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After Effects Motion Graphics 101: Typographic Line Logo Reveal

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your assignment

    • 3. If You Need Any Help, Ask!

    • 4. After Effects Basics

    • 5. Student Question 1: What Is a Keyframe?

    • 6. Prepare the Work Area

    • 7. Draw the Lines

    • 8. Keyframe the Animation

    • 9. Spice the Design

    • 10. Rendering and Exporting To Gif

    • 11. Thank you!

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About This Class

In this class I want to guide you through a nice technique for making a modern & trendy typography project in After Effects which you can easily learn for Yourself and  replicate. You will learn how to form, build and reveal a word or logo using custom created lines and giving them a seamless motion. The class is perfect for any beginner to gain essential motion design skills, and more advanced users to learn a new animation technique which will sure come in handy. 

The class doesn't require any prior knowledge and will let you dive straight into motion graphic design and teach you valuable skills and keyboard shortcuts along the way!


Biggest benefits of the class:

  • Keybord shortcut usage displayed
  • No experience or knowledge required
  • You will complete a project and render it out
  • Learn a quick and fun workflow in After Effects
  • Valuable tricks and techniques you can use in future designs
  • Allows you to get familar with motion graphic design and hopefully start loving it!

I'm ready if you are - let's dive intro after effects and start the work! Enroll now

