And not just that. The traditional book start soon started to change and adapt a local style and flavor as it spread further. In fact, I can argue how Brooke has so many styles underneath. That you mind goes to the dark, flat, high contrast in Maine things which is, Yeah, it is broke. But it has so much more than that. And it was a way to express that attention from religious conflict and separated factions. A fun thing is even in Rome, the main center of the movement at its own throwback to classical style classical book with works from Nikola Posa clothes who were French artist staying in Rome for most of their lives. Why did it start first? Major reason was the counter information The Brooks. I'll start as a reaction if, in part of the wider can't information room against protest in Europe, they use a book. Was four Catholic regions of your T easily distinguish themselves? Like we said before, the woman Catholic Church of the Council of Trent adopted this controversial stance and art I have in the strict artistic program to serve the movement. And the movement on Lee called the artificial style of mannerism that was before wasn't effective enough now to satisfy the needs of the counter. Reformation isn't the church was the main patron of the time. It changed the game. Here came broke art, with its spiritually realistic and just wish Here came broke our with spiritually realistic and just natural treatments. The religious imagery, an image it really easy to the regular churchgoer to see the story understand the meaning behind it. And most of all, I feel something when you see. But playing with unusually dramatic effects in large spaces that made Luke stand out from other movements till today to new rising orders. Annibale Carracci, Caravaggio to be specific. Artistically, they saw it. When they came to won't. They immediately grabbed attention and shifted the interesting realism. Bree Local Flavor s. The book was mainly ruled by Catholic Church that wanted religious imagery integrate your fashion. But as we said before, there was a local development. Brooke, every time it hits a new place, another thing is against the laws. There was another picture on the right, which was not a strong with Catholic Church. Better was steady and stable, and that was male class that wanted our to see and to buy that was close to them that they could identify with four navigation. The covering can change that. We talked about before. Instead of earth being the center of the universe, they discovered that the sun became the sensor and it had its effect and mannerism and also on book. It was reflected in our slot when our started to portray landscape with figures relatively smaller. Then we are in real life compared to nature. Let's talk about music for a second. It's not my thing that's worth knowing that in the late 15 eighties they moved away from the Renaissance Music Way, their own books that would eventually become Oprah. The composer's Rick Perry made definitely in 15 97 who is often considered the first true open. Oh, by the end of 17th century that you endure broke style was the client as it was patriot Italy. France was now in the bower, and it soon gave way to cocoa at that could have lighthearted style that evaded old forms of ours with a special interest in entering. We finished History Cab. Next time, characteristics see them right? 3. Characteristics: Welcome back, guys. Let's start with themes. Of course. We had, religiously, directly from the Bible or indirectly and mythological metaphorical compositions a fair share every day, our works on general art, some classical mythology here and there. And we had the typical ones landscapes, portrait and still lives. The main keywords off Brooke art were large scale public religious heart, no broke regions low, but most of actus sticks. 1st 1 is Italian Renaissance, and we're talking here about Terrence's as a whole, which includes early and high Renaissance and mannerism. As we said before, any movement takes were tree lives from whatever was before and boots her update on it with a new stylist actress. So it's not surprising that they share some stylistic similarities. The same religious themes with realism at working over on harmony and balance to for a little bit. They make sure to Sprinkle some relatable and common letters from everyday life and local places and familiar says, like formers and Babel. Drinking in a bar with off course three realism. A big part of realism is in the facial expression they saw in it, a form of natural is, and the more facial expressions and emotions they caught, the more natural and realistic it becomes and more people can relate. Something that they sometimes do is they will carry themselves in the same thing as part of the shadows, which I really like. Four drama While subject matter, even Spike and very between group pain things, most pieces have one thing in common drama. They painted theatrically let scenes in which the spotlight of characters emerged from dark areas, the condition of darkness and lightness, figures about and the color sitting even more viewer and vibrant havoc. Achieve that by one blame with intense, strong contest between light and shadow. Just like how Rubens and gradually they end to buy movement, batch and back see with exaggerated motion when it was religious, classical with are generally or either way gave the theatrical sense of drum five large scale of public art when it started broke. Our