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Adobe Photoshop Level 1 : Photo Collage

teacher avatar Javed Hassam, Adventurous Filmmaker & Graphics Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Lec 1 - Setting up your document

    • 3. Lec 2 - Using layers in Photoshop

    • 4. Lec 3 - Importing pictures

    • 5. Lec 4 - Adding grids and text

    • 6. Lec 5 - Adding effects

    • 7. Last Lecture - Adding images into shapes

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About This Class

In this class i will teach you how to do amazing Photo grid Collages in Adobe Photoshop. 




Target audience

  • Beginners who do not know anything about Adobe Photoshop and want to learn about it
  • People who want to make creative photo collages for their Facebook/twitter/YouTube cover picture
  • Photographers  


  1. The interface of Adobe Photoshop
  2. Setting up the document
  3. Importing pictures
  4. Using transform tools
  5. Using move tool, marquee tools, paint bucket tool
  6. Applying colors in shapes
  7. Applying pictures in different shapes
  8. Using layers effectively
  9. Applying effects on pictures
  10. Putting pictures in grids


To make you more confident working with Adobe Photoshop and be able to make amazing and creative photo grid collages in Adobe Photoshop

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Javed Hassam

Adventurous Filmmaker & Graphics Designer



Javed Hassam has  been an independent filmmaker since the year 2007. He likes to write stories and make movies out of them in order to entertain people. When he produces a video he absolutely has to get involved in each and every part concerning the stages of production. In other words he write his own scripts, draws for storyboards, works as a film director and camera operator. Sometimes he plays in his own movies and as a video editor he edits his videos in the post production process and creates his own special effects using sophisticated software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. He also creates his own sound effects and soundtracks using software like Audacity, Adobe SoundBooth, Adobe Auditions and FL Studio.