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome in this motion graphic design course where you will learn how to prepare a lying logo review animation. We will be using after effects to prepare this animation from Stretch. My name is Andrea, and I will be leading you to the entire design. I've designed this class to be easy to follow, even if you never open after effect the user school are familiar with The program will also learn very useful tips and tricks to enhance the workflow and to learn a new motion graphic design along the way. We will be working, for example, with the pencil to create the outline of this entire animation. We will ease the animation by working on the graph editor. I'll also explain a few things about the graph editor, and at the end, we will spice up the design with a few useful graphic tricks. By the end of this course, you will be able to prepare a design just like the one yourself with any given shape text logo, all really anything you imagine. Feel free to take a look through the description off the course, and if you like the content, please enroll. Now, I look forward to seeing you inside 2. Your assignment: Hello. Once again, your assignment here is very straightforward. It's very obvious. I challenge you to create award on your own and to animate during the lessons you will learn step by step, how to prepare this animation and how to export it as a gift file. So you have absolutely no excuses here. Choose your own word, your own colors and animate it along with me. Once you already the animation head over to skill shirt inside the class you're taking it. Start project type in your title. You can choose a photo as a time nail right here. What you were working on and hit Upload photo to upload the ready and animated GIF so everyone can see what did you paper? There are important topics covered in this class and you will surely enjoy it. So jump right in and do the animation with me and showcase the work 3. If You Need Any Help, Ask!: Hello, everyone. A quick word before we start. This class is intended to cover the basics off after effects. But each one of you may have different experience in graphic design in Adobe software in overall computer knowledge. So to satisfy everyone, I would need to make a 20 hour course that why I encourage you toe esque and post questions in the discussion board, and I will try to immediately answer them. This is why I'm here and why I am your instructor. I'll try to answer any questions you may have. I'll give you some screenshots, and eventually, if the topic is brought enough, I'll record a tutorial about this. So any questions post them right away. I try to help you and let us complete this animation together. So we both are satisfied about the class and about our learning experience. 4. After Effects Basics: since I told that this course is even great for people who never opened aftereffect. I want to show you a few basics about the program, which will make the work easier, and you will get a bit more familiar with the entire program. This will not be a detailed the kite about every aspect off the program, but I would share a few words about the interface at first. Then I will show you how to create new layers and populate a composition. I will tell you what properties are, how to create a really basic animation, what the graph editor is, and we will around everything up by showing you what pre composing is. Okay, let's start with the interface. Perhaps you know, Photoshopped, you have your working area, you have your layers and you can align or panels as you want, and you can use any tools you want after effects. It's of course, a bit different, but it's still the native adobe environment, and many things will be similar. We have the tools here on the top. We have some panels on the right, and this is our working area called a composition. If you are familiar with the program. I believe you can skip this lesson. But if you want to get a grasp of what we will be doing and what tools will use in the line , reveal animation. 10. Please stay tuned with me. After Faith has a few main components. Here will be our project files and compositions. This is our working canvas. So it's a composition. On the left bottom side, we have our layers. Justus photo shop and something that Photoshopped doesn't have is our timeline. The time on indicates how long the composition will last and how long each layer is displayed. Let me go ahead and create a new composition. I have some preset here with an HD video and the composition will be 13 seconds long. Well, perhaps you want to make a longer video, so I make it 30 seconds. What? A black background. Let me scroll in. So this is now our working canvas. You can also turn on the transparency. If this is easier for you to work once you have the composition ready. You see, it's shown here in the product files. I would like to populate this composition with a background. I go to the layer panel. I right click on it. I press new and I press and you saw it. Let's select a background for our composition. Let's make it maybe a blue on and hit. OK, as you can notice, this is a layer inside of our composition. You can, of course, resize it because it's a simple object. It's a solid object. I can reduce its duration on the timeline. And if I will hit play on the video once the video place for 10 seconds, this layer disappears because it is no longer on the timeline. Let's add some text. Now I let some text maybe I write Hello now had down over. You see, we have two layers. I will extend this layer because I want both layers to play for 30 seconds. This little icon here indicates what type of layer is it? So it is easier for us to get a grasp off what we have in our composition. To make the editing easier on the timeline, you can, for example, change the color so you know that the blue ones will be for the text. Let me go to photo shop. You may know that each layer can have its own style in photo shop. This looks like that after effects is just the same in this matter. Once you open that layer, you have properties. You can select an edit, for example. Let me right click on the text. I go to layer styles and I make drop shadow. As you see, a little shadow