tended to be in large scale, like monumental morals and huge frescoes for the ceilings, is considered to be public art intended for the conflict. Churches, cars, which is to remind every day you off biblical stories. Six lines lines are powerful tool, whether they are vertical resentful in between symmetrical asymmetrical. Whether you can trick the human niantic of space in a painting or the illusion of perspective and the blue cars new and work with that a lot theatrical use off color. They played with colors in Texas, for example, you can easily see and differentiate between velvet and sick, and they did not do that has our fabric knowledge to solve. This time leaving, so are the talent. It was their way. Teoh up their theatrical scenes with well painted theatrical costumes. And that leaders eight new techniques. If you got to see Brooke, are before the obvious thing, they would have caught your eye is the source of life and chatters. They did their with them present technique and her score techniques that were developed and updated to enhance atmosphere. They are both down by up left in the contrast between shadow on light in a two dimensional painting, and for the first couple of seconds, you wouldn't differentiate a temperance technique from occur. Score one. So here's your school is a shading thing, used to give it through the objects, a sense avoiding and, in other words, to make it three d the prison is drum used for dramatic effect, only a compositional technique in which you paint with black. The dark areas allowed the opposite light A is to shine and glow more. Those black is don't give any volume, just negative space. The opposite, of course, scores chatters. That gives a sense of three dimensionality. They mention it. So give it in your head like that. Their school 50 tempers in black drum sculpture and monuments. Brooks culture in general are larger than life size commission for other grandiose spellings, Electrician's and Royal Gardens. It had dynamism, dynamic movement by the swirling spirals and playing with So it's and by working on the active space between the subjects, like the flown bravery and the added em in like water fixtures. Student has the theatrical grammatical field off book architect Brooke Architecture has its fair share of drama, playing with theatrical teams. In their concept, There goes toe while the visitor to make them feel ignored So they did. A big factor of architecture is playing with illusion and respect. They did that by replacing the straight harsh lines with flowing curves they couldn't forget, of course, light and chatter. So they played with the interrogator Let light shine through I Want the last one broke types broke out three major types, and the 4th 1 first one religious grand do. The first stop is, of course, sponsored by the Catholic Church. Can you get bothered? They asked for an over dramatic theatrical, almost exaggerated work off large scale religious art commissioned by them and those the course off those who follow them to greater realism. A more lifelike, overall style, more lively movement commented by realistic figurative compositions. And whereas some animals and their three is art refer to as a golden age, this mainly evolved with the protesting airs, a fancy form of art for the fancy, which people have in the home totally away from the large scale public religious art of the Catholic states. So what they paint about realistic portrait. It's landscapes, floor still lives, animals and a new thing called Vanities Painting, inspired by vanity of vanities, saith the preacher vanity of vanities. All is vanity from the Bible. A big part of that is Memento. Mori is lending for Remember death. I'm honored that we will die at some point, so the paintings include a simple such a skulls and distinguished candles. The other parties symbols not related to death, such as musical instruments, wine and books to show the meaning of life. Cool story, time momentum. Or is believed to originate from an inch of woman tradition in which a servant would be tasked to stand behind before you, General as he braided the city and get welcomed and raised by the public servant. Would Lisbon his ear look behind you? Remember who you are. You're not. But a man remembers you to die. Yeah, is not the fourth. Hi, Brooke. It began in the midst of 17 18th century when it reached its peak. All the characteristics above for masters, More lifelike figures with warm tones and more movement. Okay, I try to summarize almost old the different stars with big book names. So for the next force will talk about Annabelle Karachi. Caravaggio off course. Rembrandt, Rubens and Van left. See them 4. Carracci: Welcome back. Guys in this class will talk about Eddie Blake Arch or Annibale Carracci. He was born in November 15 60 in Bologna, a papal states in Italy. Not a lot of info about his beginnings. We know that him and his sculptures were the artistic family ever was the most admired between them. Even though his study is sometimes seen as the typical conventional painting, his work was intensely creative for his time. He saw it painting at almost the same time as the big of the Counter Reformation, the announcement of the Council of Trend 10 and Agostino and his cousin of the vehicle funded in our school in bona. Then the three car she did the frescoes in the villa Zamani, me and two other Noble has blown up in 15 95. Anybody want thrown toe work for the rich young Cardinal Eduardo