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After Effect : Motion Graphic Elements Series 2

teacher avatar HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (3h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What are Motion Elements?

    • 3. Tips for creating motion design

    • 4. 01 Simple Burst with Stroke

    • 5. 02 Winks

    • 6. 03 Half Burst

    • 7. 04 Box Accent

    • 8. 05 Drop

    • 9. 06 Colorfull Lines

    • 10. 07 Cel Stroke

    • 11. 08 Cel Explosion

    • 12. 09 Crazy Line

    • 13. 10 Minimal Title

    • 14. 11 Strip Transition

    • 15. 12 Bendy Strip

    • 16. 13 Fancy Stroke Transition

    • 17. 14 Morph Transition

    • 18. 15 Bouncy Ball Transition

    • 19. Rigging and Creating Presets

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About This Class

Motion Graphic Elements are those add-ons and extra elements that playing a huge role for attracting the audience attentions and makes motion graphic elements so artistic and they looks so complex in first look. Nowadays we can find examples of Motion graphic elements in a lots of info graphics, animations , presentation and much more even we can find them on some Music videos .

Motion Graphic Elements are kind of Spices that makes a food Delicious and tasty so adding them on our Motion Graphic Scene will create a different look to out project .

In Series 2 of 15 Motion Graphic Elements with After Effect we will go in depth of Motion graphic itself and then we will create new Motion graphic elements like Bursts , Accent Explosions , Cel Animation Elements , Transition with Shapes , Drops , Lines Elements and much more that we didn't talk about them on our First Series of This course you can watch that course as well on Udemy to find out what was on the first series of this course .

We will start from Definition of Motion elements, why we have to use them? how to create them ? Creating Presets from them for ease of use , Rigging them with Controllers and scripts and we will create these elements :

  1. Simple Burst with Stroke 
  2. Winks 
  3. Half burst with Dashes 
  4. Box / Circle Accent 
  5. Drop 
  6. Minimal Title 
  7. Cel Explosion 
  8. Cel Strokes 
  9. Crazy Lines 
  10. Colorful Lines 
  11. Complex Shapes 
  12. Stroky Transition 
  13. Strips Transition 
  14. Bouncy Ball Transition 
  15. Morphing Transition 

We do not use any third party plugins expect in 2 elements we will create other elements with built-in tools of After Effect . The cool thing about this course is having project file that you can use it as a templates and along side of learning how to create them you will get an extra benefit of project file that you couldn't find them for free they are on different marketplace for $ 20 up to $ 35 so in this case :

Learning + Templates = For As little as $30 !!!!