has appeared over the text and in the properties we have drop shadow. You can, of course, go inside the shadow and change everything up. We won't cover that now. That's just a basic. So you know that each layer can have its own properties. Now let's head over to animation. The last basic thing I want to show you make the text a bit smaller, so it's easier to see and let me hit P. So I opened up the position property and I select the key frame. I come and that's the after effects essential. You need to know I will jump four seconds forward. I will move the text to the right by holding the shift key, and you can notice another key frame has appeared. Key frames are indicating change in the value of any property. This time we have the position selected and from 0 to 4 seconds the Hello a text is animating forward. I will had space to preview it. We have now a study for seconds animation. One of the last things I want to show you in this short tutorial is the graph editor. The graph editor is a very advanced feature, and there could be another course just on this topic. But I just want to show you the basics. The graph Editor It's a visual interpretation off how fast the animation goes. As you can notice here, the animation goes for about 200 pixels a second, and it goes on for four seconds, nearly through the entire composition. That's a nice animation, but it's very unrealistic. Let me copy over the hello text by pressing P on the keyboard, I will open up the position on the first key frame. I position it a bit to the bottom by entering 600 Here, let me lower just down and here I want 600 as well. Now I have to the same animations. I will select both key frames and I pressed this little like Um, this is the animation, so it will start slower. It will hit its peak in the middle, and then it will again go floor. Let's preview the animation now. As you can notice, it has a completely different motion. It starts slow, it goes a bit faster and it ends slow again. While this animation it's very unnatural, it's very robotic. So in certain design and animations, you want this robotic feeling. But sometimes you want this nice and natural feeling, and this is why the graph editor is for I'll select this animation one more time. I will select the key frames. As you can notice, they have trained on the left and right side because they are east in an East out. Let me select the property and you can design this animation as you want. For example, if you want it to start quickly and slow down on the end, let me select the last key frame, and I pull this handle by holding the shift key so I don't snap away and you'll see now it will start really quickly and later it will still slow a bit down. Let us preview the animation exactly we have a really nice motion and both motions take four seconds to play. All right, I covered. Now the most important basics you need to know before you enter the course. The last thing I want to show you that you can pre compose to another composition everything you want to add it to do this simply right, click on it and hit pre compose or press control or comment shift. See, you can hit. Okay. And now it would be easier for us to edit boat text because in Photoshopped you could call these groups. But here these are compositions. I can double click on the composition, and I can no work only inside of this composition. Why is this useful? Off course you can edit boat at one time, for example. You want effect. You would like to give it a colorful ramp effect ranging from red to blue. And as you see, I've edited both of these Texas with one effect inside of one composition, you can hit space to preview, and these are the very basics you need to know before entering the course. If you are already familiar with after Frank's, that's great. You'll gain some new informations and nice shortcuts. I'll teach throughout the course, but if you are a total newcomer, you also will have very much fun. It will be really great for you. What you can do. You can watch this entire course one time. And then the second time we worked, you can work along with me. This will be really easy. You just need to follow the steps I take. And if you want, you don't have to animate an entire ward. You can, for example, animate a shape you can make For example, a shape like that. Fill it with anything and you could make the outline for a shape. Maybe this will be easier for you. Thank you for attention on this extensive tutorial. And I really hope this will help you to gain the necessary basic knowledge you need in after effects. See you in the next lesson. 5. Student Question 1: What Is a Keyframe?: let me answer the first question. What is a key frame? Each layer inside off after effect has its own properties. Here in the transform panel, we have five different properties. As we added effects or anything else, we get more and more off those properties. Let me, for example, go to the effects panel and choose the most basic effect off all their fill option. I dragged the fill option inside of the back room layer, and the fill option has appeared under the Effect Property, and it has its own properties. The basic color is red. Let me set it back to a blue on and on the left side, we have this little timer icon as I click on them. A key frame is appearing inside of the timeline. Graphically, a key frame is a little icon on the timeline. A key frame will indicate change in the value off any property Here, for example, I will start out with the blue color. I'll move forward on the timeline one second and I will change the color to a green one after effect is automatically setting a key frame for us. But if you want to do this manually. You can also moved up my head and plus here to add a new key frame. The first key frame was blue. The second key frame is green. Let me go forward to two seconds and I will make it red because the background is getting angry. Right now, we have said three key frames, which changed the color value off the fill effect insight off the background layer. I know this sounds just a tiny bit weird and difficult, but don't worry. If you will try it a few times, you'll get familiar with it. And with all the options here and now, I want to show you the most