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AliExpress How To: How to Shop on AliExpress

teacher avatar Blanka Salkova ☃ ➮ ☕, Mom, Translator, Video Marketer ✿

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Register

    • 3. My AliExpress Tab

    • 4. My AliExpress Tab (2)

    • 5. Real Account Overview

    • 6. My AliExpress Tab (3)

    • 7. The App

    • 8. Basics of Buyer Protection

    • 9. Dispute and Order Tracking

    • 10. How to Pick Products

    • 11. Class Project

    • 12. Bonus 1 - Dispute Result

    • 13. Bonus 2 - Buying T Shirt, Dress, Wish List Item

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About This Class


Let me show you how to find great bargains on AliExpress, where I have been shopping since 2013.

You will learn all the basics about the AliExpress shopping platform so that you can quickly add this store to your shoping arsenal among eBay and Amazon, find great deals and save $$$ big time. Why should you pay e.g. $10 for a fashion bracelet, when you can get it for maybe $3 :-)?

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Blanka Salkova ☃ ➮ ☕

Mom, Translator, Video Marketer ✿


I love running my small home based freelance business!

As a translator, I get to translate video games, business and marketing documents, sometimes advertising copy or educational content. I keep learning new things and at the same time do what I love - play with words. Besides I plan to reveal some of that knowledge in my upcoming Skillshare courses!

As a teacher, I help others learn foreign languages - English and German - and try to do it in a fun and easy way. Right now I am experimenting on my youngest student - my son - and we are having a blast.

