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Art Journaling for All: Document Your Life

Su Tashan, Artist

Art Journaling for All: Document Your Life

Su Tashan, Artist

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10 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. A Sneak Peek at the Class Projects

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Why Art Journal?

    • 4. Art Supplies

    • 5. What If You Have No Art Supplies?

    • 6. Where to Find Inspiration?

    • 7. Style One: One-Line

    • 8. Style Two: Flowers

    • 9. Bonus: If You Mess Up

    • 10. Farewell

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About This Class

Art Journaling for All: Document Your Life

An art journal is a visual and a verbal record of how your brain evolves over time.

If you love expressing yourself through art, and want to turn your life into an art journal, this class is for you! With two different projects, I will help you to create an art journal in your own style, by sharing my own journey step by step. 


Throughout this course I will demonstrate everything I explain with various examples from my own art journals, to make sure that nothing is left unclear.

Due to this approach, at the end of this class you will be able to:

  • Define what art journaling is for yourself
  • Choose your art supplies
  • Find crazy alternatives to art supplies
  • Know where to find inspiration both for drawing and for writing
  • Create freely without the fear of messing up


You can find all the bonus materials I provided regarding this course in the „Resources“ section. If you want to see even more examples from my old art journals, just head over to My Projects.

Follow: @bybstart 


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Su Tashan



If you want to have a look at my little paintings and other downloadables, just head over to my Instagram or Etsy Shop (coming soon)!