beautiful thing about motion graphics software and overall about animations. Since we have the two colors after effects is inter plating between them, so we don't have to go over and change the color manually. Each second we go forward as the play had moves in the video after effects is automatically shifting from one color to another, and the same goes for all the properties you would like to have. For example, if I go to the scale, I go to the 1st 2nd I pressed the key frame on the scale. Right now, this background layer has 100% size. But once I arrived with two seconds, I would like it to be maybe half its size to 50%. I don't have to do this Manly. I have two key frames. One key frame has 100%. The second key frame has 50%. As I move the play head, Nikki frame is automatically interpret waiting between the two values I've set. So these are the basics you need to know about key frames. For any other questions, please post them in the discussions and I will try to answer just like I answered this one . Now, thank you for your attention and see you in the next lesson. 6. Prepare the Work Area: Hello, sir. And welcome in the first lesson in the design section off this class, I hope you did finish the introduction section first. So we are a bit prepared and a bit familiar with after effect, and you can jump right in now and start working. I hope you will have a great deal of fun while making the animation with me. I will surely do so and let's jump into aftereffect right now. I'll close up the animation and I have after effects already opened. Won't you arrive in the program either hit control or command plus N or had this sign to create a new composition? I will create a full HD composition with the frame rate 30 frames for a second. You could eventually go a bit lower, but since we want a really crunch and nice animation, I'll go for 30 and 10 seconds of duration will be completely enough because I anticipate that this animation is taking about five seconds 56 seconds. It shouldn't take longer. We really want to reveal the local or the text and the shapes to fly out. All right. The first composition is opened. We are prepared to start to design. The first thing you want to do is make a new solid for the background hit control Why? Or go to layer new, solid and to the color for the background. I already have some medium grave, loose elected. That's a slightly purple call. It's a bit washed out. I don't want those deep, deep colors. I just want a washed out purple color for the background because the lines I'll draw will be rather white or some bright color, so they will be perfectly visible on such a background. Once I have the background, I will lock it down so we can move it and we won't make any mistakes. Once you have the background ready, we can type in the text we will actually reveal. In this information, Go to the tax tool or press control or command T. I will type in the text great with an exclamation mark, and this will be my work area. As you write in the world you select, you can select the layer and, of course, by going to the character panel, if it will be invisible to you, go to window and select character and make the text off course, really, really big and intensive in the middle of the screen, I recommend choosing a fat big sensei refund if you have no interesting fund selected. What I like to do is go to different come, for example, press on the Basic Sensory Fund, and we have amazing sunset refunds you can use. Most of them are free to use for personal project. Some off them are really 100% free, so you can use them any way you want, and you can find here really great funds. This would be, for example, a very suitable found the prime time or something like this. Really bold funds will work the best because we want toe outline. The world's okay. Once you have a phone selected type in the world, I will use 20 century and I'll, of course, go bold because I wanted really big. And by selecting the text layer, I'll make it as big as possible. Let's say this will be enough. Now I will go to the Align panel and I align it in the middle. The text is perfectly positioned. I just would like to change the color because I will draw white lines. So let's, for example, make a blue on. This is okay. And once you have the tax ready, please lock down this layer. Also. Now we are completely prepared to start the work on the lines in this animation. Okay? These were really baby steps. I went the first lesson here. The next lesson will be the most important lesson off the entire design. Because we will draw all the lines will animate later on. So head over to the next lesson right away. And let's continue with the design. 7. Draw the Lines: Okay, This was only a warm up. Now comes the real design. I will go a bit closer until the design and I press G on the keyboard to select my pen tool . I will use about six pixels off a stroke. We can always a justice later. Six pixels will create a nice bold line for this size of the composition. And I don't like this green. I want a white color and let us start drawing in. I'll go with the closer. That's a really difficult letter because the G is very rounded. But no matter what were to select, everything is possible. You can always do around with it. But I will just start the creation. I will extend our under a here so I should symmetrically make those lines on the G. I will try to achieve that, but you don't have to be too precise. I make the first clicks. The line appears and I think that's all right. Now you only have to click and dragged lines. You can always adjust the busier handles if something goes wrong or simply adjusted later on. Okay, for now it's OK. I select the last selection I had, and I think this is our first line creating the G a shape layer number one is created. You need to click anywhere on the composition toe de select the layer, and once I start drawing, a new layer will be created automatically. I will do elitist because this was one precise and I will follow up by completing the letter G with the second line. Let's make it like that. An important. You don't have to cover everything from the letters. There can be certain parts which are revealed. This will just create more of motion and