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Attract & Sign More Clients With Instagram Stories!

teacher avatar Sílvia Pinho, Social Media Manager & Online Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Common struggles

    • 3. Why stories?

    • 4. With stories you can...

    • 5. Face to camera

    • 6. Designed slides

    • 7. Last-minute story

    • 8. Outro

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About This Class

Stories are the best way to connect with your audience on Instagram. They are quick (after the initial learning stage), and earn you that know, like, trust factor with your audience.

In this class I'm addressing the main struggles people face when it comes to showing up on stories, the reasons why you should be showing up, and how you can actually do it.

The two apps I mention in the class are:

If you have any questions about the class or any requests for future classes, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Meet Your Teacher

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Sílvia Pinho

Social Media Manager & Online Educator


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1. Intro: It's all about how you can use Instagram stories for your business. If you know me, you know, I'm super passionate about Instagram as old because it's a very visual platform. I'm very racial learner myself. And I loved getting creative with creating new images and videos and all of that. By far, my favorite tool inside Instagram is stories. Some get to connect with your followers. Can such a more personal level as well as with the people that you follow on at, for. So actually, little story time here. The, I just started Instagram for my business. Oh, you're this year and 20-20. And ever since I started, I started out with stories and I've been trying to show up every single day, at least every single business day. And what I've noticed is that it has brought to me many people, specially has helped me connect with the people that out I already up. So basically I've gotten people just reached out to me based on my stories, wanting to work with me because they enjoyed my five and they connected we'd need if felt like they connected with me in in a more personal level that they wouldn't have if they just read my boat. So I'll be talking a 100 this class all about why you should be on stories and how you can be on, sorry, it's flurry of business and I highly encourage you if you haven't personal brand, if you are the face of your brand, if you're a, either a service provider or if you have any commerce shop and you're maybe the creator of your products or the face behind your brand. Please try to show up on stories, if possible, every single day of the week. All right, please, every business day because you'll be super surprised how much you can connect with your followers and how much more likely they'll be to buy from you if they feel a connection to you. So yeah, if you don't know me, hi, my name is Sylvia and like I said before, I'm actually virtual assistants slash social media manager. So the main services that I offer, our marketing related and my main platform of choice is Instagram. So like I said before, I'm super passionate about Japan, super passionate about Instagram's stories. Hence why I decided to do class today. And I also, as a different part of my business, I teach other virtual assistance, other social media managers and other service providers in general, how they can't get started and book out their services as well. And markets, of course. And I'm a teacher on skill share, as you can probably tell, I have some classes on steel chair about mostly about outward but also some about Instagram. So if you're curious about those, just check out my profile and don't forget to follow me because I'm likely to post more classes that you're interested in if you're interested in S1. So yeah, let's get onto lesson number one, shallowly. 2. Common struggles: To lesson number one, where we'll be talking about the common struggles people face when it comes to showing up on IG stories. Now, like I mentioned, I do work with other virtual assistants and other service providers as a coach to help them overcome these struggles. So I see people face these struggles is these exact same struggles every single day or almost every single day. So I've got to use them. And if you're struggling with some of these Ri, knowledge, just know that you're not alone. And those are very easy things to overcome if you really want to. And on the next lesson, I'll be talking to you about why you actually want to overcome these struggles and why you want to show up on stories. But let's get onto blessing He's myths or overcoming these struggles right now. So Struggle number one, I'm not comfortable on video. Now I hear this a lot and I struggled with this myself as well because I don't notice, I'm not the most articulate person and a planet. Like sometimes I stumble on my words or I forget what I was about to say. Totally fine. Like last year, I wasn't about shore fund video at all. My first sculpture class. I wasn't on video like I was just talking over and reading through a prompt. But eventually you get better at it. Like you. That's the thing. You only get better at video by doing video. And I personally being in marketing, I know the power of video and I know how important it would be to build your brand. So I had to force myself to do it in the beginning so I could learn how to do it and become more comfortable. So if you're not comfortable on video, yeah. Show up. Just tried to record one stories today. The good thing, it just lasts for 24 hours. And if you really, really hated, you can simply delete it, but just try it out. Just try it once and I promise you, next time will be easier. Now struggle number two, I don't know what to post. Now, this is another very common one. Even if people are comfortable on video, they just don't know what to talk about. Now my number one tip is what I actually do for my own business as I actually, so I post three times a week on my feet. What I do is I pull up my feet both on my and then I grab my phone. I prop it up to my laptop and I kind of read the posts now, I don't read word by word because that would be boring. But I kind of used the post as a guideline to talk about it on stories using my own words or using different words that I use and defeat bows. And now, if you're afraid of sounding too repetitive, please