If you are ready lets get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hey, guys, my name is it your sugar motion? Graphic and visual Pixar ist from Polygon Motion on Welcome to desk course. This is a brand new course following the first threes of motion Graphic element after, for course in series, two of you will create 15 advance motion graphic element from different types of elements like burst, different lines, element drops, element shape, transition, different transition like more freeing like bouncy transition and different our motion design element. At the first, we will talk about it. What are motion graphic elements and on what? Or the tips for creating at the re artistic and beautiful motion graphic element on at the last licence, we will talk about how to wreck these elements. How to create controllers how to explore has a priest and these other staff in this course . The cool thing about this course is that the side of learning how to create these kind of elements you can down with the project file for using these elements has a template on your motion Graphic scene. It means that you learning thes elements you can just down to project file and used them has a template on your motion graphic scenes. So this is going to be a complete on a very interesting motion graphic element. Course. If you're ready, let's dive into it. 2. What are Motion Elements?: okay, be for going on our actual projects and creating different motion graphic elements in discourse. Let's talk about what our motion graphic elements and why we have to use them on our project. Actually, there was no any Ah, watch Raciti was and there was no ah, any specific definition for motion Graphic elements bear in a simple way. We can see We can say it is Ah is a kind of Turk party elements. For example, you have abs perfect. You just install Attar party planning into air to increase its functionality to create great things that you can do inside of after effect. This This is an example that according to data, we can define motion graphic elements. Sorry. So motion graphic elements is a kind of around ST video. It makes your video so interesting, so attractive and also you can convey a feeling through motion Graphic elements are your scene. So for example, if you want to show audience that this box right here in this ah trailer from my 25 motion graphic elements pack on video hate the show audience That this box is is very hey via you can use motion graphic elements somewhere in these areas to show this feeling to conveyed his feeling to the audience. So that is the power of motion graphic elements. Onda We see ah, lots of ah, motion graphic elements examples on different videos, on commercials, on music videos as well. In these days, it's a kind of trained to use them. And also there are, um, different versions of motion elements. There are different types of them. There are acts, an explosion there are in rings mode er in cel animation. Traditional admission looks move on all of these things and you can called emotion graphic elements for almost all those things that add to a video to make this to make the video and more interesting and more attractive. So small elements on elements that makes our video attract if it's called motion graphic elements. So that is a very simple definition. You do need to define motion graphic element. Just gate the actual idea off. What is motion graphic is all about and what is on? What is it? Eso if you don't know if you are a new by motion designer, that is very, very cool to know about him before going in depth of them and be for creating them inside if after fix. So the other things that I want Teoh mention Ah, actually, I have say, actually, I have mentioned that on our trailer we don't use ah an inter party plans in the way off creating thes elements bad. We will use just a particle or track or album applying in here from trap Coach just for our to motion graphic columns that will create I will I will show you guys that the ways that you can create the for example, cel animation looks without using a trap Could particle or or when we use particle or it will makes our motion graphic element as so interesting and so powerful. So expect from two ah motion graphic elements that we've created this, um course ville All of other motion graphic elements will create wet there shape tools and shapes on dead built in tools off at a bath. Perfect. So that was from motion graphic elements definition And in here I have a very simple it's not simple. Ah, very next looking video for my template. You see, the deer is ah, lots of motion graphic elements in here. They're actually it's a pack that you can download. Also, it's not free. Bad you, Jay. You just be a very small man for that on view. Heave marketplace on in Vatel At that 15 motion graphic elements backed. You see a lot of emotional revenge elements like him. These are, um, Brassed like, there's this very simple burst that human seen this Ah, motion graphic elements in a lot of videos, As I think. Ah, specifically in infographics. So you see things you see particles, you see these elements and also ah, there is lines elements that that are very cool. And also did these Ah, Laurette Ertz that we can also call them as emotion graphic elements on you see that they're very, very nice. Look at this guy right here. It's very, very cool. I like this kind of motion a graphic elements and used I just used this elements, um, too much on my graphic emotion graphic product and you see that it's very cool. Yeah, when it's it's interacting here. These line drops are coming out from the inside of these elements and and on these tiny details shows our elements very complex to the audience and that is there the cool thing about motion graphic elements. These are all motion graphic elements with some kind of examples. And I hope you guys understand definition of motion graphic elements and what our motion graphic elements. I hope you understand this on in the next. Listen, I'll show you some tips. Small Phipps that you have to cancer before creating these kind of elements that will help you to create a very great emotion, horrific elements and divide. Confusing on these steps will be, ah, very easily for you guys on helps you to create a very great on artistic motion. Graphic elements in after perfect 3. Tips for creating motion design: But are those tips that we have to concert why we want to create motion graphic elements? Actually, there is not a huge list at her large list of tips that you have to come, sir, there's a very tiny detail that you have to cancer when you want to create motion graphic elements. So that is, that are very, very important. The first thing about emotion, graphic elements that they are very, very fast. Not too much fast just in maybe in an to 10 from our 20 for him. No, you're just in a bar one second between one and two seconds. If you go lot longer to from two second from here has I think, according to my experience, the motion graphic elements will no longer be very interesting to the audience. So if you want to create a very great motion, graphic elements very nice, that that looks very complex and attractive eyes of audience. You have to go for one bit between one and two. Second off, off, off simple and complex animation for your motion graphic elements. So that is tips number one. You have to go for one between two. Ah, second, no longer from two seconds, it will be very good. The next thing is to use some bright and on something attractive collars on your motion. Graphic elements don't use dark color. Don't use what try. Say, don't use very hesitated colors. Very, very. Ah, an attractive collars or something like that. Just used for brighter colleagues. Colors like yellow in here. You see, when I go in these areas like this, all range like this, um, at blue. And here are it doesn't mean that you don't have to use some some dark colors at all. Some expections. In some expections cases, you can use it, but try to use bright colors at all when you face with. Ah, some some kind of interesting project like infographic you have to go for and brighter caller like that. So Okay, that was from tips number two. The other tips that you have to Ah, cancer is ah, you have to combine different elements with each other to create a complex motion Graphic elements. For example, this ah burst right here half half burst is meet up from tree elements. The 1st 1 the 2nd 1 on the turtle on. Actually, I forgot to mention this element, but it's not unique from this. They're the same weaken. Ah, cancer. It has have one element, so these are made of from pre elements. We just combine these elements to look to create a very complex look to these elements. These are very simple elements. If if you just analyze them, it's a ring. It's a stroke twist robes with these boards, but they are looking a little bit complex. Um, then they are than than the actual shaves and the actual thing that they are there looking so complex and also and how you see that some of them they were looking very interesting like this. Ah, I go in here, you see that they are very cool and they are made up off different elements that we can makes it with each other to achieve a very good looking results. So that was from very basic and small Phipps that you have to cancer before a start. Working on your motion graphical library motion graphic elements. So in the mix Listen, we will start from ah, Every basic simple burst will create that using shape tools inside of a terrific on. Then we will go for advanced motion graphic elements that makes your seen very, very interesting 4. 01 Simple Burst with Stroke: okay in this. Listen, we want to create a very simple burst using sheep tools in aftereffect vet out using any third party appliance at all. So we want to create this kind of elements. Very, very nice element in here. Simple Burst with some rings and strokes in here that you can simply skillet down. Put it in somewhere. If you're seen on, watch their effect like this. So that is very cool. Led to starve Orc on it green name composition and type this of our first elements Simple burst. I want to go for HD TV 10. 80 p and also from raid off 30 frame per second. Andi, maybe to second s girl. So now we have a composition. Let's just or by creating Ah, a new shape. So if you are new to our profit, I high recommend you to check out My I had over command you to check out my to come the complete motion graphic course without perfect There was a lot of things going on A bottom Ah, after fig basics off aftereffect basics, off shaped tools and these other staff that really helps you to fall along with this course so don't forget to check out that so in hand. Just liked direct Ingle. Tool on. We don't want strokes. Just put this in zero. And And Phil put this on and changed the color to white. Okay, Now drag a very simple rectangle. Inhe amoebi. Tiny like this. So we want to make these and these starburst shapes. And once you create that, just choose this and maybe changed. Uncle Point Data Center. I also go to window. Maybe I need my alignment to put it in the central Now. It's good. So I want just a total down the shape and go to rectangle and delete the stroke. I don't want to see some of the extra parameters that we do need in rectal path and in transform, we will fix some of the things in him. So let me zoom in on for this. I just want around these car enrages. So for this I want to change around this to maybe something like this. Yeah, very nice. And also maybe I put this in here. Sorry. You have slick this. Ah, put this And he has something in car because I want to change the Connor pine of it. Yes. Using these position, keep in mind that disposition hair right here in rectangle part on the position off transform in the general group off this rectangle is completely different. When you change disposition, it change the ah actual shape without changing the anchor pine and without affecting to the overall group position like this. For example, if I change this, you see that the position values your is tacked on didn't change. But my shape position is ah changed into different ways without changing their actual valleys and video changing their ankle pints. So that is what we need because in the next process that we will add a repeated for it. It will help, has a lot to create that kind of around this sheep. So just chained is into this amount to create a very nice yeah, that a school. So now once you change that, I want to change the overall ankle pine of it to the center very nice and also go to continent in transform just ah kee for him. This a skill not this size. We will create a key frame it for it later on. But I want to start with the skill. So we want this to be in zero on, then start from zero, then go to go for 100. Maybe so let's keep for me this Put this in zero and in your very first different in hand. Ah, frame. Sorry. Just create a key frame for scale and go. Maybe somewhere in your timeline we will fix it. Little Ron, the position of key frames and put this in hundreds. Very nice. Now if I flee this, that is very, very awful. That's not cool. We'll fix that at the first thing. The first thing that I want to do is select these key frames and change them too easy East . So why easy is because we warned a very smooth a transition for these key frames as smooth interplay shin. So now if I play this, you see that damn animation it's change and it's very Ah, smooth. It has a very, um, smooth start and ah, smooth end as well. So that a school the other things that I want to do is ah, go to wreck tingle in size. We have the size of our actual shape in here. So when I change. Let me off