So film-making is s... See full profile

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1. Trailer: Hi there. My name is Joe Vitt Hussam and I am a graphics designer and filmmaker. And in this close, and I'm going to teach you, how do you do for greed collage in a photo shop. This class is for absolute beginners, as I am going to cover some of the basics of for the shops. Such as is interface. Is that bar importing pictures and adding effects to them, applying color scheme shapes and using layers to organize your works in for the shop? And my goal with this level 1 40 shop course is to make you more confident working reels of footage shop as at the end of this class, you will be able to make amazing for the great lodges in footage up. So if you are interested and rule in this class 2. Lec 1 - Setting up your document: Hi there. Thank you very much for taking part in this class and without losing any time. Let's get started open. I do be for the shop and by the way, I am using the set six version. But whatever vision you have, it will be okay for this class. So this is Photoshopped. But before we start working on something, let's make sure that we are in the same truck. So please go to window workspace and reset essentials. What it does is, for example, if your workspace is in a mess like this, it will reset everything to its initial position as footy shophouses, default workspace, so window workspace and reset essentials. As you can see, everything has been put to its initial position. So, um yes, appear is our main menu to the left of the tools used in footie shop. And we're going to use some of them in this class and to the right is the layers panel, and I will be talking more about it later. So let's say that we will have to make a We will have to make your Facebook of a picture inside foot a shop. All right, Something. Ah, Oops. Something like this. So the first thing that we will have to do is to know about the size of it. So we will have to do some research first. Facebook, Facebook cover photo size on DA hair It is. So it is actually at 51 by free 15 pixels. Let's put the information there in order to create a new document in footer shop. Just go to file new and give it a name, whatever you want and put the information here. So the wits is 8 51 The height is free. 15. Make sure that it is in pixels and, uh, peek. Okay. Now we have this white background here, and as you can see it, we have something in the layer Ladies panel here on. I will be talking more about layers in the next video. So see you there. 3. Lec 2 - Using layers in Photoshop: all right. In this video, I will be talking more about layers self. I have this white background here which is inside this layer, and this layer is looked by default. All right, so l a You can contain images, graphics, symbols, decks, photos, and they'll use to organize things in footy shop. For example, this white background image here is inside this layer, which is look, and as you can see, I cannot do anything right now because the layer is locked. All right. So I will have to devote. Click on this in order to unlock it. Give it a name if you want background, and you can add a cooler as well, if you want. Okay. Now that my layer is look, I am able to move my image. Asia with my move toe. Okay, that is the first I can hear. Just click on this or press V on your cable to select it. It is. It's a short cut. Click hold and drug like this, whoever you want. All right, now you can induce a new in footie shop as well. Just press on control all lazy, and it will undo if you're using a mock press on command. All policy. All right. Good. Now I want to create an another layer, so I will have to click here, create a new layer. All right, so now a new layer is being created. Appear Debelle. Click on this and name it. Let's name it square. All right. So, um, lets you some of the market als here, just below the move toe klik. Hold on this icon, you will see something that dotted lines here. Click. Hold on it and a window will appear just beside it. Let's choose the rectangular mark. It'll and these are selection doors, and I will show you how to you them. So click hold and drug like this and release your button when you're satisfied. Now, let's say that, um so, yes, This means that everything inside this square or rectangle is being selected. All right. And let's say that I want to apply a color inside the selected area here. I can do it by selecting my paint bucket, or which is found here. All right. Just selected. And if you concede hero, you see this icon here, which is a great dental. Just click. Hold on. It and you will find it here. Okay? And then choose your color. From here, you will see just below you will see two squares. Click the one above, and then, ah, select a color of your choice. Click OK, and then click inside the square. Make sure that your squares layer is selected all rights and then click on it. Now, as you can see, it is filled with green. And, uh, as you can see, it is still being selected. If you want to dis elected, just press on control plus D oh, command D. All right. Now, if you move toe, you can move it as well. Okay, so you can select your background image and move your background image to like this are all right now let's create an end is a layer and call it sickle selected. And now choose stool Elliptical marquee. It'll so, um, press shift on your keyboard. Click and drug. Okay, Schiff, click and drag like this. As you can see, you can scale your circle proportionally like this. You can do it with the other tools as well. Still, we re release the button when you're satisfied, and let's choose it and another color yellow. Make sure that it is selected with your pain back. It'll just click inside it. Control de to de select. Then if you move to, you can move it like this. And now you can zoom in by pressing by pressing on control Plus on your keyboard. Okay. So mean. And if you want to zoom out, press on control or command minus on your keyboard. All right, Good. Now I have a question for you. Why this circle above the rectangle. So this is simply because it's layer is above the rectangles layer. So if you want to put your circle behind the rectangle just drug, it's layer behind the rectangles layer. And as you can see, it is now behind it. All right, Now that you have understood the concept off layers, everything from now will be easy. So see you in the next video. I will show you how to add pictures inside photo shop. All right, So take you 4. Lec 3 - Importing pictures: OK, in this video, I will be importing pictures inside for the shop. And this is something very easy to do. You just have to drag your picture like this in your workspace and then click on the move for button here and then click on place. And here it is. You can see in my layers panel. A new layer is created here for my picture. So each time you import in, picture in for the shop, it will be put inside a new layer. And this is cool. You don't need to create a new layer each time you want to import a picture inside for the shop. All right. Um, yes. I think that in some versions off Photoshopped, your picture will be put inside a new document when you import it. And if it is a case, just look, it's layer and then a drag this back. Do the main document here. All right, so you can navigate through your documents from here. Okay? Okay, Now, this is my picture, and it is too big right now. I want to scale it down. In order for me to do this, I will have to press on control tea on my keyboard. O ca Manti If you're using a mark. So control T In order to get access to the transform tool, you can do it by going toe edit, transform and scale as well. So when you do this, you will see a frame around your picture. And this is how big my picture is right now compared to my working area. So I will skill this, Del. So in order to do this, I will have to choose one of the, um, go nose here, one of the four corners and then ah, hold Schiff. Click and drag this down like this. OK, so hold Schiff and drug this down like this. Okay, so if you don't hold shift, why scaling your object in for the shop? Your picture will get distorted like this. And you don't want to do this. Always use the shift button on your keyboard while scaling objects inside for the show. Okay, so, um, this look weird right now, I want to delete this layer. In order to do this, you just have to select the layer you want to