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Bake the Perfect Ooey, Gooey Triple Chocolate Chip Brownie

teacher avatar Barbara Brennen, Director Bad Add Cakes

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prepare your brownie tin

    • 3. The best brownie ingredients

    • 4. Mix & bake your brownie

    • 5. BONUS - make caramel sauce

    • 6. Decorate your brownie

    • 7. Thank you & project

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About This Class

For everyone building their baking repertoire a good brownie recipe is a must. This will be one you bake for and with friends and family over and over and over again.

In this class you will learn:

  • tips to prepare a baking tin to remove your brownie easily and in one piece! 
  • what ingredients make the best brownie
  • crucial steps to mixing and baking the most delicious brownie
  • when to add your favorite ingredients to personalize your brownie 
  • how to get the brownie you want, super gooey, cakey, or that sweet spot in-between
  • as a bonus you will learn how to make Barbara's delicious caramel sauce to decorate your brownie.

Barbara's style is fun, informative, and easy to follow. She will demonstrate how you need minimal kitchen tools and of course just a few of her tips to bake the perfect brownie. The ingredients list and measures in cups, grams and ounces can be found in the resources section.  

If you have any questions as you bake along then drop Barbara a line via the Discussions page and she will respond with answers. So, let's bake! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Barbara Brennen

Director Bad Add Cakes


Hello, I'm Barbara.

I am the owner and founder of Bad Ass Cakes in London. As a result of creating beautiful, moist, light cakes my clients know that their events will be the talk of the town for months. I love what I do and because of that I create lasting memories. Endless hours of love are poured into my cakes and desserts and I'd like to share my knowledge with you.

