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Academic Chinese | HSK 5

teacher avatar Felix Lattman, Chinese Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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38 Lessons (1h 5m)
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About This Class

This Academic Chinese Language course goes through all the vocab for HSK 5 (equal to 2 years at University)

Want to take that next step with your Chinese learning? Give this course a chance and you’ll learn what takes to years in university to achieve in under 30 hours.

About the Course and DominoChinese

We are the first foreign-run Chinese (Mandarin) teaching company in China with a completely new approach to teaching Chinese. Our courses are constructed by foreigners for foreigners, and also include the wide experience of our Chinese teachers.

In this course, you will learn the fundamental concepts upon which you can easily build your Chinese language learning. By the end of this course, you will be able to conduct a simple conversation in Chinese with basic expressions, as well as the relevant reading and writing skills.

Chinese is the most logical language there is and we hope to demonstrate to the world how to successfully navigate it. Through the ancient system of using pictograms, two words with separate meanings can join to form entirely new words. For example, learn the word for electricity (电), then add brain (脑) and you get computer (electric-brain). Replace brain with stairs (梯) and you get elevator (electric-stairs). 话 means speech and 'electric-speech' means telephone. Chinese is a clearly structured, logical language, and it is this logic that makes the learning experience feel like a puzzle that anyone can solve.

We teach entirely through videos, where we first explain concepts and then show them in practice through dialogues with strangers on the street. Videos are shortened down to 1-5 minutes and to make sure you are paying attention we will give you quizzes between the videos based on what you have just learned. Pass it and move on to learn about the next concept.

When you sign up we will also give you our coursebook that helps you review everything you learn much easier.

Your instructor in this course is Felix Lattman, who founded Domino Chinese in Guangzhou, China, after spending some years in the city and teaching himself Chinese. To him, Chinese made a lot more sense than it is generally credited with, and so he realised this language of 1.3 billion people should be very easy to learn as long as it is taught in the right way. In 2013, he started teaching Chinese to foreigners and within 3 months all of his students could converse in Chinese.

With Felix's approach to teaching Chinese combined with the other Chinese teachers' experience in the company, we hope to improve Chinese teaching everywhere in the world and make it fun, logical and much more like "a walk in the park" for anyone!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Felix Lattman

Chinese Teacher


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1. 7: That's how you're thinking that you go simple. Your total $2 that I wouldn't go help that I have a washer pulled all to Valentina means in Ohio. East. She potato that with doma the Hoelscher potato. The tool. How that guy said, Well, Ogallala now woman, Martians locations in the in the courtroom. My capture just had not singing. That's out. That Sean job hole to cook. I should've show whole no woman. Wait goods. Ego shipping. The Homan does ask you that can tell you have a woman. Joy Goods for the sand. It's ego ship, Ian. Amen. Amen. 80 Andahazi showed you with a holla homemaker shares over here. So should that. So you tell me an idea how hot the common that should hear. How how Norman's oh, cashes in and it's about to get any action. Yeah. Yeah, that. Uh ah. Uh huh. Okay, So what should I tell me? Oh, yeah. Portuondo, Shahor, shanty or currency? The euro 110 should go that you're now the I. Now that I know I zero that you know the GTO can't just send it. So don't You can change someone. The ocean stomach ego should brain big ocean muscle. I have a notion. Your kind holder. So Jake or not woman holds she should are getting someone that you have Your landlord also in Yemen That cash jobs, your social hall 20 Some god, huh? Man, you can jettison yet that she would had a Yobe. Are she got then wait, That woman back to you. Uh, essential Hunger woman case that had he uses a showman? No, how they use the dosha can do to our shinnik over should a yes or no? Both mental down. Sure. You thought that made so actually So the likable friend dosha that go blotter away the cochlea pack. We don't tend to your own ET on Russia reading out foods bands sure from Trans. And I got a call to the function times. How are you going to go home to his after means I try and go toe. We are now the 40. Actually, young had a against ASHA. Igal, help. Not fun. Examine. Logical should have to again in these. Yeah, sure that you're sure, co ladder. So just venue. Although they say they have a sugar means huh? Not to love that should teach with the negotiations there. Were you so sure? Some shoving golf, Obadiah that ties that woman who should be in the future. Although you go 20 home, you choose highs out there. So they used to sexually Dan Savage turbines in 2. 