As a video marketer, I use my ability and knowledge to create videos (doodle videos, screencasts, talking heads, interviews, reviews...). Then I SEO optimize the same videos to rank them in Google and YouTube to earn... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, how are during? My name is Blanca, and I want to invite you to my new class on online shopping on Ali Express is an online shopping portal based in China. It has so controversial reviews, but it doesn't mean that you come to your shopping and final great bargains. So if you do enjoy finding bargains and stop than jump in on, let's have fun. And if you asked them, not sure we're going to cover registration. How to search for product? How Dispute products. If you don't like what you received or you haven't received your goods, absolutely everything will be covered. So don't hesitate jumping so that you can find your bargain in no time. Cheers and I'll ceiling sites. 2. How to Register: here we are on the L Express websites on before we actually start. The signing up process are just tell you a little bit about it. It's a regular stool based in China that you can get almost anything. I personally usually get that phone accessories, um, stuff full home and garden. Um, baby clothes, some toys? Um, things like that. Even I even got some nice deals on bags. Mostly canvas canvas toads. Job. Very cheap here. So another thing is, you are not limited to the English up site. As you can see, they have a language tap, which, when you click, you can change the language. The Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, whatever. Or you can even select the language here. I'm not going to click because a tunnel languages pops up. But you can change to almost any language. They use Google translate for some of the less frequented languages. Also, I'm Jake Republic based. So, um, I have shipping set to Arctic Republic, but obviously you can change it and have your stuff shipped anywhere. And you can also change the currency. Well, I'm happy with the American dollars, but you can use whatever you want Our Euro. What's trend of us, whatever. Another thing is they have great deals on their act. But we'll talk about it in a different lesson. So let's click on join. There are several options you can join with Facebook. Uh, and then you can join through arugula. Sign up process. So let's see, This is the Facebook thing. We're going to skip it for this moment on and sign up with our email address. I got a disposable one, so I'm just going to fit it in. I'm going to fill in my name, my maiden name and password. I just put in past work. Andi, confirm it. As you can see, I didn't make a mistake that it's all green ticked on. Then I have to put in the capture. Now, if I can't read it, I just refresh it on getting you one right. And then I have to obviously click to agree to their membership agreement on I can create my account. But before I do that, I just wanted to show you, uh, here. These are the mud language sites which do not use. Good translate. Andi, Um, you can use them straight away. So Italian Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, high, Japanese, German, even polish the tongue languages. Now I'm going to click. Create your account so I'm all set. It will take me to the previous page in a minute. And I should also get ah, confirmation email. And I'm going to check that in a while on our See you in the next lesson. 3. My AliExpress Tab: Okay, here we are on the Yell Experts website. Back again. Andi, I'm going two miles over my name on You can see that there are quite a few shortcuts like my Early Express, my orders, message, gender and so on will be covering those in the next couple of lessons. But now let's have a look at my only express. So this brings you are Teoh a basic overview. Screen off your orders off stuff you need to pay stop. That needs to be shaped stuff that you have to confirm the delivery Onda things that you need to leave feedback four or even disputes were not interested in that. Right now, we're interested in these top tap categories, and I'm going to walk you through the account settings. You can upload your picture. You can also add it your member profile. You can add your gender, a no alternative email address. You can see the minus unconfirmed. You can change pretty much everything on. Most importantly, you can also deactivate your account. Then there is the security things. You can change your email address Password said a security question on D. C. Your security level. So just quickly going to show you. This is my log in. Miley may address the old one for some reason. Um, you type in a new one. You request a verification called which you then call pain here on you submit if for some reason it doesn't work, you can do the whole process over again. You can change your password. That's pretty straightforward to it. Remembers your current password. So you just put in the new one. You confirm submit and you're done. Security questions. Right now, our my account has only the basic security. I didn't set any security questions. There are three of them, so you can choose from prepared questions like a great mother's name. Mother's maiden name, hometown. A couple number. There's a ton of them. Onda, obviously, for questions two and three, you choose different ones than they are by the previous ones. When you submit and again you're done. And then there is the security levels. There's nothing else just showing you what's done. As you can see, minus pretty basic, I should set up the security questions, and if I wanted more security, I can set up a sign in seal. If you want you can be pretty secure. And then obviously you can set the email notifications in my usual account. I have everything enabled because I just want to have overview. But people do friend, and you can disable whatever you want. So that's that Andi are suing the next lesson. 