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Manon Louart, Motion Designer and Illustrator

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12 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Project

    • 3. Preparing Your File in Photoshop

    • 4. Getting Started in After Effects

    • 5. Animating with the CC Bend It Effect

    • 6. Looping and Refining Your Animation

    • 7. Animating with Expressions

    • 8. Adding Animated Textures

    • 9. Animating with the Wave Warp Effect

    • 10. Final Touches

    • 11. Exporting

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class


Learn how to animate your illustrations for social media using After Effects!

This class is great for illustrators who want to dip their toes in animation but don’t want to fully commit to an extensive frame by frame process.
You’ll learn how to animate your illustrations for instagram, from organizing your layers with animation in mind in Photoshop, all the way to exporting it in video and GIF format.

Whether you’re already familiar with After Effects or you’re an illustrator looking to add a little something special to your next post, this class is for you! I’ll go step by step through my entire process, sharing my tips and tricks along the way!

Techniques you’ll learn:

  • How to animate plants, hair, clothes, and more
  • How to animate textures and apply them to objects
  • How to generate animations using expressions
  • How to loop seamlessly your animation
  • How to give your animation the “hand drawn” look

I hope you come out of this class thinking that the world of After Effects isn’t such a scary place after all!