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After Effects - Parallax Effect

teacher avatar Andry Schwarz, Motion Graphics and Vfx

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Cutting Layers in Photoshop

    • 3. Set Layers in 3D Space (in After Effects)

    • 4. Creating Animation For Layers

    • 5. Move the camera

    • 6. Animate the Main layer

    • 7. Depth of field

    • 8. Adding details

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About This Class

  • Create a beautiful motion graphic, using simple 2D effect and Parallax technique
  • Use camera options to make a better concept of depth
  • Set Layers in 3D Space (in After Effects)
  • Using photoshop to seperate layers for use in after effects
  • Create slow-motion animation using key-frames and expressions

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andry Schwarz

Motion Graphics and Vfx


Hi my name is Andry Schwarz and I am Motion Graphics Designer. I transform ideas into lively moving pieces of art, from advertisement, to explainer video to image film or idents.
Being known for my quirky animations, versatile skillset and short form video content finesse.
My classes focus on motion graphics animation in Adobe After Effects, with a hint of workflow tricks and a dose of expression programming. Come join the class and start animating today!

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1. Introduction : Hello, everyone. I'm super excited for this tutorial and just hope you enjoyed in this part of peril techniques. I'm going to use a picture like this using after effect and for the shop trying to create super beautiful motion graphic like this step by step. So follow me. 2. Cutting Layers in Photoshop: Okay, here we are, inside of the front shop. I'm sure everybody is so excited. Can't wait to jump pain and start making some cool stuff. So we imported or picture in further shop and we need to Qatar objects. So we will have a separate layers in after fit. Okay, I'm going to start cutting picture objects, and I will start from smaller objects using different methods of cutting. And for the shop which I consider you are the familiar with some of it. I used the quick selection tool here to make copy of this object from Letterman. You new layer of your copy. And then we have layer from the subject. Now again, I choose the manlier on make another caught here. I will make sure that the main lier eats liked it and again layer from the copy. And we have another new object here. Onda, Uh, I will keep calling my objects. Ah, but it's weird for you to see the process and fast pace for saving more time in the security. Okay, so I made all of cutting And you guys your objects here in several layers. Now I need to refine the background to look good in after effects when objects are are gonna fly and moving around So I will invisible or new objects layers and start repairing a background layer using spot healing brush and clone stamp tool in further shop very easily again, you'll see the process in the fast pace to save more time with the total Perfect. I did the background finding a Now we make all layers visible. You can see we have them all in separate layers. Now we will go for a main object, which is this handsome and I will try to selected using the pound tool. So I select the pentacle on said the path here and start selecting accurately. - Okay , we're almost done selecting so we can go, um, to the path time here, selector, work path and then blow here we khaliq on a load path of selecting option here to finish or selecting. Then, as we did before, from layer tab, I will click on a normal earlier and the layer menu new they're via copy. So now you can see our guy among or layers as separate layer. All right, now let's go for a background in case you like to use the same background. You can keep it, but you need to repair it as we did before and try to remove this guy from the background and stuff. But I prefer to use another beautiful background for this. Um, I prepared before in this full letter on I drag it in my foot shop project, expanded a little bit and dragged underneath all of our objects here. Like I tried to move it a little bit. Also, I would like to mother play in this image color using image adjustments using these curves tool here like these. And, um, I prefer to make it a little darker using the's channel part here, I think more reddish filter we have awesome. Also, I would like to add some other objects to our project. We can drag and drop them in for the shop on, try to select and called them as we did before on dragging to our main project, holding the shift gear to resize on drag on temporal layers. And in this way we can use other objects as we like as you see and drag them into remain project perfect. We did our job with for the shop. Very nice. Here on, um we will follow the rest of our project inside after effects. Stay tuned and follow this cereal. 3. Set Layers in 3D Space (in After Effects): herself I break or isis in after effects. We made that separate layers in purpose tutorial in full shop. So let's go into our project files and drive this piece. Defile, then dropping to actor. Fix these when they will show up. And in this drop down menu, we select our important kind. Here I click. I could last one, which is composition. Return, Layer says, is obviously it Keep our layers eyes as a dizzying push up. All right, we have him here. These are object layers on This is the composition in the same size were made in for show. But I will need to alter the sizes to standard widow size from the composition menu composition sitting on from this presets, I will pick HD TV 10 80 29.97 frames and I'll said the duration on 10 seconds and the composition name to whatever you like. You can see my composition sizes changed. What? My objects are still playing big for these calm. So let's resize them too. I'm for that. We can select all over layers here 80 s key on the keyboard and skate limbo. But you see, our project will resize based on their own sites, but I want them to resize based on the whole project sizes and keep the origin. So I undo control Z and the trick for assessing the whole objects keeping their origin is I created no objects by going to right click noon new object. And then I saw, like all of them using one of these current pick weeps too. Make mine