4. My AliExpress Tab (2): Okay, so we covered the account settings. Now let's cover the favorite stores wish list, Miss it center and my orders. So let's have a look at my favorite store spa. Obviously, there isn't anything at the beginning. There is only a short tutorial on how you can add a store to your favorite store. So, um, but just go to the home page on Doyle. Click anything. Maybe you're in the picture of the baby and, uh, pick productive that maybe this tomato slicer I get to the storefront Onda if I want to subscribe to put it to my favorite stores. I go to the bosom and I just click at to my favorite stores, and it's done right. So let's be good a friend. One. Just go here. Click on what? Have a picture, right? Um, that's another store Here. It's called Sports Own. Keep you healthy, right? If you again just mows over its name, that's another way. How to put it into your favorites. You click on follow and it's done. You've got to stores in your favorite stores list. No wish list. That's another thing, obviously, nothing in here yet. Um, you can change the alert settings from no alert to every three days. Let me just show you how you add an item to your favorites. This is very easy. Call the picture right, and then your scroll down a little bit. And just under the buy button, you have the heart sign at to issue list with you. Click on. There you have it. Your wishes. If you put it in here, everyone can see what you say. But you can create a wish list, maybe whatever. Drinks. And you can then change the settings for public two private so that nobody except you can seat you. Click the safe. You get some some more suggestions, which you can scroll through. Ondo. You can view your wish list or you can continues. You're paying whatever and you're done. That's it. Now the message center. The Message center is where you get order messages. You can communicate with the seller. You could notifications most of coupons. You can blacklist people or contact them, and there is even a spam folder. So it's a pretty regular thing on my orders. This is also pretty easy. Um, I'll show you in my in my regular account. It's the overview off what you bought, what you're waiting for to be doing that, so I'll see in the next lesson. 5. Real Account Overview: Okay, so I wanted to show you what real Akane looks like. So I loved into my account. And this is where I land in after I goto my Ali Express. So this is the overview are been telling you about. You see, overall, I've had almost 100 orders. Nothing is awaiting payment. I'm waiting for two things to be shipped. Um, I need full things delivered. I should leave feedback, for one thing, and I have one dispute open. We'll talk about the spirits later on. This is quite an important important thing to know about that. You don't need to be afraid that you lose your money. If you do everything right, you'll get it back. Um, I've had, I think, three or four disputes so far because I'm very careful on. I've always got my money back without any problems at all. So that's that. Let's have a look at our manage feedback. You see, um, there's one item I should leave feedback on. And it's also the item that I'm disputing because it's it was supposed to be a pajama our thing, and it's just impossible to sleep in. So that's why I'm dispiriting. Impossible to sleep in, and also the size does not fit. Um, so that's feedback. Um, you can get coupons, which means discount. But so far I haven't used any because it usually 1 to $5 off orders above $30 on. For me, that just doesn't pay off. I usually order things about $22.25 dollars, Max, because I want to avoid taxation on items. Which is another thing, Gregory, where we are going to cover in the next lessons. But you can you can get couples. There is also a thing called al Extras pocket Oh, which is something like a prepaid balance would you can buy Here. You see, it's like it looks like a gift card that were different amounts from 10 to $150 on my new click on by now you are taken to No, a special screen on you can buy. Obviously, you have to confirm I'm not going to confirm because I don't use this, but you are get to choose your payment. Uh, either a card or other payments, which is Ah, wallet, Web money. Um, alipay, um, some Russian payment providers so pretty much everything is covered. I always use my card because this is, for me the easiest way to pay for things on. Then there is the shipping address. Aziz, you can see I've got quite a few shipping addresses. Here are some of mine. Some are my friends. Families. You can basically add any number off addresses. You are not limited to any harm. If you have any orders, delete it by the seller, which can also happen for some reason or other. They are displayed here. But so far I've been registered here for about two or three years, maybe longer. I don't remember now. It didn't happen and I'll see you in the next lesson. 6. My AliExpress Tab (3): in the my l express step. There are two more taps. I want to cover its manage reports on duh Express Award. So let's have a look at the, uh, reports. It basically means that you can be nasty, naughty, pick whichever one you want. But in other words, you can report stuff that violates various rules, like trade rules, products that, um, are against the intellectual property rights. Some people are goto on express, uh, with the, uh, purpose off getting fake stuff like handbags or simply brand stuff. And then there is the my rewards, As you can see, therefore, levels Right now I'm on a three level member. It means that you get points for ordering for leading feed. Burke on dso on Andi For that you are rewarded. The rewards are basically mean. Some things I don't know are faster for you. At my level, I get price Could notifications on on orders which are below 25. Dallas. I have fast you refunds. So