friend who wanted to decorate his palace with frescoes, his work there and in generous by the next generation of group artists, he was influenced by the idealized perfection of the classical Roman reticence are that we know and love for artists like Michelangelo and Rafael, with the vibrant color bad off the finish in our school from artists like Addition and Toretto adult that his special interest in dynamism, emotions and everyday people over saints and no Balaji and that makes gave us the scene EQ and great for style, a realistic general theme paintings that popularized the genre in Italy and gave him an advantage. Even so, it already existed in 16th century by some ours, like William the Killer later Esten leader Brueghel, the elder Dutch. Ours mainly. It was virtually unknown in Italy. Some people credit this new theme toe, also poets of the time. They sought to write poems in vernacular that spoken dialect rather than the actual proper language. So the toll aesthetic shifted to more realistic and natural to match everyday people instead off biblical source and classical. His color by Locke Ober Cars has the same richness and also darker tones. Too much the book with an emphasize on color alike. Then how you stood out by having this new broken brushwork to capture the movement in a sketch, emerge if felt rough, as if we glance at that exact moment, it wasn't clean and sleek E, as the most of this area tend to capture the drama like of Adieu and Lasky, for example. My example from is the being ITER Top two favorite paintings of Brooke. 1st 1 is leftist lensman anise. We'll talk about it later. This painting is a general painting with no a circle old literary background. It shows a low class citizen in simple clothes. Straw had eating a meal of beans and onions at a specific moment when he raises a spoonful of these his lips, only to stop surprised by us the viewer. It wasn't a commission. No one knows who or why. Every painting before had to mean something labour in value, exaggerated symbolism than just guy eating a meal. But maybe that self meant something. There's that unsubtle, indirect symbolic features you won't notice when you just glance at that painting, typically with bending food for the nobody. It was accustomed to main items that grow high from the ground like apples, for example, as their social status was higher and paint in a light and vibrant color. Obviously, this isn't the case here. The colors are limited to dark, earthy tones off round greens and grays, that itself without the guy that dominates a large bush of the painting with stairs show his social class would still show the struggle. So what about this painting? The Scream One, then using the same color back for the food and the guy in this rough, they broken brush from those way ahead of its time. It gave us what we needed to be there at that specific moment. Extreme, different from other orders we're gonna talk about in this class to So lets the unnatural directed leaves emotions. You look at him, and if you understand or feel Wednesday, look. So you know, I take perspective in the background in front, really, for showing the items on the table was not which made it, in my opinion, 10 times better matched the theme so well. It's not like he didn't know how to put some details in the background or in front. He bathed in the dirt under his fingernails. Ever course she one of my favorite book artist. He's a match off the Masters. Next video talk about Brad. You see that 5. Caravaggio: Okay, Welcome back for badges or Michelangelo was born in 15 71 and really had a rough short life . Humans near bit of Cellini, of how rough his left waas when he was six. The papa Nick Clegg, like this as it was, referred to get almost everyone in his family. He was often 11 and moved in the land of friends at Timoney Rosano before years, and that started the trend off a prince in a shitty or segment that gave him some better beginnings. For example, Lorenzo's Siciliano car bad you painted for him Heads for growth apiece and blues three a day. So, like Free Milan at the time, was dominated by the counter reformation. Archbishop draws Bowmore Carla Bruni, who reach over how the Catholic Church during the black death and after it also was sinking in death. And the only way out in his admitting was to go back to the basic life Jesus Christ to go back to the board. Who's the living images of Jesus. So when you thought about religious art, he wanted natural and blamed the highly idolize High renaissance or even mannerism is not welcome anymore garbage. You had that run on all over his work in this cud realism in low, earthy tone, showing poverty and humility s key elements in his work around 15 nineties, Caravaggio went so painted a number of self portrait, started selling his planning through a dealer called Cassano Spotter who had the shop there was through him that conversion. I only grabbed the attention of his most important patron and his early life, Francesco Cardinal Maria Monta, who lived nearby. But he actually moved of adjective his house and securing them his first big break. First major public commission, 15 97 for the control of Chapel and rose only 26 years old and was responsible for creating three large paint things larger than he usedto almost them feed direct in separate scenes from Sam Mathew's life. The three is only works were Sam, Matthew and the Angel, the calling of Sam, Matthew and the Murder Them off. Sam Matthew. They were finished in 16 01 and it wasn t zero. He revoked them with his realistic depictions off Sam Matic to the point of redoing the first version of Sam, Matthew and the Angel. Give fact, maybe a lot of coverage is earlier work had this pretty young boy that he being over and over in different directions is said to be Francesca be in 80 or Checo on it for Jessica Savages, Onley known assistant, apprentice and lover lady As he began to become more successfully started to hit rock bottom in my mini, he became more violent September with drinking and gambling problems. He got arrested a couple of times like he served a short prison sentence and 16 03 for taking another painter in 16. 