know that for the most part, people either look at the feed or to stories. And on the odd case that they look at both and that they see both of your feet, bows and your stories. If it's a good and have quality content, they won't mind seeing it twice. If they really don't want to see it twice, they can just skip over it. There's no way to bows on ISS. You won't be offending anyone by seeing your content twice. And it just makes sure they get more opportunities to learn from yet. So don't be afraid to repurpose your feet bows onto your stories. And the last one, I shouldn't have said it is, but if you don't have makeup on, if you don't look presentable, If you're not dressed up, if you're not, if you don't have your paradigm, nobody cares. And honestly on stories, The beauty of stories is that it's so much more personal to show the behind the scenes and you get to show up as you are. Like, I'm recording a video course. I'm wearing a t-shirt. I don't have makeup on. I don't have anything done to my hair. I barely even brushed it. And I did that to show up on stories later today in the exact same book. So nobody else scares you are your own worst enemy. When it comes to video, nobody will see your flaws. And if they do that just makes you feel then. So now let's get on to the next lesson. 3. Why stories?: You've overcome those struggles. Let's get on to lesson number two and talk about why you actually want to overcome those struggles. And actually show up on IG stories every single day of the week, or at least like I said, every business day. Now, I mentioned this before in my intro, but stories can really give so much to your business. They can make your customers or your ideal clients connected you in such a way that people could never do, wear a YouTube video could never do because the goal with stories is to make them personal, relatable. And also like phew. It's meant for the people to feel like they can connect with you like almost a one-to-one settings. So they aren't meant to be too polished to rehearsed or anything like that. They're meant to be on the spot and they're meant to have some funds and have some mistakes along the way and not be perfect. So with that being said, it's actually the quickest way to show up. If you don't fall into the trap that I have fallen into many times before of being too perfectionist with them. So I've fallen into this trap before. I sure many have to. So if you've shown up oh, sorry, is may have done this before you record a whole stories and then you look at it and you make a mistake halfway through and you're like, Nope, I'm done. I'm going to re-record everything once again. Now this is fine if you do it once, but if you fall into the trap of always seeing some issue with your stories and always being able to pinpoint some mistake. You get into the habit of filming to seek, sorry, it's five times and Ben, It's not the quickest week show up anywhere. So you definitely don't want to fall into the perfectionist trap. Try to like if you, if you can maybe show your stories to someone else and ask them for their feedback on it. Most likely they won't see the father that you do. And if they do, they won't they won't give that much value to it and they'll just say, it's good to boats. So record your stories. Don't be too perfectionist because it's actually the quickest way that you can show up on social media in general. And in consequence of that, you get to be more consistent. If you'd have to show up on your feet every single day would break quality content that will take you a long time, like ballpark for me, it takes me around 30 minutes for most, hence by post, three times a week on my feed. But first stories like five minutes max and I done for today showing up on stories. And for the most part, I don't re-record my stories. I just pull up my phone, I start talking through it. I put some text over it because some people watch it and you'd so that's something to consider, like go the extra mile and add some faxed. Yes, it takes more time, but it's worth it. So everyone can get the message. But use stories as a quick way to show up, even when you don't have anything to show. Just show what you're working on. Show your workspace, show the why behind your business and make it a habit to show up every day on stories and share anything you have to share that they now lastly, you read stories. You get to show off your personality and you really get to connect with your audience in a much more personal way and a much more intimate way then you would witches to feed those. Now, I talked about this before, so I'm not going to repeat myself too much. But people really buy from people. People want to see that there's someone behind your bread and that it's not just a logo, it's not just all your services are great. And this and that method, there's actually a person behind they won't be supporting and that they will be working on. If you're a service provider, you really want to connect with the why behind a brand, with a person behind a band. So show up on stories, faced the camera if possible, and show off. You show up who you are and why you're in business and watch the client's role in. So yeah, that's it for this lesson. Let's get on to the next lesson. 4. With stories you can...: We've talked about why you actually want to be on stories for your business, but what getting you actually tangibly get out of it. That's the topic of lesson number three. So the first thing you can get out of boasting consistently to stories is you'll improve your engagement. Now the number one reason for this is that engaging with stories, it's so much more, so much easier than engaging with a FIFO. You get to use, pulls US questions stickers, US quiz, and all of that good stuff which encourages engagement from your followers. And also if you, if they want to react to your stories with an emoji or with a DM. It's so much more quicker for them and so much more personnel, they enter a much more personal level by coming here, then they would if they just commented in one of your feet votes. Now, level number two is if people engage constantly width your stories, sram will be much more likely to actually show your feet posts to them and put them first thing on their feet. And what that will do is, and it will direct way to get more engagement just by showing up in front of more people. That being said, if people are actually connecting with you on the Yan's because you had a stories