that's the That's the rewards 7. The App: in this lesson. I want to tell you a little bit about the L Express up, which gives you the possibility to find even more deals. It's available both for iPhone and iPad users on the APP store and for android users through Google Play so you can you can download it. It interconnect with your on line account on the interface is basically the same as when you're on your PC or Sylvia line. Um, the nice thing is that you can get discounts anywhere between one or 2% of up to 60% which is quite fine. Onda. Then there are also flash to use. That's about 90% discounts, which is even better. Andi with the APP If you are on the goal, it's the easiest thing to do. Your shopping. Um, if I can, I search for my stuff online on my laptop, on I safe. Ah, the things in my wish lists and then just go out into my app. Andi, get that discount it and I'll see you in the next lesson. 8. Basics of Buyer Protection: and this. Listen, I'm going to cover the basic by protection so that you are not afraid to show up at Ali Express. So, uh, water the guarantees. It's pretty straightforward. If you don't get your order at this one, you got a full refund. Onda, if the item that you have received is not as described, the quality is looking for something you can ask for a full or partial refund. Andi, I'll explain that in the next lesson. Um, there are also some other guarantees, which is kind of like domestic returns, or guarantee genuine so that you don't get a fake product. And, uh, if you are not happy on, do you want to, uh, dispute? Er a problem. Then you contact the seller. You can try on solve the problem. If you're not happy with what the seller is offering, um, you can open a dispute to, uh, get a refund on and again, you are not happy with what the seller is offering because this is a two way process. You can escalate your dispute to really express, which will then and get a za mediator between you, the buyer and the seller on. Then they will weighing, Uh, it'll. Whatever that I have provided. Andi, they will decide now. So far, I have been successful in my disputes. But I must admit, I did not need to open money. So that's it. And now let's have a look what the dispute looks like. 9. Dispute and Order Tracking: okay before I go to show you how to start a dispute process. I also wanted to make you aware off help site, uh, which has customer service wraps and disputed reports. They have quiet a lot section off help categories. So if you are unsure, go through them and have a look. It's stuff like how to pay, how to cancel an order, how to track on order and so on. Tracking is quite easy. Actually. You can use the 17 track up. So now I'm back in my account. Andi, I chose an item which I received recently. An empty plastic bottle. Full kids. Andi, I have confirmed that I have received it on and I was quite happy with it. But for our sake, I'll show you how to open a dispute. Andi, you can see the older overview. There is the financial stuff here. Ah, on and again. I need to click on open dispute here. You can get up to 15 days after you have received an item. So no problem if you decide that a night amiss fourty later on. The second step is you need to decide if you want a refund. Only or if you want to return the item in most cases, to return stuff to China would be just too expensive. So you tend to go for a refund only when I click it, I need to fill in several things. I clicked three front only. So that's it. Uh, depends. Now, if you received the item you click on, yes, you get some more options. Why you want a refund? You can select reason. Product is not, as described quoted problems, damaged goods. Whatever you click, you got ah to choose more details, so maybe it was defective. Then you can choose the some are that you want. Refund it and you can write a request while you want that rebound with your own words. Obviously, Andi if if the goods is faulty, it's expected that you upload evidence, you can add a short video fit pictures. It's pretty easy and straightforward, but they even show you what the pictures should like Look like here. So that's that if you don't receive an item, you just click. No, um, and then the reason for refund is either logistics, trucking problem customers, problem or packet Sons took the wrong address now for logistics again. Ah. What happened to me, Waas That the order, uh, purchase production was running out on the package was nowhere to be seen. Uh, it can also happen to you for some reason. Well, the shipping company returns the package to do with the seller. And you never get an alert that you had a package at the post office or wherever. So that can be logistics tracking problem. Customs problem. It's It's various penalties, violation of intellectual property rights for counterfeit products. That means that your stuff can be confess, take confiscated and destroyed. Stuff like this on it can be a package sent to a wrong address. Obviously here you need valid evidence to proof that the package was not delivered to you but to somebody else. Again, they are giving you examples here. What you need to check, right? So and after you've done all this, you just click on submit. I'm not going to click because I'm very happy with the bottle over. I should say my son is very happy with his bottle. So that's about disputing. Another thing you need to watch is ah, buyer protection. I recently ordered stuff a cosmetic bag thing on and the seller always have some time to fulfill the order. It's called the processing Time on Differs This this guy has about four days left on, and, uh, in that time, he has to fulfill the order. Andi, send it to me. If for some reason hey is unable to send the order, you get your money back automatically. Nothing needs to be done. Now. I need to find an order which is awaiting delivery. That's this pencil case for