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Affiliate Marketing: Facebook Page Method Without Ads

SK Araf

Affiliate Marketing: Facebook Page Method Without Ads

SK Araf

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Facebook Zero Budget Method Overview

    • 2. How This Method Got Me My First Sales In 2 Days Without Spending A Dime!

    • 3. Watch This Before Creating Your Facebook Page!

    • 4. Marketing Your Facebook Page With Zero Dollars

    • 5. Important Links Format That Facebook Allow

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About This Class

This course will give you a rock-solid foundation on the 'whats' and 'hows' to help you make your first dollar as affiliate marketing as QUICKLY as possible! (There's a good reason for this... read on to find out why!)

Truth is, one of the biggest challenges that many affiliates face is failure to see results… and they give up.

It's not that they didn't try hard enough, but it just took them way too long to see results before they decided it's time to throw in the towel.

That's bad news :( But the good news is – you don't have to make the same mistake as them because you're here :)

You will learn, in this course, my tried-and-tested core strategy that is going to help you to significantly shorten the time you'll take to make your first dollar in Affiliate! You don't have to wait 10, 20 months later just to see the light!

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SK Araf


Over the years, found that most people actually do not have much difficulty learning a new tool (say using WordPress to create a website). The real problem was that people often find themselves stuck or see no results because they simply had no idea what to use those newly acquired tools for!

This motivated to put even more focus on helping people to bridge this gap. I believes that everyone has something so valuable in them that other people would want to learn from. The challenge is most people do not have a system to package and sell their knowledge. My aims to equip everyone with the skill of turning what you know into something that people is willing to pay them for.

