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After Effect Toolbox : Plugins You Should Have #1

teacher avatar HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. 01 Particular

    • 4. 02 Form

    • 5. 03 Shine

    • 6. 04 Starglow

    • 7. 05 Mir

    • 8. 06 3D Stroke

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About This Class


Sometimes its hard to achieve the look or the effect that we want using built in tools of After Effect , Al tough they are very powerful effect but in some cases they are not as much as Third- Party Plugins and Scripts.

Adobe After Effect is one of the most famous and powerful software for Motion Graphic and Visual FX meanwhile its has a huge amount of Third party plugin and scripts library so knowing of each one of them are really hard but its fine to use most famous of them in our production pipeline .

Some of the Plugins for After Effect is as much powerful that creating motion graphic scenes without them are extremely hard ex: Trapcode Suites of Plugins .

In the #1 Part of These  classes i am going to teach you how to use Trapcode Suites plugin ( Particular , Forms , 3D Strokes , Shine , Starglow and Mir ) we will have an brief overview to these plugins and how they can help us while we creating our Motion Graphic projects in After Effect . 

Features of this class :

1- Easy to Follow .

2- Project oriented .

Lets Get Started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hey, guys, that you from polygon motion and welcome to this class. Most of the time you cannot achieve your desire, look and effects that we want to create by using built in tools off after. So what are other tools to use? An after effect? What are our options in a state of using built in tools? Yeah, tour pari script and plug ins after fix has a huge amount off a script and tour, party planning and library that helps you to create amazing an artistic effect that you can achieve by using off belt in tools and after, if it so knowing about each one of these blagging manuscripts are really hard because there is a huge amount of library. There's lots of. So we will take a look to FEMA's planets in a script that every motion graphic art should have them on thereafter. Although it is not a single class, we have three parts glasses that we are in. The first part on the other parts will be published on a scale chair by piling in motion on in this part. In the first bar, I would like to talk about trap Could sweets blagging a famous and powerful sets off wagons that are available for athletic. Andi, With these Baggins, we can create amazing motion graphic project that I will show you in this class. So open your after perfect and let's get a sorry. 2. Overview: Indus. Listen, let's have an overview to these traps with plaque gins, and how can we download it out? What are these plans and how Maney plans we have in distract its way. So first thing first is that Iraq would swear is a package is a package off plaque gins that canteen 11 flagon for after Vick for a different purpose and for different jobs. For example, if I go to Red China and also keep in mind that Regina is the company that published track , which weight is the publisher of crap, it's weight on. And there was a lot of other wagons that are available from a red drying. For example, the ah, other famous blackens are a magic bullet that will discuss it on the next licence, full for coloring and also every Jain universes. It's off other plans that we will talk about it on the next classes. So if I go to rejoin dot com and in product, you see alleged off list of plaque ins, so we have tropical weight that contained 11 plans thespians, airpark, chloroform, Tao, mayor trying and other plans that has different jobs. Different purpose. For example, if I click on particle er and wait a moment. You see that trap? Good particle er to pine six is the latest version of Particle ER, and it's part of track its weight, and you can create organic tree particle effect, complex motion graphic elements and more. There is the presets, the futures off thes this black man and also East wagons are available for Windows and Mac Kristan. These are from para color. Particular is a plaque in that you can create organic tree particles inside of half Perfect on. We have farm. Each one of these are half their own, a specific job that we will discuss it in the next lesson. Some of them not all of them, because discussing about all off them or relatively time consuming, we just discuss about the famous one. For example, Particle over farm a matter of Shine treaty strokes Star glow are the famous blackens off track with Swept. The other planets are also famous, but you can find tutorials about him very easily, and you're there not so complex as much of thes sparkler and forms of these other plans I have mentioned. So we'll discuss about Dese Baggins in the next listen and also and also for downloading. You can down the trail version of track retreat by clicking hair in fractured sweat on a wait a moment. So in here for windows we have free trail. And also, if I click in here, you see that my question and windows. You can choose your platforms and you're request. It's processing on for this human science and your Regina. I are creen accounted down on your trail for windows so you can just create your free account and log in, and you can download your free trail and also lasting that. The latest version of track its weight is turkey pine one on you see a tackling handed in the industry standard package for motion graphics in after effects, and that is completely true. You cannot find any motion graphic cars that didn't know actually about trap its weight thes or the industry standard package, and you have to know about him if you didn't know. So in the next Listen, I want to talk about particle er aim after perfect a plaque in that allows you to create organic treaty particle in after If it 3. 