7: How shall worshipping Chautala Bantul about should go? Bladder cancer helps it a visa. Oh, shit! National shop here woman Short How it should have the use The number on Dean Uncle Swarm Allama How that is actually gold Waller. That's how you get used to shoot guts. The gods could assure courage or the shore ship bravery. Yeah, sure, they assure you. Okay, how now to ensure eager and camp you can so you can shit in the guts of usual. I don't have the guts to drink 10 beers. Should that uh uh were male than the Hirscher pimp video? How worse is? Well, uh, Manoa then, huh? Sure. Pyung plz Oh, do it so ideal for 10. I don't have the guts to drink 10 beers. Todo todo lo que champion windows open. Oh, what? We don't know. So, Lamping, you go dancing with attended that whole hopeful album Pill time this 00 not South and die! You shall meets now I'm gonna paintings olive trees and takes epa woman Now 3. 7: how a woman did assure that attacks with that yourself. Most show you can fool all Star Hall. I e. Start South facial. Done. So if you are saw, there are mines on the whole building. Yeah, way. Okay. Oh, that that That. That Holly's a lot of financial. Trudeau Your dance. Who should him Please hold it out if you don't have it, that does that now. I'm sure. Um uh, video just the way you when you showed that guy the hardware that that stuff you have the guts so encouraged to do something that will. I see you have the courage or the guts to dio something on a sound that you should don't have Where doesn't have doesn't, uh, the gods. Oh, should the hood so self, You ugo hot and you got mail for you now control audio. Then die a warm Ohio. You go in the ocean. But we got so ah, that the thing that I got that hot about that allegedly you mentioned ties at a time that he's a shoe chamomile should sack recipient with seven Baghdad sound. See that issue 4. 7: that that? That that? Okay, sure. Eager, brave and confidence. Not afraid to say what your fuel or take risks. Then she died at Highclere. Should be in either from Boulder. You sure? How do it now? Okay. Her fall Gather how? Well, he's so bold. And, uh, he there to fight with his father. That is a pattern for your hunt. The fish on the dance should that now I'm going to go, Joe. Sure, Digger and bands of High Bala your cried. All the fans are Cancel out now. No, I totally get that I get. You sure should dance, Yauch. Mush! Mush! Ma, that's so good. You mention time, I mean. 5. 7: Oh, Ganga. Troublesome moment. Goa banza. Howman. Tashima goes to the mom do for you and your colleague away. You would have had a program by control. I should just turn south for it. The way that it's algo include Social eager. And you should take these away some Somebody doesn't have any guts. It doesn't have any courage to do anything that he's so afraid off. Anything you shouldn't create a hag. These a a ghost ghost has no God's got mail mail going. You know that. Okay. How? No Children that have come on like F u c boulder. How you're managing it? That there surely George Washington, they go away. Should you? Sure. Go bladder do by the home. Sure I do that. It's a true about Should go brother type production your meal guts from Encourage your bravery? Sure something? No, Charlotte. Then stop. Does it? You sure that that boulder hold said yeah, that they go the finances? You should thank in a way that celebrate Hall was suing him. A memo to the Penang human we all pay Join Sam Power Stop calling him and Joseph that intel go a was nothing that I don't push your time. Sell! Quit. So you know, you may all coho cannot hard the two women that should Kit Della faille by. 6. 8: I shan't. So what must you let that genie and hot on? Yeah, T e shown on fire. Something to show you. Take it to that sort. Ensure our, uh You've been a bouffant collection under section Young. That that video Shane on the ship. Marcia drowned. She handed you go. You gamble from the should younger. How the sap Yoshida should Teoh e lay. No way should show you could Hypo CEO on a yacht called him. I got to humans Had the whole summer slept with Santa shipping cows that should that the second shipping temple. 7. 