Advanced Shopify Theme Development | Gavin Ballard | Skillshare

Advanced Shopify Theme Development

Gavin Ballard, Founder at Disco, Shopify Expert.

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10 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Course Project Overview

    • 3. A Better Development Workflow

    • 4. Product Customisations

    • 5. Filtering, Sorting and Viewing Collections

    • 6. Adding Ajax to your Theme

    • 7. Best Practices

    • 8. Automating Your Workflow

    • 9. Deploying Shopify Themes

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Join Shopify Expert and founder of Disco Gavin Ballard to see how to take your Shopify theme development skills to the next level.

Intended for web designers and developers with some prior Shopify experience, this course follows on from Kurt Elster's introductory course "Shopify Essentials for Web Designers". If you're just getting started with Shopify themes, it's recommended for you to take that course first (it's also available for free right here on Skillshare).

As a class project, you'll be asked to take an existing theme and revamp the Collections page, focusing on implementing features covered in the course. This includes Ajax functionality, advanced filtering and sorting, custom styling, and resolving potential performance issues.

The code from the screencasts can be found in the GitHub repository here.





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Gavin Ballard

Founder at Disco, Shopify Expert.

Gavin Ballard is the founder of Disco, a consultancy which helps businesses solve their Shopify problems and increase their bottom line. He's the author of the Mastering Shopify Themes course, as well as the popular Bootstrap for Shopify theme framework.

Gavin loves to share his experience via his blog, writing for publications like net magazine, open-source projects, and speaking engagements. He can also often be seen popping up on Shopify podcasts and blogs across the internet.

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