my son. Click the details, and here I can see that the seller has shipped my order. It should come between a month for two months. So 22 to 41 days. Andi, it should be with me at the latest on the second off. October on. If it doesn't come, I can open a dispute to get my money back. Now, what I'm, uh, looking for is, uh, the by protection Onda. The by prediction is this date, and you need to follow that now. You don't need to be afraid because it's always telling you that the buyer protection is so many and so many days on and you will even get an email at that. The by prediction is running out so that you can watch for the exact date on. Then get ready to open a dispute or to confirm if the goods arrive. Usually the delivery time is pretty long for products from China, but sometimes you can pay shipping. Andi, uh, you got your stuff faster. However, off stop, which is shipped to free, it takes eighties. You should be prepared for that. The compensation is the cheap price, obviously, so you can track your order. As you can see, they have a nice over you here. It's been shipped. Uh, it hasn't departed from China at now. If it arrived, I click confirm goods received. I have to select again, and I have to confirm good to receive. I'm not going to click because obviously it hasn't come yet. Uh, so that you know. So if you want to track what's going on with your package, you can use the 17 track up. Um, which you said the downloads. You don't know to your phone. Andi. Um, it's pretty straight forwards. After you download and install it, you go to track order in your role. Experts up. Andi, There is a tracking number here. You could be this striking number. Paste it in the 17 trek up and you can follow where the packages. Sometimes it doesn't work. Um, but when the seller sense the item through a registered post, it works pretty much. I didn't have any troubles with it. So that's it. Our ceiling, The next lesson. 10. How to Pick Products: Now let's let's do a little bit of shopping and I'll show you what I personally I'm looking for, uh, when buying stuff so and these rules are can be applied to anything that you are looking for. So, um, after searching for stuff, you can order it as you need you consorted by best match accelerating price. Whatever you want. You can check free shipping so that it only shows you are things that are shit for free. You can also check the stars to ensure you get only the best quality Onda. If you only want one thing, you should check one piece only because otherwise you can by a lot which may not be what you are looking for. There's more. So just choose whatever you want. Whatever you prepare. Um, I sorted by the best match right now. As you can see, it's only showing me things. Would you help which have high rating? But I wanted to show you the price. Obviously, I'm looking for a sleeping back baby sleeping back. That's not problem Met or a newborn our baby photo prop the sea. So if you sold by price, you need to expect that you're going to have, um, to do a bit of searching. So let's go back to best much Andi off our purposes or just click on the shark sleeping back. We newborns. Uh, and I was quite lucky. Um, because, um, I found one with a nice feet back. Almost almost five stars. As you can see, the moms are quite happy with it. Uh, no one or two star ratings. Um, obviously, there are different pictures right now. You can choose the colors. Um, I can see that this foot shipping if I click here, I can pay for fast shipping, but that I would not pay off. It would be just too expensive. I can choose how money I want. Right on. I can either by air or the sleeping bag now or just added to card. I can add it to my wish list. Right on the information. He had also says what the return policy is on towards of the seller guarantees. And here we see this on 60 days on time delivery Guarantee on payment options are cart Peyman Western Union bank transfer. So that's that. Now the important thing is to go through the productively. Product details about the basics here, right? Debate the age three months. 4 to 6 months, 7 to 9 months. Material right what it is. You need to look at the prep description off the sizing Because every seller has different sizing on, you need to check if it's clothes. You need to measure yourself and check against the Silla sizing table of the same goes for shoes on other things. If you're have be what you are saying because, as you can see, there are detailed photos here, Um, onda also photos from happy by us. Then you can go and buy on. If you want to see don't feedback, you just click on feedback on you can again choose with pictures, all feedback or are. If you click on the numbers here, you get to see business task here. The quality is not not that bad on you could get it 11. Class Project: Hey, everyone, I want to thank you for bearing with me till the end That says the goodbye. So to say, Andi, I want to invite you to our class project, which will be very easy. It's too. Register your profile with Ali Express. Andi. If you feel like it, you can post a picture off the first thing you bought on Ali Express. And I also want to invite you to my new class, which will be covering how to monetize Alley Express. How to make money utilizing Alley Express. It's going to be quite easy, so jump a 12. Bonus 1 - Dispute Result: Hi, everyone. I'm back on as promised. I want to show you. First of all, are the result off my dispute. Andan also hard to do some real life shopping on. As you can see, I have already started shopping for Christmas. Andi Although it may look funny right now is the time because l. A drawn in September October November are the post affairs usually gets overloaded with parcels and my stuff might not come in time for Christmas. I'm usually ordering just small things, and some toys on will do the rest of the show pain at home, obviously. So