this when I change the size of it. You see that this overall size ah is changing proportionally. So I don't want that. I just want to break this constant train proportions. And now when I change this exposition, you see that I just, um, changing the value off the by. Ah, position scale. Sorry. Why in here on this from X, we don't need this one. We just want to keep from this hour. So the first normal more will be a very high more in these size. Ah, we want this to be very high like this. And we want to keep from this and could go to this disc e for him and simply put this 20 Now, if I play this, let me create the changes to Eazy e's. If I play this, you see a very nice ah disappearing effect for this when it it's company here. Ah, what zoo? In skilled app, it's simply, um goes off from the screen and disappear. And that's very cool. That's what we want. Motion graphic elements. Doesn't a stack to the ah seen to the overall scene. They are coming very fast and they are disappearing and goes off from screen Very fastly. So I just want to officer these key for him somewhere in these areas. Maybe I am the first key frame. Make this eligible longer to create a very nice look. Very good. So now let me go to this scale on changes to edit in a speed draft to make a little bit interesting. Dissemination, We want to just talk very, very fastly and goes off very slowly that a school Bagnall to match me, me, me just free like this and go for this size and made this also like that Simply drag this and change. Sorry. You have to drug him all and change like this. You see that when I change this value, nothing is chained because we have to parliament or hear from X and y. And when I changed one of them, it's from another one. Ah, I just simply ah select all of them and change. So now when I play this, you see very, very nice animation. It's stopped very, very fastly and ends various mood. That is what we want. Actually, So our animation is finished now, how can we create, Ah, star looking and around working looking It's or burst, um, elements. That is very, very easy. Just a total of thes on goto our ship tool and in repeater are every Peter effect Or once you add, you see that these lines are created in here. We don't want this kind of lines to see. Just go to repeal parameters and change the copies to maybe something like eight. We will change it later because I'm not sure this is dry. Ah, I'm not sure about this value. Maybe we'll change it. Go to transform and what this transformed as it just changed Repeated shape at transformation like position scale invitation. So I just want to a chain disposition to zero. Now all of them Czar collapsed into at the original size Original position off this Ah, first element on. Simply go to rotation and change this like this. Now you see that they are very, very nicely created. Ah, alongside off dis anchor point This just repeating this in an angle and creed A very nice looking round shape. So simply just find a very good volley to this. Maybe in here also a little bit a copy to this. Anything too scared. Ah, very, very nice. So now you see that all of them are just Ah, procedurally. Copy the actual animation off our first, um, element that we have there just repeated out there was no any difference in changing into that. So once you change one to create the repeater. Now put this to a very nice position in the screen and also maybe scale it down. All of them. Amy being good to a distress form. Just a skillet down flight to bed. Very, very nice. So the next thing that I want to do our ever breast a burst this finished. The next thing that I want to do is create other nice stroke in here. So for nice for our stroke, let me ah, just change the name of this too. First. Also, I want to type Vest are first. And so now Creed a nice stroking here, but this stroke in 20 and fell off Put it in hand. Um, try to match them like this. And me. We need a little more. Very nice on. They are created into different shapes. Bad simply just control X style and go to content and pace in here because we want them to be in one single ah layer to fight over overwhelming it on also confusing while we working So in Go to l Apps and GE Edley def. Ill and immense stroke. Let's so with transform and food. And I just want to ah, animate the scale Put this to zero and Gu Chuan going here and this for him an anti meet this Maybe that's very cool and changed is too easy Ease Very cool, Bad. Not so called you will fix that, create this kind of things and also maybe put this in him a little bit very cool. So now the next and the next thing that I want to do is go to a stroke and Annie made the stroke with because we want that this rang to be very thick and it will just change her its appeal nous over the time. So we want from we want to go from this value. Very look very thinner. Just disappear This 20 And now the fight. Let me changes to Eazy e's on now. If I change this, you see very, very nice looking elements and there's nicer it in this one also. So let me put this into ah center office and also changed al apps. Color not helps the rain color to something like Yeah, low to attract it. Audience attention. Now we have or elements very, very nicely created inside of after effect. What I was using any other, um, wagons without China using any of things, we just creative with their simple shape the rules in after for so ah, weaken, please. A tow Any Vieira for ah project. We can just take a render out from this or you can use it. Ah has appreciate that we'll talk about it in our last lessons in this course about how to create a preset from thes elements to just share this preset with your frames with, or maybe Sylvie's elements without saving them into individual projects. That was from our very simple burst in after effects. In the next listen, we'll create different types of our motion graphic elements 5. 02 Winks: Okay. In our second listen, we want to create a very nice Vink motion graphic elements like this. You see, a very simple and also nice looking Vance elements in him just nicely create which shape tools in our perfect. So let's create that. Create a new composition. Name it two and banks. Okay. Simply to fight time consuming. I just want to go our to ever simple burst on. We've just created thes elements simply. I copied this burst control. See on Goto winks control, create a new Elia, maybe create a new sheep, Leah, and paste it. Now we have those shapes already in our sheep. Leah, in here, you can just simply create this from scratch as you have seen into Ah, First listen back so we don't want to do bad things that because we have just already talked about that we think this and we will a modify some of the ah perimeters and change some of them and combine does and at some elements to create that kind of wink. So let's start. Let's get started. Go to Shipley on good a continent in burst, simply go to repeat her. And the first thing I want to do is change dis copies, too. Tree yes. Or maybe four. Yeah, on change. Irritation like this. Maybe very nice. Alyssa. Good to transform Burst. It's it's for it was from our repeated back. This was about this is from our actual elms and change irritation in here somewhere in here , like this else changed a position to this position. So now we have a very nice one. Site winks at a school. You can also use that battle. We want to just kind of dip, like eat this, shapes into this side and change the orientation off that change the orientation of that. Okay, something like reflect our or measuring that into this side. So for this, I'm just ah choosing the continent on our another repeater. So what this repeated as when you're repeater is outside of your actual group? It's just a kind of creating repeated sheep from the overall off. The group's what you have inside of the groups. All of them will affect it. Ah, from disreputable on. When you put this repeated were inside of that group that that repeater will affect just on Lee on this selected shape. So now we have a repeater. It's affected to our previous repeater has well in repeater. I just want to changes to To On in transform. I just want changes to this interpretation on change the position, maybe. Okay, something like Dad. And also it's like this and put them into the center of the screen. Very nice. And now you see that? So we have a very simple things in hand. Will fix that. Very cool. So I want to fix that. Just fix them out like this. Okay, That is fixed now and change this to you. Now that is very, very simple. And we just created a very simple winks. Now I want to add some extra elements to that. For example, some small dots in here at the end of thes a stroke. So how can we carry that? We can create the most kind of things very simply and very easily. So let me just create a new car group for them group and put them into one group. So our first group as dead actual winks and also I just ah, want to dip lick eight control the this group and goto winks now in burst I want to change then out simply off this. Maybe around this. And also change d sizes to very, very small to create a docked ship looking So maybe just lead the key friend like this. So well on the constant proportional. And now on reaching that, all of them are changed. So now maybe just let me find a ruling san offset them out like this to just putting that them at the end of her elements. Okay, Our elements are circle, as are very bake. Just put them like this. And now you see that they're making a huge difference to our emotion. Graphic elements in here and drinks. Very cool. So que make it quick. Ephrem for size on just sized him down to disappear on changes two ese Eze. Now we have them. Very cool. Why don't we have a little bit jump in here? So we want them to be from start from zero. Very cool on So from zero then. So very good. We have a tippit of jampp in here. They will change him. Very cool bod. We want them through a store here. Just try to find a based match for them maybe very nice. Cool. So that waas from our winks, that is very, very simple elements that makes a huge difference when you use this element on your motion . Graphic scene. So in the mix listen, we will create and hauled burst most a graphic elements using shape tools. 6. 03 Half Burst: so in this Listen, we will create a very nice health burst. Um, strokes like this. An outfit. You see? A very nice ah strokes with yellow color and also white colors. And also we will cease. Um, just dashed lines in here and also some faded watch. I see a faded a duplicate duplicate off these burst in here, these districts, actually. So let's create this Korean new composition and put this the name of it to halt burst. And now this first thing that I want to do is create any rate Ingle with a stroke, maybe in this value. So just drag this out, put it into the center, make it a little bit larger. Very nice. We have our simple shape, go to hell apps and lead to fill and also add a term path. So what, Tim Pat, that's it. Just cramming down. Start an ending. Pine. If your stroke like this if I change his store start you see that we can simply have access to different kind of starring in aiming pine of this stroke. So what do has you guessed? Probably he we just change. Put this into disposition to create in health rectangle like this and you see that we've just cut it out. Onda, we just offered this into this direction. Not that because it just probably creating ever put this in half. Now we have a very simple health of their circle. Simply we have to start any meeting, go to transform. And we have to ah, creed key frames to the skill and put this to zero. And in here make this 100th very nice. Oh my God, not 100. It's fun, Very good And changes to Eazy e's Now if I play this it is not so good, you know, Just go to graph editor and create a little bit Give it this alleged spicy to look so look and so complex on the other thing is just go to a stroke and handle apps. Onda create key frame for this stroke with maybe problem maybe just changed. Liar increase at the valley and go to this area. Um put them. But this 20 Very good. Not too bad. Just disease on Very cool. So just put this in here and also make this faster, stronger, slower ending Not too bad me We put this in here to create an office. Nous Very cool. Oh, my God. Discreet issue. Yeah, that is cool. That is not bad. And also maybe increased it size of it. Oh, my God. I have to just put this into this key frame. Now watch this. Very cool. So in our example, you see that these are in into bad cops and you're not Smooth it out on their Not like a around in this stroke weaken. Fix it. And we can create that kind of looks to create a very fancy looking a stroke animation like that very easily. So if I change this on may be very nice. So in a stroke, if I go to line cab and change the boat cop bad cop to round cap. Now you see that we have a very fancy and looking ah burst like this. You can also go for project gaffe. And also, I think, Ah, round cap is good. Just go for this to make a little difference in here. So that a school it is from our first ellipse. And let me just put this the name of this too yellow. First Andi depleted this control D go to a stroke and change the color to wife and also changed it. Opacity. Mimi just offered this this and also this Let me go to scale and scale it down a little bit . Very cool. So and go to up capacity and just lower down the opacity like this. Very nice. I think so. The tip. It also simply offered it very cool. So we have other first health burst and what I want to do in here. Just dip lick eight. Maybe just change the size of it and put it in one side of the screen. Maybe in hand. Very cool. And simply we can also Ah, creed this in side of one single element on You can also triplicate this and simply just go to skill and minus 68 like this and just change the position and also skillet down a little bit. Andi, just go to element and continent and change these colors. Very cool. You have them all out. And now we have two different elements that we've combined with each other. So and I mentioned you can also change, create ah, and duplicate these, um, elements inside of one single element. If you want, But you can also deploy Kate them into the into a single on individual layer. Okay, Our burst are created, but I want to add some lines as we mentioned here, some some dash line that is very simple. Simply go to your full shape. Ah, and implicate this and also changed scale of it. Let the bear and also go to a stroke and maybe is bleats are not No, no, we don't want to delete in stroked and very, very tiny And also in dash Just click on add ash Maybe changes. And also now we have that kind of look Very interesting. Simply I just want to copy this and hat on, paste it in the very cool and let me go to yellow tree. I also go to transform and change the scale of it to be very tiny. Okay, just change the scale of it since sir, you see that? Okay, that was from other health. First element. Let's rename this whole burst one and health boost to that is eligible. Different and fancy yacht is and in our example, in here. But I just find ah, this one Very good. So in the next listen, we will create a very nice box accent using shaped tool 7. 