more of designed into the entire animation I own. Recommend you toe always fill out the insides of the letters. For example, a o. D. Those letters should have those insights filled because else they are a bit hardly visible . Once the entire animation is finished, I will continue working on the G where that isn't perfect. Definitely so I need to adjust it a little bit, but I won't me as precise. That's all right. I click here to follow up, and by holding the shift key, I will draw on equal line. As you noticed the best year handle makes that thing a bit messy, so I just drag it down. I would try to not harm the little You can always come closer adjusted, and this would be okay. Now I can continue now. They will draw automatically without the busier handles. And I'll continue with the letter g by drawing out a few more points. Well, this letter is really difficult and I'm super un precise now. But that's OK. It's designed It can be a little bit doodly Oh, I'm sorry. I should select this. I'll continue. Always be sure that the layer you are editing right now is selected. You can adjust it during the work, click on it and just continue it it If something goes wrong, you can always go back into the shape layer and edit it later. I am continuing right now, too. I turned this handle down. Okay, That's okay. And we are nearly finished with the letter. I think I'll end up somewhere here. Well, it isn't perfect, but that's OK. I can do to a little bit around here in the corner. Maybe that's too. Maybe that's too much. I'm sorry. They should be okay. I have the letter G drawn out and and simply continued the design. Always make sure to scroll. The mothers will out or make the composition smaller. So you see how the balance off the entire design is going. I see the letter G has something on the top, has something on the bottom. And once I followed truth designed with other letters, I always need to make sure that the overall balance of the design is all right now I will start from the top. I'll drive a big line towards the bottom. Were I nearly called it right. Let me adjust it a bit. Click on the selection tool by pressing the on your keyboard. This would be okay. I press g to go back to the pen tal once again v to select this frame. I'm really sorry. I still like the frame. I press g I press shift and I am continuing my design. The lines are drawing and I want to finish this are somewhere about here. You can always go back by hitting control or comment. See? And the three nice. Okay, I de selected and I follow up with another line Fear from the bottom. I think I got it right. That's okay. And want the animation starts. Those extensions look really great. It's difficult to make an extension on letters like E, But you can always extend for example, here on the top. We'll see that in a moment. Let him continue with our I will continue in the top with my busier handles on the mental. And I will finish around here overall, When you're making the design, you should always make some extensions at the end. This will make the motion really better. And it will be perfect when those extensions would be off the same length. But that's not always possible. Do not worry about this. Let me do select the layer and make a new layer to cover up the D inside the r. I make a quick few lines like this may be a bit well, this handle is making me troubles. And with the shift key, I extended this. You look really beautiful because it will draw up like this. Okay, now the eat well, the seems a little bit tricky, but you can always freestyle do whatever you want. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't diss elected. I will for example, start here. I click on the shift here, fifth here, and I can finish up here on the top. That's no problem or right. I d select everything. I start here 50 a few mouth legs. You don't have to be 100% precise. This will look really interesting. Wanted animated. I am nearly done with the E. And I should finish it, for example. Here. Okay. How does this look? Really great. Since I started from the top here, I should maybe start from the bottom on the A. I'll think about it right now. And yeah, let's do it like this. It's a bit difficult to handle that, but l a just go for it. I could make mistakes. That's no problem. Well, let me finish here because I want the A to make also this extension Now, I will go from the top off course. I forgot to de select it as usual. Will I be able to do that? Okay, nearly nearly. Come closer. Let me make it one more time. Okay, That's much better home. The 50 making even lines continuing around here around here and making a nice extension. 40 a Okay. So far, so good. The entire composition looks okay. I fear some lack on the top. Let's a justice when we will be working on the tea mental select and how to approach the teeth. I would start from top. Yes, from top maybe. Here, come down here and just go with the design. I can start here. That's no problem at all. And I think this should look Okay. Okay, Let's finish up. The tea may be drawing a straight line here, Here. Continuing. Well, off course it isn't perfect. Okay, looks better selected. Come back to the panel with G hunting in the tea and the T could be finished. Let's finish it here when it comes to the exclamation mark. I don't like the exclamation mark off this phone just a little bit. Maybe we will pimp it a bit. I'll freestyle a bit with the mental, maybe like that with the shift key and doodling around here a bit already selected. And I make a second line starting from here. Perhaps I shouldn't do this, but that's all right. This is my imagination. So I just went for it and I'll finish here on the top. OK, let's de select a great text. Maybe so See, how does this look? And we forgot the insights of the eight. That's very important. So you d selected sometimes. And now you can imagine a little bit how the end result would possibly look. And as you see once you leave out the insights off some letters like, I would leave out the insight off the our letter. It is a bit hard to read. That's no problem at all. I just selected. I make a new shape. The only downside will be that its shape layer number 14 But I don't really care. It doesn't matter. I made a