8: uh, so yeah, that you dig into that? Your short Well, why circuit that up? Who kind of has an alley onto the truly the yen's apart toe sugar against our homeland had a phobia national wall hasn't Didn't do doing Sonya or help that this actor go Whoa! Back to go. Should walk Essential have shown issues on jury in either the East Asher mystic. I see some Miss Dig Oh, shit! Kara ha! Just a means that sometimes the Shona has ago ship to mess. Push it to dilate Cough you go, Kenny Santoyo took the ladies Should go the Ezio How Moya not changing his home just stands out and out you go walk. And then I told Joe Sure that. Oh, how about it? Since it actually they know how from a truck Julia can then actually Sean Judicial woman's joining into sufficiently ontology Oshawa goods that have no young Lee said in can trigger Doyle Tony Ladies Proton to show them the well Bush Janko show is something that funding direct from Have you hold that happen? Udall fish on dual joy on Did she want for that? So you want meant intel? You won't take God's tiger Tripper salvages sample that you took out shirt to the way. What I should to hold up in the cheeses. You show me what that do this year. Hot Indian to trial and see what laugh the solo shot. But there will shot better, huh? Did you had you for sure He got out late today, huh? Then will the shop. And he's later for the word for work that would have shot back. So you may have audience unconscious. Good. So I actually don't want about that delicious way. Nowlan Human t uh 1980 on a wall outside the shipping Normal. What did John Woo? That's it? That's how your handle on door Siona You could talk Going to go down with the institution. Fate hunts down the organ. That extra is actress and it's coming. Sure. From Moshe. Yeah, well, yeah, yeah. Or true for for human? Yeah. True. It's always send it Sydney Broken families sound sound sound shipping cause me by by 8. 9: so he going down will fit on sound Sound that Easter, that social gonna joke shirt. Yeah. Yeah. Well, how yellow these Not you should Teoh the lay. Who are you down with? These should fish sound the up now, so I should that you should put home. Oh, I wonder back. Yeah. Would you get for more? Just made you come down for more each year. Women tree Khalid's about, um, You will for for sure. You also know what Dylan cpr Another Sitra in from the Humber in shanty. Yeah, being you can see canyon. Yeah. Way to show. You have the eastern. You're sure the flight to you you're going to take Is it delayed because of the weather? So, Jim, you showed has you should fit on for more than young factor. Actually, you have hung Gar Sony, the South Sea social form of the Saturday June. Show me for sure. You can see down would you? Wouldn't quite cushion again. We'll just see how the U n hard for pastors. How Yen trauma. Uh huh. So you not Orient 100 got down when you the should. Yeah. So can the different Yeah, Walking. Yeah. What hot that Norman's at F Lucy's absolute. That will fit high. Sounded Sergio. Sure. Yeah. Or coming out Brochure? Uh, sure that I shoulda you sure hand hug it. How? No woman trolling you don't get a high shell would shoot console seven shipping on time. Well, truth, Um, yeah, how That's actually almost said. I don't want to help you again by 9. 9: Or how are you going to eat to your lentil? I just a lot true woman case actu should area these true from the 18 additional police away should go in the defunct Truthful, truthful The developments Jochen Misconceptions war mistaken ideas. Well, I see Had that Does your told forward that she way, George? Only it's also with that uba made for full of for the defunct full of with a she mystical ideas of that You sure social at your address. Cool then t t t o shows you don't wanna would shoot the misconceptions about learning Chinese is your only study without practicing. Yes, you do. For practice these so beyond that You got bull? Yes, you wouldn't for sure done well. She sure has your gun. That trip to Asia. German When Josh thinking woman jomana Glad socialists should issue So the apple entre countless champion in the our practice practice practice how nice ideas should be on the spiritual toolbox. Sexually jam sessions in 10. 9: from the ship here, Will Most USC and I would shoot. Figure should be element ashes. You go since the dog or so. So what's wrong for the era? So the Easter Jochem mistake. You can make your true Ziana. You go shamanic toward a photo. Your mistake already said Okay, How now my culture is about but that you should uh Watson, you should go to school. What? Are you sure? Whoa! War shot Should be yelling a patria along me over Julie year would have parecia don't have hot Watson The nation shaken Sociology OSHA It is a mistake that I match you. So you're going on to the controller shot should be after her Shakespeare Shakespeare your good for peeing down the true Romeo and Julieta gun down through those short It is a mystic that the matter what Hammond who matter for British Aloha mental thing? Uh, hi, Ohio. I know, Miss Sally. Shipping out. Dear John, would That's that boycotts. Okay, 10 shirt isn't true. 11. 