01 Particular: okay, a rhyme. And after if it on, we want to discuss about the first plans off track. It's wet, a para color wagon and also mentioned that particular is applying that that allows you to create treaty particle effect in after effects. Okay, at the first, let's watched di Maria off particle er to get a general idea off this plaque in particular . On. After that, we will discuss about it. Trapped Code particular is the industry standard tool for creating organic three D particle effects in adobe after effects. Use particular to create complex motion graphics or to generate realistic natural effects. Designed particle effects. Visually in a new powerful user interface that makes building effects more creative and intuitive than ever before, load presets, customize them and preview your work in an instant. Once you try particular, you'll understand why it's voted. Number one tool for aftereffects year after year. Trap code articular 2.5, Part of the trap code Sweet. Okay, has you watch Particle ER is one of the most powerful plaque in an after effect that you can create amazing particles. For example, you can create it smokes. You can create fires. You can create Brust so you can create anything that is a particle inside of after effects . And the cool thing about these particle er that you have all that you have access to some of the physic phenomenons, for example, you can adjust their wine. You can adjust forces, trebling displaces you can. You can adjust almost everything in particular. And that makes particle one of the most Onley tries for creating particle in after effects . So once you install the trap, it's weight or just particle or any wrath Certificates up. You're in effect on preset panel in under the category of trap. But you see, I have all the plans for this track which way bad if you have Onley particle or you see just particle in here on um, okay, To create particle, you just need you just need to apply it on any liar, for example, you can apply it on video Liar on your on your shave later on any other. But the standard form off using particle is applying that onto a blank solid. So if you're using after you can you know that how can you create solid? You can create from different places you can create from layer and new solid. And you, the shark a want is control plaice y all doing great from timeline hands. So it was my solid and make comp size. Let's from name It's a particle and all the things synapse click OK, now we have our white solid. So simply I'm just dragging this particle or to dis solid. And once I drag you see that all the things gone don't worry if ice alive to the timeline You see that a simple particle emitter is Apia in my composition so that this is the basic form of particle er it means that you can change a lots offsetting in hair. For example, you can change the meeting pine you can change. So I spun and these air staff So I am here in effect. You see these categories in these parameters. OK, let's talk about each one of them briefly. So the 1st 1 Pacific builder that it's nearly a come in the latest version off particle or dad if it builders allows you to create the most complex effect in less time and choose the process if I click in here if expelled it lot's that affects builder panel. And you see, I have ah, bunch of parameters and here smokes and fires we have passed in depressed that you can simply just click on them on and wait a moment. You see that we have that a particle er in here without any ari for just a kind of freezer that you can change anything that you won't, for example, different profiteers that we will discuss about it. So let's close this. And let's talk about a meter emitter is the pine is that your particle er is coming form, for example, you see that these dis particles are coming from a pint. It means that at the meter for death sparkler is a point. These particulars are coming from a point you see from this mine and you can change their them staffs and 1/2 for example, You can change that. A metal particle overhand Andi, You see if I increased our easy, you wash that half Ah, lots of particle or hair particles particles in hand. So you can also I'm just talking about them briefly. So talking about each one of them are really hard. It takes a lot of time and I just briefly talk about some important options that you might need. And some of them are not so important as the other one. So and here we have a media type that spring pouring. You know, you have to know about him at me replying and we have pined at that. Actually, I mentioned that these particles were coming from a pint weaken. Just simply choose box that Now you see that these air coming from box If I