Anatomy of a Winning Proposal | Ilise Benun | Skillshare
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    • 1. Anatomy of a Proposal


About This Class

Do you cringe when your dream prospect says, “Will you send me a proposal?”

Cringe no more! This short and simple class will show you exactly what to include in a winning proposal and in what order. A strong proposal speaks volumes about you as professional, as a business owner, as a strategic partner and a thinker -- that will distinguish yours from all the others. You don’t have to be a great writer to craft a winning proposal, but you do have to know which requests for proposals are worth responding to, and how to make the strongest argument for why you are the best one for the project. Otherwise, you might as well not waste your time.






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Ilise Benun

Teaching Creative Pros to Get Better Clients

Ilise Benun a business expert for creative professionals. She is the author of 7 business books, a national speaker and founder of During her 25+ years in business, she has coached thousands of creatives as well as developed and delivered business training tailored for them, notably as co-founder/host of the Creative Business track of HOW Design Live, as an instructor for and as a program developer for the Freelancers Union.

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