new one for this, and it's all right now to finish up the exclamation mark. Let's try to make a circle. Circles are a bit difficult, but that's no problem. We can, for example, go around here and make something like this. I'll start here, try to make a perfect one by adjusting their handles because that didn't look as I expected it to do. Okay, let me continue with the design. Sorry for those little mistakes, but, you know, that's understandable. Okay, I think I do it right now, you just want to select the shape and position it a bit to the right. Okay, that's nice. I d select the text, so it's invisible. I select all layers, and I placed them a bit more on the left, and now I can watch the entire composition. I think it's pretty balanced when it comes to the amount off lines drawn. And now we have completed another important step in this course. This lesson was the hardest and most tedious task off this entire animation. This will be the end of this lesson. Thank you very much for taking part in it, and I hope you are already completing your work as well. Open up after a fact. Select the world. If you want to start out, it's good to draw a shorter word like Hello, hi or fun, something really short. So you get a bit familiar with the technique, and once you do it once the second and third time will be really easier for you. That's it. In this lesson, thank you very much for your attention, and I look forward to seeing you in the sight in the next lesson where we'll have much fun animating the entire thing with key frames 8. Keyframe the Animation: hater. Welcome. In the next lesson were we will work on animating the key frames to make a seamless animation from the drone path. Okay, let's dive into it. I select all shapes. I showed them quickly, so I will have a more clean work area. I shy all of them, and I will work only under first shape layer. I reveal it and I click on Add and I'll at a trim pats option. Once this is done, I will expand it. I'll go a few frames forward. Let's say L go 10 frames forward because I don't want animation to start immediately. I want to have some space for a fate in okay, and I'll key frame both the start and the end off the trim Pats animation. This entire animation will have three state. It's reveal the moment when the world will appear and the moment where everything has disappeared. As I told, I anticipate this animation to be about 56 2nd long, so I will reduce my work area a little bit. Let's say 26 seconds and on the five seconds I once they're gonna click on the key frames and I'll hit boat knobs toe 100%. So the pat we have drone will completely disappear. I'll set this boat to 100% and I go back to the 1st 3 frames. Both of these d friends should start at 0% all right. And now I can work on the animation in the middle. The middle part. Let's say at about two seconds and 15 frames, we will have a preview later if this is okay. But this is the moment where we want the world to be shown. So don't worry about those percent. You need to change it. Of course, the line should be drawn just about Hit of off the G and the end line should be extended to cover up the space we want to show in the middle As the world will be showing. Let me very quickly preview it. That looks OK. The line is starting to draw. It goes around the G. This is the moment where the entire world appears were Maybe it could be a bit more towards the top. So at just the start, just to be a bit longer, why not? This will have a nice animation in a nice motion, maybe a bit less on the end, because it's a bit too long here and it doesn't really cover the G. This is already an extension, maybe even further. Like this somehow. And I go forward to preview how the entire animation place out. Very nice. The innovation comes in, shows the letter and goes off, and I want to adjust emotion in the key. Freeze, select or key frames and press F nine on your keyboard to ease them in or right click on them. Click the key frame assistant and choose Easy East. Let us breathing out the graph Editor, The graph editor shows us as time progresses, they will gain speed and value in the animation. Remember that you have two types of graphs. You have the value graph and you have the speed graph. Normally, aftereffect select them automatically, and right now we have the value graph. But this doesn't help us much when it comes to editing the animation. So I want to select the speed graph. I want to select those 1st 2 key frames. If you have trouble visualising the graph, simply select those key frames here. Go to the graph editor. By hitting this icon and you will see because they are highlighted, I want to increase the outgoing velocity off those key frames to make the animation just a bit quicker. At the beginning, I select the next key frames the middle ones, and I do the same by dragging it a bit towards the middle by holding the shift key. So that philosophy handle one shift anywhere. I have just the speed I couldn't hear. I adjusted also here, and this seems just about right. By moving to play head to the beginning and hitting space to preview everything, I let it quickly render. Let me only the select the shape. Let's preview it. All right. We have a nice that emotion. It has a brief stop in the middle so everyone can read the world and it starts to disappear by going towards the bottom. Now comes the part where the workflow is quicker and the entire animation starts to make sense. The best part here is that you can select the key frames or the trim pats option and copied over toe all the other shapes. I click on the trim pass I press control, see I reveal all the layers, I only make sure that I just a play head to the first key frame. You can do this quickly by hitting the J or K Key. That's a nice shortcut to use to jump between key frames. And once I have the play had on the first trip at selected control, see, I select all the shape layers. Be sure toe. Reveal them, select all of them. Empress Control V. Now we made the workflow really quicker. And let's preview what would did we actually achieve By clicking on that, the animation starts to look okay. We copied over all the animations, and this already starts to have some hands and legs, but we are not quite