9: Mm. Indiana woman. Don't That's Tracy. Got since the Why would a dog or shoe sure how can t? Sure, sure. Water shoe shorts back Philippines. They find out that that financially should. Sure. Sure Won't gone. You cannot let go. Shoe caddy. It should win for it on the sound. That young to its hubo. Sure, sure. Okay, Sure did. Shouldn't so maintain sure what you should to mess the east surely. Insula, Jochem mistake or to make a mistake. Mistake Quarter Chicago Don't slides up to make Ah mystic Now take a home. A gun shows should a tool We overbook Homa the show on the contacts toe. Yeah. So location. Any kinds of mistakes That should show what in charge for the should be set. Shanda Oh, woman Bala Norman's. I'll do the Roger. Sure Cat can be settled shool. So attend a piece. I'd sure how you weren't so sure. Gun piece. I saw Gwanda Ma to the damn. It should be said that you had these to draw. He made a mistake during the tournaments or during a competition yesterday. Uh, how now? Congratulatory that Trudeau should have that. He said, Oh, sure, Ruler. That's actually attache proverb shouldn't don't show creator means treats about Adam means a lot younger. Had that had a sure no Tolia Sure. Young Telia Shaun t a phenomenon dog wandering back away actually show what had down the shaker means Joshua He's missed Acre upset his trainer Italian trainer days. An actual lever to shake a means. How am I gonna dig a hole? Yeah. You sure? Sure. Sometime Sure. That should be sad. Down from that Told location. Really mistake. Romans out of Short Creek Out. Don't you think that means that for Children, that means you're sure now, woman going on the truth is that Leeds had That's what In that the several sh rule down the dots You book a shop had that sort in that decides you little watcher quickly Don't means that your guitar Sure, I would have ticketed downtown Seop down. How should the the the I think you should ensure that woman staggered India 12. 9: how Judge says you should order to hold. You could see why I draw you. The whole you had to share. Oh, wait. How long shall we wait? Actually, wait That I had seen a fish Holmdel up your from my You are on your web. Palatial. German the way. Really? It's that easy. Magician is understanding all I see he's understanding or miss Understand? To misunderstand the timings union Clearly gone. Don't sel I your she over But she how we wanna war Mayo can, huh? Mayo car should he? Mr understood me. I didn't lie to him. Just down, Down, down. So shoulder What happened? Down Meals that Shahana door? Sure Camellia Judea Your where? So you once again the bull Holla! You always sweet one c in the pool. How, uh how do countries There are some misunderstandings between them? So their relationship is getting wars? Should the uh huh. How long did you schist soil? The rollout woman took out Michelle etc. Go found? Yeah, So sure. What? The war. So you foresee when he wants the the army clean without any other shipping kind being 13. 10: Ha ha ha! Didn't handed the concert. I owe you, so Whoa, whoa! Sure e r. Sent. So gonna go younger. Finding Mom should What? You gonna shoot the male section? Marshall? Why should you please assure Marshall War, Josh, your military should the way you I kind of not sure. A martial shoe. Sure. I want you comb for you to win some assure mind to the martial arts and mushroom a The woman Savage appeared at that time. 14. 10: how machine shipping your dad al ego went he to show a martial art come full young sugar to one's Sure that Joan's Oh, shoot. Oh, sure. Oh, sure, sure you're trying in for okay. Out. Sure. McKay's out weapon I took after my show. We're hunting a short time young and he's since official aren't do today. The hora showed little skill. So it need stashing John R and skill off Marshall. You're sure? Sure. Now me all will show that title Jews about that thing. But Lee huh? He's not so sure. Bruce Lee Jackie Working. See what their woman's always out so can have a deer year. How? Nashua? Well, sure, I went hyla him in Jeddah. Leave from his know Cooley Salty show. Legal lead. Are you guys? So how human size out By censuring Ghazni 15. 10: how woman like that come hand to go Lead the east Lean up the night They all should use your power your whole Now with the institution military force or military power for the military violence Shama should just release the military force. So I say sacked It's not me that's all the truth spot How that what After their Yeah whole appeal Duly Did you put out won t You know? I assure you you will appeal Lady, you allow 20 different love on the peace loving peace which we're sure love a piece, not human hoping gumption that you should Piece of Easter. I was actually hoping we should maintain or we need a peace between countries Fleet Did you pull out when he military force cannot solve the problem? How love And he's won the pace. Just a woman that don't you You want to watch that Jandal knows I got hooked. You know how to my either Qandil Minya? Could she should I go on board? The Tricia social media Love on is how Well well, well like that I go in here. Oh, you go, Leo sexually Me by 16. 