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Adobe Illustrator: How To Make Seamless Owl Pattern

teacher avatar Jamber W., HowtoMake Video Productions

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Adobe llustrator: How to Make an Seamless Owl Pattern Intro

    • 2. Adobe Illustrator: Owl Making and Pattern Process

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Jamber W.

HowtoMake Video Productions


Hello, my name is Jamber. I am a designer that loves to create cute and fun things in my spare time. As a hobbyist, Skillshare has given me the opportunity to do the things I love while being involved in a large community of other students. There is a variety of things to learn like design, cooking, marketing, and many more. There are no limits to what you can learn on this website. If you are someone in need of learning something new, or learning a new skill for a workplace, this is the perfect place for you. 

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1. Adobe llustrator: How to Make an Seamless Owl Pattern Intro: Hello and welcome to this short video, of course, of learning how to make the color floral pattern in Adobe Illustrator. In this video, you will start off by creating a cute doll, and then you'll learn how to arrange this sound in tow, a colorful fun pattern using the color wheel and the pattern, too. My how to make videos will guide you by brushing up your design skills. Thes videos will help you learn new techniques and methods that will give you knowledge that will improve your chance of being a better designer. If this course helped you to learn something new, please liken review Thanks again. 2. Adobe Illustrator: Owl Making and Pattern Process : okay. The very first step we need to do is right. Click the rectangle to an option box will appear on this Will allow is to select the eclipse to at this moment, take your eclipse to and drag it across your art board. This tool will allow us to make an oval shape to be used for our. If you don't have your color set already, click the fill box and select your favorite color and make sure there is no color for the stroke path. The next thing you can do is take your direct selection two and click the bottom anchor point and drag it up. Now this object will be RL's belly so we can get started with the body structure and dies. Select the eclipse to create a circle on the art board. This circle will be a nice shade of brown. We will duplicate this circle but holding down the old key on your keyboard, dragging the circle across with your mouse and releasing your mouse button to create another circle. So now that we have both circles, we are going to place them together on the owls belly. Grab your eclipse too much to make another circle. This circle will match the color of the Al's belly. Dwyer. More shape to the circle. I will grab the Selection two and grab an angry and drag region. Once I'm finished, I will drag the object in place and grab the selection tool to size our object. Okay, we will now create another copy by holding down our or turkey again. Drag the object across to the side on release your mouse button once you are done to create a copy. In order to use this object, we will need to flip it over. What we will do is right. Click our object, go to transformer, then reflect. Make sure vertical is selected. Now we can place this object on the opposite side before we get started with the eyes, we will need to get started with the bird's beak, so grab your pen tool from the toolbar. Click your art boards and make a point and click and drag again until you get that perfect shape. And once you are done, close your shape by clicking your first point. So now choose the color for your beak, and after that, drag your beak into position. The next step, we're going to create the eyes, grab the eclipse tool and create a circle. Drag it on top of the owl and make it a shade of white. Use your own to and copy it to the other side and also make another copy for our pupils. The pupils can be any color that you like, and after you were done with that used the old key to drag it to the other side of the aisle. Once we have done, I want to enlarge the eyes a bit to make the owl look cuter. So I grabbed the selection to selected the back of the eyes and made them larger and to grab both the white of the eye and pupil. You can select one object, hold shift and select the other object. And now both of your objects are selected for you to make larger. Now, once you know for sure everything is in place, select your pen to create a point right above the owl and click and drag again until you get this shape for the top of your arm. Once you closed your shape, you can make sure your shape is still selected. Grab your eye dropper to on make your shape brown. What you want to do now is use your multi to make a copy on reflect your copy by right clicking your object. Go to transform and reflect and make sure your settings says vertical and press OK. And now you can drag the other piece in place. Way are almost done with our L right? Wow, I think I will add shine to our pupils by using the eclipse to again. The next step is creating our wings with a pen to so click and drag until you get a shape of the wing. The wing doesn't have to be perfect. You can change the color of your wing by using the eyedropper again or use any color that you like. The shape of the wing is done, so what you want to do now is right. Click the wing, go to arrange and click the option center back. This will allow the wing to be behind the out instead of the front. Once you were done, press the old Kyung, drag the wing to the other side to make a copy, and you also what to reflect your object to the other side, so let's get started by creating the owl's feet. A simple way for creating the feed is by using the eclipse to so create a small eclipse on top of the hour. A news the eyedropper to make the feet the same color as the owl's beak. Now hold the old key and make two more duplicates of the eclipse. To make feet for the AL, use the selection to to select all three circles on hold down the old key to make another duplicate of the feet. Now drag your feet into place, the last step for creating they are all. So select your pen to select your color and create two points and dragged to make a slight curve. So you see, it's creating a full instead of a stroke, so all you have to do is click this arrow and switch styles. Now you can get ready to stop your path by holding down the control key and click on the bird. This should stop you from creating more bath lines. Now our line isn't thick enough, so what we will do is grab the selection, too, and select our object and change the strokes thickness. I will be using five points. So what we want to do now is copy this many times by holding down our or key. I will make four on top three in the middle and to the bottom. So everyone, we are done with our l know it's time to prepare our pattern in order to start our pattern . First, we will develop a variety of valves with different color schemes. The best way to do that is used this election to to select all of the hours and scale it down. This will give us room to make Morales. So the next step is to copy. Morale is by holding down the old cheon drag three more in place so we have our owls on. We want to change the color of um, you can do that by selecting one of the owls. Click the little color wheel at the top and you can re color you're allowed. I usually go to the edit tab to recover my artwork. Here is a large color wheel, and you can play around with the circles until you get the color that you like and press OK , once you're done so, as you can see for miles are recovered. What I will want to do now is select all the owls together and make them smaller. This is when we get out pattern together. So I am selecting with Charles. I want arranged in my pattern. Al's could be arranged any way you like. I will make only two rows and let our pattern should do the rest of the work. So let's make sure all of our Alves are selected. Go to object, pattern and make so your art board should look something like this. What I like about the pattern tool is that you can see how your pattern looks before making any permanent decisions. So what I am doing is taking me jowl and slightly moving them to the left in order to get rid of the large space I have. Once I am done lining them up, I compress down at the top of the screen the best way from agency. Our pattern is by taking the rectangle to create a large square. With the square still selected, you can go to the swatches box on find your pattern. Your pattern will be created as a fill, and if you don't want to stroke path, you conflict the slash to get rid of it. So the very next thing you can do is add some background color to your pattern, so start off by creating another square and fill it with any color. In order to put the color behind your pattern, you can right click your object, go to arrange and select. Send backward and adjust your pattern on top of the colored square. So if you feel as though your pattern is too large, you can right click your pattern, go to transform scale and then make sure only transform patterns is checked. This will allow only your pattern to be scaled down, so go to uniform and change your pattern size to 45%. Or however you would like it. So the last thing I want to do is make sure the colors not to my liking, so I will select everything under just all the colors by using the color wheel light. Previously before now, to save our pattern, I will create another art board on top of my pattern. You do this by simply finding the are, or too long the toolbar and drag it across of your pattern. Once that's done, I will save my image by going to file and save the Web. Within this window, you can choose your settings for your image, change the size and save your e majeste many times as you like. So now we are done with the battle. Feel free to show your pattern in the projects tab below. Feel free to review in like this video.