From my early ears working as a chef at The Ritz and Savoy Hotels to looking after Her Majesty the Queen at The Chelsea Flower Show my career in the hospitality industry has allowed me to experience, taste and create the most delicious dishes. I am lucky enough at Bad Ass Cakes to be able to offer cakes and desserts for special diets too, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and Keto Diet for example. I hope you... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Barbara Brennan and I owned by US Skates in London. One of our best selling items is out. We could be triple chocolate Brownie. Everyone loves a brownie on with this recipe, you could make it to your liking and still achieve, and we could be deliciousness. That's really hard to resist, and I'll show you how you can adapt the recipe and add nuts, peanut butter, cookie dough, coconut, all sorts of things to take it up a notch. And on this, cause I'm going to be teaching you how to pay your 10. How to mix your brownie, how to bake. It's have to cut it and also how to decorate it service. So let's say 2. Prepare your brownie tin: Hi. Welcome back to class. This lesson. Are you teaching? Hail Tin. I have a sheet attraction, which I base 10 pieces that you need to grease your tin. You could use a spray, the use, and they're really good. Make sure you do all full sites that's in. You can see that. I'm completely just making sure that the paper has something T o make sure his bonus on both sides. The reason why we're doing this is so that when our brownie is ready, we'll be able to lift it out with the excess papers. You do need the excess. They have. Nice. Do you have any gaps of the sign? Still worry about this. So be able to get your browning out there. One have to be sleeping so well done. I'll see you in the next list. 3. The best brownie ingredients: Welcome back to cross in this lesson. I'm going to teach you all about your regions. What you need. What's good? What's better tell you. Make that ingredients full up who we could be. Triple chocolate brownie off 200 rounds, all chocolate chips, which where they melts with 200 grams of butter. Then we're going to add 175 grounds of lightly packed brown sugar. Three free range eggs on. Later on, we're going to add 180 grounds off chocolate chicks as well, and they could be anything you like up to 72%. Whatever you prefer. We're going to have those at the end, and then we have plain flour. 75 grounds, or, you may know, is all purpose flour. On day. 30 grams of Dutch process cocoa, half a teaspoon of sea salt on half a teaspoon of bicarb. Of course, as soon as a professional baker used these chocolate chips for my Grammy's and in here we have this, any sweets on Dutch up good quality you can't get those. Don't worry, you can do is get some dark chocolate, anything that you get your area that's it into tiny little bits. Well done. Also, you in the next lesson 4. Mix & bake your brownie: Welcome back to cross in this lesson. We're going to be making the ground so big mixing I'm creating that we re text yet but you're going to love into my chocolate chips are great out my boxer, all 200 brands once it melts in mark away or in a memory I as I have here. So if you going to put that into your mark away, make sure you're in a microwave safe bowl and pop that in your mark away from maybe one minutes. Take it out your sister or a shake. If you can see that the jump was started melting, put in for another minute and he do minutes. And every time you do a minute, you take out the minister on. When you get your last minute, just pop it much rest before you stop the next state. So we're going to do with this if we're going to add it to our simmering water this fall won't touch the top of the water you to make sure it just sits on top. You're doing it this way. This on top of the hot water will melt the chocolate with butter and then lost in that state. As you can see, some of the chocolate started to know nicely, but we have a few bits that haven't quite made it yet. Stir it all together, and actually, there are a few lumps of chocolate in there now, but that will melt out on its own in the next few minutes. Here we go. I'm going to pull this off now and then we can start what a lar other ingredients environment. Before we get to that stage, all these lumps will have gone. So, you know, mixing bullet moments. We have our attack on two grounds of chocolate chips. I'm now going to add my sugar country center, five grams on a T. Soon off vanilla. You have a vanilla part. How the scraping of will be enough. He soon pounded, staring in. So it's nice and smooth. You can. You could use a list at this stage you, but we don't really want to create too many air bubbles for our brownie. Otherwise, when it comes out the open, it'll collapse. Quite debts. That's the kind of brandy, like usually said, That's nonsense smoke. And now I'm going to add three x two minutes. Now when I'm in case any recipe just really important not to crack your eggs over Theo Issue making. You don't need to whisk them in her anything just change, but they good and then pull them into your minutes. You You know, it turns out that you have a bad day, then you have to start the whole thing again. So it's always really able to your eggs in a second phase what you and your it's It stops CTO heavy, but he's still lost it Smooth smells delicious. Okay, after this, May sweat going to act all our dry ingredients flour Coach Talaja on DSO, so we're going to mix this until it's nice and smooth again. This is a lovely recipe to do with your Children. If you wanted to bake with one Saturday morning really good, and that's ready for our chocolate chips. Now I have some chocolate I cut up. This could be a bar of chocolate that you have that you're going to add to the mix, and at this stage you could also add anything else you'd like to act, such as nuts, coconut cookie dough, anything like that. And we're not melting these ones because we want to be able to see them at the end of cooking. So we're just stirring in. Tiny little pieces will disappear in the batter on. The big ones will be able to see before after pouring this into our backpacks tin that we did earlier. This 10 by the way, is eight by eight inches. It looks delicious because holdings, so he makes your brownie. The next thing you have to decide is how you goto 24 minutes, getting deliciously, cooly rounded. You know, spoon. That's the way you like it. 20 minutes, 28 minutes. Her Believe you could cut the brownie of your night off. Luminous Inside, they still have a good, nice swear on 32 minutes more kinky before cakey brownie. Still nice. So let's poppies in the oven for around 24 minutes. We're going to check it at 24 minutes on DSI. Whether it's good enough or cakey enough for you, this will go in a gas oven. Gas mark four, 350 degrees Fahrenheit wants 1 81 60 for, Let's say, 24 minutes and see how do so brownies out. She sees a little bit more lift. Just see the chocolate chips peering through Andi, if our cake, you probably say it wasn't done, but that's perfect. Brownies on the outside and then stopped. And I can tell it's going to be three on the inside. Now. I understand people really love the corners, so this will be perfect for that to cut it. Then we can have a look at what it looks like inside. Chocolate chips have defenses with holiness of it. These haven't bean in the fridge, so when they go in, the fridge will set up a little bit long a little bit harder. But they'll still be very, very gooey. Well, don't also you in the next lesson. 