10: how Woman's Erica, who see would see Jimmy's No to the social weapon. That's the Hollies. Nash in military seen Asham machine Easy. So you on the military, the machines, You should Social Weapon. They would do it without toe down exist when I would say, Oh, what sister Buchheister Basha watch without a kids and see you Sure you got family Had a wood t o a k Since he shirt they had a sissy. She don't county. Oh, now you have the east is your assure. A k 47 is a powerful weapon. Generally had a crucial while Holly honey, hope our paths trash only that clear shot shadow door. And so should be the family which always sure should power for Okay, we'll put your home PC way. But Maman us. Why you hope you someone love and peace. I don't know what the crisis in Kuala are centuries. I was wondering, Don't go. So you know I don't cancel the friendship, Glenn. How not hope Johnson a lot when I was sure. Only would he with that tongue out machine, he would see sure about the town trends and hear how goodbye 17. 11: Hi. How are you going to Ayala? Should that yo show Manti Te'o Manolo? Sure. Since I take it that passion Intuition Shore Hyo Jeong Tronto High Oshima doing at without todo chart Isha, I can't do the time. Try decision not to have a bigger doing. How Behati shown chaffing? Uh huh. Not Italian traveled Shaul have the east not just difference I see is in charge Just difference What? I should this creep in c Hi Oh not had the east The UK ship down So you go Don't don't sell I don't got should Teoh differ Ah Holcomb in social, I could be option era hole where two sure mistake That pad I keep entering the dots that got fortune to area. What should Teoh make a mystic? Some affect on the door Tension A your child Nike banging outgoing J goods The output Zachary Woman by woman Quicken. That's outdoors, Chap, you should put on the Eastern Shore Hotel, don't you? At that moment in Hessen ssed got Joe OSHA. Who car? Oh, is that because I had to the waters of my determined struggle Quit to brushing May sound standing now what I about should full with a wood of day for you again, does it? So far. So what? Charlie is none. That's all day. So Joe Shirt Kara Teoh in Accuracy Actuary. It usually refers to the inaccuracy into himself with science experiments and measurements or, in calculation, back to talk about you know, it's allergies about had that big grocery and assured your old jogo. Yeah, sure, Geo can away now he don't show the data from this experiment. Has some addresses. Should high complication Wenshan train Sherida E O that you should Yoshio. So how that now that I found out, I hope you enjoy a mistake over there already is China Year already uses, so it usually go free. John sounding the is that without any cheap instruments? Chick away, face home fit home right that we don't end up how not to. Don't you should be over when he's someone that I job should. That way, I'll call you a bad app. One trashes from I used in the O Child kinds out when sharp that size, such as PM 18. 11: the shooting. I don't one shop Okay, so I wouldn't shot. Which means that one Joe Sha one door maids What? When she went do when you should temperature China just difference So a now Which half on the easy that your ship is that temporary rager difference? Uh, today Should that beautiful your city home to that one charge you sent back, right? Here's your one Charles Alot What? You've seen some provinces You should Johnson should not amateur singer One shall wager for Lou Trice Sequa kinds at the gun show that does your heart. That's like that, huh? That change on one shot that why shall wage Would you see what your new Sequa August unusual? The temperature difference in Jinja is very big. Why shall Widjojo should see? Go out Watch And you're and 90 who will not Jijiga fireplaces so everyday surrounding the fireplace and night. But they're eating watermelon When Jayawardene Madden Sequana Doshi staffing a real officials Headship here The lying actually really dollar. Why don't you told me to go along with Ohio sitting around the fire by the fireplace Just surge of creativity and had a winch half 100 just wouldn't do the job. That what you want another? Define ya Marchant! Thank ou. Food growing. So you did you sometimes amazing A Some travel from the TV show thyself I buy. 19. 11: woman shop char these Salman each other on other china. I should defer soy, Esso e some charges the difference between each other. Just how much of the one track rugal for the time? Gonzaga. CED. And you Sure, Oneto sometime I won't do it. Sounds terrible. All when she should. Joe. Sure. Windows are made. How are you going on? So I'm Cantina Wonders How we went to like that China and you to do some child. Like how? Like a month today actually go from Hundley's. So? But you have one. So I should door door door should go. Should from a today in Santa Should do. Come, Introgen should go. Santosh, I should show Should should go. Okay. The temperature in the morning is 20 grays and agonised them hemorrhages tender graces. So the different between this too is 10 10 day grace. How faith believes Okay. Uh huh. Okay, so if you wouldn't have that default, Teoh wouldn't toe sometimes deformed you go. You for how a woman not sure San chaplains have chapel that I go fund. OK, Chuck Schumer attach me is no Santa 20. 