object as a parent of my layers. All right, Now, if we scale down these an object as as you see the whole layers resize with same origin. Very cool. We don't need these small objects anymore, so I don't let it. All right now I'm gonna arrange my leaders in different dips. So for that, we need to set the camera to have a good view. So first off, I have to said all of my layers as three d here. Then I'll make a new camera from right click new new camera so I can see the project in three D better. I'll use the 50 millimeter camera and I will the active depth of field here. All I want for now, having bare view of my three d space and dimensions. All right, I said an angle for the camera and I can hide it for now on and keep going with the project personally. Under that, my background is in far distance from the object. Send it to pull it back. I had PPI on keyboard to see the position and put it back and Z axes. Uh, because I need cover entire movie space. Old scale down price s one on keyboard and scale lead or using these corner points by holding it holding the shift key resize IDs and risk a late a movie? A little bit awesome with it it. So we on hide or camera here and you can see what within three d space. All right, this guy who's our main lier? I preferred to change a layer label color. I'll get him backward to our background is on to an 800. So I'll get this one to almost 2500 and now re scale it movie a little bit down and again. Well, I'm a camera to see the workspace on says it now I live a little the product If ICS is showing off itself euthanize hide the camera. And this way we're gonna change your other objects. Position on a Z axis, as you think. It's more interesting. Select these one reposition into deeper position and we can't risk elated. Of course it was necessary. This one. Maybe it's look good If even position behind this guy go ahead and move the other objects. As you wish. Okay. All right. Um, I preferred to keep these two layers in front, even a little forward and closer. Great. I'll see by the camera to wash the results. As you can see, we have our gaming cars floating on space. Let's see how it will be in motion, moving manually. Um, I can use these layers. I've already duplicate some of them. Control day. Moving on ZX is Ray scaling, but also irritated. Move it here again. Duplicating. Yeah. He is the exhortation option here. And you and more objects you can bring in. I prepared some car pictures in this cooler. You can find them easily on the internet, drag and drop him and your projects. Make it three d scaling down, rotating and the same process. Great. Stay tuned for the next part of material 4. Creating Animation For Layers: I don't need this camera anymore. So I delayed and on in this part. We're going for giving motion to these flowing objects in space. Somethingto start setting my key frames for are objects of position, um, rotation or even scale. I will start from a rotating this one, so I go ahead and hit are on my keyboard, I said Some angles in different access. I think for this one it would be nice in Royan Z access to move, so I'll make my I Q frames by simply clicking on these clock watch that signs a key frame in time. Zero. I'll go to the end of my timeline on so another que frame for each. I'll try to make it more beautiful. And although some more adjustments to irritations that I really want and modify AIDS more, I'll do more adjustments and recheck the motion to make sure it's emotion that I really imagine. Let's see, great. We do these for other objects to for is thus, lease one. I'll like to rotated on X Axis said the key frames and also for y axes even know dry either to set key frames for its position. So I had PPI on the keyboard to make a key frame at the beginning of our timeline and another key frame at the end of our timeline and moving the little bid. I think, I think, for the beginning, little up her like this. I make a delicate movement in my readers, so feel more like slow motion at the end right now. I want to make motion without saying key frames on timeline for this one. So let's go ahead and hit our and keyboard friend says on these eggs axis, I want to make a move s so I go ahead and hold old key on the keyboard and click these stopwatch here and it's gonna give us a reference on the slider right here as automatic Centex. I'd let this reference and I'm gonna type Time multiplied my particular number. Ah, which how bigger this number be or motion speed will increase of number 10 now. But if I type 100 for example, um, you can see it will move much faster during the time. So I said back to 10. I didn't say job for its y axes, but I said, let's say 10 minus so so it will go the reverse way with the same spirit. What if I remove the minus and uh said the minus for this one? Let's see how it will get. Okay, maybe it will be better if I decrease the amounts, um, to seven. Awesome. So if I want to use of these expressions for position property, it's a little different story. I cannot set, like time multiply by a number. It will give us errors. That's because the position property has three dimensions. We can use these coding for properties like rotation, which has only one amount to set. So for something, expressions will position property. Firstly, after right, click on the position on right click here, pick separate dimensions to have are positioned emissions separately. You can see on day now I can do that Syntex coding for my expressions. But if you notice our rallies here are not like zero like rotation property. So I have to add it to our Centex. So I have to hold on OK and click but type value plus time multiply by a number 10 forties . Now you can see if I delayed this value here, we'll lose our objects coordination, but we added to bring it back to its own region. But as I said, this value adding is not needed for four properties like rotation. I like these. You can give motion to your objects in both sitting key frames or typing time syntax for a different properties in expression. Part awesome. Stay tuned for an expert. 