05 He attacked Roman guards with stones and said to walk with a short decide to make a fight. Hey, size here. No, the baby didnt get corrupted at all. Just this is just me trying. Teoh narrated again. He actually killed a man called Amazonia really known pimp. He was convicted of a capital sentence, which meant that anyone in the Bible states have the right to kill him with immunity. In exchange for work, he fled to Rome, where he might have had a partner or sentence drug. But because of the sun's powerful connection, that was not going to happen. He's our refuge from other cities traveled south enables on the production of the Kelowna family, stayed there in the past for a while from neighbors conversion travel to monitor where he hoped to join the respected Knight of the Order of ST John. Why, Why now? To be accepted into the order would mean Automatic berth. For a while a word, he painted a number of senior figures in the order, and he started working on the masterpiece that we had a insane John as a payment. Everything was going great. So after school up in the event of revealing his painting, he assaulted a more senior night of Justin, Giovani Duero and, of course, were thrown into jail for the fence. But someone helped him escape and was on the right again. He was declared to have been expelled and thrust forth like a water, and this is left from our order and society except a K stripped of his night of justice. You managed to go in Sicily and cc weight. Double threats now, then enables again under the Kelowna protection. His luck was about to run out. The lose, attacked by four million, had a severe injury in the face that had him close to dying for several month as fresher or facial wound, traditionally a sign of revenge, leaving a lasting scar on both the victims face and his owner. The attack had a profound impact on converges mental physical state. His vision of brushwork suffered from the assault as well. We kind of saw it in his last paintings. With the help of his friends like Costanza, Kelowna, he finally secured his Bergdahl from the bone. Now he sailed back to Rome from neighbors with a couple of paintings to win him over. Slash say thank you his first, Abbas Portabello, for unknown reason things and go as planned. And he was arrested there while his world travels a ton of the Port Port Medical Hey Babe himself out, then went on a horse to where his workers are equally. It took him possibly a day, but with his state, Hey died. So in just a few days after arriving in July 16 10 at the age of 38 I was buried in an unmarked grave, a really sad Southern ending. In 2010 a team of scientists who started coverage is remain discover that his bones contained high levels of lead levels high enough made drove that being through man, for my example, is the crucifixion of ST Peter. It's in the search chapel of Santa Maria and Pablo in Rome, in the mix of the murder of Sam Better Know that beer assistant and he because foot upside down, not imitate describes. The picture is based on a set of diagonals grade by the wooden cross the road, the guy holding the the arm of the guy holding the cross, the arm and legs of the bottom figure for people when they see this painting seems to go to the officers. A well painted painting. The shows a poke, Germans, and that's it. Well, it does that, but it has more if we want deeper with it. They are three healthy middle age men trying to left an elder but seem to have trouble doing it. You could say it only took them five seconds left in beaches that one second that showed them having trouble lifting him, and for reason it opened a couple interpretations. He's a safe. Maybe his good deed and sacrifice made him have your left. Oh, maybe their guilt is heavy and weighing them down. Another thing is badges. Choice, not shoulder faces at all. Just a partial part laid our eyes back the same. John himself was really smart. They are unknown or not worthy to be known, which is like, Yeah, I stand the painting stripped of all unnecessary items. Straightforward. It's seen with almost completely dark background. So to focus all your attention on the figures in the fears, only combining her score to make us feel it's more three dimensional by darkening shadows. So much to give us that powerful contrast of light and dark and Tim prison they use of strong contrasts of light. And that so to produce intense drama, his composition of figures of a plane out of scene on such sacred figures, wearing an acting like everyday people in a controlled setting, and place lam in a high position so that the light would fall straight down, revealing what's important to convey a three dimensional object, leaving the rest in the shade. That's graduate. In a nutshell. A controversial yet influential rest nice video will talk about Rembrandt, I guess. See that river 6. Rembrendt: Okay. Welcome back, guys. Remember, his full name is remembered. Amazon from Hyeon was born in July 16. 