04 Box Accent: okay in this. Listen, we want to create a very nice and simple box birds to actually, you can use any shape and state of this box bad. In our example, we have a box shape. So let's take a look. What we gonna create in this lesson? So you see a very nice ah box boxes that actually disappears like this. It's very simple. Bad needs a little bit alloted tips to consider while you creating this kind of things. And I will show you have to replace the shape of the element without losing your setting in the shape, effort doors and then in shape, Parliament. Or so for this, let's create a new composition as always, uh, four, maybe box first and all the things set up, just click. OK, so has you might gas that we have to create a Sorry I have to go. In example, we have to create a box first on. Then we we have to add a stroke and an animation and other stuff. So and here I want to create a box on infill. I don't want Phil because we don't need fell and we just want toe are somewhere strokes on for a strong Maybe this skirt and just drag it out like this skewer score. It's not a actually in, ah particle away. If you say that it's a skewer like this on, that is very good. We need to just make that a stroke a little better. Think up. So that is very good. And let's rename this Have a burst element in a rectangle at least just No, I'm sorry. A scorer on lead to fill in him because we don't need that. And also in here we see that in here. You see that we have Rick Ingle path that we can adjust different perimeters off that Ah rectangle on you see that weaken? Ah, just higher. There could just make around is very high value, high value nitty it's changed there they overlook off them the box. And we can also just create around it ages box skewering here also. So at the first I want to just put this in zero. That's your and also we you see that we have position and just some scale in hand. So I want to ah, just create on a scale from here from the actual tingle paramount or so create a key for him and put this in C zero. Once you put into your own, just go. Maybe in the one second, uh, dragon higher, You mean in this size and also very good. So is not looking so good because we have to make it easy, e's and also go to a stroke on and would be down this a little bit like this. And also treaty keeping for a stroke with We want to just we want this. Ask your to, um, start from very, very thick strokes than just going to a thinner stroke and then disappear in a stroke. Wait, we have to just we have to create a key frame. And in here we have to make this is your Oh, very nice. But there was still a little bit things that we have to concert, so make it easy. Ease. And now let's play this. It's school. Not bad. Also, me being just go to transform. And also that's a mortician. Because an example, you have seen that we have some rotation for it. Very nice as much as you. Ah, create different ah animation. Different key friends for different properties off this shape or every shape for your motion elements like position like scale are another effect it makes. And it makes your emotion element that looks very complex to the audience. And that is very, very cool. So, hey, I just add a rotation properties and now very good. Battisti lead a little bit off set tapping finals for maybe let's create a little bit off a scale. Keep him in the overall group to just make it random like this. Very nice. And let me stall with a stroke with on just like this, stroke with and go to graph editor and in graphic it or make sure that you have you are a speak craft motivated to speak craft on. Just put it this in the sign and very good. We have to just repeat this action for our Iraqi friends, especially in here. But this guy oh, so very good. I also just repeat this to irritation in the rotation to just create and preserved our our money in animation. Very good. Sorry. I have to just repeat this in this is scale. Also, it is good, but it's to you. We have some something that just look, just make at this motion. Elements looks so crispy. Very good. But we need to split it in this side. Very good. Now it's looking so girl so nice. Okay, we have our first sq on Dweik. Unjust dip Lick eight at this into different layers. We can do it. It's it's working Fine, but it is not procedural because of that. We want to use a very nice F victor that we'll have used that in our previous elements called repeater and just a repeater in here. And we need three copy. And also good to transform. Offer a Peter on just officer this in these areas and make sure just but this in hand on creed, different rotation and also a little bit in a scale. Very good. So let me check out our example. Yeah, We have a very an ice in capacity in here. Do you see that? That is very cool. Just me. Put this into center. Yeah, give a little bit. Very nice. Let me check this. Okay. You have to change this. Very nice. So I'll also lets me change this a little bit. Yeah, that's cool. So nice. I was playing with these values because we have to find a very nice look to. Yes, very good. Very nice. So So now we have our very nice motion elements like this, and we can simply change the shape of it. For example, if we want a circle shape, we could just simply, um, change the value of around this Or maybe around each, um, circle s cures. And we can also change it to be an excuse like this. Also, if you want out of shapes, can also do that just by putting your shape and hand Copy that and put this in hand on out of key for him, for size that all the other things is Ah, then all the other things or sit up. So that is from our very nice and simple motion graphic element. You can use it for anything for for just putting on your scene on by by introducing some new objects on your scene. For example, fix and these other staff that will make your seen very nice and very interesting. So and the next listen, we want to create a drop motion elements how to create a drops off Waller, and the next lesson will be a little bit trickier. It's It will be very simple bad. It needs alittle bit concentration on different perimeters and combining them with each other to get our final result. 8. 05 Drop: okay in this. Listen, let's create this kind of motion graphic elements that we call it drops, You see a very nice ah, drop that comes in on Just go in here on the disappear and an accent burst is coming out. So that is very nice. And also not too much complex. It's very simple. So let's go. Even in composition and name, it drops and click. Ok, Okay. I'm just a touring with a new shape on for this shape. We don't need a stroke. We need fell. Very nice, son. Just ah, store with a very nice on draft draft. A trip like this. I'm not good at rowing bad. I'm just trying to find, um Now we just create that and let's tweak it a little bit. Very nice. Now, you see that we create on achieved that kind of look, they're here. You delete this also because and victor shape are in any shape that you want to aggregate, they're less Ah, vertex that you have the more, uh, good looking cheap you gate. And that is very cool. You have to concert while you're working on any, um, off the software's like photo shop our illustrator with these words exposure. So let me just go in here and shoes of a pattern. Leaders stroke. We don't need that on. Zoom in a little bit. Maybe just greet the lice. I think that it's cool. Yeah, that is nice on. And we just created the Maybe it's a little bit longer on, so that is very nice. We have a very simple sheep off drops. So ah, in our example, we see that that it's coming from this side, but inhale. It's created in this side and just want to create that. And once you create this, just name it brought. Also put the anchor point in here and now let's add of some key friends to the position we can create this by this position off the shape. Also bad. I want to create on an enemy's Ah, this Leah with this transformations with the vault transformation off. Liar. Why? Because when you create this keeping for disposition in the world and the world parameters , it will create a very nice trajectory in lines and path off animation. You can adjust on, um, create a very curving animation for this. Let me show you what? I mean? That'll just create a new key friend for position and going in this me being this frame on , drag it out like this. And you see that? Well, as long as I just moved this drop in hazy outline this just line called emotion path And also we can call it trajectories or anything else, but it's anathema. Could simply emotion path on weaken. Just start by just but this Sorry, You have to just this kind of animation. Now, watch this. We could just slick this like the normal pot on a weekend adjusted very nicely on our information will be now vory softer and very small. You like this? Very good. So maybe put this in here. So very nice. Good. So now just make all of them Eazy e's. Just expect this one on. We want to change this like that on hold control and click and double click. Now you see that we have holding key for him that when it's coming here, it doesn't stop anything to to to just ah can veda accountable to other a key frame. We're just going very smoothly on passing very small. Only without any pausing and stopping or anything else. So now let's, um, create a rotation. Key frames just create tradition here on greater make a key from in here when it's coming here. Just oriented like this, uh, and had just going through a long side of the pot. Now you see that you have a very nice a drop in here, and we will fix that. Very good. And now let's it's not looking so cured battle. You'll fix that. Try to make this very faster. Nice. Not too bad. So I'm just rolling with the scale of it. Or maybe just go to path and in part what I'm going to do in here just simply create a key for him and put the key from in hand. Very good. And just it's squeezing them into one find because we have because we just couldn't get the key from in here. It will probably just change the shape of it to our to this shape, to this from the spine to the actual shape off the drop, and that is very cool. And it will create a very great animation for has so just trying to just put them into one find, Because we want this dropped to command from that point. And just like this, we will fix that. And very good. So and also do is, uh, also go to the first key for him on select one off Pathan here, for example. Despite I just go to layer and mask and she path and click on set first. Vertex on what set for first Vertex Daz is just It's toward the overall animation. Ah, from that 0.85 selected and said the first mask part from from that for that on that point will come out first. Then the other points in your mask on it will create a randomness for the an overall animation. Now, let's make this easy. Easy. Very good. So we just we create the in and we just need to make out of it. Also create a key for him, Man, in this key frame, just put all of those a back to one point. So just like this. Very nice. Make him in tow. One sing a lot. Very nice bar. We need to sit first. Vertex Mosque. Maybe this my scan but this intercept first orthotics, or maybe just put this in hand on late this. Copy this on copy paste in these areas also, maybe the lead these Kif rims and create another one Very nice. And you have to just play with these valleys to achieve the look that you want. Sometimes you're getting Vorster and confusing in some cases for me. Actually, we have to just find a very nice looking for them. Very cool. And then in here we can also Ah, any meat, the overall a scale of it to read and zero Very nice on. Let's play this. It's not too bad about in hand. We have, uh, uh, jump. Actually, let's drag him on, slick them, go to Raff editor. And you see that? And here we just create very nice looking That's so that it's not looking to Good. Let's just put this into normal, ese Eze on to go to graph editor. Uh, no. Maybe the other key friend on make this like that make just changing some parameters. It's not looking so good. Bye. We will fix that. Just Izzy's again to President. Um, I just figure out and find some solution for this for that crispy animation, which has changed. I just change the overall type of thes key frames to ah normal Lanier key frame because in here we don't need some smooth animation. We want very fast animation to just change this without is talking and pausing in that looks very nice, so in hand, when it's come at this point at this frame, we want to enemy this with this key frames and put them and had to disappear That Elsa maybe does go in here and create a the friend looking twit. The kind of organic meat things and creating these kind of elements are taking a little bit of time to just find a way in solution for that. Very nice. So now if I play this very good, so we have that on our drops Finished on. We need a very nice ah accent explosion off ring. We don't need fell. I just need some strokes and put this in hand. Maybe change Uncle Pine and go to l IPs lead to fill on. Let's pull apt. It scale on for a skill just But this is zero. Uh, just like that. Very good. So a Z e's and also go to raff editor on Simply Change It. Go to a stroke with and instruct Quit. Just I think this Ciro very good. So he's he he's and put this and to this side very good. You see that? Very nice element. You can tweak it a little bit animation and overall, the look of the ah, this this drops. And also one thing that I forgot that we can add some vehicle nous to this shape. If I goto continent on may be at a legal pad because we can add some V illness too. And also, if I go to smooth, you see some smooth, uh, just changing the size off it and details to look more like liquid. And also you can animated like this, and it's already any meeting. But you can just change there legal and sickened on phase of it. That will make very nice looking for your element. So that is very cool on we have done it. So okay, in the next listen, we'll create a very nice colorful lines that will be very artistic and very beautiful. 