delete and click on the on this icon here. The delete button, then? Yes. Then choose. Yes. Okay. So, um, now, I want you to do something for me, and I will do it to I want you to feel your, ah white space here with pictures of your choice. All right, so just import pictures inside your document, rescate it proportionally as you want, and then place plays them like this. Okay, I am doing this to And when you're done, I will see you in the next video. Okay, so take care. See you. 5. Lec 4 - Adding grids and text: Hey, what's up, people? This is William right now with my own work. And what about two guys? I know that this is not looking that great right now, but it will look better when I will put these pictures into frames. And this is what we're going to do right now. So create a new layer and call this vertical board or something else. Onda, take your rectangular marquee tool here and make a rectangle like this applied a cooler inside it, preferably white or black control de to de select control T and then re skill this on it like this. So this is going to be my border. I can it skills this up and down from here, OK, go to the middle here and then dragged this up like this. Go down. Right. So let me put this here quickly. All right, now, right Click on its layer and then deprecate called this one horizontal. Then they take this here and go to edit transform on a road 8 90 degree. You can do it by President Control, T o committee or on your keyboard. Then come down here and then press on shift and rooted disallowing this. Rotate it like this. All right. Yes. So it it transform. Okay, so I am going to do this for all my pictures. Replicator. Yeah, This I am going to force forward right now, and I will get back to you once when I'm done. All right, This looks national, and this is what I wanted to teach you in this class. So if you're a beginner and you're able to do something like this Congratulations. This is great. And don't forget to plus your toe upload your work on school show. And yes, if you want to add a text, do it. Just go here, Click on Dirty icon here, or presti on your keyboard, and then click. Hey, make sure that it's layer is on top and then write something, Anything you like. So you can change its color. Just highlight it like this, and then go here. They you can change its phone type as well. Change it cites its size to by going here, or you can and just come here. Click. Click on the T appear Click hold and drug This to the right. Okay. To scale this up and to the left to scale this down. So and that's it. If you want to save your progress goto file say vase and choose for the shop PSD Here, give it a name. Select your folder. You want tohave it and then click on save. Okay. If you want to export this as J Peg Good to file. Say vase. Choose Jim. Pick here and then click on Save on a Ah, that's it for this lecture. In the next video, I will give you some motives. I will teach you more things, So take care and see you they'll 6. Lec 5 - Adding effects: Hi guys. In this lesson, I am going to teach you how to add effects to your pictures. So first of all, I will applied it cooler to my background here and then. Ah, with its layer still selected good to FX blending options. Then go to texture. You can applied it Textures a texture from you can apply textures from here so you can choose one off them from here. Let's go for this one. You can scale it down. Have been downing this. Hey stiff! All right now I am going to import a picture. I will put this behind this layer Rotated a little bit nexus so good to effects blending options and then go to stroke Onda, choose a white gotta here position put it to inside here said select inside And then it's size. I think free pick cells would be ok Now you can I d drop shadow. He was a few want and initially do as well This Okay, so I will keep doing this and then I would get back to you. Okay, so this is what I did very quickly. And I believe from now on you can be very creative with for the shop. And in the next video, I will show you how to add a picture inside a shape A ship like this. All right, So see you in the next video. 7. Last Lecture - Adding images into shapes: All right, guys, this is going to be the last video for this class, and thank you very much for your attentions and for your participation. I hold that this class has bean beneficial to you. So for this last video, I am going to teach you how to add your pictures into shapes. So go down here. You will see some interesting tools here, go to the custom shape tool and go up here. So pick on this little triangle here and you will see many shapes. If you want to see to see all of them, just click here and pick on all. And now, let's choose. Am an interesting one. Maybe, Um, and this one here. Okay, so click on this and press shift on your keyboard. Hold shift. And ah, got this drug ID like this. Okay, this is my ship, and it has a stroke to it, which I don't like, So I am going to remove it by going here stroke. Okay. Trick on. Click on this rectangle and then click on this vertical red line here and it is gone. You can choose It's cooler as well by going here, but it is not important for now. So what I want you to do next is to import a picture as usual. So imported like this. Ana, make sure that it is above the shapes layer, then right, click on the picture and then click on create clipping mosque or go to lay you here and create clipping mosque. And here it is. It is inside this shape so you can move your picture like this. Okay? Or you can move your shape too. And this, um when you are satisfied with it, you just click on the, um, your layer here on a hold controlled or commander or new keyboard and then click on the ship player. Okay. To a select both layers and then right click and ah, merge layers. So now it it is one picture now. All right, I am going to do this and ah, deprecate this layer. So the placate deprecate. So I want to add a picture in each shape. OK, so I select this this layer here and then Ah, so I would put this picture like this. Okay, this picture is for the shape, and this picture is going to be four. Is the shape here, and the final picture will be for this shape. So Okay, Now act like great clipping. Mosque, right. Leak keeping mosque. Bradley, quit clipping mosque. Okay, so now I would emerge them merge. All right, now, let's say that I want toe online them horizontally or vertically. Still, all I have to do is to select old news layers here. So I I hold control on my keyboard or commander, and then I will click the layers I want to select. Oh, I simply hold shift on my keyboard and then select the last one. And everything in between will be selected as well. So then you go up here and unlined vertical allying vertical centers, and it will be a line like this. And if you want to have the same amount off space between the pictures, you just I like them all. And Dana go here like this, and you have it and, uh, skill them all together on this. But I can do is I can add a background picture so I would go. We said that my background picture and then go to filter Blur Ghozi, Endler and I will blow it a little bit like this. Okay? And for my pictures again, add a stroke to them. Okay, Now I can merge the free pictures. It's like them all. And then right, Click Mudge. And let's say that I want to align this to the center off my, um, workspace here. So what I will have to do is unlocked my background on DA select my picture here, and then hold control or command. And then click on the background layer here, which is white. And then I will simply aliant like this. So allying it horizontal here. And vertical yah. So now it is exactly in the middle on I can add it x to it like this. Sorry. So, text tool. This is the end. Um, it's calls. Thank you very much. So I said, like them all, I can do this so I cannot lie in the text as well. In the middle like this, I can adjust the brightness off my image as well. A So select your background image, your background picture and go to image adjustment. So it is not appearing here. If it is a kid just right, click on this and then rest a lot of rest arise, layer. And now you goto image adjustment and brightness and contrast. So you can do this. All right, thank you very much for attending this class. I really appreciate it. And now I want to see about your work, So don't forget to upload them on sculpture. So take care and see you next time.