06 in late and Netherlands was a Dutch Brooke painter and printmaker whose work dominated much seen in what sense been named the Dutch golden era. Uh, like most the Children of his day, he attended elementary school, then about H Done entered late in school, in Laden, or he started classical and biblical works. But he so left trained as an artist at about age, 15 years old, he had apprentice on the two artists. 1st 1 is yak of France, Planned for later. For three years, he was known for his city views and held evictions. Scenes of hell on the underworld required in a corner scale for that time, which is painting fire, and it's reflection on the surrounding objects. If you have any background a Rembrandt, you will definitely see the influence right away. His second teacher was Pieter Lastman that lived in Amsterdam, so women stayed with him for a couple of months. He was known for his history painting, which required to know how to construct this complex settings of position figures with architecture or landscape backgrounds again, something that women was known for, he went. So I started being small history, pain, things and Tony's figures with exaggerated facial expressions or in a character in some sort. He started to move away from last month's style with his use of light that became a signature study, moved the light source close to subjects and move the subjects close to each other. And by doing that, it had this spotlight effect, and it gave away the swell. It subjects what convey a three dimensional objects left with unnecessary details in the shadow. Cute factor who he has decided his work with our Etch remembered Harmison from 16 26 to 27 with our child, Remember, Time isn't from late in the tenure was born, then 16 32 with arch Alvin, right remembered harmsen from Laden, right then with his first name, Onley. Rembrandt without the D. Then, lastly, from 16 33 until his death, Rembrandt, with the D as his name was, were enough to begin with. And like Ernest, artists you know, like Michelangelo and Raphael, I still struggle to sign my own work for unknown reason. I don't sign my work. I don't like the sign might work. I don't know how to sign my work, but, you know, I guess I'll figure it out. At some point. In my humble career, he moved to Amsterdam. Very struggles. The with Andric. Aydin broke. You know, I used to think Diane, names are hard. Then I stumbled into Dutch names s where the God I appreciate Italian. Since that was an art dealer whose causes to scare married remember the 16. 34. He had a quiet, decent life. He became highly successful in 16 thirties, had his own several students and assistants, started his own our collection, but is huge huge house in 16 39. Now the member house museum, which gave him some major financial problems later. But it was quite good life. He had some setbacks with Saskia. Their three Children died. 1st 3 Children die, actually after birth. Only the fourth shot of Titus, born in 16. 41. Survived into adulthood to scare. Died soon after giving birth to him. Probably from a long struggle with tuberculosis. Run discussion. A lot sick in her bed. Hey, I feature dicks as a nurse slash 90 for his nine year old son, Titus, and had something between them. But things went south. Feature Leah Charge remembered with breach of promise by claiming that he had promised to marry her. I was awarded a yearly other money. Thanks. Same time you find out that she had some of Cisco's jewelry until of that financial problems that's supposedly losing Bachchan's after we're having to the famous The Night Watch painting, which was rejected because apparently they couldn't see their faces. Clearly, yes, he was known to be stubborn and didn't change his work to police patrons, and at that time, I think it backfired and he lost commissions. Fact time. The main thing that probably would book right now here meant to be a C let. But Daylight's around 16 47. Rembrandt tired and drinks truffles, a women 20 years younger whose story has made than a model than a wife and had two girls from the others died like the previous skins. But then Miss Cornelia was okay. I was now with ciders and Cornelia. She stayed with him until her death in 16 63 at the age of 37. He's actually after in 16 69 Amsterdam and was buried in unknown grave own Attridge. This I went out of fit. Hey didn't adapt. He didn't change, Still doing the same old work with religious themes and not just that one thing having he became calmer as he got over. And you can feel it in his painting, which I don't hate. But he got hate for in what I previously described as the Bouquet Storm were early. Are critics give work or some rough insults? In my opinion, he is one of the most boring ours, not defend the guy. He was extremely excited but boring as hell and extremely relatable. I think what happened is he got stuck in the style and couldn't shake off its a huge problem. I know more artists around me who are like that. So it's like a nightmare for me to get known for this specific start and you get popular and feel that you owe it everything. So you're scared to change it back to remembrance. My favorite painting mine is the milk. For a long time, people didn't even think he did that same thing because it's so much away from his typical style But you can