9. 06 Colorfull Lines: okay in this. Listen that we want to create a very nice, colorful lines emotion element like this using shape tools. Let's take a look. You see, a very nice ah lines lines in here with different colors And what Ah, a little bit offsetting them. We can achieve very nice motion elements like this. So let's create a new composition and aim this colorful lines. And I'm storing with a circle shape. Oh, sorry. Circle shape. We don't need Phil. We just need a stroke on drag it like this. Put it in the center. So in ellipse lead to fill and ah, let me add some trim path. Okay, on in a stroke. Let's change the color of it to maybe like blue and also in line cap changes to round cap, as I've, as I mentioned in the earlier lessons, that you can change the cap of fuel line with different cats around, but and these other stuff. So let's go to term pad on. We can now change their a storing and ending pine off our line, so we have to create animation for this and for grieving animation I want to stall with and and store. Yeah, So just put this in 100 go in here on Make this zero. So now we have a very coarse p animation. We don't want that. Just YouTube, Eazy e's and good graph a detour. He would like this to have very nicer, faster storing. Very good. So now let's animate the in pine because we want this to disappear. Very good. Now you see very nice lying like this so that a school battle needs a little bit weak. Make this easy. Easy on also. Now let's track this into different direction. You in here Very nice. So good. So it's putting like that or maybe Assam offset. Also for this you run them look on so good. So we have that. Maybe a little bit faster. Very good. And also offset. Just tweak it a little bit. No, and it's not good. Let's put it in. Decide. Cool. Not bad. So we have our initial ah lines. Now let's go to stroke and just make delectable Tene. And also maybe tweet this a little bit. Oh, so this and also maybe change this very nice. Okay, maybe just leadoff said we don't need that very good. So now we have our initial set up at a school. We can duplicate it, just control the this on change the color of it to something like this color and also transform and skill it down a little bit. Very good. On also what I'm going to do in hand, go to term pad on offset There key frames. So, like this. And do it for all of those lines that B will hide and hair just changes and like this and simply create. And also maybe just adding some rotation. Right. Very cool. So just duplicate another one on maybe some color off white movie. And how we don't want to offset Teoh Ah, key a key friends just make some rotation tit. Oh, so doesn't have to be so perfect. Kind of. Let me find nice place in half of this. Very cool on. Now we have it, But let's lead this. I think we have to do it with offsetting. It will be good, good to turn bad. And with offsetting it will be so nicer than anything else. What a stroke! And it's too. They on also does farm skillet down. Very cool. So let me. But this in here. Now let's play this. You see that? That is very, very nice. And also Mary. Very cool. So you can add a different our elements, different other duplication in half for your elements. And just tweak this to find a very nice match and take a very good result for it. Okay, That was from this motion elements in the next. Listen, we want to create ah, sell a stroke animation. We want to create an a stroke using track or treaty stroke you can download at in the trial version of it. Ah, from Red joined. And also, once you install that, we will create a very nice of strokes that looked like traditional animation on gonna hand . We can call it a cel animation. 10. 07 Cel Stroke: okay, in this listener, we want to create this type of traditional look lines like this. You see, a very nice a stroke stat. Looks like traditional and sell Ah, animation that will makes our seen very interesting. So we want to create this. Await Ah, creedy stroke Play gin in here from track. With that, you can download a free trial to TIA days off this plaque gins, especially in three d stroke that we will use it in this lesson from red giant dot com. So you just go to simply go to a giant and Dallas trial version of treaty stroke and install it on Ah, you're after. If it's so, let's greet any composition on and just cell lines. And also I have to mention that you can create ah, the other types of these strokes with the shape tools. Also bad. It is good to create with Tweety stroke because three stroke has a lots of future. For example, you can easily tip or down and tipper settings and parameters, just including tweedy stroke that you can simply any animated and simply changed a size of it. So let's and you, um, maybe I'm just starting with any solid because treaty stroll Just used a solid for ah mosque to generalise rock on simply drac These kinds of mosques in here, A spiral shape. Uh, just like this. Maybe it's good. So now let's tweak this A little bid Looking so good. Very good on a Let me just put this in here. Very good. A soul. It's this simple one. Yeah, very nice. Now we have our mosque and simply just a slight. You're solid on drag the treaty stroke on it. Once you drag, you see, these lines are generated alongside of your mask. So weaken Just figure out there was a lot of PIRA mentors. I don't want to go in depth of all of them, but we want to use the's at tippers and also these techniques and tickets. You can just simply change a thickness off it like this. And we want this kind of thickness and also in a starring and pine you could just simply animated. I want to animate it. I want to animate this from with in pine on maybe in here and change is 200. Now. If I play this, you see that we have, but it's not cool Will fix the Hatton Ese Eze on also like this. Okay, on now we want toe Any meat starring Fine. Also to just disappear, miss Any mission? Very nice. So now press you wanna keep or to tuggle down Teoh key friends. And that's not so cool because it's very, very fast And maybe just reach week this so we'll fix some of the issues with that later on . And now let's go to Taper and enable Taper wants you enable paper You see that your strokes now tapered in some pints like that, that will create a very nice look to the overall lines. And you see that once I on the paper, the overall look off this strokes are just simply change on that is very interesting. You can simply change some of the parameters. And here on the strokes, maybe, and like this and store shape. So we have a very nice one here on the movie. That's also good, but we don't want that very nice. That is so cool. Now we have our strokes, the thing and tips to create that kind of looking animation. I mean, the sale animation is by adding some African how I want to use roughen age rough and he just create this kind of look for your, ah, Leah to just looking so ah, traditional animation like traditional animation, and that is very nice. And here you see some binds. And if I change barters like this and also fractal a skill, there's lots of options for that also. Now you see that Let's change some of the promises para motorists and also Scharping out, scale it a little bit. Aunt find some perfect match complexity. Maybe his better. No. Yes, we have it. Let's change the treaty stroke color to make me this color and also dip. Locate this control D, um, to simply changed the color to the scholar. And also, let's tweak bleak. There's let's tweak a little bit. Overall, it's at some thickness to it. We've been very nice looking to it on also what's also once you do that duplicate, and I want make this a little bit lighter and offered it after that on Difficult. Another one officer dad kind of and change the scale of it a little bit. I also add some drop shadow to create to tune, Look for it. Drop shadow and with the color and Nia on distance maybe. And just it's kind of look on Very nice. So now we have that very nice. So we just create a very nice stroke Transitions like this on may be she and some of the parameters. Hey, uh, like skill on Deasy's staff. So select all of them and creating no object parent, all of them to a no object. And skill it up. You see that we have a very nice looking transition. You can use it a za transition. You can use it as a elements to change the scenes or anything else. So that is from this. Listen, in the next listen, we want to create minimal title and minimal tile with some fix animation that you can add it to your text and use as a lower TERT or use as a play. Title plates are anything else like that that will make your emotion graphic scene unseen. So better 11. 08 Cel Explosion: okay. In this listen, we will create a very nice cel animation look explosion. Very long name, but it looks very beautiful. Let's take a look. You see, Ah, an explosion that is very artistic. And it's looked like cel animation like traditional animation on you see, fire or smokes and very nice. And I have seen this kind of explosion in this kind of symbol week things and sell animation looks in a lots of motion graphic elements. So I decide to, uh, put that in our lesson, this course as well. So for this Ah, we use particle er up lagging by red drying track. Let's wait. And you seen him on, like three D stroke. You can download the trial version Christie diversion from red giant dot com. And you can just experiment in some of the things and, ah, do your exercise from discourse. And if you want that if you want to purchase that gun, simply purchase data with if you're a student. There were there will be a very you just can for you on you could just quit amazing things for particle or so Let's get a story. New composition and our eight eight, uh, elements. So sell. Explosion. All right, so let me just, uh, close. Some of them occurs. I want to make a little bit of room for me, so analysis, girl, create any solid control by Andi. If you're on a Mac, I supposed to just option, so name it. Particle. Okay, so now simply direct the particle er to our solid. And once you drag, you see if I slide ah, to the timeline. You see a very nice, um, initial animation. So I forgot to go to composition sitting to make a little bit longer. This explosion, maybe we need a little bit longer time. Every tree are It's good. We will fix that later on after we that you've ever results. So it was a lot of parameters. There's a, um, different parameters for controlling different types off. Ah, things on the sparkler, for example, size of theirs, physiques and velocity and these other stuff. So I don't want to go in dipped of that because because it takes a lot of time and we just go to some partners that we need for creating that kind of explosion. So the first thing that I want to do is just raise up. Rise after particle er amount on you See that we have a large amount of particle. So let me just put this in final quality to see the final quality on what I'm going to do in him. You just create a key frame and go in these areas and protest to zero. So now we have a kind of explosion. Look, just start. Very very. Ah, What Rizzi? It started from a huge amount of particles in here on just goes If I changed us to meet me in hand Very nice. So good. Let's me. It's a little bit slower. Very good. So the next thing that I we want to do is just change these velocity and also meet this size. And now you see that it's way more, but we need that. So at a school, the next thing that I want to do is go to particle and particle or just rise up to this size on for a particle of time. I want to go for it's bright to go to Mr Lake, raise up to size and fitness to zero. Now you see that we just kind of gait dot resolved bar. It needs a lot Sof working very good. So good. So nice and opacity elect me and good