ah changed emitter size you see that these meter sized for X size for Why on size for the space you see on you see and these are all and these are completely three d on you see that they are coming from as super directions and not form not from a pint. So you can just can also choose This fear is coming from this fear. Yeah, If I change this in meteor size, you see that you're coming from a sphere? Not from a point on. I choose grade in great. We have different parameters as a great we can adjust it different grace. You see that it's separated. Andi have particle er that coming like a great and it's helpful in some situation that you might need it and also lights we can also control. We can also emit particles from lights. For example, if I created a light in hand and also to keep in mind that you have to name this light in this way the meter on. If you don't put this name in your lights at the particular fix, don't recognize your light has any major. So it's a pint or spot. Lied are maybe white and click OK, now if I go to um, immediate type and choose lights, you see that it's it's automatically recognize my me to light. And if I change this, you see that it's coming from that light that if you choose in that we have chosen that and it's very helpful and it's and it's completely treaty. You see that we can just move it in Z space. So that's from me to recon. Ultra choose liar and lag rates that you can immediate your particle from layers and also we have directions which directions you're particle goes away, for example, you can just True's directional, if I changed is two point you see that directional? Its uniform. And also we have bi directional. Is that coming from two directions and on a bunch of other staff that you could control with an alternate. In here, we have position except position. Why? We have position see in ham also. Okay, In these, uh, parameters, we have direction, esprit, that you can spread out your particle like this and let me a truce Deaths to uniform and also when we choose uniform direction is Preed is not available because it's available just for directional by the original uniforms Has doesn't have any directional. It's it's just spreading out of the particle or in two different directions. In addition, we have rotation, weaken, rotate our A particle particles and also in different axes and positions. So ah, let me make the little bit larger and see speed and put it Ah, in France, off the Connor. So we have lost e that you can change it. I'm here. Maybe you just want ah, did These are These are physical properties. And if you didn't know about velocity and what's velocity in physic and actually in real life, you have to research about him on Google. And if you have ah ah, physic bag around, for example, not to match a little bit knowing about these physical phenomenons. Physical terms are very helpful for you while you're creating. Why, while you working on your emotion graphic project on it makes your project so realistic and eso professional. So Ah, just a change of velocity between particle. For example, if you want to spread out or particle begin to choose at larger number larger rally for velocity or we want a slower particles. And now if I play this you see that these are all just coming very slowly and spread out very slowly. So if I choose a larger number hair you see that it is speeding out and it's very fast. So that is actually so that is velocity and lost E As they speed between particles, you can also change the velocity randomness Hear that greed and random isn't velocity velocity distribution dispute velocity end Ah, velocity for motion that the change of velocity and you're in between off the motion, that is it. So we have random See that we can just change that overlook off our particle or by random numbers and here. And also that is it that is from a meter. Keep in mind that it is a brief ovary to immediately There's a lot of things that you on other sources are If you want to just completely go in dept of this particle, you couldn't find other tutorials about particle er on on a specific project. For example, out to create destined to create fire is how to create smokes on other tutorial. So the next parameters are particle parameters. And here we can just change the look of our particle, for example, decides of our particle, the color of our particle on other bunch of others and other staffs. For example, In here in life, you can just control the life and a pureness off the sparkle over the time. For example, if I decrease this value, you see that the particulars are goes away. For example, if I change life value of tree, you see that when particles or come there just disappearing in this time on just three seconds off life for each particle on If I increase it, you see that they're coming. They're not disappearing in this time. And after 32nd year is disappearing, and you can control the life of your particle in here. In here, we can also change their life. Random is for each particle or just a random ing the life of each park. For example, despotic ALS goes faster, did faster or the sparkle or Dietz lower. Andy's just kind of randomness for live. Also, we have particle type. In particle of time. You can just change your particle object. For example, it's in sphere weaken. Use a glowing sphere