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1. A Sneak Peek at the Class Projects: the store video is for those a few who are as impatient as I am to see how the finished project celebrate. So let's just have a quick look at them and I will meet you in Expedia to introduce myself . 2. Introduction: I think this art journal is my way to outsource my brain. And ladies and gentlemen, every other sex under during go here you are today every time Little apartment my name's I'm a SEPTA with artist and I cannot imagine my life without my art journal. You might think that I'm exaggerating it a little bit, but believe me, my art journal is basically me throughout years, but just in a pay performance. So how could I not love it? It's me in the stars have used documents your life in very sways and create your own paper for mess up. In the next lesson, I will first define Park drive. Yes, it is not a drawing, of course, and I feel myself obligated. Teoh draw this line between the sketchbook and journal because they are two separate things and at least I handled them with different attitudes. Which makes my art journal one of the most precious objects in my life in the next media will help you feel the same. Then maybe we'll walk through my own, our supplies and the ones I would be using in this course. But for does a few who has nothing at home. I have a second media to show you. What you can use is that they are so place because not everyone has to have art supplies at home. Right. But not having them should not stop. Your creator states that I shortly talk about very find inspiration both for driving and for writing. Next thing on our missed is the class projects. We have two problems, but they're both here to help you get inspired not to set limits. I just want to make you witness my own art Joyal Journey in the end, right before saying good bye, we have one more bonus lead your English. I will prove you that you're unable to mess up. So let's jump right into the next video. We'll see you there. 3. Why Art Journal?: Now let me start with the beginning or for Young during first experts. I always at the situation to start a diary. I always love not books. I always love diaries, but I never had the motivation to finish one. So if you can I that by yourself at least with one off them police keep right. I guess as a child, I had hundreds off those two pages. Filled journals. Yes. Each time I want to start again, I go the new one instead of using gold. But in the summer before college, I was bored one day and I had this beautiful journal at home that I got as a present. So I started filling it out with whatever I could find at home. I had no idea what it was going to end up, but guess what it turned up to be The very first diary that I ended up finishing. Okay, I need it was more of me creed than a diary. And in fact, that was what kept me motivated to keep going up. I never had the pressure to write or draw daily, but I always had the health empty journal. If I wanted to drawing, kept me want to. I just feel those pages and writing. How come you to get to know myself better? Sometimes I even start vice myself while writing. And most of the time I even start price myself when reading the old ones. Because as the time goes by, you start to see your younger stuffs in those pages, you're forgetting memories. You're forgetting secrets. You're forgetting ideas. You're forgetting birdies that now seem to prove themselves strong. So it not only shows the evolution off your art skills, but also your toast. And that is what separates it from a sketchbook. It's becomes to record of your life, you in a paper form it. 4. Art Supplies: Now let's have a look at a couple off my art supplies in general and the ones I will be using in the next videos. First of all, you need the during the This one is handmade, but you can just going to a store and buy anyone during leads you like here in order to demonstrate how my pence Luke on Piper, I grabbed my sketchbook. Now we can get really. This pen is my writing pen, and it's lights so smoothly over the paper that I don't want to stop writing. When choosing a pen for writing, make sure that it is a fast writing pen because your colds are always much faster than your hand, and you don't want to slow up the process even more with a slow pen. I have these fine liners, even though they seem to be identical. The 1st 1 is a graffiti depend. It's tip is white and thin, contrary to the second, which has around him. Here, you can see the difference between the tee off, but this fight red and has two different tips. Now, one more fine line there here, a classic stubby law final liner, which has a tenner tip in comparison to the other pence shown here. This one is a white gel pen that looks especially stunning on black paper. Then I have a couple of pencils here for drawing drifts. If you want to go for it and do some shading, you will need a two least a couple of them. But else Onley one pencil should be enough for all you shaving fence. I have one more pencil here, but this time a white one for the highlights. Other than depends, you might also need a brush if you want to paint and bring color to our journal. Here are a couple of acrylic panes, some of which I will use in the upcoming videos. And if you want to opt for something unique when painting the backgrounds, I would suggest you some soft pastels. Here you can see how beautiful like color. Now some additional items such as blue rope and flowers, which are simple yet can at an interesting patch to your art journal. Okay, it was a quick overview off my own items. Off course. We are not going to use all of them in our classes. It was just to give you an idea of what you might use other than the ones I will be using in the next videos. But if you want to keep it simple, just stick to the basics and let your creativity speak. In the next video, I will go into more detail as to what you can use. If you don't have any art supplies at home, see you there. 5. What If You Have No Art Supplies?: Okay, so you're new here. You have nothing at home and you don't want to white tell you by all those necessary items . What now? That's one. That's perfectly fine, because Tech Scout, we are surrounded with so many items you may or may not realize that became used to make art. For example, I have used many simple objects when I was traveling or I was just sitting in a cafe and I had that moment full of blessed. So I'm just list a couple of them right now. First flowers. I mean, they know for your explanation. They are burka park themselves. You just stick them on page and boot. Looks like my experience. I have also used them as a paint. Here is such an example. I just found yellow flowers, scrapes there, pull us out of them and mason with older second nail polish. It iss a sword of paint on. Probably you have more of them at home than acrylic paint, so why not give it a chance? Hurt your hands and nuggets and every other thing you can find that you can just best brushes for paperbacks, you can just cut the bottom off its and stick it onto the paper and it creates a little. Poke it for your photos or for little notes, and it makes your doctor know a bit more interactive. Pick I just off other notebooks and