Animation for Illustration: Adding Movement with Procreate & Photoshop | Libby VanderPloeg | Skillshare

Animation for Illustration: Adding Movement with Procreate & Photoshop

Libby VanderPloeg, Artist and Illustrator

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11 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Storyboarding

    • 3. Building Your Character

    • 4. Refining Your Character

    • 5. Consolidating Your Layers

    • 6. Adding Layers for Animation

    • 7. Animating in Photoshop

    • 8. Adding Elements in Photoshop

    • 9. Exporting Your Animation

    • 10. Conclusion

    • 11. Explore More Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Looking to take your illustrations to the next level? Learn how to quickly and easily animate your work with Procreate!

Jump into the world of animation with illustrator Libby VanderPloeg — using only Procreate and Photoshop! From planning a sketch with motion in mind to sharing your final work on the web, Libby will teach you everything you need to know to create your very own animated illustration!

The best part? It’s easier than you think. Libby will show you how to add motion to your work with just a few simple tweaks to your original illustration.

You'll learn how to: 

  • Create your initial sketch with an eye toward animation
  • Use Procreate layers to plan movement and motion
  • Activate your animation in Photoshop with just a few clicks
  • Export your work as a GIF or video

Plus, Libby shares her favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of Procreate.

Whether you’re looking for a new skill to add to your professional repertoire or a fun weekend project, this simple approach to animation will unlock your ability to create custom, hand-drawn work with beautiful motion. And since Libby will teach you how to plan your animation right on your iPad, you’ll be ready to start your project wherever and whenever inspiration strikes!

Note: Access to both Procreate and Photoshop are recommended for this class.





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Libby VanderPloeg

Artist and Illustrator

My name is Libby VanderPloeg and I'm an illustrator and designer. I grew up in Michigan on the edge of the Great Lakes dunes in a little town called Grand Haven. Since then, I've lived in Grand Rapids, Chicago, New York, and Stockholm. My work comes out of my deep affinity for storytelling, music, letterforms, printed ephemera, and wildlife. None of these works could have been made without the world's finest brioche and several good, strong cups of coffee.

For illustration work, I...

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