5. Move the camera: we animated our object in previous part and this part we have to start sitting off camera and its movement. Other stuffs next. So created a camera here. Right click new new camera and this presets drop down menu. I lived at 50 millimeter and hit. OK, you see, our picture are a little blur here. That's because in camera attributes in this part of filled is on and I have to make it off for now. So So we have no difficult in our picture motion, right? So let's go for for our cameras position I want to make if you keep framed for a camera position. So I start from this part, click on this clock Watch here. I'll make another key at the end of my timeline. And if I drag my time coarser manually, you can see this moving for motion. I think I have Teoh modify more Mike. You friends unlike these, uh, I'm gonna have some key frames for rotations. E um, a little rotation on the access. Let's go for minus three or minus five. Maybe a little going forward on the timeline. Andi, I make a key frame on zero for rotations. e Sorry I didn't activate my irritation clock. Watch here. Click on it on. As I told you, made these que frames. Yeah. I like this. We can make or background a little bigger, so I select it, Um, hit us on the keyboard and make a little bigger so these edges can be visible anymore. Setting again. Zero rotation. Awesome. This is my camera motion. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned on fluid material. 6. Animate the Main layer: we plan to give a little animation to these character, which is our main layer. Firstly, I select and make a pre Kump of these layer by holding control shift and see hunk uber from up here. Layer menu pre. Come. I live these radio button as it is Ali with, um leave a watch me. It's the name. Doesn't matter. I type layer two I need Okay. Nice double click on this prick. Um, gets us inside pre. Come now. I start animating these using the puppet mental up here, so I make sure this time in your care should be at the beginning of our timeline. Why? Because when I'm making these puppets, it automatically makes Q frames for each. So I'm gonna make my first puppet in time zero. Um, I'm going to go up to It's up over toolbar here. Andi, We started adding points on your character as you had each print. Um, you have You're going to have a mish that's created over top of earlier. Like this. All right. Hitting you on the keyboard and you got your keys on time. Zero on timeline. Not a drag. These timing to care. My preferred time and I pick up popular effects from my effects and presets. I select puppet effect and try to start dragging these pencils Well, the signs a little up her and Shuler's like this. We don't need a new, intense movement. It will do for moral character. A little more adjustments. Let's see how it logs in motion. You can see I tried to do more adjustments and modifying to make sure it's what I imagine I have to set of Q frames. Here. You can see let's go back to our main. Come, let's see how it is in motion, right? You can do this work for similar situation, though, through using these pop up in tools on created these animations Awesome, Stay tuned for next part. 7. Depth of field: Innaro Camera Second, these are a year You will show me its options again. These are oh, in corruptions dip the feel of Shane. How about this approach option? As you know, it's pretty much like a real come on. Real war. What he does eats the variable opening by which lights enters or camera. So we're increasing this amount. You can see the little filled in perspective increase. So now we can control our focus better. If I increase my focus. This dense here I will focus on are objects in France and go forward to reach my main character. Where is this guy? Let's see in motion In more adjustment. I think all I could create que frames off for my focus distance. I want to make your friends on about end of my timeline to focus this character about starting moments. Camera focus on front objects. I should bring this one sooner, I think. And I make this key frame Eazy E's Wreck, click or person if nine. Let's see how it is. All right. This was a roll camera dipper fill option following extra tutorial on final part 8. Adding details: it's time for adding some important details to our project from these material perspective . All right. I preferred some particle video clips in this fuller to at these products project to make it wonderful. I dragged him in or after effects project here on Dragon in our main camp. All right, these particle, we deal backgrounds black, so I have to change its mode to screen in case you you can't see mode menu, click on Tuggle. Switch modes down blow. Um, I can decrease the opacity for my particle video Hiti on Q Bert and decrease it. I'll do the same job for this one, too. System out to screen on. Decrease the capacity. Now I think it will be nice if my widow had more contrast for that. All right, click and create an adjustment layer. Then, from my effects on presets, our search for curves effects on drag it on these adjustment layer we created. Now from here I moved these line on curve it. We will have somehow more contrast. Also adjustment main colors like green from up here, Channel drop down menu. But I make another adjustment layer to make a dark mask around. So again using curves effects. We have to care of RGB channel like these. And now I select this adjustment layer on double click on Philip stool up here. Um, you can see it makes him ask for us in mask options. I go and make check and work option also increase. It's free there. So, you see, we made a dark hello around our project, and it's and it absorbs. We were attention. More to the center of video. I reduced the opacity a little bit. Awesome. Some objects like this one has a little intense training. It doesn't sound logic because it's far from the camera, and I think we have to make it a little darker. For that. I will like this adjustment and party. Kobe does video layers so I can select this layer and preview. We know I can select now drag curves effects on it. Um, make a darker like these. If I go this way, it would be brighter on. If I go down way, you will be darker. I think it's good now, but nothing. This one should have more brightness. It looks too dark in front here, using curves effects again, but make it a little brighter. Awesome. This is it. Final part of these parallax effect tutorial. I hope you injured on learning the step of Parlux techniques. And sorry for my horrible English If you have anything to add or any comments about this tutorial and also my anguish, right, Price? Well, appreciate it. Thanks for watching and seeing.