see he got it ending like this, spending so ahead of its time if you put it next to the monk by the sea because McDevitt Frederick, you would think they were both romances. Um, and that bending belong by the CSCE two centuries later. Imagine if he would have changed drastically like that through centuries early. I'm not gonna talk about it, though. My example form is a famous painting than an illicit of Dr Nicholas in 16 32. A database and animal anatomy Listen done in January. Success to a much anticipated event for everyone, which unknown people to professors and students to the general public. Walt things that said at the back and witnessing this type of group portrait you will see a lot of remembrance work and was really popular at the time. It becomes almost as a way to honor and document whose in it and what they do with no one overbearing the others in size. Of course, not status. This painting is one of a series of group waters that were made for the boardroom off the guilt of surgeons in this painting, where have making soap on the right Everything. No physician who gave them Mr Damn surgeons. An autopsy to watch alert basically and seven other surgeons. Women is one of the greatest story tells I can give him that. This thing is a great example of that. It is stage in this pyramid shape composition. So you, the viewer know what you're looking at At the first glance told the only one on the way, wearing his hat shelf status without knowing who he is from the way his position you still get it is taking the right side by only himself, while the others are jam and the left side something women did a lot turning into the arm that's been dissected. Need the center of the composition. You don't know who they are, but if you want to see their names on that piece of paper, help by the man at the back and the corpses body, of course, is the nurse to the center of the pain. Another key element of remembrance work is how he passes off bright areas to walk us through the painting, from callers to faces with the corpse to tops, hand to faces again, you spend in circles and you don't leave, and that's a major skill. He go to the chase with color, so there is almost no halftime in this painting. You see some afternoons in the corpse and portrait's, but that's that's about it. Just right, Let is and dark Shadows. How he did that by using radio colors in him to show off the bride area dark, for example, using things he house and ways in the area. No strong colors of their own. Yes, it gave the painting harmony and finality. You can really easily but Miss Strong Century, the colors and it came across a bit dull. I see women is a key name in our history where I secretly related. That's about it. Whatever these so means, I don't know. I don't know what was production stores here, and I can confirm I was harsh on that. Maybe because I'll just Loki disappointed him. Yeah, I used to go and just watch artists for work. Full archiving wiki art. Enjoy the wildlife from one Bring beginner t a master at the end I love the most from this process is the heading gyms you'll find in the middle as artists, the little experimentations in some quirky sketches or the paintings. And my God remembered had those those little wonders that make your stuff and be amazing. How this work is so ahead of its time is really good. Like I would expect that from Rubens I would accept talking of its what else? I love reverence. And that's it. Uh, post election. Is that nice video? Talk about Rubens. See them wait. 7. Rubens: fourth class Peter Opens. He was a big name in the Catholic Church, and the royal courts, often referred to as the prince off painters and the painter off Princess, due to mostly, is working for royal clients. We've talked about a lot of struggling artists that Metalious this is not the story better . Rubens was born in June 15 77. The Flemish artist again very loved in this time following his father's death in 15 87 in some entered in the Spanish Netherlands, Belgium and where he stayed on his death in May 16 40. There then Rubenzer Cities Education, artistic training. He apprenticed to several established artists and was into Evert's professional girls for printers. And 15 90 eight women's traveled to 18 1600 where he absorbed the work of the greatest Fl Leonardo Michelangelo Carajo, the potato car. Bad you. Kouachi then worked for the Duke of Mental Gonzaga, commission him to paint Putin and sponsored his travels from Spain, Genoa and Rome. Then Rubens began to receive commissions on his own to pay religious works for churches and Portrait's for private clients in Antwerp. 16 08 He married is about a brand to her death in 16 26 and established his own large studio, the stab of dental assistants like Van Dyke, who had his own at the Secret, which I really really loved. He was appointed core painter to Archduke Albert and our Stretches Isabella, who governed the Southern Netherlands on behalf of Spain. This guy was loved inside our community and outside the our community from his styles with the New Valley and the most niche elite people of Mr It was like the O. J influence and his negotiation diplomatic skills to the point of being commissioned by chose the first represent or to be on behalf of the Spanish neighbors and friends. I'm in England. He had this ability to connect with old size and that grew is influence and made him a trusted figure by diplomats and about and for thy reason, who was no trouble selling