capacity in and just dropped down, menial or maybe opacity over life and just give make a little bit room. And in pre suggests simply it's like this one to slide and or maybe just do it for sighs first, because sighs over life and, yes, very good. So we have that. It's a little bit longer and maybe in each more particles very good. And also just make this a little bit bigger. Very nice. So now And what should I do in? So now the first thing that I want to do is to go to physic Andi in air Erez Istante resistance A little bid make you see that? Now if I rise up velocity Very nice. You see that just talking here on then let the better better we flicks it very nice, so and scared. And also we need randomness in our life. Life of particle. Very good. It's a little bed faster, I think. Let's see Very good. That's what this Maybe a lot of Mimi's skin. Yeah, And also let's to it for randomness and distribution. No, fin. A little bit. Yes. Also. Now go to color and color random. Maybe we just random from gradient. Or maybe over life his bitter and increase it. Let's school for, um color like this for our smoke. Maybe just very nice. So our ah smokers created, but it needs a little bit work. Well, it is cool. Andi also maybe lost it. Just put a little bit Yes. Now duplicate this Andi that this would be our stroke. So not a stroke. I'm sorry. A smoke on bond he ever fire. And what I'm going to doing here. Just shrink this and go to color at the first and changing color to the the's colors. Onda also. But this a brighter orange. No, it's not good. You need a little bit those colors to just looking like to do. Shown to the tone off them. It also may be other Another one in these years. Yes. Now if I increase the size and also the kitchen use to cloud Yeah, the school. Very good. So boom! The first will be to fire. Let me see the example on. Go to this Maybe shrink these down have fine. I saw maybe change it to larger value. You asked that school. And also let's go for this. And maybe 1.6 is good. You need to just shut up very, very faster. Nice. So I think it is allocated slow. Uh, for this Let me go to physic on physic. Jean do wind what x on a little bit. Not too much. Also, this that smoke, Let's go to wine geeks. Maybe contempt in Z. And why? Very nice. So let's work relativity on collar of it. Also so like, then and we found particles now duplicate fire. Elect A bit more to just create a complex Look for this. Very nice. Now, if I play this you see that? That is very, very cool. So and now if I put this to fire second second, uh, fire first, maybe just randomize to seat of it. How's that for this fire also? Yeah, that is very cool. And yeah, that is it. You can use it. They on on your motion graphic scene. And also, if you want to control, have ah over control off this I, ah, find this useful to just control Pre calm this on enable time remapping It is ah easy way to do it and just faster this on also create than you want on like this. If I go to first frame, that's but this And here you see, it's now very fast. Very good. Yeah, that is from our cell explosion. So that was from our cell explosion by particle. Or you could do a lots of other things by exploring some of the parameters by changing some of the values and adding your creativity to wear to make a little bit more interesting. So in the next lesson, we will create a motion elements that canteen crazy lines different the lines on. I will show you how to mix lines element and how to use them with each other to create a very complex looking motion element. 12. 09 Crazy Line: okay in this. Listen, I will show you a simple threat to, ah create complex looking motion elements simply so that is like this. Take a look. You see this motion element? Let me term trend. This this motion element is looking alittle bit complex. But in fact, it is not so complex. It is made up from a very, very basic shape off a circle on oval. We can also see on this treaty circle on and we just figure out with some some ah defectors and some parameters to create this kind of thing. So let's get a starring creed this kind of things. Nine lines. So at the first, I want to create an ellipse and we just need a stroke Don't need for fell on Make it like this It's treaty very nice and maybe a little skillet down. So put it in this center. Now, once you create that, let me circle and go to l IPs and l elapsed lead to fill on. The first thing that I want to do is go to trim path and add that on just Anne Meade. This so I want to stall with end make ah put into Zero Valley and maybe go just in him and 100. Let me prime this into these area so that a school Very nice. So make this easy East on also. And he made the start point. Very good. So put this into Izzy's and you have this, but it's not so good. Let me just tweak this, select your first and and go to graft ate it or make sure that your gain speed graph I needed to speak graph mode on. Put it like this. Very good. Bad needs a little bit weak. And now let's do it for this also, it's easies and just create a reverse of it. Maybe pushed way more like this on Also, put this in here. I think that and of its too fast okay, out of shape is created on What I want to do in here is go to a stroke, Hand me a little bit Ah, finna And also this to round cap. Very good. So the trick Ystad toe are, uh So the trick is to add an repeated perfecter. So go to a shape defector and out of repeater on a wet repeater test is repeating your shaped into different copies and you can adjust the copies. And here So, for example, maybe we need ah, this much of copies and go to transform off the repeater on Make this 20 Put this 20 on. Now, if I were to eat this you see that very simply, we can create this kind of shape. For example, you see that and Adam each shape like this on the cool thing is that all of them are animated already. You see that? And also, if I skilled them like this, uh, also change the shape of this on a scale it that may be, you see that I can create very nice looking. So by randomize ing some of the parameters by, for example, this kind of things. And you see, that is very nice, like our example. So how we can add opacity to add like this, and also we at other, um, shapes like lines like different other stuff or weaken. Put it like this and you see that it's it looks very complex, but in fact it is not so complex, and we will just create that according to the repeater parameters and changing some of the parents like this. So if you want to change the part simply, we can, ah, change that simply We just create our, ah, other shaped like stars and go to police stars and copy the police or pat control CDA and go to elapse and lead this pad and paste it in here. So now if I delete this you should it all over saying is ah remained and we can We don't have to repeat the action. Just the shape has changed on. We can now change in a rarely used the outer radio use like this. You see that? That is very nice you can use or you can use almost every shape. Just by this on, it will make your life easier to create. Very geometric shapes are very repeated parents using this repeater. So? So that was from air in the next Listen, we will create a very nice minimal tile that you can please your takes on it and use it as a lower tooth or ah, as a title 13. 10 Minimal Title: so in this. Listen, I would like to create this kind of minimal tile. You see, a very nice a minimal tile with these ah plates And here and also this line on and how we don't have text. But we will add some text animation on it. And we have a glass overlay like this that makes our pilot so nice. And it looks so better with these animation and shapes. So let's create a new composition fen and minimal. Many mull least tile. So can maybe change this to something like eight. Because we need more time on. The first thing I want to do is create a rectangle with just a stroke and put it like this . So that a school, maybe a little bit, it's what we need not to match final quality on and yeah, put the name of it to line on, Go to rectangle. I had a term pad, twin pod and alter lead to fill and now change at some animation to it to this frame because we want this to be very fast, very cool. So go to it graph and changed the speed of it. Very cool. So that is from our lying And let's create the plates, Phil. And you need Phil and put it like this in here. Very good. So let me see this on change the position of it here so that a school l it's in this plate . One on the counter would be something like this. Or maybe just put this this collar because it's the first color on. Now let's enemy. This animation is very simple. Just go to transform off the shape on Chained to Ankara pine of it through this position From this point also in the scale Just any meath This one just put this to zero and when it's come and here it should be an immediate, very nice but needs a little bit Tweak Eazy e's on Maybe just but this very fast and also to its foster and put it in very nice. So it would be so. It is our first plate. Analysts difficult this and change the color of it to lady Stroke and fell to Yeah, low on off. Set it a little bit, puts you on a keyboard than offset value. Put it in here and also just put it in the side let me check it. It's good, but not really nice. So let me I should like this also. This Yeah, that's cool. And now deprecate another one. And that would be our for last one. Very good. So take a look. I think in here we have a jump that I don't want to do that. Yeah, that's cool on. And let's create our fixed. For example, many male minimalist title. And it's not good phone eyes, I think. And let's change the phone, too. This phone that I really like that. So I think it's also not matched to our tile. It's simply fire, son. Yeah, that is nice that it's really great, Uh, just little bit koning and also maybe did not see me bold or maybe book is good. It has different phones on like this that a school now create ever animation for this tile for designing using from two top on. Put it in this side so we don't want to see the ah ah so we don't want to see the tile that is coming from a bath. We want to ALF it and put a mat Alfa that will do it. Uh, Eazy e's on also no tested. It's good, but it's a little bit tweak. Very good now for Alfa. I want to create ah Phil sheep and put it in here and use it as an Alfa for the text, mad as a mad and just elf inverted. Now you see that it's disappearing coming from a bath and also weaken. Do it for Dan sick and thinks, and just for a second thinks Yeah, on. Put it smaller on. Also make space between characters. Yes, the school. Hand me the color a little bit darker like this and just duplicate the play tree and use it as an Alfa to this. Yes, Now you see that when it's calm, our title is also appearing. Now let's take a look. Very, very nice tile in here on Let's dream to pod on three comp all of them and simply that is very simple, and we just create a very artistic, minimal tile with great animation. You can do a bunch of other things, just makes the technique and try to create faster gaining pine for your animation and slower in pine. And that is the ah technique and tips for creating this type of minimal tile that that have seen in lots of motion graphics projects. So in the next listen ah, we will create some transition, some motion graphic transition, Like what? Shaves with some other elements, Um, in our next license. 14. 11 Strip Transition: Okay, this Listen, let's star with transitions is specifically in this. Listen, we want to create this type of a strip transition. Colorful strips like this, you see a very beautiful ah strips with different colors, and you can use it has a transition between two video or to picture or anything else that you want. So I'm reading this type of things. It's not so complex, it's very easy by, but you have to conserve some thefts and you have to make some of the ah elements to create this type of transition. So let's get a star it and new composition color fool this trip. Okay, As you all know, we have to star with shape. So and I want to drag a shape in him this kind of shape on just put it in the center of the screen. Let me do it with the line. And now when I'm going to do in here, just start anything it. So let's type this first on a rectangle. Just lead this struck stroke and go to a scale on a scale. Let's start animating this killed. Just put this zero and create a key frame. Go. Maybe one second longer to second. Let me once again is good on. Put it in hundreds, not 100. Maybe like this to cover oldest screen, too. Just give a transfer has to change a picture. So let me trim the com so like this. And let's changes to easy, easy. And now let's see that it's not looking so good. Bad. We will fix that. Start slating that and go to graph editor and changed a graph of it like this. Very nice. Okay, on now when I'm going to do in here just or did that in this direction also change on a scale of it and also this skill. Very nice. You see that on? We want to change the rotation just but this too. Also, we want to change irritation, create a key for info, rotation and change. It also maybe just put it to bed aside. You don't need very good or bad. It's relative it faster, so it's it's good also, just this enhanced a graph, a detour and now let's check it. It is good. Not bad about Maybe we need a little more very nice Yes, that is good. Also, let me add more rooms for our it's to seeking more and like this. Very good on. Just put this a little bit. Okay, it is our first color, so this color is a wide bad. Its capacity is down, just me opacity down. And now let's dip lick eight. This let's duplicate this weaken. Do it