for each particle's. We can use a star, and here and also we can use cloud for making the smokes for making fires. This cloud particles are very helpful. We can have a star licks kind of thick cruisin. Also, we have spire it that we can give them a texture. For example, this liar, if I think, maybe create the shape in here and go to Particle and choose this shape. Wait a moment and you see that that shape is now generated as a particle system. If I change the size and here you see that we have that a shape in our particle looks. So it's changes and also we have ticks for polygon weaken, use other texture from out of composition and also weaken. Use texture about with different colors that weaken that has the color and hair. And also we have a secure. You might ask that there is no different looks between a sphere and circle. In fact, when we use when we have a camera inside of athletic and we are entreaty space, we just feel the difference between this fear and circle. So circles to be bad if you're is in treaty. If you want to use a treaty particle, you have to use a sphere also. So I'm just changing history, this fear and a little bit fitness on and in here we can just adjust their feelings off this sphere and also aspect or issue. If you have texture, we can adjust the aspect ratio of protection. We have size off a rip article. You've seen how we have size randomness. If I changes, you see around them size and half of our particles. Also, we have size or life that weaken at as the deed off the spark. A disappearing of the sparkle is over the time they draw a rough in here. You're just disappearing according to describe that amber drawing here for the sparkle. So also we have capacity waken change the opacity off the sparkles and also opacity around them. You see, now we have a very different ah particle on him. So we have color. We can just change the color for particle. And also we have changed color over life. For example, different color like Granules weaken, change the color randomness and here also color over over life weaken change the color that you want different colors on also the blending mawr to add or screen on lighten blending more like this, blaming options and half forever layers. So that is from particle er and let's changed it color. And also, if I mean just a normal and go to okay, the next one experiment is the sheeting. If you have lights and other, uh, if you want to create ah, shadows between your particles are lights you can just use shading and also we have physique that you can control the amount of gravity. Onda also the physic air time and here and also it's all the physic phenomena is deft are mentioned for you on a also in here We have wind for different directions. We have air resistance just and we have to rebounding Fills that change off. Look off your, uh particles and also affect positions you see and a bunch of other staff You have arc system that you can just generate different particles. According to disbar ical, you have two emitter in just one particle earlier. And also we have transform. We have offsets. And at a world transform from your Mitory, you have visibility for creating fox and far wench for star faith and Jesus staffs. And also we have a rendering options, for example of render more We have full render motion preview. We can just just see the motion off the sparkles. And also we have dipped a filled for example If I create a Cameron here and also you see that these particles are really entry deace peace And if I change this these are all int really space If I generate, if I change it velocity of this see that we can control it's and also can change it. We can also have camera options we can use dip to filled example of focus distance off for the sparkles and also an aperture off may being 15 not formally returned because it's a little bit hey v effect. And now we have dipped a filled for this realization dipped Ifill's from our camera. Uh, also, you see that all the things are controllable here with this aperture when we change our camera shooting the settings for the sparkles All the change? Uh, yeah. So that was and brief over you to the particle of plaque in inside of after effect. I recommend to go for our tutorial for a particle er. And also there's a bunch of other project based tutorials confined on different platforms like YouTube and other platforms in the next. Listen, I just want to talk about fun, then explain. 4. 02 Form: so in. Just listen. I'm gonna talk about the next planet after rockets. Web form local. What is farm flagon form is a treaty Particle grade and objects blagging. It allows you to create particle a great for your three D objects, for example. Imagine we have a treaty objects off this school in here, and we want to generate particles in different here. Use off this treaty objects, and we want these particles to be treaty into release based soap forms allows us to do this inside of half of it on the latest version off form or is 2.2 before going to over your farms. Let's watch the demon real our farm, and after that we will talk about it. Trap Code Form is a powerful tool for creating three D particle grids and particle objects in adobe After effects, foreign particles live forever, giving you immortal particle grids that can flow and change over time. Trap code