12: She went with a lot of shared tickets and Yashima tickets in the troll troll Pro Pro. How? My kind safeguards. So being Nashi, actually, on the Pim Pong is inviting Toncontin through the usual. You was either not Have you been no sugar Trudeau kinds, actually. Old row control troll. So I have a good weiner. Should talk to Joel Lined up shadow. Happy Easter at the church today, he fielding. Why? Said he actually shows silk jogo data showed that only someone trained, so it'll be a job. Good news. Has Venancio actually, I take a child? Not really. Something I should still kind of on a year out books. So chance silk, The jail guards now on my hired sexually having control from the coma should that you should hear people are controlled. 21. 13: how Woman's in a short dated took a control I took. So that's it. Johnson? Yes. Among Jews in Yeah. Uh, foodie show how that poverty Eastern and Tokyo shouldn't means national Jewish Silka you can't told is the ship's younger choices. So it took a yoga. Now that shows me young that I hold on. So tell troll whole what? That's what. True? Not the least. Joshi. How little action. Mm. Drum gotta Sichel Hun show. She found the quiet show city found Go down that value boy working. So how do you know how the East is your assure? The Chinese soap is very popular in Western countries. Want your the weapons? Wants to be a gaudy. I don't walk without the show. Quiz was had on trial. How not sure. Instead told that woman said that Tom had a d. I used to have a diocesan You about shaking. Now then surely should thread threaten the life of thing? Jenny abuse our colleagues that you miss a child happened. I just threatened like that. You seek out. You know, you said don't be injured or made you go? Sure. Gaga used to feel like a thing. I hope thinks it's not yo first you no said tears. He should help. Now my somebody got financially. That doesn't ties up. Hashemi's on the South shipping can That's up mansion on my mantel. 22. 13: with all offense, little Sudhir. So my kind of, uh oh. Facility says Gary is a lot I have used to help chance Look last, you know. Hey, I found this seat. Yeah, Hungary was, you know. So why don't you buy your ticket on to Sure, Sure, Sure. Schrag did. Sure. Didn't need said that she okay, huh? That Hear Sinatra Sha Byron wire to shake out of that Here. No, demanded Julia. I love the common funds. Ha! That a woman should not human events. Join your egos since I was old fans. Do we know? So gun show the defense is already in sound on my kinds offensive. It's offensive fans in various events. Try so woman's actual money Mental for your offensive. Like the social mission you got, man in the wash that says, Yeah, woman. Sure. Todo what woman? Well, Matt, I dosha younger was the defense. Okay, well, we should eea intense defense where young tenses fans. Yeah. Have you got you have that position cause that shit and your guys, you know, because you saw Here you go, chief. Okay. How now show eventually has decided. Should be no woman, which, uh that I even jobs. War, ese. High off is a bull shot You a support traction for me. Some hand up. So it's actually quite Bachelot. Go to these. The cost of that idea. What emissions is he starting? Sacrificial meat sexually woman. Just so that what that will be a sad distributing dental. 23. 13: How kind. How that allows easterly. So mouth with us so that the seventies passion passion Master measure award to show a threat off Should that, uh, a little hole, Miljan. So what is the heart? Just past the Tim yet? Dasha home. In fact, the whole man you're sure young want you want is the threat of some shy Since you are sue on the issue. Sure hope so. You know, when you show isa see wanna that you're a threat off a hope that when I got social dwarf worse not least the one that you just throw it out for work. So you need to shut up. Shit, You get Indian. It is a threat off stupid war candle that use the young for a young going 20 trillion towards another. Easily young ward is your hunch. Shalit ended two cell phones. That is the seed Indian makes what? Not even choose your gun shop in Charlotte. You should pain but Gideon Okay, that I did. You know that that time showing how Saleh should here in the u tiene que Joyu candle used the young wall you can young with it has been raining for 10 days and today Finally start thrown off some shy does. Your missus is this You? Are You cannot use the young young Want anybody off Younger showing is so young. One is the sewer is so in that. Quit our men, that is Go chop. Okay. How did you go, Mom? We'll head to dough. Should drop healed Y I suppose. Trying surely it's not Jochen. Sure. Not a tiny bit. Okay. Uh, tiny. That off difference? Good He did in the U. S. So it is again. Everyone can handle mail department. You should again and different still melt a little lemon. How I met your not a tiny bit of difference. Okay. How? On the night of the Jews about he said a big Ojo Watch hide a piece of wood. Hoppy side the jenko ho time. What Haidalla? Did you you connection shot be senator. But the result of the competition is lan. A tiny bit of difference than what I have gassed. So you're sure to feel shame, Young? She should've had allies and defenders. Handout will be bashing was a whole generation will be back. Sure. Octo Holley. Higher on the sat. Something of should there be a World Cup? The show or Johnny by anecdotes. Highs out. Oh, okay. You don't come away. Hugger. Nontraditional Patty, Clear form. And just ensure the trough on eighties was your career for a woman to tension the future for the So you slip on to go to the e I. 24. 