let's have a look at the result of my dispute. Right? And as you can see, I disputed over this Roebuck, which I wanted to use as a comfortable pajama Andi. Surprisingly, some people were quite happy with it, even though for me it's absolutely useless, unwearable the fabric is just too artificial. In the end, it end up as a as a player. Romper for my small knees will be painting it and doing stuff. So let's look at the arbitration result. As you can see, I was successful. I could refund it. Originally, the price was 5 93 But because the quality of the sewing and that was really good, I didn't ask for a full refund, only for a partial one. I wanted $4 back, and that's what I go. The seller was not very happy, probably because, um, he wanted me to measure the size to confirm which I did. Yeah, I posted in our pictures with measurements. I described with my problem Waas on in the end and Ali Express stepped in on, and the seller accepted the proposal on I could refund it. My $4. So I was successful and I was happy. 13. Bonus 2 - Buying T Shirt, Dress, Wish List Item: okay. I don't usually shop for clothes, but I make an exception on. I'll try to find some a nice T shirt, right? The choice is quite large. I like this one. Andi, This one on in this one. If I wanted, I could sorted based on price on best match and the star reviews. But I'm not interested right now because I liked what I saw. Andi way actually seem to have quite nice reviews. So let's have a look at the sizing. And as I know my measurements, right, I probably quipped, I probably could buy the double Extell one, but with my measures, I cannot risk it. So let's see what the fabric is caught in licorice. Spandex. Ah, not sit. Let's look at the feedback, actually, so the feedback is actually excellent. Great show Public price Cordon song carefully. There's a picture here, right? So it seems to be quite OK, so this one would be a good purchase. Drove this one right. It's not too bad either. So let's have a look at the size guide. Why do you grow? I'm looking here. Yeah, so art probably go for the i m. I could fit into us. The question is if the sizing table is a cure it So let's have a look at the reviews say they are promising. So this lady is quite happy. Even with the sizing. Andi, the other people do not say too much about sizes. It's translated from Russian, so sometimes the English is quite strange. It's Google. Translate everything this lady says. She sighs. Fortis exported, which is quite large on the T shirt. Fits her well, So this one could be nice to Yeah, and this seems to be a very good purchase to only five. What's Oh, it's the same type of T shirt. Probably the same cellar. Yeah, So I'm not going to have a look. So if I had to choose our pick one of these now people also look off addresses. So let's try and find some dress. Okay, let's take this one. Let's see what it shows right? More than 200,000 results whom that's a lot. What's gonna free shipping one piece only. Let's choose something summary. Maybe this one. This one seems to be nice on this one. Okay, Quite a few people bought it, so the reviews might be nice and we can trust them. What's the material is best. Cotton polyester. Lana, What's the sizing, right? It's only for bust. So on. It seems to be in centimetres because the length is some date centimeters. So it should be pretty free sized. And I could fit in three the l. So let's have a look. The reviews check in with personal information, right? How this one was not happy because it was thorn for quality. So I six x o happy. Their views seem to be good. So this all this even a picture here, so it probably would be a good purchase. This one seems to be nice to a bit more expensive. Here is the sizing table, right? So sometimes it's just not fit for European women. So what you can do is look for a large size for big size and then you get sizes the approach of European sizes or American sizes, right? What? This? That's not what we are looking for. Oh, here here ago. This is the dress perfect. What is perfect. You choose. This one is not happy. The size doesn't fit. Stones are horrible, she says. Oh, this one is happy again. Perfect fit, shipping fast. So you'd have to go through the reviews again on this one on the sizing table is different for the different types of dress. So you would have to check that, go through everything because, as you can see here that have lots and lots of variations, right? She says the seller promises full refund. Let's see. Obviously, the dress was too small. But I really don't understand why she gave him five stars she should have disputed. Oh, well, yes. Sometimes they ask you to change your feedback that they would return the money. But do not do that. Just go for the dispute route. Otherwise you won't see your money. There's no way they can return the money, right, Because, um, l express doesn't use paper. This one is happy with the dress. This one too mobile during more. Now this one says that the dress doesn't fit the sizing table. So she was going for for dispute. This one is happy to. So obviously smaller sized ladies are happy. Biggest size ladies. Sometimes I disappointed. So this one will be up to you to decide if you like it or not now. I want to show you how to buy things you have saved in your wish list. But I also like to get cash back on my AL express purchases. Andi, I found Ebates great for that purpose because they give you 5% back. So let's start. Uh, let's start a shopping trip. This one is that I want to buy this free shipping. I'm going to buy it because my car has saved. I'm just going to pay. No, and that's it. I bought the toy I had set in my wish list on in about a week or so. I'll get to my 5% back through ebates. So if you're interested in anything else, just let me know if, through the discussion below Andi are dry, our makeup do as fast as possible.