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Art Journal A Song: with Monochromatic Lettering

Ashley Coxwell

Art Journal A Song: with Monochromatic Lettering

Ashley Coxwell

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Song

    • 4. Paint

    • 5. Letters

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you my process of using a song to build an art journal spread inspired by the lyrics. We will use a monochromatic background and contrasting lettering to make a bold spread. We will soak up the music and lyrics to find inspiration for our art. We will use the lyrics to reflect on what those words mean to us and fill our page.

 I chose a metal song for this project, but you can choose whatever song you love! You can listen to the song I chose (Redefined by As I Lay Dying) here:

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1. Welcome: Hi, I'm Ashleigh. And in this class we will be making an art journal page inspired by Metal Song. I'll give you a sneak peek into my art journal to show you how I use music in my art journaling in a minute. But our journaling is something I am passionate about. I love art. Journaling is a mood lifter. It is a stress reliever, and it just helps me process life in general. All of the craziness, all of the disappointments, all of the hopes, all of the dreams, all of the plans. All of those things are expressed through my art journal, and music shares many of those benefits. So whenever we combine music and art journaling, I think we have something magical. All right, so here's a sneak peek into my art journal that I use for songs. We never get a song stuck in my head or I find a song that just really means a lot to me. I journal out the words to that song in this book. Another thing that I like to do whenever I'm journaling with music is amused. My smaller book, Ring Bound Art Journal, to use index cards or index card size papers. Teoh, Paint it black and just add the words with white and metallic gel pins. This is, ah, quick way to get some art journaling in when I'm short on time. I also have this book that I use as well. So this is what we will be making in this class. We'll choose a song and journal it out in our art journals. If you're interested in learning more about how to make your own art journal, please check out my other skill share classes. Let's get started. 2. Materials: so the first thing that will need to do is gather our supplies. What you'll need is an art journal. Whichever style journal you prefer and you'll need to choose a song. You need some music. You'll need some paint. This is some black craft paint that I will be using, but you can use any color that you prefer and some gloss my part and a variety of pins that you can choose. I have some metallic and white gel pins. I have a wife posca pin, gotta couple of paint pins and different colors that I will be using on keeping my color scheme to black and white and gray and metallic colors so we can have a monochromatic color scheme with our song. So that's about it. Oh, you'll need a brush. I love using a sponge brush, just a regular old sponge rush. This one's been well loved for applying our pain and our mod podge and a cup of water to rinse your brush out with. So that's all that will need. So let's get started 3. Song: all right. Now we're ready to choose a song. What song do you have in your head? Right now? Maybe that's the song you should journal. Maybe it's a song that you just can't stop listening to on. Repeat, over and over. Take your time and consider a few things when you're choosing a song, consider the music and the mood of the song, the story that the song gives and the way the words make you feel. All of these things are powerful tools of music, and they can shape how we think about things and how we feel about things and help us uncover the thoughts and feelings that a lot of time get buried underneath the stresses of everyday life. So consider those things when you're choosing a song, so the next thing you need to dio is find the lyrics to your song. Look him up online, print amount or take you take the time to handwrite them. I did this as a way to meditate on the song words and what they mean to me. Lyrics air really powerful, and when they're combined with music, it's amazing how it can affect us. So take your time and meditate on the word so that your song listen to your song. Write out the words or, if you prefer, print out the words and read the words as you listen to the song This way, the words air really sinking in and you can meditate on the words and what it means to you . Also consider what words or phrases you might want to emphasize on my paper. I use different styles of lettering to emphasize different parts of the song, but you could just grab a highlighter and highlight or underline in different parts of the song on your print out. If you choose to get that right, The song that I chose is called Redefined by as Early Dying. It is a powerful song to me, and it's very has a very deep personal meaning that it just means so much to me. So I'm excited to journal this song. Whenever you're choosing a song, pick a song that means a lot to you. This is a really personal journal entry that allows you to dig deep into the emotions and thoughts that are related to