especially they have different colors. Last but not least, every other rights met home. Seriously. This list is limited. But what is Fire? Sheer should be unlimited. Look around yourself. What can you see? What can you add to this list? Name at least one right now and maybe use it in your own project. I am really looking forward to see what you are going to come up, but police inspire us. 6. Where to Find Inspiration?: let me first start with finding inspiration to throw first and foremost, probably like most a few. My goatee inspiration source is interest. Whether I am writing, painting, journaling or doing my makeup, there's always something to benefit from. There are all kinds of inspirational sources out there. Second instagram, but I'm going through my instagram feed, I say posts that catch my interest or even some captures that I like this'll away. In my archive, I have a journal folder that I can turn to whenever I run up the white. Yes, then comes the places I go, especially run traveling or discovering new places. I allow collecting killed paper napkins from little cafes or even just paper coasters. They serve both as a reminder off the experience itself in a physical wife and spice up my art journal. I also love printing out four throws with my little printer. It doesn't need any cartridges, and it is portable, so it's really practical to use this way. I can print not only the photos I took on my phone, but also some pictures I find on Pinterest in case you want to buy you. I've included a link to it in our supplies. Pdf that you can find in the resource is below before going on with the inspiration to write, I want to mention one must think, Please don't limit yourself to the interfaces off your journal. Just go grab a white simple notebook and designed the cover yourself. And now it's time for finding inspiration for writing in The Resource Is so you can buy in some of the quotes that I liked and sites for my future during price are marked my favorites with particle, and I would love to see those coats come to light your dirty price. Please share done with sweeties fire. Others Tris Pryor share your own unique, valuable perspective with us. It never know who'll benefit from its. 7. Style One: One-Line: welcome to our first class projects. The one line as I've already mentioned, you can find the art supplies I'm using here in the pdf file, I think looted in the resource is I gave them in the same order as I'm using them in the sweet dio so that it will be relatively easy for you to keep up. First. I decide where I want to put device approximately and then start throwing. The important thing here is that you did not start with sharp lines but rather edit herbal wants. Keep them light. And don't be afraid to draw multiple lines. Now, this way, later on, you will have the opportunity to choose that one line, which is the closest to the reference picture, and keep on using the same technique for the second face. And they turned out to be the year. Let them beard the team off. This page is whether we're makes you weird. It's probably our greatest asset, remember? Yes. Now it's time to get real work done. Since you already have the reference picture on Piper by now, you should be able to easily go over those lines with a Sharpie. If you want. You can just freestyle a little bit over the cheeks so that it won't be blank in the middle and that your one line droving is ready. Now let's calorie that in order to do so, I first read the boundaries off the shapes I will be coloring which means and all will for the lips and to trying like shapes. Four guys now, please welcome my beautiful white men because it is my February. Hence you will be seeing it a lot in the course of the following medios I love reading some details with it and no mother and I repeat it. No matter what you do or where you put it, it will look nice and head in some left. Okay, now the second vice. I just didn't want them both to look the exact same. So I went with a brush here rather than the pen. And in order to keep things simple and neath other the camera I just thought going brush into the pain too. And let me remember you if you don't have any paints of help now it is the time to opt for a nail polish. Just paint over the lips, and I mostly not paying attention to the lines you dream earlier, and you will be done a little P s. Don't forget to clean her fresh after boards. Now I continue withdrawing the circle. It will serve as the background for our cooled. It doesn't really have to be the ultimate perfect circle. Feel free to use your hand as if it was a pair of passes with the center in your wrist and keep your fingers as still as possible. While Lou in your hand from the wrist, it's time to fill in the circle. I love the way the gold pain shines, so I chose it as the background color not only for the court but also for the surrounding space on which we will be writing to give it a more wallpaper like imperial SIA. Blind the paint with a paper napkin on the surrounding space, he warned. And you first up by the paint. You may find it a little bit goal, but I promise it will shine as bright as a violent point of rice. Now, to make it up even more, I will go over the circle once again with a Sharpie in order to keep the circle as neat as possible again, use your hand as if it was a pair of compasses and done. Let's get with a closer look to see how beautiful it shines Let it dry for a couple of minutes to make sure you are able to write down the court easily and this will be our less step together. Okay, so here I have a limited space to write on. So I would rather it right out with a pencil to make sure it fits in appropriately and only Then I take my pen and right over. I like typing the quotes involved. And if you like it, that way to I would suggest you to go over your lines wherever you went downwards. Just like that. I'm not on. Lee is a beautiful, but it also gives the quote strength so that it doesn't get lost inside the text. You will right way. And now the only thing left is your beautiful totes. If you already have something in mind to start with, Perfect. But if you don't just try talking about your own beard asset. It could be something you're ashamed off or Criado, it doesn't really matter. Just write it down and try to perceive it from a positive point. The field? How can you redefine it so it will be your greatest asset? Think about it Right about Okay. In fact, it was going to be the end off the Swede AEA But something was missing something essential for me. And then I realized off course. My wife spent so as one last detail I have followed True my mom line droving with this white man and I believe it's really trust Formed it at least for me. E. I wish you had fun preparing your own and see you next week. 8. Style Two: Flowers: welcome back to our second general craft together, This makes the masks some real flowers withdrawal, loss and drop in a quote somewhere on the other page. It is really simple to do yet has this stunning book. This time I wanted to cook to be somehow related to self current sign because I'm filming this on my 16 day at home and I had to celebrate it. Okay, Without further explanation, let me begin with our prompt. So here is the flower I