14: it seemed that the official MENA in the Social Jim have a Houston not sure stress strength or and G oh, caddies. Does your lead it that Sharma? I said how you show how kids are alien. You sure you can choose only sure. Bad things that are trying to cope in. Tron had a Sure. Sure. That really made school from the actual V funds. I Joey had a jerk. Ohio. You use the Jewish create ice, you know, Strong high alcohol percentage. Take a joke. Well, I sure he's up to no good, Joe. Sure, June. That means this alcohol is really strong. That means the alcohol is really strong. Do we Chatter. Okay. Oh, I tried to introduce a bill. 25. 14: a cat in the east Solution no good. Where we can say this pointing you a woman should. Substantial what? You go, child, You should know good of these tracks. And you're no good at this pointing it may talk. Woman Bush were attacked in the notions. Wilma boil Trapping may talk through Go on you today, Grandpa Gohar Nico, you good hash Utica entering the home Trident Gen the huh Todd, Didn't you go home? Brew hot The several woman pushing chats in the lecture Woman that abortion chance in the car. CEO on human. Yeah, sure. Chat in the jail. No shit out. Joey, the dope pusher chat in a special dosha homebound Go. Why are very good at that? Not entirely go and he Sure. Okay, so I saw. 26. 14: surely can't You sure should to use the use the house Should Julian Selena Joshi exert once stress worrying other words means to dio the or, in other words, it means to do the out most The roof up Passion agency logica sure should urgency to gush treat see jogo Should Cole okay Us You know he Bando control Sonia your You need a lot of stress that each toe handle Lindsay Woman said that gamma woman's I should sure how my fades in Hsuehshan my is no facing father till you when humans fate insure me faith. 27. 14: a woman should. What you should to cost to the east now facing you should cost a lot of energy. And the strength in other words, need a lot off Alford's for effort to leave the Pathum Faget Thai Baht ones Your heart drone one Sure how you were joined the night should through after tool being nausea national means And I'm no Chinese that dope a number fe Dima Your sound woman jm allow sure flee e they don't was you how it's all based on the easy Not that one day I go when he didn't show somebody is now Samsung can do from here. 28. 14: can t or means ensure we can condition to do something. How can seem to go 10. Timmy Insana, You should fool off Dr. Do that! Lucia had a canton hunt to Sango you Joshi Holla! Yeah! Quiet Sanga Tens high Jarrett actually in Yemen so she can't go that way. Does it entail now your ego when t to someone usually is? No the home unclean taste I have had a relationship Mom, The sugar! Tell him home you'll be insured The your heart your ego South enter powder doing hood fades home for her on the sounds showing up Yeah Moustache invasion casual essential shouldn t? 29. 15: he took a two year. Yeah, the Indy section today. LeMond. How did the instance You should government Children. Sure. What that triggered the sure fit on the sound. Petty is the Jochen Onley Harder? Sure. Murli, The East Straight up Lee rule passage for years The South Teoh Chunghwa Year Team t one Tola e year ago Cogliano highs and how she wouldn't have social. So yeah, type or you for that? I had Yeah, how I take it. The hyo didn't in these little by young and such home for exact in England go a polio month that tie tie. 30. 15: cementing positions. Ocean by that. With which home? Feliz Accession. Hunting the incision. Younger. High. Sure. Onley Hordes? Sure. Formerly the East Do it. So should read. Dollars made for this year. Tell me all hot tea or a job or in six minutes. Sensual casing. Hapag Ohio. Sure character. Since in go simple gold. Ohio Show shouldn't see. I don't see the show. Match your 10 digits of the year. Clear shore. Pass it all year. Sell a cigar. Sasha didn't want Hyung la? Yeah, I live in senior. Consorting in social, Younger How we go when he won you, Mila Putin. She should be using a T shirt to go teach the chimney. And jolly good pulls human. Take about men. Theresa told me the goal. We can you know today that how 31. 15: Okay, So who had a you said? You should not. Do you want You're not sure? Only the East sexually inside you should not only these. Ah, hotel and I o u and and uh huh high hurt your ice in high, you see. Oh, you should show what should allow. Sure, she fades half age. How p Allah high her Your ice in room showcasing Hong Kong. No Homo taken that at grammar point. Hold human Can't. Julie should put c your home. Hi. So you pulled seeing so much? Much. Ma Hye, Has she got topic? Trigger Conjunction. How these Duscher? Not on Lee, but also Yeah, clear? Sure would seen Show much. Musameh Artsy it. She must have mushroom up the young doctor. Especially younger. So you can go on and then you fire could be in trouble. Carpou deal from PR hurts you. I see you creep back to go. Hi. Been Trone artsy doing so a year that they are. That's the sound Meant it. Will you go 20 Putin roots. And you should I put the home and Aleka boots ties about 32. 