period. We have to select this moment on the play head once again by clicking J. R. K. And we adjusted this line. But not all of those lines have, of course, the same length. Select all layers. You want to add it, click you to reveal the key frames you need, maybe make it a bit bigger. And by going from boat to top or just one by one, I'll hide the ones that are already good. I'll just amounts just about to reveal the letter. Okay, By clicking on it, I see the entire path. And as we see, we need a few adjustments here. But this is really quick. I only go. I want to reveal the letter. So this position is okay. It's like the bottom one. This position is also all right, and I moved over to the next one. This should be here. There's one should be adjusted to about this amount. I go to the next one. The next one could be a bit more extended. So in the moment where the letters stop, we have a nice extension Here, Click on the bottom one, complete the letter and the next one is the inside of the letter. We will be quite precise here, so the movements on the end will be slow. But that's okay. Let me hide all of them. It makes a little bit trouble if there are too much of those lines. We had, like, two lines for each letter. So that's absolutely no problem. I just go one by one, leave out a few extensions may be lying it up a bit with the previous one. 94%. OK? And I follow up with the next letter. A nice extension here and cover up the top. Okay, this looks nice. I go letter by letter until I'm finished. Let me speed up this process a bit and I see you in the moment. Okay? I think we are done, allergist. Close up all the layers. Let us now go to the beginning. Hit space to preview the entire animation and you see the moment in the middle. The entire thing looks a bit plane and unfinished. But the animation is has already a proper motion. It builds up the world in the middle. I have no troubles reading the world. And I believe you have no troubles too. And we have completed this lesson on the key frame. Animations entered this design with each step we take, the animation is looking more and more complete. The next lesson will be really around up in the Philip off the entire design. I will show you a few simple but useful techniques. Toe round up the entire design and you can definitely use this and other motion graphics. You will be preparing in the future. Thank you for your attention in this lesson, and let's continue with the design by finishing everything up and spicing it up. 9. Spice the Design: hater and welcome in the last lesson in this design were we'll finish up the entire animation with some small adjustments. I want to preview the animation a few times, so I'll see if everything is OK if I should change anything and then I will go on. And at some adjustments as I look on the animation, I'm very happy that we did a little doodle at the beginning and at the end, this really adds a nice motion, and I think we could also do this here on the bottom. But we didn't. That's okay. We will do this next time. In another animation. That's no problem. I also am very happy about the exclamation mark. I was a bit worried that it can turn out wrong, for example, with the circle here. But as you see, the little doodling around looks really great. It has a nice motion, and it flies out also wanting to remember as you design. It's really great to start one time from top one time from bottom. Look at all those lines, for example, the G. The first line was drawn from here, and the second line was drawn from the bottom this creates and nice circular motion and I'm really happy about. And result they are as well. One line comes from top. One line comes from bottom, and it really builds up the local or the world we have in a nice way. Okay, let's head over to some adjustments. As I scroll in, I see the endpoint off our path should be circular because this ends here abrupt. And we want a nice flow in motion into the entire animation, so we should change it. You can changes quickly by going to content shape and adjusting the stroke in the line Cut to around camp. You can do this really quicker by selecting all of the layers and writing line cap here as you can notice once you search for it on each separate layer, the line kappas appeared. You only have to change it manually. Okay? I think I have everything. I select all layers. I hit you you to hide all the layers and I'm ready to continue with the design. Okay? Select older shape layers and hit control or command shift. See to pre compose it. I only in the composition. Great. And now it's a pre composed composition. You can off course at any given time, go inside it and change it. But I will stay at the camp and at some colors into the design. We have full control of the composition. Now. What I want to do is to duplicate this composition by clicking control or command me. As you can notice, a new composition has appeared. I drag it to the bottom. I hit the left old or option key on Mac, and by holding it, I click a few times, page down or page up to move the composition a few frames forward. To begin with, I will move the composition four frames ahead off the previous one. Now I want to go to the effect juice a fill effect, go to effects and controls and just drag it over here or on to the composition. I will drag it here and the color is already applied, and I can preview how the effect will look like when applying this color well, maybe the red is a bit too intensive. For the beginning, I will start with something easier. Maybe a nice, warm blue. It should be also contrasting with the purple. Maybe going down a bit. All right, This one looks nice. And I will repeat this step two times because I want to achieve four colors in the road. I duplicate it. I have the left all or option key page down four times to hit four frames ahead. 