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1. Facebook Zero Budget Method Overview: Hello. This is Casey for Westbrook Academy. I want to welcome you to this new section they have created to teach you how I use a Facebook page and with zero marketing budget, haps, toe promote and get sells for my click bank product. And in this first video, I'm going to show you how it works. So let us go over to one off the product I promote. It's called I D. P. Our dot com on this product sells a lot off PR products, all resell rights product. And if you want to check our SPR for that, you can go to Google and I want to show you is that this is one of the product that I promote in a clip bank and let me share view. If a lot off people when they come toe the website or the sales page that you are promoting , they may know by the first time. So that's why explains the low conversion rate where we are doing direct linking. And the reason is because most off the visitors are prospects. They're looking for reviews before they buy, so they will go toe Go, go. There were type in reviews regarding a product before they make a decision if they want to buy or not. So right now I'm tapping on these. Review marketing China. So let me show you what I mean. If in case someone come toe i DPR dot com and they don't buy, they will go to go Go and happy in i DPL are space there, but in review. So there was such for I DPR Review and they were lawful. Review in on the first page to see if anything catches the attention and you're not Tuesday on the first page, there is this Facebook pitch. The title is I dp our and if they would click on this page, they will see something like that. And that is a banner. They have a blow that in fact, this page belongs to me. I've created this idea. PR review Facebook pitch So now it's ranking on Google Page one. So when people come to this page, they will have more information about my DPR and they were really some off the articles. They have a blow that's of the latest information over here, and when they decide they want to buy, they can just click on one off these links here. They would direct them toe the crib emperor that using my own flailing. So that's how it going toe work and why this product works so well is because it kept on the power off Facebook. And Facebook is a very, very popular website, and all you need to do is tow, identify a product and go to Facebook. Great. A pitch. Name the page as the product name followed by review. And I can assure you that you have lights. You will have people coming to this page on give us a scripture milling lease without you spending a singer sent. And in the next video I'm going to share view are some of the important things you need to know before you go and create this page. And how are you going to market this pitch in the beginning before you appear on the first pitch are such a Jim? Thank you 2. How This Method Got Me My First Sales In 2 Days Without Spending A Dime!: Hello. This is Casey. So in this video, I'm going to share view how my Facebook reveal pitch is structured. But before that, I just going to show you this is the sale I got in the first man when I launched my review pitch. And it's before my pitch got ring on Guga our first pitch. So this is the possibility that you can't get a sales when you are using their Facebook page? Met that. And now let me show you how my pitch is structured. Okay, So this is my Facebook account, and I have created this Facebook pitch for this I. D. P. Our review. And I've created this page in general, if you would go scroll down. Um, my first post IHSAA data in generally and now is a brother. So it takes me about treatments for my pitch to appear on Google first pitch. And I did not do any back linking. I didn't purchase any links. And all I did is just a post regular content every week so that Facebook and other such changing will index the content on this page, and I just want to go true quickly how my pitches structured. If you come to this page, you can see that the D four pitches timeline. So you will show you a Siri's off pages that I have. And for every review pitch, I believe the most important thing is that you need toe keep creating content and content can be different Type off materials information that you can obtain. So what I do for these pages that I draw and I pull content from the i d. PR because I DPR every every day they will have new product. So I would just pull in some products and feature here, and I also share with them sometimes some tapes from my personal block on how they can use PR pro ducts toe build their meaning lease and I also create pose to share with this offends that they have, ah, promotion on s. And when. So I would just create, opposed to talk about the promotion. Okay, so, days how you can you create information regularly in your Facebook pitch so that to constantly engage an update, the people who like this pitch and remember thats one thing I want to share view, which is extremely important, and if you click on this free PR products Now I can clear these because I'm looking into my Facebook pitch. You can go to Google search for I DPR reviewing Clear on that and you can see that once you clear on this free PR product he has, ah, subscription and a 1,000,000 lease feature. I create these using the get rest bonds account because go response has a feature for you Do integrate with your Facebook pitch So desert even better. So I have people clear on this free PR productive sign up. Give me their email and I from day I can fall up using my milling lease auto sequence. So that's how I want o share views on off this very important things that you need tohave in the Facebook page And in the following this field videos our share view some off the things you need to No, before you create a Facebook page. And also how you going to market your Facebook pitch? Thank you 3. Watch This Before Creating Your Facebook Page!: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to share view are the most important things you need to know before you go and create a fake Facebook page. And I'm not personally create that feel. Facebook pages for some off the products and learn a lot of mystics lessons. And now the result is that I have collected for important things that you need to know before you have a successful and profitable Facebook a pitch. So please watch and finish this video before you go in, create a Facebook pitch, and now let me go through the fourth important things are First, Uniqlo chose a product based on your interest and knowledge. Andi, I have always been stressing on this boy ever since the first lecture, when I share review on choosing a profit the ball club M. Prada. If you chose a product that you don't have interest and ah, a little bit off knowledge and you will have problems on creating content in future in your Facebook pitch. So I always encourage our students to choose a product based on your interests and based on your knowledge. So this is always the first point. That unit with a No, a second the product that you chose to create a Facebook review. Pedja must have a product name, so this is very important. So when you go to the sales pitch, take a look at the HEYDAR. They're put up. Must have a product name. Okay, so before you sell it a product and that and after you sell out the product, go to Google, type in the product name and follow by review behind and see if there is any Facebook review. Pitch ranking on the first page off Gaga. If there is there any pitch, then good news. You Can I create a Facebook review pitch for the program? Okay. And number four, the Facebook page that you're going toe create the tighter must match the exact product name. So for his number, if the paradise most wait 101 Then your Facebook page title should be loose weight. 101 review. So please remember that the tighter must match each other. Okay, Because when people such in Google, they were just type in exactly that I doe Okay, So what? I want to share view next? Is that a So this cost is based strongly on click bank. It's not a Facebook cause, and it's nowadays is very easy for you to go to Facebook and Korea pitch. But if you have any challenges that you want to learn the step by step, how to create a pitch in Facebook, you can check out my another. Cost is digital marketing. Our societies for small business costs includes Facebook and other marketing. Step by step through doors that you can follow if you don't need step by step guide on the Facebook had a career pitch. Then, after watching this video, you can go a hit and now fire product and career your first traceable review picture. And if you have any questions again, post in the discussion era, I won the world lock in and helped tow. Answer them, Thank you. 4. Marketing Your Facebook Page With Zero Dollars: Hello. So in this video, I'm going to share view how you're going to market your Facebook review pitch without spending a single cent. This matter is especially helpful and profitable, especially if you don't have any budget to begin with. So first, what I do is that you need to bid up the number off lights off your Facebook review picture . So the first meta why do is that Invite my personal friends through my Facebook profile to going like the picture newly created. So if it's based on your interest, your knowledge are your friends will want to support you. They will go to life your pitch. So that's always the number one first thing I do. So start off any Facebook review pitch. So second, I will e meal my milling lease and also tell them they have started a page and please go to line a pitch so that you will get the update that a news and information regarding this product or these services. So if you have been building your subscribers leased using my squeeze pitch method, you will have a few subscribers that you can email them and update them that you have a new Facebook pitch and critical and lighter pigeon. Give me your feedback. So there's a number 2 10 8 and that the most important thing is that you need to scared. You oppose informative post every week because Facebook used this kind offer data the freshness off your Facebook page to rank your pitch. So please make sure that everywhere you have something scheduled, though, post up there. So for me. But I do. Is there everybody I share testimony. A sweater is from the product. Create the sales pitch. I would just go and copy and pay some off the testimonials. I can Shane this Facebook page. You can do so as well. Or you can such google around some off the interesting block post that you can fight or lie and one once every two weeks. You can share this kind of interesting but post in your Facebook pictures Well, so there is actually very minimum. I'll contend that you need to create yourself on and off course if you like to create content regarding the proedl, yet you are promoting feel free to do it because original content actually rang. The most important off are the other content. So this is how you can. This other treating is you can do initially toe help to boost up the ranking off your Facebook pitch. So once your Facebook reveal, pitches rang. Pitch one on and off. You have people coming to your page to like your page. You have people subscribing to a 1,000,000 lease and you have sales tree got people buying the products that you are promoting in the Facebook page without you spending any money. So that is, Ah, one powerful tenant. I want o share. If you and don't just stop with one review pitch, go ahead and create as many review paychecks you can. We've other and a lot off clip and put us out there. So again, there any questions feel free to post in my discussion forum, and I will answer them every day. Thank you. 5. Important Links Format That Facebook Allow: Okay. Hello. This is Casey. And this video is an important update on the links their Facebook allow and our Facebook Ben. And as you know, that clip bang you're flailing comes in two forms. It can be this encrypted form. Okay, which is the link that you generate that from the marketplace include bang. Or you can also create this kind off ling using CB and Jing. Okay, if you were to go toe Facebook and post disallowing Facebook will no allow this link to be posted in a Facebook page because they detect that it may be something in secure and my have possible bucks so they bend this type off link. So if you want to use my Facebook review page 10 Nick toe post your flailing in Facebook, then you must use this chi or form it. Okay, So how to achieve how toe Get this type off link Sister, you need to use the CB and Jing when you're I see being jing. Once you identify the pro data you want to promote just get on getting flipped, Ling And they were asking for your click bank nickname. So you just enter your click bank nickname Click on this button. Create hobbling and you will see that this is your flailing. So if you want to post any off Lillian phrasebook just use this. Form it and you can further shotgun this format using a bit Lee B I t. Dorrell y go over to Billy and you can shot done this. You are our into any type off your custom shot. You are out. So you can then share this shot. You are on Facebook. So this is how you can use this off flailing in the Facebook. I just remember, Don't use the encrypted long form the U generator from the clip bank marketplace. Thank you.