up. And if you're having conversations back and forth and B10 and setting, it will be much more likely when they do see your feet posts in your fee to wants you to want to comment, to want to share, because they feel like they know you, they like you and you're almost like their friend, so they want to support you. So stories will improve your engagement. And the second thing is that no warm up your leads. Now, I'm not one to cold pitch to anyone, but if I were to DNS, someone that doesn't know anything about New York maybe saw one of my feet bows. And if I'm going to DM them and offer them my services, it will be it won't be that likely that Bill Barnes, you hire me on the spot. Now, if I've had a conversation back and forth with this verse in, and if you like being no mean. And we've interacted in one way or another and especially interacted due to stories at end of the ads. Rather than commenting back and forth on a feet. They'll feel like they know me and feel like they trust me. And if I'm really offering something that they're interested in and that they need for their business. They'll be so much more likely to actually say, yes. I want to hear more from me once you book the Discovery call, when to see how we can actually work together. I've gotten people reaching out to me because of my stories are because of my people and my stories. They just wanting to work with me. They didn't know exactly how they wanted to work with me or how we could work together. But they went out of their way to work with me because they connected with me as a person. Not necessarily because they knew I was the best social media manager out there or the best Go out there. But they felt like, okay, she has testimonials, so she's good at what she's doing. And I also vibe with her father and her personality. So I feel like we would do we would make a great team. So just because of that, I've gotten so many opportunities. Just because I'm sharing myself, who I am and people connect with that and they feel like they know me. So don't, don't skip out on stories. Again, that's the message of this whole class. That don't skip out on stories because it can really improve your business. Now, let's get on to the next lesson. 5. Face to camera: Onto the actual part that you've been waiting for, the actual meat of this class. How can you actually show up on IG stories every single day or every single business day. Now there's three main ways that I like to show up on stories. And I'm going to be talking to them, each of them in an individual lessons. So get a bit more in depth about each of these in its own lesson. But my three main ways, our face camera, again, this is the more personal one. Design slides for when you just don't want to show your face or jaw. I don't know what to talk about. And last minute story for when you again don't know what to talk about, but you still maybe want to show up face camera or you want to do something fun and engage with your audience. I'll be talking about that too. So face to camera, this is the one that I recommend the most. I recommend you do this at least three to five times a week. And there are three main ways that you can show up facing camera. The main one being pull up your phone, talk to the camera, record a video and posted to your stories. Again, I recommend you add some captions or some facts, BB exact words that you're saying and a video that I recommend you take that extra one or two minutes to actually write something in your stories above your videos so that people that are watching it on mute can still understand the message that you're trying to convey. But number one is video. Number two. If you don't feel like talking on stories that they, you can simply grab a photo or share a photo that you already have on your camera roll and add some text or some gifts or some folds over it. The other option that you can without showing up on video, but width, still being some, with still having some movements who it would be a boomerang. Now, that's this infinite sine right here. And with that, if you are not familiar, just grabs them, make gifts like video that keeps on repeating itself for the 15 minutes, 15 seconds of the stories. And again, you can add some gifts over it. You can add text, you can add a full. Sometimes what I like to do is I recorded boomerang pointing down and then I add a pull down. They're asking my audience a certain question. And then your third option. If you're not healing and very confident about yourself that same day or if you want to add some busses to your video, you can utilize these filters over here to maybe add some makeup or add some stars behind you or anything like that. You can either use it to be fun or to look a bit better. Now I don't recommend you fall into the trap of using filters all the time and the lighting. Reliance on filters to actually show up. But a filter now and then doesn't hurt anyone. Now. That's it for facing camera. Let's get onto D, nothing not faced a gamer options. And the next lesson. 6. Designed slides: Could that the science slides for a second. Now, like I always say, you can utilize these when you just don't want to show up on video or you just don't know what to talk about. You can, there's different types of design slides that you can use. The number one tool that I like to use to create these as assigned slides is scan Verna, and they actually have story size templates that you can use. Some are fun games that you probably have seen on Instagram like this r dot, that people can then circle their preferences for a Bingo for stories, which is actually also a fun one. And they have like for Angular templates like these. I created myself. But you can utilize design slides on stories for both fatigue purposes and those gains that get shared around and can grow your brand image as well. And you can utilize it to actually convey a message. Now, in this case, I was utilizing Rafic stories to announce my eight-week coaching programs. So basically in order not to talk about the same thing over and over every single day, I would, yes. Record a quick blurb about my program on stories, basic camera, on video. And then I would share these. I think it was eight slides on stories that we're interested in program, we'd get more information about it. Now those are the slides that again design on Canva, but that's not your only option. You can actually design slides inside answer bands. So you just pull up the app and you