1234 And I changed the FelCor this time. Maybe to a nice greenish core. Maybe a bit lighter, so it's more visible. It should stand out of it. I duplicated four frames, and now I can finally finish with this red color. This is all right. Okay. Looks nice. Let me preview the animation one time. Okay, I kind of like the motion, but it's a bit too flat. The lines are a bit to 10. I would like to add some stroke to intensify each layer. I'll start with the first main layer, the white one and the white one should have the biggest and boldest stroke. Hit the composition with the right click, click on layer styles. And at a stroke, you need to open the stroke and select the color of it off course. You should select the same core as the main color in the composition. Here you can play with the size of the stroke. I believe truly will be OK. Well, let's get more intensive. I had four. I click on the stroke. I hit control C. Contrave here control, See on each of the layer Control V Control V. As you can notice, layer styles are appearing. I'll open up each of the layer styles, open up the stroke and make the stroke with each layer smaller. Also make sure that the stroke color will be the same as the fill color. We're off course. I didn't hit the blue one because it was too difficult. I go to the next one. I opened it up. Stroke now, two points. Maybe that's overall to march, but let's just try. We'll see how this will look in a brief moment. Open up the last one stroke and the last one actually should have no stroke or eventually one. I will go for zero or just de selecting the stroke. Let's hit fit. Move the play head to the beginning and it's PV the animation. Right now. It takes a little bit longer to render off course. Some colors are added and a few other things. I noticed that the white one is a little bit too big. Maybe I overdone it. I had a tree to one and the last layer will have its stroke de selected. Let me preview this one more time. Yeah, and we are arriving at the finish. The entire animation is playing some nice colors are appearing. I only don't like that. Once the animation disappears, the disappearance of those lines happens so abrupt I would need to adjust that they all fight out and they not disappear like this. Let me select all layers. Select you to hide them. Move the play head. And that's the moment where they should all be already invisible I select all four layers. I had t to open up the opacity. I keep frame it and I hit 0%. I go a few frames back, maybe five frames by hitting the page down key or the page up key. Want to tree for five hitting the key from again and revealing them now completely to 100% . I should do the same on the beginning. Maybe only for the white one, and I copy it over. They start to appear here. I see. I hit 99%. That happens. Let me adjust it to 100% Go into the beginning. They start to appear here I hit the key frame. I make 0%. I hit, paid up page down a few times Five frames as before. I hit the key frame to add a key frame here and I make 100% Not really nicely faith in into the animation and afterwards they all fade out. I moved the play it here I select both key frames hitting control. See, now you know that I moved each of the composition by four frames. So why having this? On the first key frame? I go paid down four times. 1234 And they faced them. 1234 I paced 1234 I paced the last preview and I believe we are completely done with the animation. Let it quickly render Everything is nearly rendered already. And we have arrived at the end of this design. I really hope you did learn a laugh after effects tricks. And I would like to give you more by sharing Maurin new classes like that. But for now, that's the animation we wanted to prepare. Now, please select your word. Start working. And I see you once you're ready. Thank you for your attention. Once again, very much. And continue with the last few lessons to finish up the entire course. 10. Rendering and Exporting To Gif: Hello, everyone. We are at the animation, and in this short lesson, I want to show you how to export the animation as a gift file. If you want to showcase it easily around the Web, we will need to render it in after effects and afterwards, import to photo shop and safe as a gift file. Select the composition you want to render. Hit the shortcut control shift in the Ford Slash two at the composition to the Render queue . I am rendering with a H 26 for Kodak, but you can also render it is a quick time. Let's say I will select the maw file to render a quick time movie and rendered animation. All right, this goes pretty quick. It's a short animation and want you haven't rendered. You can go over to photo shop. It's important that you have at least photo shop. CS six, The extended version. That's exactly the version I'm using and Photo Shop introduced in this version. The possibility to import movies into it once you are in photo shop, goto file import and import video frames two layers. Select the video you want to add to photo shop. Click OK to select all the frames and photo shop. After a brief moment, we're import the entire composition. We have all the frames here. Now I can easily goto file, say, for Web an export. A gift file. I recommend, of course, making it a bit smaller because the HD settings are simply too big for a gift. We don't need such a big animation, so I reduce it to have a with off 500 pixels and a height off under 300 pixels. Now you can, of course, select how many colors you want all the options of a gift that's up to you. I will simply say, if the file and I have a ready gift to use once you have to give rendered double click to preview it, I have a fully working if I could post everywhere, so thank you for your attention on this short lesson and see you in the next one 11. Thank you!: you sure are happy that you can finally listen the last time to me. At least in this course, I really hope that this after effects class was beneficial to you. Learn a few new tricks. You learned a few new cable chart cards. Just remember that you don't have to be strict about those lines. Just freestyle around the composition, and I'm definitely sure that you will come up with something great if you are done with everything I would really appreciate. If you will go to the class, hit on the enroll button and leave a review for me, you can right here something or do not write anything. Just submit a review. If you like the class. This will help me as a designer to post more classes because I will get a bit fired up by the feedback. So thank you very much. If you would like to take the time for this and over are for the class