form can also, though three D models for animated three D sequences for creating beautiful motion graphics and visual effects form gives you the tools to turn imagery into particles to dissolve text and logos into sand and to create beautiful audio driven effects trapped code form to heart of the trap code Sweet. So a rhyme and athletic. And for creating form a regular, we need solid. So just form. And now we have a blank White is white, solid and let's track form toe other solid. And once you track, you see this great system particle, great system. So let's talk about it. The 1st 1 is registered. We don't talk about OK, the next one is the base form. You can change the beast form of your particle. Here, for example, did in here we have a box graded. We have different other options for box string that sets off a string in here. Also, we have this feel layered. It's a sparkler great system in a sphere model. And also we have our O B G model O B J model at this very, very important because you can import your 00.0 b g Moloch from after at three D software's like three D max like cinema 40 into dot OPD farmers and then you can import in aftereffect on weaken. Just select it from here on. Did you see that at the park or system will generate particles according to your treaty. Mult So in here, for example, and just changes to particle. Great. So in particle grade we have size for different axes. So let me create Cameron. He had to on you see that if I change direction, you see different particles. She's from end this direction. For example, we have sighs in peaks We have size in why and all size and z You see that on also we have amount of particle for each axes. If I change this, you see that amounts of particle are rapidly increasing. If I changed 111 maybe two. So if I changes to this and also this toe one you that we have just one great and hair into direction and also contained the position here and also rotations in different axes. So that is from it, Andi m particle. We can change the size of her particles and also this fear fitness like particles. You can just changed a particle or object itself clouded particles. We have star sparkles also glues FIA, another bunch of staff you control to use its pirates for texture and extra Polian for our own shape and size around them's we have random size on. Also, we have opacity, randomness capacity and had also did transformation and blending mode for ad or a screen lighting or normal, we have colored. Yeah, we can change the color of it. For example, this color on also in here and sheeting. We have different options for shadow between these particles that you can adjust it in here and a bunch of other staff that I don't want to talk about it. In this lesson, we have quick map liar map on these air maps for different areas and perimeters off your particular. For example, you can control the color off your particles by Amma by a fractal by grabbing man. Or you can control your capacity by a map, and here you can just choose it on layer map. You can control different, different years off your for particle, for example, you can control color and Alfa. You can control the displacement off your particle size, fractals trained disappearance of your particle and rooted by a map on the for for adding your map. And here you can just choose your layer and they're and your map will be affected on different parameters off your particle system. So and although you react, we have three different reactors. And the cool thing about form is that you can control different parameters of your particle occurring to your audio. According to a music, you can just place your music, Unhand timeline and are that are you in here? And you see you will see a reactor and it can control that over the time body by the audio . So this press and twist we have, we can change information off thesis particles in different ways. On also, we have toys that you can twist it out. These particles in fractal felled by changes to zero. We have affected size. You can just change it. Ah, change size off them and different values and also affected to opacity excised capacity. And also we have displaced displays these particles. Now you see, that weaken creates a very nice effect that you might see this types of effect and sof motion graphic project. Ah, now it's animated all radiant. It's displacing also weaken use and you can you can change the flow in different axes. Amount of, um ah, positioning and animation and see. And also you have flow of elevation. Amount of animation is speed. If I'm an animation, yes. And also we can look to flow and ham You can change other staff. You congee in the complexity off your ah particles. Houston, also in the sphere is spherical felled. We're here. We can just control their ah overall particle system by an s for a spherical container and filled in here. I also see so we have cloudy scope effecting here or gentle to just generate different copies. The world transform. We have like particle er we have turns from mission Mona fold render motion blur and other bunch of staff that you confined tutorial about each one of them. So if I changed a cattle Rangel Yeah, with me changes to terror and go to camera options and dipped it filled on. And let's make 100. It's a little bit Hey v effects. So you might that step in only a processor Which processor used? I used to hurt you see, it's just completely disappearing and and we have a good looking particle. Is Houston and here by using a farm. And the cool thing about these are that these are animated. What out key? Firming. So Okay, that was from farm effect. You can create amazing things by searching about this wagon tutorial on YouTube and other platforms. And you can create amazing particle, a great system inside of her. 5. 