enhances? Duplicate the rectangle on. Go to a rectangle. Just change the name of it white and it is the yellow one. And for this I want to change this to this color and also go to opacity and increased capacity of it. Very good. Now let's slag the key frames and off the key for off the other one. And like this. You see that and also maybe changes on that is good. And now let's duplicate another one and this pink light. And once it's cover older screen, put Just change this in here on she in the color pink. Yes, on duplicate another one, um, a forceful to fill on, changed to a dark color transform on offset it like this. Now we have a very nice elements at school. So now let's create the strokes and changes to a stroke. The first thing that I want to is lead to fill and add, and it's stroking from here on change a stroke with on at some repeater to repeat easy strokes, transform and change it. Position 20 on changes. Kill a little bit like this and also change the opacity and capacity on skill on Also create a key frame for skill using out that is very, very nice and cool. Once cover oldest screen now, that should disappear. So for disappearing this we have to duplicate. There's and she was mad and also go to this one on bleat all of them and just put Dwight and offset this like this. Also go to white and transform on a rotation change irritation, angle like this on Also change it capacity and in first slick this and put this toe Alfa inverted. Now you see that if I toggle down the Alpha now, when it's coming here, it's but this one scholar and screen We can change like this on very nice. It's good, and we can put our first, for example, if I open Ah, picture and put this. It's our first picture. Okay, for example, and it's our second picture just put the second picture in here on. You see that when it's coming here, the first picture is disappeared. Um, now the second picture is coming, and that is very, very cool Can use it in almost anything. So that is for him over transition. On one other thing that I want to mention that these lines are, Ah, justice, tact. And here simply you can do it. And by let me bleed this on, simply put all of them in hand. And just when you put the transition its star from these lines so and also go to first, these lines are a little bit of trouble it down on and thing we have to just, um maybe opossum e creative. Every fast, different for passivity. Very good. Yes, that s cool now. So that is from our transition. You can use it for almost anything in the next lesson. Week will create another type of strip transition by adding some effect from effecting presets. And we will do it in the next lesson. 15. 12 Bendy Strip: Okay, this Listen, let's creed another type of transition like this. You see a very nice ah transition on. Just spend the out in here on just put in normal mood. And that's very cool. And we don't want to create this one because it's emotion elements Utkan, um, create very easily by adding an arcs and repeat it in the different direction. It's very easy. You can do it by following the previous lesson, so we just want to create this type of transition. It's very simple. Let's get a store it creating in composition and 12 bend strips. Andi, everything is okay. Create a new shape, Andi. Just starting from this shape, Andi changes skill. Put it in the side because it's starting from this side. Very cool. So just goto rectangle and lead a stroke, Jeanne. To color of it, Rick Tingo fell and to a very minimal color. And like this Okay, on go to transform. And I need this skill of it on between the position to this it's OK on enemy uh, scale of it. Critic Ephrem going here and change this 200. And now you see that? No, it is not girl We will fix that on Vory ese Eze on Go to graph editor, make sure that your main eight it is Pete graph, Aunt. Now struggle these ones. Yeah, at a school. There's way more better like that at school. Let's now bend it out. That is very simple. Ah, strip on and pink. So and here you see that we have, uh, in this tour, we have two types of effects that you can simply type bend, and all of them will appear. And if he can preset, we want to use CC bender. It's very cool Effect that create. Ah, this kind of bending on. There was a style that we want to use in Morel in this style on. Put them these points in here, the starting point of the bend on. Now watch this. You have. You see that? We can do that. Do this like that, and you can simply a key from it out. But we want something else. Just tuggle down to find some nice areas. Maybe. Yeah, that's cool. Yeah, that a school. Now create a key frame for this band and put this in zero. Yes, and maybe delayed the key from Just put 30 and I wanted starring in here Create a key for him. Put it in here like this and Z or down back. Very nice by the steel eats lady between just let's, like other wants No, Marlene is okay, but we want to find out ways that create. Yeah, that is very cool on let's talk allowing these key frames and chained him to Eazy e's. Yeah, that is nice. And maybe change the amount of it just a little bit. Not too much. Yeah, Very good. And maybe for this scale, just skilled that to cover all the screen. I mean that you can simply going here and change some of the animation properties like graphs on. Now let's watch this. Yes, very good. And let's train over comp. Okay, Now let's duplicate this control D on Just offered this green. Another caller, maybe the sculler. Yes, very nice and change to another color blue and also just put around. Now when I'm going to doing here is dip like eight. This one. Andi pre calm this because there because we want them to collapse and now changes toe often vary it and offered this for changing effect. And also just a little bed faster. Yes. Now it's watch this. No, it is not good. We won't. We have to fix that. So just and put this in here and the steel, it's a little bit faster, I think. Yeah, that is school. Let's go back to her original comp on and watch this. I also make maybe a bit slower this also put this in hand. Let them to just bend it out. And also me, me sleep descent. But yeah, yes, yeah, that is our transition. And you can use it. And also, you can, ah, drop a very simple elements. Like, for example, we just created this wing san just simply key. Copy that. Andi pieces in here on maybe in here, pieced another one. And you see that I could just makes them act to create a very nice looking You see that? If I believe this, that is very cool. Yeah, there's from our bend the district transition in the next Listen, we want to create ah fancy stroke transition in after effects 16. 13 Fancy Stroke Transition: okay in this. Listen, we want to create this type of transition. Very fancy strokes that comes in and goes out that it's very cool. Transitions? I think so, this remaining part of it. So let's create that. Let me just close this and create a new composition that is 13 thing torching it. Fancy a stroke, strokes. And I'm starting with Ah, circle shape Like this. Put it in hand. Delete the fill on our as some strokes. Very nice, Andi. Simply maybe. But the color toe white. And but this too around it caps on. Maybe just put it in hand. Just stroll with the very first element. Okay? And now let's add a trim pod. Andi, just sending me this start from here and like this. You see that school? Not so far, but we'll have to fix that. Make this easy. It's just changes treaties and very nice good raff, Editor. And change some of the parameters of it. Very cool. Yes. Um, what I'm going to do in here when it's coming here, Just disappearing effect for it like this, from a stroke with and put This is your very good she and just too easy, Easy. And now let's take a look. Yes, that a school. Let's go to graph editor. And yeah, that a school. So and that is our 1st 1 on when I'm going to do in here ages. Copy and paste this dip. Lick aid changed scale of it. You just change a scale from the street like this. And she and irritation of it, fix this issue in hand and change the color of it. Something like blue, maybe like this, and put it in hand. And also, I just forgot to add a drop shadow to create a two tone effect in half of this just for calif colored ah, strokes like this. And but opacity and dark side a little bit. It just creates a very nice to turn. Um, look for our stroke. That is very cool. So you see that we have to off them also. Let's ah, any meat this distance that divide this war distortion like this. Very nice. Okay, now let's duplicate this on just good. A continent on changed the scale of it like this. Change irritation. Change the distortion, maybe add some. Yeah, Look, orange color. Um, I dropped the color on dark it out. That's a nice technique to create. That kind of looks very cool. So maybe just put it on duplicate another one on a scale it way more to cover all this queen and wrote Eat it, change color this color. Um, I dropped this down Shane dish, and that is very cool. So at another one, control, De um put it in hand. You know, it's changed direction of it, intimate and also go to key frames. And he had ski frame off distance and change distended a little bit. Put it in the center of it. Also in extra. Quit in a stroke with Doubleday struck with like this on what I'm going to do in hand just goes your skill of this Andi simply put it like that, Yes, but still we need another one. Or maybe shekau, with the first and collectivity stroke quits, changes took with Put it in hand on skilled this down a little bit and change a stroke to cover all their these holes like this. Change this to zero. Very cool and well, it's also dim a little bit. Officer Tim on And now let's play this. You see that very nice looking transition, Dad. We can simply create uneven all object and parent, all of them to that Noel object. And you can now changes the skill and anything else that you want like this. Or maybe you can some skill key friends and animation like this for all of them. Now, let's play this. You see that you can do, ah, bunch of others staff with this, and that is very cool. So Okay, in the next listen, we will create a more transition from a box to a circle, and then it will just change to picture. 17. 14 Morph Transition: okay in this. Listen, we want to create this type of transition That is very cool transition that it just storing from Ah, let's take a look. That is very cool. Is just storing from circle and then morph to a box and in our box are coming out and change the scene So that a school yet creating composition 14 and box morph. So I'm store I'm s o with the circle shape or maybe just stole with rectangle shape. So because we have that, um, despite Paramount or to change this to a circle, that is very cool. So the leading a stroke on Also, let me change the color of it like this. Um, let's start in meeting this. I want to star with scale. And then he made this to this very good. Just Eazy e's and also go to graph editor and changes like that. Yeah, just store and starring very fast and stacked around on change rotation of it like this, maybe 19. And also change this very nice. So now let's go to rectangle path and in rectangle power. We have that perimeter that we can change this to round, So changes to this value maybe just decreased down to fight. Yeah, this values OK on. It's still with circle on. It has to be its name. Me, I just change this to just perfect circle and their school. And now, when a store in hand and has to be changed in this folly to our rectangle, ask your it's not wreck tingly. It's a secure Okay, it's not a problem. Very good and just changes to Eazy e's. Now let's see that has not cool. We have to just transform on in rotation. Maybe I just wrote Eat it like this when it's more the receipt rotation animation must be start from here Very ice. So that is from our 1st 1 Let's now duplicating Officer Tim. So first blue Oh my God! First blue on duplicate them This skill like this I also put this in here and changing color to this color and offered this on duplicate another one skillet up like this and put it below off. Those wants I don't duplicate the last one on she colors maybe to why told ah blankness and also now change the rotation, go to each one of them and press you and go to rotation. Change irritation value to just create around roundness to all of them. Go to rotation and change. Then two different pyre mature. So very nice. It's cool. Yeah. And also we have some dash duplicate this on go to continent rectangle and add some a stroke white in hand into dash dash Uh, just maybe it's surrounded capital. Does this mean more better on also a skillet? Sorry, I have to deal each one filling here. Yes, and just meaning destroyed. Now you see that? Also Utd's go to pursue what? Your key frame and change this also very nice. And also we have to check on the motion blur for all of them and that watch this very cool . Oh, so maybe chained offset a little bit. And now let's just stole with these Ah, once and pre calm them and put the name, maybe back box on simply, Dip Lick eight one on mad me, me change to scale of it two way more to cover all this going to disappear to be all the screen. Very nice. On petition here I also changed, uh, around this just off rounds like this interpretation now It's acting like I have has a match for this once and changes to offer inverted matter. Now you see that I have to change one's coming here. These cues must be checked off and also pull app the key frame off these on create a rotation from for this quality that around okay and also for there's a stroke with type a stroke on create a term part. I think it will be good continent on green trim pad on interim Pat, I have to enemy this. Okay, once all goes off. Has to be changed like this. Very nice. So let's check this very good at the state. Do we have for me simple issues in these areas? It's going hand and go to around this on also he's and this very nice that's coming in here. Maybe he needs yes, and just difficult. This one that mad on put it above the first blue and chain to marry an inverted vint offset it too. Very nice. Cool, Steve, we need some a jasmine de ski frames. So I love the men. Hold all to just shrinking thin and make them a little bit faster. If I go to the Senate or don't come. You see that? Yes. That is very cool. And you can use it as a transition for changing your picture. So that is very, very next. In the last lesson, we want to create a very nice bounty. Ah, animation, bouncing ball transition. Ah, that is very, very cool Will create that in after effect. 