5. BONUS - make caramel sauce: Welcome back to class. Well done. You've done a fantastic job. Now, this is a bonus class because you've done so well, I'm going to teach you how to make our delicious caramel source that you could whistle on the top of your brownies to make it even more delicious. So we're gonna start with 200 rounds off Costa, about 100 mils of water, and I'll talk to you a little bit more about water. When we start to make the source, we have 150 mills off whipping or double cream. I like to use whipping creep, but not all supermarkets. So with cream, so ghetto 50 grams off. Delicious. But where you get that from on have some sea salt legs that are going to be using today. And I'll show you what I'm going to be using this poor little later. I'm using a heavy, heavy based source. Been on dive, put my sugar in the pants. I'm turning the heat on so way want medium to high heat on. Then I'm going to add my water. The water I'm adding is just to wet the sugar. If you have too much water Don't worry, because your caramel will still work. It will just take a little longer. A lot of people make the caramel source without water and just rendered the sugar down, so it's nice and brown. But I find that if you put a little bit of water in, you have more control over when it starts to go brown and you can just see going brown gradually. When you just have the sugar, it kind of hits you, especially if you're a beginner. So I would advise you just a little bit of water in on. It will take a little bit longer, but not too much longer. So don't worry. I'm stirred initially just to move it from the bottom of the pan and to stop any clumps. But then I'm going to stop staring just for a while and stir periodically. Let that boil up. It will take some time. Once it's boiled fully, give it a stir and leave it again. Teoh oil some more until it gradually starts to go Breath. This is being boiling for two minutes now, and as you can see, it started to pick up a little bit of color here and here just move my pants lightly so that it evens out. I haven't stirred it yet, so I started at the beginning and then I left it and it's been two minutes. It's starting to color. I'm going to just move that color around really, really gently because we don't really want to disturb the sugar crystals too much. You see, it's got a lovely cover. This started. It's only being three minutes now again, I'm going to move the color around just to make sure that it's even. It might not be in the middle off my guest room, but I don't want to move it too much. There we go, nice and gently and then stop stirring and give it a stir every 30 seconds or more. We're looking for a really nice caramel color before we move on to the next stage. Smells delicious. That's you can imagine another little stir in the middle. It's quite white, and that's where I can see a buildup of sugar. So I'm kind of pushing that to the outside and again, moving the darker area around because we don't want it to burn. If your guests or your your your heat is too high, Turn it down one notch again to avoid any burning. Now, you might start getting worried at this stage that it's getting a little bit too brown for you to handle. Don't worry, it's being boiling for exactly four minutes now on. It's getting toe a nice color. I'm going to take it one step further before I pull it off, and then we're going to adultery. Once you take your caramel off the heat your sugar off the seeds, it will still continue to cook. So if you can see this color now, it's just going to, I would say, medium to dark brown. This is when I pull it off, give it a couple of seconds, and then I'm going to pull my Cremin right. Look at that color. Now. This is a point where you need to be really careful, adding your cream. It's still cooking. It's still getting brown, but you need to add your cream. This will call it down a little bit. Make sure there are no Children around when you doing this and make sure you have quite a long wooden spoon, stirring vigorously to incorporate the cream and then straight away you can add your butter . It's offer heat. Now there's no heat. Once you pull it off, Teoh mix your Cremin, it comes off the heat and it stays off the heat. You don't need to put it back on the heat. Look at that color. Gorgeous. No darker than that. If it's darker than that, it will start to taste better. And there we have, uh, scratch made, as the Americans would say, caramel sauce Well done. I'll see you in the next lesson. 6. Decorate your brownie: Welcome back to class. Let's decorate your brows on their so many flavors. Seven many on tens of that great ground. Certainly things that you have a home I'm going to show you. What are you? All the things that we really love? His much pieces. So they're small sweat that much on they are ambitious. On your browning, you can't get much pieces. You are awesome. Candy and chocolate class. The other thing is marshmallows. You know, the little pink and white get get time. He wants to get big ones coming down. Who doesn't love in evidence? Have Christie ones on chocolate bars? Because you once your favorites, they just looked really pretty with your rally. One of the other things are going to do a piece that fresh fruits. Here we have some last please that goes so well with chocolate. And of course, you have a camel sausage, maybe furnace fast, which will use your chocolate chips with Melts it with holiness of it so we can decorate with a dusting of cocoa about it. Look, just on this So so this off trying. We are going to add a salted caramel Look at that pure deliciousness and she can see we managed to get enough. Brown is to keep everybody happy. - Well , don't I'll see you in the next list. 7. Thank you & project: Congratulations. Well done for making off gooey. I would like you to do a class projects full of project. I want you to make your own brownie decoration with all the fillings. Toppings that you have a home like created to this personal to you. When you've done it, I'd like to upload it to still show websites that I can review it and send you some. Be back. Thank you for joining this class. I hope you enjoy it. I really love to see you on our next class. Do you have any comments that certainly your pictures we start to see?