03 Shine: So in this. Listen, I want to talk about Shrine Track. A train is a planning that allows you to create ultra festively treaty light rays effect. So let's watch the demo and we will talk about it. Trapped Code Shine is a tool for creating ultrafast three D light rays in adobe after effects and more shines. Volumetric lighting breathes life into your motion graphics and brings added realism to your visual effects. Use shine to create the natural effect. Sunshine through clouds, lights and fog or light filter through the surface of the ocean. Shine is now three D camera wear, making its simple toe linked to a life or to add fractal noise for Smokey Depth Trapped Code shine too. Heart of the Trap code Sweet Orion and athletic and I have a Tex Leon here and simply I want to drag the shine flag in to this ticks and see what happened. Once I drag, I see cool raised light rays affecting here for for the sticks layer, and it makes our seen very, very artistic and very professional. So shine is all about this. These race, and we can control the amount of thes raise and here we can control the different directions off this light freeze. And also let me changes quality more Previ mood on you See that? Ah also we have raised lengthen here different options You can change it also, uh, late off these rays light trees And we have two different pines from treaty pines A treaty light or a truly like so if he changes to treat you like we have different options for different lights for tree lights But I in hand, just wanted to use to delight waken just boost light up And here Ah we have seems we can just change at the look off each, uh raise differently Also it can just amount of details for fractals also And also we have phases for each fractal Did you see in him and these other staff we can use? We can just change the color of them for different priests And here chemistry use our and romance Onda also we can change our custom Cholera Hey also images to limit hints Alfa and different Callum haute we can use We can just change the fractal eyes use fractal eyes to create a nice effect in thes areas. And now you see this type of perfect. So and it's a kind off smoke saying smoking darks and these kind of effect that you might see seeing Ah, you could just change this speed, amount of speed Also, brightness he handles or change. Let me change the color of it Aurora on and no original electric Also size of it you're seeing here on capacity of these fractal contrast brightness and f l A rotation off these fractal lighters. And if I now if I animate this source finding pant on go far away and and he made it, you see a very nice If I play this, you see a very nice effect for your fixed and by by mixing off these parameters by mixing off other staffs even create amazing things with this train planning on Also in here we have blaming mode. How you want this trying efecto blend you what You're, um, fix, For example, If I change at its blaming this to Teoh and add mode and normally just in normal mode, we have different other um blaming option mold like this plannings and also you can just blaming for better compositing what you were Layup. So that is it. Shine is not complex as, ah, forms and particulars and just tap simple plaque gins that allows you great trying and volumetric light rays inside of Africa for your layers. OK, in the next Listen, I want to talk about iStar glow plaque in an after effect. 6. 04 Starglow: okay in this. Listen, I want to talk about his target low wagon. A plaque in that allows you to create this glitch and its star Look for your layers inside of after effect and the tackling His stylized gleams and glows for motion graphic in text. So let's use this. I have a taixing and just simply drag its star glow in hair. And now you see a very cool effect for my fixed. I could just change that. Ah, parameters in here and the promises look same like they're trying, but a little bit changes in here. We have this type of fix. For example, if I any meat this fix in here by you, we'll pass it along with the skill on If I changed it skill to zero and start go hand and changes to So now if I play this you see a very nice effected has So let me change. The problem is it's in here. We can just change a length of this Streaks weaken Just boost the light app And also we have individual lens lends for individual access. For example, it This is for app, for down for for right If you don't want to just see to it for this or maybe just see were down all of them and we just need for happened down. So if I change is too individual calorie condition color, be color. Seek for each tricks so and color a map. We can change the color electric, for example. It's a color, a map A and we can just change is apt to color A. You see that the color was changed, and also we have color. Be that you can change the