chose for this page and I check right to cut it. You can just use scissors here. Yes, I guess it looks nice this way. So I will just check how they look like together with the rope before going on. And I stick it onto the paper with white peopIe, Iike knew. The first reason why I choose PV a glue is that it is easy to see why you put it. And was it rice? It becomes transparent and second says it's a washable one. You can play with it however you want with your hands and can just go wash them a couple of hours later. And also it doesn't create a mess. if you spoil it all over your desk after we are done, sticking are really flour. It's time for Dan Thrones. The beautiful purple color off the rial flora reminded me off 11 degrees, so that's why I chose to draw 11. They're here next to it. First I scheduled with pencils. It's a really simple droving, just considering which way you want them to grow and drove a tin line in this direction. Then make the system maybe a little bit ticker at some quick leaves onto the stem and for the flower. It's enough to draw just a couple awfully used to make her boundaries clear. And to make it easier for you to visualize the final droving once you have the pen in your hand, OK, now it's time to switch to our pen here. To create a contrast, I chose this black Sharpie and also after worse, I will just leave the droving black instead off pain thing. It's like here. Of course, you can choose to do it however you want. Don't forget your journal belongs to no one else but year, so just fill it up with your own creativity. I'm just trying to give you a sense of what I am thinking as I'm feeling these pages, not in order to limit year, on the contrary, to encourage you to come up with new ways off doing Get that didn't cross my mind. Oh, by the way, I just switched to a stability in because it has a tener tip, and it lets me drove the leaves separately instead of making them look like little bucks. Also, one more problem I have here is that the group still wet and rope sticks to my hands instead of the piper. So I will quit drawing for a while and later on continue with the flowers. During this time, you can either do something else on the left fight or let the glue dry and come back later , I will go with the former option and write my quote. As I'm waiting for the glue to dry here, I have to quote to look as if it was a part, often old picture. So I was surrounded with a loosely drone frame and pick my white Ben to make it's come to life now acted $11 for the flower. Just keep adding more leaves paying attention to drove smaller ones. The further you go, I first drove the leaves on the outline and for the inner part. I just keep following the direction I do you as the draft. We are done with the arts. Depart for now, and it's time to pour out our totes onto the paper. If you are watching this during a lock down, just describe a typical day off yours and how you feel about it. If the luck down is over and you're a free F now, you can write about how the life turned out to be afterwards. Is it the same? Is it much different than your expectations? Could you have imagined that things were going to be the way they are now? Now I will, at the very last detail detail that has the potential to beautify any page, but something that is easy enough that even a three year old can do it. Tapping on brush, I just makes a little bit off white paint with water that my brush into it and tap on the brush, holding it in the same direction as I want my little dots to appear. And since the flower. It doesn't hold the paint as well as the paper. I paint the borders off the leaves too, and that's it. We have come to the end off our second project. Now, in this time for a little bonus video in which I explain why messing up an art journal is not an option at all. See you there. 9. Bonus: If You Mess Up: e everything quite tart or in just life in general. You might fear that you're going to mess up. But fortunately, play this video is dedicated to make you get rid of this feeling so that you can create Really? So here we have three rules. You must keep in mind all the time, as long as you keep them in mind. It dumped named any other head wise to set your creativity free first, do not planning address. I'm repeating. Do not plan in advance how the finished page will look like by planning you. Silas, your creative voice, the inner creative voice Your are dry. No, she'll be apart off your told process not has so muster piece that was planned in advance. You're doing it just for yourself and no one else. So solely the fact that it reflects you the way you are without any editors is enough for you to see it as a mosque service. Please don't treat it like an instagram post. Or maybe it starts reading or Segre warn, like your art journal. But it is a totally different subject. So let's go back to our second advice, which is Don't forget that not everybody. It used to be beautiful in their Kiryas. About the only characteristic they all have to share is me. It is just like why not? Every day off yours is a miracle, but they all have a meaning. You are the ones that you find very simple or maybe even boring. We'll have a meeting in the future when you turn back and think about them. So by concentrating our meeting, you make sure that when you're done, page will be beautifully your ice By default, it will make you happy. You also are finished or else you threaten back and look at that pace again, no matter how it looks like. And this brings us to our chart points, there is literally normal spike you can make that is irreversible. It's a nice to both art, and almost it's wife for each miss like you may you can't find a way to reverse it. And you know what? Reversing mistakes even has an upside. It improves your creativity since its pushes you to take around pulling your situation that you didn't see coming. And the more you overcome situations, more stuff confidence you gain. So don't be afraid of taking risks. That zone is very your creativity, happily parties. It's for this mustard wise. I have a new course coming up that will tell us, a legal saturate told university of this place you live from, as I prepared the ugliest pages possible, and then that's probably improvised to make them look nice again. If you want to stay up to date on my news classes, is sure to click below below. I will be running contests and also asked for your opinion on different messing up techniques. We are just asking what you want to see me drink, and my followers are the first to hear about these opportunities before closing up. Even after all, those twice is you still think that you messed up one, right? Just keep going. You have probably hundreds of empty pages left, which could turn out to be the eighth wonder of the world. So don't stop now, Keep going. And now it's like to say good bye 10. Farewell: That's a standard far course. I hope you have fun. Have already created your own paper for myself. I wish you share with them their because your valuable. That's what makes your journal so valuable. Teoh shares Teoh. Commend or share any questions of yours? Discussions. I'm looking forward to see your review and your project. It's will be kind of like meeting it, so see down there, fine.