An introduction to Sound Design and Mixing films in Pro Tools | John Kassab | Skillshare

An introduction to Sound Design and Mixing films in Pro Tools

John Kassab

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7 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Watching Scene

    • 3. Session

    • 4. Film Sound Mixing

    • 5. Tracks

    • 6. Film Sound Editing

    • 7. Final

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About This Class

This class gives an introduction to the core principals of film sound design and mixing. Students will be exposed to core principles in setting up a session, selecting and layering sounds, working with online sound libraries, working with a foley artist, syncing audio to picture, cutting techniques and mixing.

This course will be taught using a scene from the forthcoming feature film LIKE LAMBS. Students will have access to an except of this film and the audio files used to construct its sound design so they can have hands on experience.

This course assumes at least a rudimentary knowledge of working with audio in Pro Tools.  





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Born and raised in Australia, John Kassab is multi-award winning producer and sound designer currently based in the United States. A graduate of Melbourne University's cinema program, John pursued a career in sound design, contributing his craft to such projects such as the 'Deeper Than Yesterday', winner of 3 prizes at Cannes and the Sundance International Grand Jury Prize, and the Academy Award-Winning 'The Lost Thing'.

His first feature film as producer was '12 O'Clock Boys' (2013),...

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