color and hand you use, the different the priest's collar on and also magic be different combination of different colors. We have seems that animated race and use loop valuation loops and also we can any mean this fees loop to create random look over the time you're seeing. And also we have a star glue opacity. Yeah, With this, we can create amazing things and also the other things that we have priests and half for star glow pre radi appreciates have presets. Try deep resigned, for example, romantic presets. You see how so and also in pre process you can use masking here. For example, if I create a mask around this area of my fix and go to use mask and just see that area for changes to Nan. You just see that selected area the circle was affected on there. Also change the radios in hand position of it like this. So the other was from star glue on the mix. Listen, I want to talk about me up Lagon. 7. 05 Mir: okay in this. Listen, I want to talk about trap coats. Mia look attractive meals in is a plaque in that allows you to create treaty surface hearings and wife rooms in after effects. So what have displaying in imagining and and thinking about a treaty? A Tearing a tree? Servicing after Vick is impossible because we cannot create treaty surface like Dez in after effects. There is no options on on belting tools so adverse. Let's watch the Dema real of trapped mayor to get an over lied here, and then we'll take true where ons use it on a perfect trapped code. Mere is the fastest way to create three D surfaces to rains and wire frames in adobe after effects create flowing surfaces, endless tunnels and abstract shapes for use in motion graphics design. Realistic for alien landscapes using fractal displacement. Render surfaces with shading as vector polygons as a vortex points and more trapped code mere too part of the trap code. Sweet. So here I am, an African let's create a new solid controlled why and name it me up. So let's track Mia too solid, and it's a little bit TV effect because it's just generating treaty surface, so it takes a little bit of time to apply. Okay, now we see a three d surface in here. We can just change different pounders in thes categories we have. If you, Matt, read it, you can control the over local fusion mattering in surface, for example. You can position it NZ why? And geeks And also you can irritate it like this. For example, you can retreated and why. And we have Virgie's amount off world disease and points in different areas off this, uh, in x area in x axes off this surface and ultra invite, we can change the size for weeks like this and size for why? Yeah, and lets me create a counter in him. And also let me change that millimetre to 15 millimeters. So now if I trained a camera, you see, it's completely treaty, and, uh, okay, we can change the steps and the amount of quality in different areas off the surface. We can pain this surface like this. Okay. And also, we have a distillation mode, fork, watts, two triangles, and we have reduced your math 3 to 2 x sent off. This okay in fractal weaken. Uh, a change. Amount off amplitude and frequency frequency in these areas like this. And you see now the surface we can frequency change for canteen ham and also evaluation toe enemy that just simply, for example, tripe expression or animated along to trying like this. Identify, not play this. You see animation like a water surface soap. We have office. It offsets off any mission in different axes, we have scrolling at an easy scrolling in. Why, for example, we can simply adding meet this, create a water look. And now I see. Okay, you have complexity, complexity off your surface. On amount of detail, you have choked on a scale on different other options. We have a spiral simply, um, spiral It just simply create, um, for example, maybe a galaxy. It's nice. Now you have this. So we have bend it out to create this, and also we have amply amplitude ID Leah, for example. Let me show you re than you solid and add a fractal eyes and hair Fractal. Nice. So in here I have a fractal lines. Let me a just a little bit of this complexity. I don't or maybe used is too dynamic. Rocky. Maybe like this and balling basics brightens okay. And, uh, yes, it's good. Now let's pre composed this and Jean just to amplitude it Leah Lam And off it. Now if I goto mia and change the amplitude amplitude layer to amplitude layer, you see that it's simply change for form off those, uh, amplitude it's fractals to my as selected liest. So, for example, if I change amplitude, Leah and ham me change it to, for example, maybe as rocky. Now you see the changes in here also. So that is very cool for creating amazing things and hair on basics. Let me on a little bit more. Now you see a lot of our things in here. So there's a cool way to changes amplitude it like this. Maybe. Okay, that is from fractal and also in Shader. We have fatal mode and the look of your ah surface, for example, of intrigue. We have different shader moves. For example, Fung, it's create on other types off shavers and also we have flat completely flat, so density is a za kind of negotiating options for you, so in draw how you want to your surface to look, for example, to fill. Use wire frames. It's very cool. You see, also you can use points in hand, can use front in black and this staff soul