slide to create. And then you can choose your background. You can paint the background. You can add tags, can apples, you can add everything you can add to an Instagram stories, but without having your face on a video or a photo on the background. So that's another option and you can even save these for later if you don't want to share them immediately, or you can share them immediately to your stories depending on what your needs are. Now the third option is to use third party apps. Now, I actually have two on my phone. I don't use them that often because I either go with Khenpo or Instagram for the most part, but I have unfold and mojo and I'll try to have them lengths and the description of this class so you guys can check them out if you're interested. But those are other ways that you can utilize to spice up your stories and to make them more interesting and more diverse and not like everyone else's stories. So those are the ways that I like to utilize when I just don't want to show up face camera or when I have something along there to say, let's get onto my last minutes stories. 7. Last-minute story: Remember, I mentioned, I like to repurpose my feed posts onto stories three times a week. Now, what do I do the other two business days that I want to show up on stories. Usually. This is the answer, my last minute stories. Let's say you can either. Now this is the one that I mostly do on the weekends. If I'm posting on the weekends, you can share a post from your own feed or from people that you follow like an interest, an interesting quote, or an interesting graphic, or a postdoc rarely spoke to you and that you think your audience would like. These are the ones that I actually utilized and on the weekends. So those are the ones that I utilize those two extra business days. But my all-time favorite when it comes to posting on stories those days where I have either nothing to say or just nothing comes to mind. I like to create stories based on prompts. Now actually has some fonts of their own where they ask you questions or they challenge you to do something. But that's not actually the ones I usually use. The ones I usually use are these fun filters that asks you questions mostly about your business. Because my pages of business one and I like to yes, be fun and be quirky and be personable, but I also like to tie it into my business. So these apps, these filters for its Abram stories are actually super fun. You basically click on it, it starts recording and it randomizes the question to ask you about your business. So like, what's the why behind your business or I don't know why did she started and when did you start it? And what's your favorite thing to do in your business and et cetera, et cetera. I really like to use these when again, I don't have anything to say or add something stuck creatively because the basically, it's someone asking you questions and questions are relevant to talk about on stories so you really can't go wrong. And the way you utilize these is they'll at least the weight that I do is when I see someone using them, I click to save that filter. And so when layer, I don't have nothing to talk about. I can't go back to that filter. And as you can see, I have quite a library of filters right now. I can go back to that and utilize them on my stories. So that was my less ministry tip. I billion hope that you try it out because it's both super fun and super useful. When you're just stuck and you're like, Oh, I'm just not going to post to stories today. Don't do that. Grad with filter and answer some questions. It's actually fun. Now that this is actually the last lesson on this class. The next one will be like the outro And where I'll and giving you the class project. So don't skip out on that line, but I really hope that you learned something from this class so far. And please leave me a review them below or leave me a comment with any questions and I'd love to hear from you. 8. Outro: We've reached the end of this class. I really hope you enjoyed it and that you learned something from it and that I helped you in any way break out of those struggles that you may have behind, showing up on stories or give you some ideas to actually show up on stories for your business. So not tell me down in the comments. We'll you'd give stories at tried. Please be honest, but I really hope that your answer is yes. I really hope I did a good job convincing you of the importance of showing up on stories and to actually help you out. I have in the attachments a PDF that you can download with 30 stories prompts that you can use to get you started. Now, with that being said, the class project that I have for you today is to please pick one of those 30 prompts, the ones that you find the most easy to talk about today, the one that speaks to you the most. Pick one, talking about it on stories, save it to your camera roll and sheer most stories, those videos, stories, and your class project, I'd love to see it. So please make sure you do that, make sure you actually, you can actually even tag me on Instagram. A hold on. You can try me at this LDP know Annecy RAM on your stories but please also sharing and a class project. And let's keep in touch. I would love to help you out on your stories journey and just cheer you on as you keep sharing you stuff to your stories and keep getting better and better. I'd love to see you grow on stories and I would definitely follow you back, follow you back, and give you any tips and pointers that I have along the way. And yeah, now, I think that's all for today's class. Again, feel free to leave me a comment with any questions or any requests for future classes and leave me a testimonial. Again, that helps me out a lot knowing what you guys enjoy. And if you liked this class. I think that's all I have to talk about today. As you can see, like this is an altro, so I'm not going to rerecord this, but as you can see, like I said before, I'm not always very articulate and that's okay. Like if I can mess up on a sculpture class, you can certainly. You can mess up on your sororities. They'll be going away within 24 hours or so. Please don't worry about it too much. How fun, and start sharing your personality on stories. Because to me, that's the essence of Instagram. So go ahead. I'm not going to take anymore of your guys. It's dime. Go ahead, try it out. Sherry would be and feel free to ask me any questions. I'm always here to help you. I'll see you and my next class.