18. 15 Bouncy Ball Transition: okay in this. Listen, we want to create this type of transition. You see a bouncing ball that bounced to the ground on change the screen, so well, it's turned this like this. You see that? Very nice and very cool. So let's agree of this Creating in composition. Ah, like this bouncy. So I'm starting with a circle on. Put it like this. Very cool. Put it in the center and changing color to this color. Very, very nice. So let's named this to our ball on Go to position of it. The continent, the lips transform and position and position. This just put it in him on a quick eat. A key friend, just But it like this. And that's not good, because bouncing that we will fix it once I hit the ground on. We want a reaction like this on this. Or maybe just copy this pieced of in here. You see that That is not so cool bad or you fix that very, very nice. And okay, now it's any meets the skill of it. This is scale on. And maybe like this or just the ground just do a little bit off skill nous put it like this . It's good. Just changes Too easy East on this have to be a little bit. So now it's coming in here on It's like elevate mint. I mean, just look to bed cooler. Maybe copy this. That's, um, bounciness when that's going here on some adjustment. But start from hand just way more. And I think this one is not good and also go to scale and maybe believe this. So after tweaking a little bit and adding some motion blur, I just fixed that 23 a very nice bounciness ball like this on Let's create another circle to cover all the screen. Just stall with put it in hair on maybe changes to some bright color and circle. Just enemy dare transform. Very good. Once had to ground has to be just kill it up to cover all the screen. Very good and good to this on changed a bit like this on also duplicating that one and put it in here and changing color to discolor. And I know so changed this on don't. So it's like this. Put it way more in here. Anything that's a little bit faster, don't very cool and also dip Lick eight. This one and it's off. Invert on. Also duplicate this one. Put Alfa invert Very nice. Now we have this on and in our first. Ah, listen, we have created this simple verse. Just copy this and put this into this pre compa composition and skill it down and you see that we can use it like this in our ah motion graphic scene. So put it on the need of that and just skilled now and also slicked all of them and make the little bit faster. So you see that Maybe put this in hand when it's come? Yes, very good. And also for disappearing this ball, we can do a bunch of things, maybe just duplicate the circle and put it bath on, check on sheen to skill to this value and put it somewhere in here on a chain just like the ball and changes toe off in verse. So now and also change the shape of it to match today. Maybe just cover this. But somewhere in here, Yes, that's school. When I play this, you see that very, very nice transition. So that is from our motion graphic elements in the mix. Listen, I will show you how to read these elements and how to create controllers using default controllers and using some A scripts that we will work on it on the next lesson. 19. Rigging and Creating Presets: okay. And this. Listen, I will show you how to rake and create controllers for your emotion. Elements for ease of use for for easy. Ah, changing and changing the color. Changing some para meters. Just doing them normal. It's electable time getting for example. Ah, I imagine you have a lots off motion graphic elements like this simple burst and you have a lot of them copy of them. The duplicate in different our staff. You have tens off them, for example, on you want toe chain the color of them at once. With just one click, you have to change all the colors. How can you do that? You have to add the normal more You have to go to, um, the boars and two fell and changing that and bye bye normal doing for For tens of them, it's ah, it's Ah, I think it's, ah, time consuming task and, for example, not just one caller. Maybe you change the scale of it. You change some of the other promises you have duplicate that and Deasy stuff. So how can we wreck this on? How can we create controllers like color control controllers like transparency controllers on these other staff. Ah, for other motion. A graphic elements are maybe you create these motion elements and put it on a marketplace. Like with behave on cell too. Your audience still to our people hand for other people. It's very time consuming. Maybe some people just don't know how to change the color how to do some of our staff. So you have. You have to ah, creates, um controllers in here for easy changing Easy customizing off your motion element. So in here for this burst, I want to create Ah, some controllers in here. If I go to expression controller, you see that we have a lot of control. So I want to are some controllers off, maybe Pine controller, slider controller Andi, Collar controller and also heavy check box Central. So these off these are very, very important controllers with pine controllers. You can change the position of your motion elements. Which lighter controller, you can change the valley para mentors some values on. Now you're use list because we don't link them to any parents off our motion elements. For example, in pine Controller controller, I can simply change the name of it to position on a slide of control, for example. Maybe it will be from our scale, maybe. And also in college controller, Just color. And maybe it is the opacity. Okay, so I want this controllers to control different parents from my emotion. Elements like, for example, in position. It has to be control. It has to be over. Ah, motion element position. If I changes the position off the motion elements must be changed and also for scale, color. And these also So I'm starting with position. It is very simple. Just once you add it to divorced, go to your first on in transform You have position simply all click to the position and link this to this point. Just simply put this and release your mouse and click. Now you see that our position is chained because ah, while in here is different value from the default position off our emotional lives. Now, if I change this, you see that I have my control of my a motion element position on like this. If I go to skill an old click and link this to this slider, you see that it just disappear because it is zero and once I change this? You see that Just controlling the skill of the motion elements. And for this colors also if I go to continent on may be for Bush non, maybe for ellipse and in control of straw stroke. If I I'll click on choose discolor. You see, the colors change now to read because they're our controller difficulties right now If I change this you see that I can change very nicely on for chick box. It's a little bit trickier. We want to ah, link this capacity to this chick chick box. Ah, I mean, when I check on this at the motion element must be appear on a screen. And if I check off that, for example, in this more, it has to be, Ah, demotion elements doesn't have to be exist on the screen. So I just changes to this more on all click to opacity. And in here I have to write some script on simply. Just delete this and add a variable. If you didn't know the driver scrapped or ah, any programming language don't very about it. Just copy this Ah made And I'm Brian. Just copy the schools, for example, if I ride, maybe trick boat and maybe just type my chick books and assignment on an assignment. Just link this to this chick box on board Asiana Colin and how I have to use some conditional EST. It means, like, if if our chick box or maybe because we have Linda, if our my trip when I type the name off the variable just simply that the effort knows that we're calling the check pockets because we've assigned this chick box to this variable on Put doubly cool, true and fault If it's true. Okay, just put this in hundreds. What 100? The opacity value is 100 when it's true, When it's check on the opacity off this motion elements must be 100 on just into that and use else so in ills. If it is in Adama, for example, not true and false, it has to be zero. Now watch this. So if I now it's appear If I did check off this, you see that our motion elements is disappear like this. And if I check on this, you see that very simply very nicely done in capacity with greater variable. If assigned this chick box, we have used if an else conditional a statement like this. So that is firm or controller. You see that we have nicely created these controllers and we can simply, um, save it and control it and these other stuff. So I will show you an A script that allows has to create solar effects and soda controllers for this motion element in here. You see that we have a different groups in different effects, that it's looking a little bit complex. It's not looking like the normal effort. So with this a script, we can create a subtle effect. Okay, for creating that kind of effects. I want to use an script called Flex A Victor. Let's open that s script. You can download it from V you behave on simply tie flex efecto rand download descript. So Ron Eskridge file and choose JavaScript bean and click open. Once I collect you see this, that this type of vendors appear on in here we have our controllers, the expression controllers that we haven't here. They are available in here faxed point and these other stuff we can call over ethic name, for example, motion element. And also we can add the groups. For example, the first group. Maybe the group far for, um, general. And also maybe Addis, um, color control color. And you can put the default color of it. Okay. On we can add a fixed. Maybe just put this a bath thick and control, for example, controlling different parameters. And we can add some, maybe some slider skill on. We can end the group in here and you can add takes, for example, created by UT me students. Okay, now, once we just do that simply, you conceive this in anywhere on, open it, back it, clean it on. You can apply. Just simply slick. You're a liar. They want Apply the effect the control or choose apply once you choose apply. Wait a moment. Okay. Now that the effects applied and you see that we have a very nice so horrific their name off the effects motion elements. And we have all those perimeters, our techs and these staffs in one general group. So and now, uh, liked it. Ah, default expression control. Or we can simply link those apartments. For example, if I go to a lips and I can simply lead this on link this color to discolor. And also, if I go to scale, transform and maybe go to this a skill delete this Ah, link the scale to this A scale. So now, simply like the previous one. We can change the friend. Let's close this, But this in hand on simply we can change different parameters. And they were collecting in one groups and they're looking so professional and very good. So that is from ragging and putting controllers to our motion graphic elements. Now, how can we save presets from these motion elements? For example, I want to save the pre set off this, um, motion elements with dis controlled or status. I don't want to save it in projects. I don't want to render it. I want to use it as a priest because all of the these stats are creating after again what I want to create a preaches from them. So for creating presets, you have to, um, have all of those layers in one layer, for example, from transition. We cannot create a specific precept for this, and they're creating presets from for different layers for more than one layers is a little bit difficult, and it's not impulsive, and it's not possible in half. Perfect. So for one lier Ah, like this, you can create very nice presets on simply Just toggle down on select all of these counter into canteen all of those parameters in your presets on go to animation on save animation presets and save it for example in this top, maybe, and call it motion element. Okay, just click. OK, so once you save that, if I'd lead this on if I goto animation on browse priest address and animation of I go to prison animation Duras our motion elements And if I click on it you see that without any other thing Just with wen collect I import those motion elements with these controllers, so that is very simple on you can use it and put ah on your library and build a large amount of library and put it on the wrath of again used them on your motion graphic projects. So that is from our course, hope you guys and dry from discourse. And if you have any question regarding to these parameters these things that we have discussed in this course figure Frito, ask me on don't forget to check out other polygon motion coaches. Polygons. A YouTube channel. My name is that you feel you and see you guys next time, okay?