if you choose fell and also in blaming We have different options we have at blending. Yeah, we have normal and we have super ad. So if he changed his room all and also we have, uh, density affect. And also, we have a second pass a free changes tow wire frame. We have both water frames in our, uh, overall shapes. For example, if I changes to black, you see a very nice prolific. So we have Ambien occlusion. If you work with three D objects we know at Munich allusions at the shadow between different objects between the elements, off objects, for example of illness. And off this, you see kind of shadow between these staff. So if I go to verte cheese and you see okay, we have Matt really here for different, uh, coloring and miles reeling it in champion capacity and also ah, we have thick. Sure. If you want to apply fixer for this, for example, if I If I am poor a picture off maybe, uh, this and put it in here and go to mere and off this in material and choosing this. And now you see that it's applying that to surface. Since it's completely girl completely look and feel good in our justice and chain different parameters. We have repeaters, weaken. Just repeat different surface in here. It can rotate it different, sir. Phase and translate it. I'm a happen and your father cooler staff. It's very good. It's very nice plugging that needs a lot of work to do. Can achieve reasonable, sir phase are are cool, complex treaty surface with just simple few sips You have to mix these essays you have You have to combine all of them with each other So far for other tutorials about Amir. If you want to familiarize, you are yourself by with matter plugging, you have to watch other tutorials that are project based. So in this class, and just talking about these Baggins very briefly to show you which planets you need to have, which wagons you need to know about it and you were after fix. So on the last Listen, I want to talk about treaty stroke flagging in at 8. 06 3D Stroke: okay. And this? Listen, I just want to talk about Trap called treaty. A stroke to find six treaty stroke is a plug in That allows you to create three D shapes and lines inside of how perfect you can enemy two different lines and shapes alongside of your mosque and repeated out you could do a bunch of other staff with treaties. So hair, I'm in Africa. Let's rename this true pretty a stroke on if I drag treaty stroke. You see, there is nothing happened because we don't have anything to generate strokes alongside of that. So other first, lets see electorally and create a mask once you create a mask. Now go to a treaty stroke and stroke sick immensely. And now we have a stroke alongside of the part that we have created. We can adjust unmasking here, for example, and you see, that's completely organic and dynamic soap. And here we have thickness off our a stroke. We have feather nous off stroke, okay, And we have aimed and it started hand to create ah, animation. And we have offset like this and we have loop. Okay, we have look in one direction. So zero damn and taper we here we can control their pinkness in a star and in pined for If you just enabled this you see that it's now start have start Ignace and in tick nous Taper start And like this taper end if in shape and out sheep half dynamic and none Okay, wouldn't we just like this very nice victor scene So in transform weaken Just bend it out like this can control there transformation of this. And now if I quits me any meat this like this on and find access you're seeing And also we have you can just changed a position rotation like this. Um you see? And we have repeater weaken, just replicate and duplicate dese his strokes like this and we can we have capacity downing capacity on. Also, we have scale like this, and we have factor can displace 10 in different directions rotation for each one of them, Or maybe created on complex shapes like this. Boom. Okay, we have at wants topics and we have just changed the steps and quality of thes lines like this. I want your father cooler staff. We have camera. We can use Capcom camera or we can use. Ah, the treaty stroke camera itself we have. If I change, create a camera. See that Go to treaty stroke and juice Com camera. Now we have those lines like this. So in motion will weaken Adam Motion blur for it on com sitting, we can use the compensating for muscular Oregon on this for the motion. Blur off that through your stroke itself. Now we have, yes. A very cool, complex stroke. So and opacity confederal the overlap at capacity of your tree stroke. And also in here we have their transformation mode and blending mood in here with your layers. So just using them. Okay, that was from treaty stroke. It is a very cool plaguing. I used this planning a lot on my motion graphic products. So I hope you guys enjoy from this class that was a short overview to these plans that you have to know about him and that you have to know about him. So in the next glass, we will talk about the next blackens that every motion graphic arts should know about him. And don't forget to check out other Polly in motion classes on a scale share and check out a w w dot polygon notions dot com for tutorials and courses about are in motion graphics and visual effects. So my name is you to shade from Paladin Motion, and we will see next time.