his arms and for a high price higher than most of the art of this time. And it was commissioned to do church pieces and let him do a fortune, a reputation that lasted until his death. And can you guess who's chose the first court painter? It didn't got knighted by him for his artistic time. Diplomatic influence. He got it all. You would think that he, after all of that he would be hated in the our community. He was actually no. He was also a well educated or collector who didn't mind to enjoy in support artists like him, and he had the fortune to do it. So he did it. His style, first of all rumors, was extremely versatile, which in itself is a major scale. His style is a mix of Flemish realism with the Eid last innocents art. His way of mixing these complex Rubens, a full of life figures in dynamic composition, was okay. Now innovative. It's been done before, but at least he did it well. His obeyed to work in different scales from Portrait's large altarpiece is not an easy job as well. Some facts from Factor who had his wave painting women and curvy, attractive way the weight off creating the term Rubenesque, which means plumpy curvy women. Let's talk more about his studio because it gave him some hate later. Some a lot of eight actually had more requests to complete our was ENIAC time to do them so if you paid more, you get an exclusive buying. Or Ellis drafted buying scotches, then left without his assistance to draw and paint, and the last month ashes by woman's himself. And, well, you got your painting studio in. Typically at all religious themes Commission, mostly from the Roman Catholic Church. Due to the fact that he was known for his older pieces, landscapes Porter off religious ended dramatic figures used to the big them in this godly way to show the leadership and the bar they had or a cape was the ego. He knew his way with them. Mythological scenes, his circle and humping scenes that were signed, remind excited and what may have Rubens their weapons that we know more than the work itself. Like you wouldn't remember an artwork buying by, you know his name. My exam from is absent from the cross. It was commissioned 60 11 by his good friend Ecological Cox, who appear in this painting to paint a trip take for the Interwebs Cathedral, which is a three battle designed to be able to lead them open or close them shut. It was completed between six and 12 16 40 with the guidelines of the Council of Trent that my and has a book rushed about biblical scenes, the crucifixion and the grave by. There are scenes that are highly a group and dramatic. The trip take in general shows that the scent from the cause as the central banner, The visitation left panel, shows up with Mary Visit because Elizabeth and the presentation of the temple shows beverages being in the temple, that's the right battle. We'll talk more about it sent from the cross. That's our example today, so it shows you his body slowly taking down from the cross after the crucifixion. I think that Rubens returned toe a lot. This scene has nine figures, nine figures carefully placed. We have Jesus, whose bail wife to work to start to lower him down with the help of same John who's lifting him up it in vibrant red Joseph, our media left hand, no cadenas right hand positioned opposite off each other midway next to Jesus. Then we have the Virgin Mary grieving, fallen son within extending arms in blue. Her sister Mary of Cuba's on her knees in purple APL on Mary Magdalene, gracefully holding just foot on her Children. Why, I said all of that to see the careful planning in an oil painting off the scare can take sewing with the characters, then the composition on a large scale, roughly 14 by 16 feet. We see this group in an emotional moment, arranged in interlocking way on this diagonal float all around. Its vivid Jesus Rubin started after studying Italy, concede the influence right away for the carefully drafted anatomical forms of the Renaissance. The lighting of the Renaissance. We're talking about pro painting here, and we have a central light that has everyone lead even in different angles. The vibrance and attention, the color over design method from definition art school survivor red holding the bale wide and almost the center surrounded by almost all darker tones. Of course, imprison off Brooke Seminal work in the background, and you've got Rubens, a mainstream ours, in my opinion, that combines the best fighters what most people think, at least from best, our movements. Faulty way. I think Rubens art is, But he got hit by wave early all critics not just him but the brook era in general and with woman's, they said how his work was a Sudi work. How him putting his name on the work afterwards is ridiculous how the work supported the Catholic Church directly like that. And I'm flying with it relatively fine with that. My problem with it, how mainstream is work feels don't get me wrong. His work is beautiful but mundane and not original enough for its next video Will ended up with my favorite book artist, Alaska. I really, really love him. I think he managed to come up with something creative and then tight space, like the book era and the council of friend announcement and that stuff. So tune in, I guess. See you next up. 8. Velazquez: welcome back as video. The AG of Afghans. Full name is Diego Rodriguez, the silver even Afghan born in 59 9 in Seville, Spain. Extremely famous French artist and one of the greatest, If I may add, he was the