15: way that I can. Putting women should ensure should not On Lee Hans, you should also used that anger. Your sound you should like like that now you're sure not on Lee like that? You should not only that, not only that, but you again They use that your sure further war. Furthermore, the usual home in the pasha to show either how high pressure woman ban Sean they holding the cool t roots. How high should the right wow douche and family high way? You should be sure. How does that we're going to you? Na t o e is no way Okay that I stopped the hint pageant is her woman. Sure got Jake Putin Ruth's passion, obedience, self activism. Gosh opposite. So you just go start hinting details about 33. 15: Oh, my gosh, Ola, Since I he'd gone going all shook up putting woods self act that your whole self And he says you should Joe. Sure. That's all God's Oh, and uh, just this just this Nothing more jiggly para chu Schrag since are you trolling e until shoes shy? Jesus is our e way A year ago. What you calla Uh, Meg, you're fish jumping. How should a heightened emotional when you Okay, so it is now. 34. 15: I didn't go for my job alone on the Okay, Sure, Sure, ass. So it includes you sure? Onley asked something? Something. They're holding travel nowhere, surely. Goods, Jochen. Thin door time. Cow didn't tank up or Financial league tank. How you're holding? You could. Sure, Sure. Dean, come in. That is the sure Janda is so sure that about Tom. These so sure Onley as reference fell Friends? Yeah. Home to Don't teach on you with a nanny. Kendall Pasando the Bodrum Passion Conduct didn't go, Frank. How? You can't hope he and Shashi about on that ship chips the heart of the social scene gone town cow. You sure genitals sieges should only as a reference passions Is Ammiano on your can? Hot? She's in the chin Call Do it dies out We all pay both all night to do it Self on your palm In the bowl Drunk from Tokyo to hear Didn't go, Frank. How that I didn't also see themselves in my don't see? Sure. Okay. How this 35. 16: dig a since a not tell call. How? How? How? How home. How do it? That would be how nicely a door I said. Hash it essential. How is it, Joe? Sure. Hair your bigger Use this your hair. He's it. Burn up. Appleton. Do your bouquet. Her family in July. Toto, How far? How far? How far? These in a Joe? Hi. Sure. Who go ashore than Inca? How they is the shell Young has your hair woman Judah hair. It has you. Shouldn't he drawn on south and south? Don't shout. Account with the annual of your time to come with their We're not hiring East Joe shirt. Sly test. Just very, very small. Tiny, tiny, Tiny, seven times self. So yeah, Let me meditate. I How far is Know how found? No good answer. What has she controlling you? They shame on you, Charlie. You have. It's like 36. 16: Washington woman did up sweating. Had you considered you a good yeast? That and you should damage damage. Your whole Wilson's you should know, damage your health out. We'll certainly inside you should suffer no loss like not even, uh, hair. Do it Jerusha pass. Whole show Tell how far that? Sure. Whole far for should the how Also Saudi NGO wash a ashes fighter. My model Lehi, who should stupor my socialists by the my cousin is a while off them good. I mean, you go when you sure whole cook how How could it make? No mistake is a coefficient these How should slightest, slightest, a cool 37. 16: sweetie. Come on. Human died. Dilemma. Macau. Sugar. How could the institution to assure mentally fit hunting that you should go, Masha Word with the Joe Huntin That the best. Alyssa, How me? Know how me how young The tax issue to should nearly Mitter your initial mentor These kosher grandes juices him and telling you how to manage Alec Millet. Ease the monument is Hager. How old is know? How hasn't he used? How how? 38. 16: How would it is, Joe? Sure not. And ah would you know when announced thesis on you? Sure. Mayo eating poll. Fact is, it was not Atta to have fallen ill. How? Not at all. Not home and sufficiently damning. Bill! How? Kodaly? Pashawar! How without it. Oh, Dolly, you should He talks nonsense like doesn't make sense. A law? How? Dolly? Now, actually, that I ought to eat a sure woman. The how home Yet how home you're not into Shukri Giant girl? None you should any night. You like Brucia? How would he? No problem at all. How would I see now? Concern at all? Don't, Don't, don't Don't go back to go financially. How? 20 How dancing, Singing your home and trains Are you honey sigh other means you got? Sure. Not at all or anything. Okay, So you How old is the social media? And Tomeo home? The single How Patricia Musa pushes amazing a