the your song. Some of the words that I wrote from a song, Our agony Today is tomorrow's strength. I love the story of this ban. They've overcome great challenges of betrayal and let down and disappointments and fears, and they have overcome and have a great story of forgiveness. And they share this story through their metal music, and that's why I have chosen the song. 4. Paint: All right, now let's get started. I have my art journal book ready to go. I have already prepped the pages and added support Semi book is ready to take all sorts of songs now. So, um, to begin with, just take your paint and I'm using a dark color for the background, and then I will use light colors to contrast with my pins. Whenever I add the words, You could do the reverse if you'd prefer, But I just love the way that the white color lettering just pops off the black background. And I'm just using my sponge brush to make it a smooth Is that Can You can use a paint palette if you like, but I'm just squirting it right onto my book. You can take all the way to the edges if you like, or leave a little bit of a grungy white edging around the edges. That is totally up to you. Paint that I chose to use is just a cheap craft paint from a craft store. You don't have to have any fancy type of for this as painting. I'm listening to my song long and just continuing to meditate on the words of the song What the song means to me and how I want Teoh journals this song onto my pages. So I'm gonna leave a little bit of wife online, as it's just a little bit. I've got a lights, a couple of white spots here. I'm gonna add some more paint to, though if your pain is really thin, you may have to do two coats If you wanted a solid background. Um, I kind of like that. This pain is thin and gives a little bit of the words peeking through. Not enough that you actually read it, but it just enough to know that it's there. Okay, so now I'm gonna go wash my brush and let this dry, and we will be back in two minutes and back. I use my handy dandy hair dryer to speed up the process of drawing the paint on my paper. So now I'm ready to add a coat of mod podge. This just serves sort of as a stealer. You can consider it just sealing in the thoughts and feelings that have come up already that have begun to flow as you're working on your journal page, seal those into the page as you still the paint. We want this to have a smooth surface, so the sponge brushes really handy for that. And by using the gloss finish mod podge that's going to give us a nice gloss finish for our pains to nicely slide right across. If you use your pins without stealing your paper, you have a risk of killing your chickens. There's something about riding on top of acrylic paint that can sometimes you're in your pin, so we are going to allow this to dry, wash out or brush and be back in just a minute to get started with some lettering. 5. Letters: before we jump into the lettering for this project, let's just take a peek again at some of the other songs that I've done in my art journal for some layout ideas on this song, I wrote some of the words going this direction and then some are going sideways, and I used a big, thick pin for that. This one. Some words are going this way. Summer going this way, this way, that way, different directions. This one starts on this page, and then these right here go all the way upon onto the next page. This one, I just chose a part of a song and did it really large on this side and then used a shiny pin shining nice and metallic to write the words on the next page, over and again. These are just sections of the song that I broke out and then wrote the big part of the song over here. And you know, I use different styles of lettering to emphasize certain words. So these were just some ideas that you might consider whenever you are getting ready to lay out your page. So let's get started. Okay, I have my song lyrics right here beside me and I'm listening to my song and leading these I've let these words sink in and I've decided which parts of the song that I want to highlight And I want to do the word redefined really big. That's the name of the song. And it comes up in the song. So I'm just gonna use my Posca pin and right this really big and it's a little bit thinner than I want. So I'm gonna try this pin and see if it's any better. Uh, nice. This one is nice and crisp. I'm just gonna make it nice and thick. You can play with different styles of lettering here. There's so many different ideas online that you confined for modern calligraphy, different fonts that look like handwriting is a great place to find inspiration. But I encourage you to just play with your own handwriting and just to play and have fun, you know, let go of perfection and just have fun with it. And no, we're not creating a masterpiece. We're doing this for the process. It's a personal journey that we're on in our art journals and music is a great way to go along our journey. So, you know, I have this really nice and big, and I'm going to start filling in some of the other words that I really like for this song . And there we have it. Here is my journal page that I have journals using the words to one of my favorite songs. Please show me in the discussion and comments what you create. I can't wait to see.