eldest of six siblings, five brothers and one sister. He first prints on the Francesco, the Herrera, the Elder, then almost well via prints on the Francisco Chico for almost five years. So there's more significant artists and our theories of the time who wrote our painting, where he gave us a look in 17th century religious painting in Spain, even discussing his own and his thinking process while doing, he happens under him. For almost five years in 16 17 he finished his apprenticeship. I have left with mentors Guilt of ST Luke and was accepted in 16 17. Being a member in the guild allowed him to establish his own workshop with assistant Assort Accept commissions. In the same year, he married his master's daughter, Greiner, and had two doors. Only one, Francesca, survived a bowler, though life is good. 16 17 during his early years, in severe the mainly traditional religious work and some paintings of everyday life, occasionally mixing the two together given us some master paintings like Christ in the House of Martha and Mary, where is a kitchen sink, basically, with Jesus and Mary in the background at the end of 16 2020. The control painter Regal Devlin Brando best way to assist in 23 times since Fathers in Law Connections Well after was asked about Young King for the fourth. There was so happy with the result that he immediately hides Lasky and from then on would allow anybody else to paint him. He moved to the lower court in Madrid, and that gave him an access on this impressive royal collection. After side, the Italian painting, the Finish in Schools, especially ours like petition, caught his eyes and also gave him the return to get in touch with other broke masters like weapons. Who spent six months at the court in 16 20 left, traveled to Italy from 16 29 16 31 and after returning to Madrid, he began the serious off portrait of the royal family are always bag that showed definition in falls. A large proportion of his work was for a portrait of the king and his family and the course gestures and words. The Afghan made a second trip to Italy from 16 49 16 51 to buy paintings and keep himself up to date on the art scene. They're headed this famous portrait of Pope Innocent, the 10th in 16 49 1 of the finest portrait's and artistry, was so worried that even my lefty wanted a copy to take it back to Spain. It is by a favorite of mine, by Francis Bacon, who I love. They also that a fortune off a servant underbody. How which in my opinion, is equally as brilliant. And that Venus Rock Me also is Onley surviving female note for a Spanish nobleman that I mentioned before in the Venetian school because it was inspired by a Titian's Venus of Urbino. With this painting duties, he was promoted to a lot of others in the palace senior administrative positions, and that took away from painting. It's Centinela. Juan Martinez de Mazo became increasingly involved in helping out by making official copies of the picture that is scattered now around the world. 16 58 Lefty was made a knight of Santiago. You can see his badge of office in his fortress in Last Bananas in 16 56 brasses most acclaimed work that I will talk about in just a second. His last responsibility was the creation of the Phantom It Raisa and was the 14th wedding in Friends. Shortly after his return to Madrid, he fell ill and died after having a fever, followed by his wife. Just my example is Last Bananas. The Maids of Honor. It is his most famous painting, known for its intricate composition. It was for the King. It was first Hong in his private obviousness quarters. It's a snapshot of the future Empress mandate a trace as a fronting into Vegas studio, followed by two maids who is looking after her and a couple of servants and adult. Did I? We have my Bullough and court gesture. Nicholas Peart decide. Oh is foot on a dog, which some identified as Misty. I'm making up older pronunciations, by the way. So he painted people in courthouse alive and was even hang around the bias, which I think it's pretty cool behind them. We haven't done talking to a guard level after work in his Red Cross of Santiago are looking from his large. Isn't that King Philip and Queen Mariana? We see them in the back mirror and his gaze needs us in the background. Finally, we have on the stairs could say that Queen's Chamberlain and a copy of Never Punching Arcane on the Left. Apple's victory over him, Assayas on the right. But Yacoubian Dance. What makes this painting one of the greatest is the little bits of details that's scattered around the composition. There are six off 12 people are looking directly at us as if we are part of this moment. We have a role in this painting. Without us, it won't make any sense. And thankfully by the Backman, we know our role. That's that's what everyone's saying. It's just where the king and queen, if we want in a big up in the mirror reflection should be. The friend would have seen the left is back with the painting. Maybe we do. It wasn't There is not the reality. It's art, you know, some of our conception. He brought something different to the table and marked his name as one of the greatest Spanish artist slash masters. You have finished this class? Yes. Give herself clubs. Next time. I don't know. I'm reduction Excitement. Raven are medium or artists or maybe should leave me some suggestions down there. I know. I see you two words do that. I'm starting to go. That sculpture. That's I hope you enjoy this class. See you next time. Bye.